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on 18 January 2013
The first episode I watched I was wondering why on earth I bought such a sick thing and how any tv channel could possibly have commissioned such despicable rubbish.
I am very glad I persisted through the next few episodes,initially only because I hated the thought that I had wasted so much money on a box set just to watch a few episodes.

As you are introduced to Dexter and his family and past you get to know the reason behind his actions.

Dexter is a man who, traumatised by witnessing his mother's gruesome murder as a toddler has a fascination with death and killing as a child. This is demonstrated by a boy who is also almost autistic in his inability to interact socially, to feel or express normal emotion. His adopted father (the policeman who rescued him) recognises this and that things will escalate from animals to people if something isn't done. He teaches Dexter that if he doesn't feel something naturally he must pretend, and act like he is normal to get on in society. More than this, if he must kill the desire must be controlled, this is initially done by hunting animals, but when this fails to control adolescent Dexter the avenues of "acceptable" killing pursuits is extended to indlude the very worst murderers, rapists and paedophiles that the policeman knows exist. While he doesn't aid Dexter he teaches Dexter howto make absolutely sure of the guilt of the criminal and to prepare meticulously so he is not caught.

Many years later (although shown concurrently in the series) Dexter is a blood spatter analyst for the Miami police dept, and through his work hears about, and often is involved in, the investigation of the most horrific murders. Those that escape justice are Dexter's to chase, often escaping the law though Dexter's own actions in hiding evidence to allow him to mete out his own justice. He shows his autistic spectrum mannerisms in his meticulous obsessive and focussed planning of the capture of these criminals and presentation of their evil deeds/photos of victims given when they are under his control. He then tests the criminal's guilt gathering a confession in most cases.
He then brutally kills the criminal victims.

The series documents both his own serial killer career and the often closely related big cases being investigated by the police dept, as well as a confusing social/family life Dexter contructs which he initially sees as a camoflage but he and the viewer begin to see him in a different light.

The initial feeling of disturbance at his actions changes as you watch, especially as the past crimes of his 'victims' are shown.
While the stringing up of murderers and paedophiles is something that in my experienceoften gets "wished" by the general population ... the "If I could have 15 minutes with that pervert I'd cut off his ___ and make him wish he was never born" type of comments people make after hearing what a criminal has done... words rarely result in any action whatsoever. Dexter represents the violent and vengeful part of any supposedly "normal" person who feels retribution must be meted out.
The fact that you (on seeing how awful these criminals are and after building empathy and understanding with Dexter's character) end up rooting for Dexter to be succesful, worrying for him when things go wrong could be seen from the outside as quite disturbed in itself, but I think anyone who gives this series enough of a chance to get through the first few episodes will see what I mean.
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on 15 November 2011
Firstly a bit of advice - if you buy the big boxset it is quite pricey. I would recommend buying them individually (if it works out cheaper) or trying the first season or try and catch one online to see if you like it.

(UPDATE!! - 12/12/11. Just noticed it's at 49.99 at the moment and if it stays at this, get the whole thing as that is a bargain price!)

(SECOND UPDATE! - AT £28, this is an absolute steal! Get it now!)

Before I'd watched 'Dexter' for the first time, I had the difficulty with the concept of it. I've always disagreed with an eye for an eye and even though I knew Dexter only killed 'bad' people that had killed others, I thought it sounded too weird to enjoy as a programme, let alone for 5+ seasons.

I don't know what I was thinking! 'Dexter' is absolutely incredible. It is by far the best thing I have seen on television in a long time. As I've mentioned above the show follows Dexter as a 'loveable' serial killer who has a 'dark passenger': his urge/need to kill. He is also a blood spatter analyst for the Miami police department which seriously makes for brilliant viewing. Each season is normally dedicated to a particular 'case' for the police department and there are numerous kills for Dexter that go alongside this but each episode keeps you gripped and often guessing.

There are some amazing characters and you follow Dexter's sister Deb throughout and his growing relationship with Rita from the first episode as he tries to balance his dark passenger with leading a normal life. You also follow the lives of the other Detectives in the Miami Met and their sub plots which just makes every episode interesting. Keep watching for a part played by John Lithgow in Season 4 - it is sheer genius.

