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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 3 June 2013
After a nuclear attack, people are struggling to survive against all the odds. Into this mix appears a sex symbol starlet and boyfriend, who is killed in an ambush. An ex soldier, a plane crash leaving two teenage survivors add to the mix flavoured with unsavoury mercenaries.
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on 31 August 2013
Quite enjoyed this book. After the apocalypse the characters are thrown together. A war veteran and a porn actress .The story is an easy read and the ending wants you to follow up with the next book in the series.
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on 17 August 2012
I can't remember the last time I read a book (we're talking 10 to 20 years ago!), but I was going on holiday for two weeks so I downloaded this on to my Tablet. My wife and kids couldn't believe I was reading and what's more that I couldn't put it down.

I found the book very interesting, intriguing and captivating. When I got to the end I took the next opportunity I could to find some wi-fi access in Turkey and download the Ice Princess, the second book in the Wanted series.

The characters are great, the story twists and turns, and the body counts rises, it's the sort of book which I think would make a fantastic action packed film.
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on 14 October 2013
Just what the doctor ordered. I have been off work with a foot injury and came across this excellent distraction. Took me well away from my sick bed and helped me stop feeling sorry for myself. Fantastic story line, lots of action, just the right amount of detail regarding locations, weapons ext. Thank you very much Jason.
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on 20 January 2013
Very enjoyable story of survivors thrown together in a ruined world, and even if the main characters don't always seem the most pleasant people, you'll still get really involved in their adventure. Looks like the first of a series....bring it on!
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on 28 October 2012
Well, I'm about halfway through this book, and while I will carry on reading it, it wouldn't be the most challenging book I've ever read!! Very obviously written by a man, there's a lot of cheesy male fantasy content in it. Which makes me giggle a bit but I don't think it's supposed to!! (like the sexy porn star in her tight, wet top, asking the young female gymnast to cuddle her to keep warm, while the brother watches jealously)
That aside, however,it's quite a good story so far, plenty of action and a sense of dark futility in a post-nuclear world.
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on 11 November 2012
Book Review: Wanted by Jason Halstead
Reviewed by J Bryden Lloyd

Writing Style - 4.5/5.0 (Excellent)
This is a good, solid style which flows nicely and pulls the reader along very well. The style of the dialogue is equally good and Mr Halstead clearly builds his environments carefully to fit the characters he creates. I found a handful of places where the interactions (especially between the siblings) felt a little forced, and for me this took a little away from the atmosphere the author had worked hard to build. This was very minor, however.

Character Development - 4.5/5.0 (Excellent)
It has to be said, there is a whole heap of character development to be found in here, as first the rescue of the damsel-in-distress, and then the return of said damsel with crash survivors in tow, bring a whole catalogue of unwanted complications to the simple life built by the main male character.
Beyond this, the lead girl and the surviving siblings also find themselves undergoing huge character rebuilds, as the author drags them out of relative security and throws all four characters into a very dangerous and unpredictable world. This is all done via a huge amount of clever twists and turns which make these characters very easy to like.
The supporting cast are equally well drawn and make the plot work well.

Descriptive - 4.5/5.0 (Excellent)
In a world where law exists only within controlled environments, the descriptive from the opening sentence is both powerful and precise. I enjoyed the visual created in almost every part of the book, except in the hut where they sleep in the compound, which seemed to be an area lacking in visual references for the most part. Admittedly, I felt that the author was making specific efforts to keep attention focussed on the characters and the impending twists of the plot, but it was a noticeable loss against the rest of the text.

Language & Grammar - 4.5/5.0 (Excellent)
This is a good reading level for most levels, including young adult readers. The word selections and language are very good and the standard of editing throughout is very high. This is very impressive and an excellent example.

Plot - 4.5/5.0 (Excellent) *MINOR SPOILERS*
I have to be honest. At the beginning I really wasn't certain what I was reading, and things started moving very quickly - possibly a little too quickly - and I felt like I was being pushed along. Then the pace shifted and the underlying plot was started properly. As quickly as that, I was into a more comfortable setting and the manic start made sense.
The story moved along and then suddenly kicked off again with the plane crash and the rescue of the siblings. Very quickly you are thrown into a whole new realm of twists and turns, then just as quickly you settle into a semi-normality once again.
I found the storyline compelling and the situations in the plots excellent.

General - 4.5/5.0 (Excellent)
The sequel is already on my TBR list, but I have to recommend this to anyone who enjoys post-apocalypse action thrillers. This comes very highly recommended from me. 5 stars.
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on 26 December 2012
got this as a free download, but will be looking to buy the rest in the series, very good character building and an interesting storyline. Has more gramatical errors than I would have expected, but all in all worth a read.
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on 17 August 2012
Wont bother wasting time,my own included, spending roughly a page or so going over the books plot as it's there in the description for all to read. Fast paced,energetic,fully fleshed out characters and very well written. Plenty of relevent and necessary plot twists. Mr J Halstead thank you. I for one shall monitor your future works with much interest and anticipation. Very highly recommended.
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on 16 May 2013
As it was free thought I'd give "Wanted" a try. Found there to be no real depth to either the characters or the plot, and felt this poorly written book could have been condensed into a couple of chapters. Also felt the story came to no satisfactory conclusion, but was left as though the author had gotten fed up of repeating the same stuff and given up.
At best this book helped pass a couple of hours during a boring night shift, I didn't totally hate it, but it left me thinking I could have spent the time more productively. It was not helped by all the grammatical errors.
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