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3.5 out of 5 stars53
3.5 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 17 October 2012
In comparison to all the other Kinect games out there, Fable: The Journey is one of the best despite it's flaws. Yes it may be repetitive, and it could probably have been better called "Fable: Some Dude Rides a Horse...A Lot", but the controls and story show a quality and depth that have been lacking from other Kinect games.

However, in comparison to other Fable games it's terrible. The entire game is completely on rails, there are no "good or evil" choices, no exploration of the world, and pretty much nothing that made the previous games so good.

So yeah, come at this with no expectations and you have a decent Kinect game. Come at it expecting Fable sequel and you will be frustrated, disappointed, and may spend the evening curled up in a ball crying to yourself when you remember how much you spent on it. Because, no, this game is not worth the price (but what Kinect games are?)
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on 21 May 2013
I have played all the previous fable games and thoroughly enjoyed them. I have had a kinect since day one so found a combination of fable and kinect an exciting partnership.
Did find the 'controls' a little unresponsive quite often but was thankful to be able to sit down as is required for gameplay!
Did enjoy the game even though i am not really a first person game player, just like to be able to see my character.
A good Kinect game so had a workout and gameplay.
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on 10 January 2013
Ummm I had a problem calibrating the game initially as it is very interactive (I don't really play games) although I loved the original game. My son absolutely loves it and was glued until he completed it. Would recommend this as a gift for a game player definitely, i can see the appeal you can become a great deal more involved in the character and the adventures
me, i will stick to fable 2 ;)
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on 1 July 2013
This is a fun game once you get the hang of controlling it with the connect. As far as I have got with it now, there isn't much choice of direction to take the character along. It was nice to find out more about Theresa, the seer. With the effort needed to work the connect, this isn't a game to play when you come home tired after a day at work.
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on 15 October 2012
First off I think it essential to state how different this fable is to the others. It is completely Kinect controls and so the wandering around looking for something, killing or just having a wander is not an option in this game; as such, for a fable title, it is rather restricted. This is what has dropped it a star for me and which has caused a little disappointment. Nevertheless is has a lot to offer in other areas.

An example is the originality. The Fable series is known for its originality and here it has not disappointed. The unique use of the kinect for complete control is a brave move which for the most part has paid off.

The Kinect can be a bit frustrating at times, I'm not going to deny that but for the most part it seems to behave in this game; it responds well in the accuracy, responds well while driving your horse and cart and seems to do pretty well in keeping out the way when not needed voice wise. The main point though is that the Kinect has made this game so much fun. You feel like the hero, you are the controller, YOU are saving the world of Albion. Additionally, this game offers a serious stab at kinect gaming; being the most responsive and 'largest' game to come to the kinect.

Here is another massive plus of the game; Albion. It is simply beautiful to look at, with reasonable graphics the world still manages to be filled with so much detail and beauty that it can be distracting. This distraction however is needed in some parts of the game as for a lot of it you are on the Cart... This is not an issue, it's fun and easy to get used to, much like a stick on a controller, it feels natural eventually to move around; even if there is a lot of it. A hell of a lot. At some points a lot where you think that the game has forgotten you as not much has happened and all there is to do is enjoy the scenery.

I wont get too much in to the story as I don't want to give away too many *SPOILERS* but it is a solid story, based around yourself (Gabriel) and Teresa fleeing and defeating The Corrupter. It felt about time some questions about Teresa are answered and its exciting to get an insight into her life and mystery. This game is all about her mystery and in fact feels a little like an "in between"; the moments when say in fable 3 she disappears and you have no idea where she has gone or when she's coming back, this game feels like one of the places she may have disappeared to. There's that spin off feeling. It's not a bad feeling, its fun and interesting and answers questions, yet its defiantly a spin off. This is a fable for Kinect, not fable 4. Another plus to the story is the refreshing lack of blood line hero's; this was getting a little tiresome and a chance to create and develop a hero of your own is fun and exciting.

The main PRO's of the game:
The use of magic; easily controlled once you find the right position for yourself in front of the Kinect.
Using and Caring for your horse; Fun, easy and quick to get used to and oddly you do build a bond.
The strong story; interesting, mysterious and as strong as any before it, if a little "spin offy".
The beauty; the game is beautiful scenery wise.
Difficulty seems about right; it speeds up as you develop through the game, keeps you on your toes but it's not so hard that you want to destroy it or so easy that you get bored.

The main CON's of the game:
It is basically on rails; you have a few choices here and there, you control the horse, yet the track is set with the odd fork in the road. On feet you can go left or right and shoot around but you cant wander off and set your own path.
Some parts of the horse riding gets a little repetitive and boring and often left me wondering if the game had forgotten I was there.

All in all I was impressed with Fable: the Journey. It was a brave move basing it completely on kinect controls and for the most part it has paid off. It is a shame you couldn't explore that much as that has been such a distinctive part of any previous Fable. The odd stand up moment where you could jump about for a bit or walk would have been welcomed (much like the controls of Rise of Nightmares).
In the future I hope Fable has another stab at Kinect gaming as well as controller and kinect mix because I think it has worked really well, especially for this particular story. Some people may be annoyed at the lack of meele weaponry, however I think it would have felt weird in your hand; the magic based fighting has a much more natural and controlled feel.

A must buy if you own a kinect. Be warned about the rails and just enjoy it for what it is; a great fun game with usual Albion (rather British) laughs, action and beauty. Try not to compare it to the RPG's it was born from as you probably will get a bit disappointed/ miss them; it's the same beloved world and characters just a different perspective of it all. 4 out of 5: fun, exciting, mysterious, responsive yet a shame about the lack of exploration.
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on 11 February 2014
First i tried the demo and got interested, so i bought the game which is great if you like to be the controller yourself. it does not require too much movement on your part just the hands and occasional turning to left or right while sitting down in front of x-box.
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on 24 March 2014
Until you become familiar with the Kinect experience, the game can be frustrating. Fortunately because you play the game sat down, the game is easily mastered, and full enjoyment of the game can be achieved.
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on 30 October 2012
I've been a Fable fan from the beginning, the first being my favourite. In my eyes, the Fable franchise is such a unique and enjoyable game because there are so many different aspects within the game; developing your character's skills, appearances, weapons, etc. around how YOU want them to be; there are so many side quests and places to explore which means you are not limited to one main storyline; even though you are not limited, the storyline is still gripping and emotional; there are many different character interactions you can do, for example showing rude gestures to townsfolk or even kicking chickens; etc. I could spend such a long time detailing the Fable franchise, however Fable: The Journey should NOT be part of it. I have only played it for a few hours and I'm bored already. You are not able to explore the areas; you are limited to only following the main storyline; you cannot interact with anything in the same way you could in the other games; the character upgrades are limited; etc. All I have really done within this game is control my horse and carriage, throw a few spells and watch a lot of cutscenes. I won't give up on it yet, but I definitely won't be getting my hopes up. I suppose, as a stand-alone game, it would be worth a play.

Overall, I am thoroughly disappointed with this game so far and I'm unhappy with the decision Lionhead/Microsoft have made about making this game so different and uninteractive in comparison to the others within the franchise. Here's to hoping the next (if there will be) game will have the same gameplay as the older games!
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on 26 March 2013
Absolutely brilliant game! Arms do ache after a while of playing but very good and very addictive. Can't wait to see what they think of next
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on 3 January 2013
This was a gift. The recipient has indicated that it takes a while to get used to the different playing format, but it seems to be fun.
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