I'm trying to get you to watch this and give it a go as I know without the push from a friend, I would never have tried it and now I am addicted. I'm currently eagerly awaiting Season 6 and I wish I were in your shoes about to start from the beginning. (UPDATE - Season 6 is incredible with some amazing plot twists and an ending that will blow your mind! - it's still far cheaper to buy this box set and then season 6 separately though!)

Surprisingly, Dexter really is loveable and he's got a great dry sense of humour which makes Dexter really quite funny at times. 'Dexter' is entertaining, tense, scary at times, even moving too. It has brilliantly written storylines played by superb characters - I just cannot fault it! Absolutely compelling viewing.
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on 17 March 2012
After I finished the first season of Dexter, I immediately decided to buy this boxset. The series is amazing (the second season turned out to be even better than the first one) and while the boxset isn't spectacular, it does what it promises: contain all the five seasons. As you can see on my photos, every season is divided over two DVD slipcases (apart from season 2, which has three slipcases). This boxset provides much bang for your buck.
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on 10 December 2012
I was due to have my tonsils out a few weeks ago and had heard good things from a few friends about Dexter so I thought this would be a good way to pass the time while I recovered. Unfortunately the operation was cancelled but I pressed ahead anyway and got through all 5 seasons in somewhere between 1 and 2 weeks. It all seems a bit of a blur looking back on it but I was glued to the box set, always thinking there was time for 1 or two more episodes to find out what happened to Dexter and whether he'd get caught. Each series concentrates on a different problem/person for Dexter to overcome whilst moving forward on other aspects of his story so it doesn't get stale and repetitive. You really find yourself routing for his character and willing him on, hoping he doesn't get caught, etc and there are some rather convenient solutions to problems he faces which don't require him to break the code of Harry, but it is a great show and this boxed set is good value for money. I would highly recommend it to someone with some time on their hands, but beware you will get addicted and find yourself still awake at 3am wondering where the time went and whether you can get in one more episode before going to bed!
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on 29 April 2013
It was just brilliant. Right from the start, the very first episode hooked me like no other. I started watching it by chance as my brother had bought the DVD. I was only 12 at the time. This show was my first gritty american cable show that i watched. It was amazing the acting, the gore and sometime hystericly funny. The first season has a great twist at the end and season 2 keeps up the good quality. Season three however is of lesser quality but still very watchable and entertaining and much better than most other shows. Season 4 is boosted by the wonderful addition of John Lithgow as the terrifying trinity killer. He proves a worthy villian and season 4 ends with the most shocking character death in tv history. Although the quality lessened after season 4 I really enjoyed it with a great character of Lumen who showed us a different side of Dexter. For me the ending of season 5 was very poor and bad writing which I feel was one of the only bad things I can say about that season. For those who want to also purchase season 6 and seven ( when It comes out later in july) I can say that although season 6 was probably the weakest along with season 3 it ends with another shocking cliffhanger which sets up the near perfect seventh season. Ray Stevenson plays and excellent villian and the beautiful Yvonne Strahovski plays the alluring Hannah Mckay who gets close to Dexter and we as an audience think Dexter may have met his match. The season ends sadly for Dexter and very shockingly. Yet another character death.
To me this is the best show I have ever watched. Some shows have a deeper meaning than just TV, I grew up with this, waiting patiently every week. Yes there have been missteps but really the quality of the show had never waned terribly. It is always interesting and makes you question why you root for a serial killer to win. You do, that's the wonderful thing. I just went back and watched the shield a show about dirty cops and I honestly can't fathom why the cops do kill the really bad people, like Dexter would do. Just look at IMDB Its one of the highest rated and criticcaly acclaimed shows ever. A must buy.
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on 2 November 2012
My brother told me about this show which follows a serial killer who only kills bad people and works for the police. I decided to give it a miss. A few years later i saw the pilot episode and immediately became hooked. I have watched season 1-6 3 times through in the last year. You could say I'm addicted. A show filled with plot twists and a guy who you should hate but cant help but love. But the evolution of dexter is the greatest thing about this show, the way the character changes throughout the seasons is what makes the show. Anyway here is my review of the individual seasons:
Season 1: 9/10- Brilliant opening season introducing the character of dexter and his life filled with huge twists and based on the original book by jeff lindsay.
Season 2: 8/10- Fantastic plot ruined by an annoying overly 'British' woman. Everything bad that could happen dexter does and he has to fight back in the shadows.
Season 3: 6/10- I have to say this is the worst season of the show and the only bad thing i can truly think of, dull plot with poor supporting characters.
Season 4: 10/10- After watching this I immediately forgave them for the not so good 3rd season, maybe they were just building anticipation? The trinity killer is the big bad perfectly portrayed by John Lithgow. Great plot, great characters all round perfect season.
Season 5: 8/10- A good season with moments of brilliance scattered in, but is quite slow at points.

