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on 21 August 2011
I bought this battery on the strength of the other reviews. I was wary at first as it is less than half price of an official HTC battery, but I am very pleased with the purchase.

My Sensation would be dead after 8 hours (from 100% at 8.30am to 10% at 4.30pm), this was with a handful of phone calls, texting throughout the day, Facebook and news updates and the occasional blast on a game. I knew the battery life was poor prior to buying the phone, but didn't realise how bad it actually was. HTC seem to think it is OK to fob their customers off by telling us we can achieve a greater battery time by switching notifications and settings off, and limiting the time we use the phone. I am sorry, but this just does not cut it. HTC should ensure battery life is optimal, and as standard, it clearly isn't as this battery lasts a lot longer!

With the Anker battery, the phone left on idle stays on 100% for over 8 hours and I assume would last a couple of days if left on stand-by. With my regular use throughout the day I am now going home from work with nearly 50% left, rather than 10-5% on power save! It also seems to run cooler (my pocket and battery indicator app confirm this).

I ensured to charge the battery whilst the phone was switched off. This took just over 2 hours. For the first few days I made sure to use the phone even more than usual and the battery still held up all day! I can leave everything on (gps, wifi, etc).

I highly recommend this battery. So far it has proved to be a worthy investment; however, it will be interesting to see how long it lasts before having to buy a new one. I am surprised (and almost angry) that HTC chose not to use a higher powered battery as standard? It would be interesting to hear their reasoning as to why, as it is insulting to think they have the option of a higher mAh battery available.

One issue I have is with the conflicting warranty - the leaflet says 1 year, the packaging says 6 months? Either way it is nice to know you are covered by a manufacturer's warranty, regardless of how long it lasts.

5 stars for now and will update in 6 months of use.
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on 31 January 2012
Really impressed with the price of this item, delivery was good as well! I received the battery late November 2011, and now its the end of January 2012 I feel I've had enough time to give a quick review on the product itself...

My standard HTC battery for my Sensation was 1520mAh, now I use my phone ALOT so class it as heavy use (wifi on constantly, web browsing every half hour for a few mins, a few texts and phone calls throughout the day, sat nav for 30mins, used as an alarm clock so thats when its taken off charge) it would last for about 10-11 hours.
Now with this new Anker 1900mAh battery it would last 13-14 hours (with bluetooth now on constantly since I got a new car stereo), so a noticeable improvement of about 2-3 hours on about an extra 30% capacity battery. So not a miracle battery, but does exactly what you would expect, which leads me on to some advice about people complaining about battery power....

If you have a phone like my Sensation, its a smart phone with a processor faster than most peoples PCs, its not going to last all day. Using a task killer or something similar might help reduce power usage more, as alot of unwanted apps run in the background, also simple things like lowering the brightness and have a quick access widget to turn off certain functions you dont need like bluetooth or wifi if you're not using it. Going into your settings and turning off some items that sync might help aswell, as some like Google and Facebook contacts will take a long long time to backup and check their info.

I read comment on here about the phone bending or making funny noises when the battery fitted, this was NOT this case with my HTC Sensation, if anything it IMPROVED the fit! Since the day I got my phone I could squeeze the phone and feel it flex slightly and hear a creaking noise, but since I added this new Anker battery its filled the gap that was inbetween the battery and the case and it feels solid! No noises, no movement - there hasnt been any problems with the back cover slipping off either its just as secure as before.
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on 1 October 2011
I switched to the HTC Sensation from my iPhone 4 and have been very impressed with everything, with exception of the battery life. Some research online suggests that turning off the Bluetooth, Wireless, Sync, Etc - will help ... and it will but c'mon - it's 2011! I had all these features enabled on my iPhone 4 and it would last a couple of days!

Then I found this battery and at the price with the good reviews I thought it was worth a shot. Before judging it's performance I done five full power cylces (Charge to 100%... let it run flat... charge to 100%...) and following this the results were very very impressive.

At the moment I have my WiFi, HSDPA & Bluetooth on constantly. Brightness is set at 'Auto' and my Weather, Google (Mail/Contacts/Calendar), HTC Sense are enabled in Sync. I charge my battery to 100% every morning which takes about an hour and the following day at the same time it'll be just short of 50%. I'm checking emails frequently throughout the day, social networking sites and maybe about 30 minutes of calls each day.

In summary, my use with the standard battery it would be 100% about 0900hrs and flat around 1900hrs. Now it's full at 0900hrs and about 40% remaining 24 hours later. This battery isn't what I consider a good choice, I consider it an essential.
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on 27 July 2011
For the price I didn't expect a massive difference however I can now leave wifi, Bluetooth and notifications turned on all day and with medium to heavy use I can get over a days use on one charge. Previously I disabled everything when not in use and barely got one day. I would definitely recommend.
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on 26 July 2011
For a cheap price, I have been able to increase the battery life quite substantially. Although no solid numbers I can say this battery does increase the functionality time between charges. It works perfectly and slots as if it were a official product. Don't forget to give new batteries a good charge before field testing.
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on 11 June 2013
I've had a HTC Sensation for nearly two years. The phone has been replaced as it developed an issue witht he camera. However the battery was the one supplied when I first got the phone.
I had noticed that I was getting some odd behaviour that seemed to be battery related. The phone would report that the battery was full after a charge, any use of the phone would cause the battery to drain to about 50%. Any heavy usage (running google maps, using GPS, taking a picture) would cause the phone to reboot!! After rebooting the battery would be down to 5% and would need charging before it was usable again. I'm saying all this as it may help someone with similar problems. So, on with the review of the replacement battery!