I would also recommend purchasing season 6 after watching these, I gave it a 9/10 as it revisits old elements with old characters and great(if abit predictable) plot twists.
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on 18 September 2012
I held off from viewing Dexter when it was first broadcast as I thought it might be a bit "heavy" or even depressing.

A while ago I came across the series on NetFlix and decided to give it a look.



I couldn't bear to watch it in the lower quality streams and NF only have 3 series available, so I bought this boxset!

Now my wife and I are hooked on Dexter and his associates.


There are some pretty explicit sex scenes and equally explicit language used in Dexter.
And that is above and beyond the gruseome nature of the subject matter.

With that in mind, adults can enjoy a witty, funny, touching, exciting, fascinating show about a police forensics specialist who just happens to be a serial killer.
It's a bit like CSI meets Hannibal Lechter!

An excellent cast, led by Michael C. Hall, will have you sacrificing sleep to view the next episode, and the next,and the next...

I am so happy with this purchase that I have already ordered Series 6 and have signed up to be notified when Series 7 becomes available. (soon, please!)
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on 2 December 2012
I missed episodes from all five series when originally watched on TV.

I decided to see what I had missed and now I know what happened :).

Watching all the episodes from five series over two weeks was a different experience to watching one episode a week. In fact, where I live, the five series were shown on TV over at least twelve months.

I found series four and five much darker than the first three. Series four in particular I found very disturbing and the climax of the last episode really upsetting - Trinity was one evil MFSOB.

I always liked and cared about several of the characters - Dexter, Ritas children, Vince, Angel, Lundy, Lumen. I learned more about others this time and liked them more for it - Debs, Quin, even Rudy. Not forgetting Lila of course ;).

Watching the box series after seeing most episodes on TV previously, I knew the storyline and was able to discover and appreciate an aspect I'd previously overlooked - relationships.

Relationships betwen parents and children, siblings, friends and colleagues, men and women, husbands and wives, and how these change with time.

I'm not sure I'd watch this box set a second time but I'm pleased I caught up with what I'd missed and surprised by what I learned about relationships.

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on 17 January 2013
Throughout the series, Dexter- a blood splatter analyst / serial killer, worries incessantly about being caught by the Miami Metro Police Department, the very people he works for. His father, Harry Morgan, a twisted cop who also worked for the department, taught Dexter everything he knows about remaining undetected.
The only relationships that are anywhere near stable in his life are with his co-worker sister, Debra Morgan, and his victimized girlfriend Rita and her two kids, Cody and Aster.
But doughnuts can only take him so far, and when The Ice Truck Killer rears his intriguingly monstrous head, his loyalties are challenged.
Does he maintain his cover, a semblance of a normal life, or does he unleash the beast...?

Without adding any unnecessary spoilers, I have to admit that I was surprised at how enjoyable I found the series, since I'm not usually one for T.V revolving around gore and death.
It's clever, morally challenging and you really root for the supposed 'bad' guy.
Dexter is teeth-grindingly tense, blood-thirsty, and exposes the dark side of the human condition. It asks us:

What would you do? Would you kill, or let others be killed? Would you stop the bad guy, or allow free roam? If they were above the law, should it be taken into someone else's hands...?
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on 27 February 2014
Series 1-5 are where most people should leave Dexter, series 6-8 suck. The 1-5 seasons here are outstanding for writing, acting etc of Michael Hall, not many other good actors on this show apart from his random enemies! His on-screen sister Deborah is just about the worst actress I have ever had to put up with! She gets killed in the last episode lol, but not soon enough for me!
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