I was looking for a replacement battery, the criteria were fairly straightforward: Good quality, Good Value, Good Warranty. The Anker Battery met these requirements.

First Impressions: The battery came in plastic product packaging, with all the product documents you'd expect for a battery as well as some promotional materials from Anker. I swapped the battery over and started using it with no issues and left the phone on charge.

Experience: So far, the battery has performed excellently. I'd actually go as far as to say that it has transformed the phone. The phone has gone from being an ureliable, frustrating piece of kit to something that work as well as it did when I first had the phone, if not better. I say better because the battery remains at full capacity for a number hours of normal use before showing any drop in charge. I put this down, rightly or wrongly, to the slightly higher capacity of the battery.

If your looking for a battery to breath new life into your phone, or experiencing issue that seem power related, then for the price I can't find a fault with this item and would recommend it! I'd even consider purchasing a new battery for any phone I buy and keep the manufacturers battery as a spare. I guess that says it all!
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on 31 October 2012
I've had my HTC Sensation for nearly two years, and the battery had just about given up the ghost - it would last about 12 hours of very low usage, and the last 15% would go in about 10 minutes. For a while I tried battery saving apps and changing the way I used my phone, but I could still barely get it to work and back and have it in use at the end of the day.

The Anker battery has changed all that. I did a full charge with the phone turned off when the battery arrived, and since then it's been far better than I'd even hoped. It typically stays on 100% charge for about three hours, even with GPS, wi-fi and auto brightness on, and often after using Spotify or other apps as well. When not in use, the battery barely depletes at all, a totally straight line on the battery usage chart, even with the usual background updates and the occasional look at a few apps. On the first day the battery was at30% after 36 hours of often heavy use, Google Navigate and Spotify being used at the same time, calls, web browsing, constant wi-fi. It also charges far faster than the old battery.

To conclude: if you were of the mind that your Sensation was in the final hours of its lifespan due to the poor battery, certainly upgrade to this one - it's almost like a new lease of life for the phone for me, it would take a serious effort to deplete the battery in 24 hours.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 21 December 2011
I have upgraded the "HTC Sensation" battery to the Anker 1900mAh Li-ion battery and the difference is like between night and day.

I was only getting (12-16) hours on GENUINE HTC BATTERY with daily use. ANKER can do (24-30) hrs now before needing charging on Average:)

That's with all the background DATA Services turned on. AVOID Wifi as it drains battery, is really just for home use to download apps etc.

Also only if you can, AVOID GPS Services, as its another battery drainer, keep an eye on the task manager and kill some apps U don't need.

That's HUGE more on a 'Anker 1900mAh Battery' I assume the "HTC Battery" was much weaker than the 1500mAh it says on actual cell.

Its unbelievable that HTC would place an "inferior battery" in their products, 'Same goes for my Wildfire S' - Anker have a solution too.

Anker batteries are very high in quality, and cannot recommend them enough. They don't even get hot or warm after a full charge.

They are superb at every level. They are made in Germany I think, and that can be verified, by reading the product packaging.

Please for the first few days when you charge, let the battery run flat, then recharge until green light comes on, to optimise battery.

Do this several times, this comes recommended by the product makers. Then after that, you can charge it at any-time, even just a top up.

Thanks for reading...
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on 19 October 2011
I bought this battery having recently taken delivery of an HTC Sensation and while I loved the phone I knew battery life was going to be underwhelming, and it was.

When I saw this product and its reviews I knew it had to be worth it for the price even if the extension of time between charges would only be a couple of hours.

In reality though this battery has transformed my experience with the phone.. I took it out for a proper "field test" last weekend :

I spent the day on Holy Island, charging the battery to full in the car on the way up. I set off to walk around the main part of the island, using the MyTracks with the GPS sensor on, taking lots of photos and leaving the camera on between shots, and uploading photos to Facebook. With the previous battery I would expect to just about manange a circuit of the Island before the battery gave up the ghost (with my previous phone - HTC Hero - the GPS alone would have killed the battery before I returned to the car). With the new battery not only did it last the whole circuit but the battery level had barely dropped from the 100% mark.

I'm getting three days light use on a charge, which is roughly double what I got with the original battery.

Terrific purchase for the price.
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on 27 November 2011
Upgrading from the original HTC battery to the Anker 1900mAh Li-ion battery is essential in my view. I decided to follow the advice from the feedback of other buyers of the HTC Sensation smartphone and purchase this 3rd party battery. I knew from experiences I had with my HTC Hero the battery life can become a serious issue if you want to use wifi, bluetooth, play games and surf the internet on your phone. So as soon as I arranged my upgrade to the HTC Sensation I ordered this battery to ensure battery life would not be an issue! I must say I'm extremely happy with the battery life as I'm writing this review my battery has an uptime of 25 hours and 35 minutes and its only down to 29%. This is amazing considering was talking to friends via a bluetooth headset for a couple of hour in the evening. The only thing that really saps the life out of the battery that I have noticed is when you set up your phone as wifi hotspot! If you intend to do that then I would suggest you plug your phone in a charger if you intend to this for any considerable amount of time.
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