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4.5 out of 5 stars172
4.5 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 10 September 2012
Fringe gets better and better as it goes and is one of the best scifi shows around at the moment. A miracle it lasted this long and is getting a 5th and final season to properly finish the show and tie up any loose ends hopefully in this day and age where good scifi shows get cancelled before they get a chance to prove themselves if they aren't automatically hits. If you are a newcomer you may find this show confusing as the show picks up from series 3 and slips inbetween 2 parrallel universes with 2 different Fringe teams. Same characters just different versions and Peter finds he has been erased from existence and noone not even his father Walter the excellent scene stealing John Noble remembers who he is though he does start getting disturbing dreams. The Observers continue to make their prescence felt and we even find out their origins in one episode while Leonard Nimoy makes an appearance towards the end of the series leading to another excellent cliffhanger. Absolutely superb scifi series. Well acted by a great cast.
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on 15 January 2013
I miss the `X Files', boy do I miss it. That was a fantastic show; scary, well written and proud to be science fiction. Man, will I miss `Fringe', this is some show; scary, well written and intensely proud to be science fiction. One of the cardinal sins of sci fi is when a creator tries to make out that it is not; J. J. Abram's own `Lost' did this - I spent season 1 informing my friends that it was sci fi when they swore it was not. `Fringe' Season 4 is loud and proud about what it is, there are time slips, multiple dimensions, gene splicing, basically everything you could want for and more from a show like this.

The great thing is that it should appeal to everyone as there are also other elements that stand out apart from the fantastical. The writing is superb, individual stories are well written, but perfectly fit into the series wider arc. There is an ethos that flows through `Fringe' and in this season in particular - people are not inherently evil. The `bad guys' in `Fringe' season 4 are mostly misguided and have done what they have for love. There are some heart-wrenching stories this season that chime with the main characters.

It is here that `Fringe' has a coup; the main three actors Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson and John Noble are fantastic, often asked to play variations of their characters and they do so brilliantly. With so many aspects to juggle in this season in particular, it could have become a mess, but that is not the case as the show runners ensure that the main story is catered for throughout. As we enter the 5th and final season of `Fringe' it is on the cusp of being one of the best science fiction TV shows of all time, will it continue to be just as good? I popped into the future and can confirm to you that it did.

Sammy Recommendation
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on 24 September 2012
More awesome wierdness with the best cast of actors ever cast. One or two episodes are a bit weak but overall best thing on TV this year.
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The first few episodes were utterly confusing until we realised that the events at the end of Season Three had logically (insofar causality weirdness can ever be logical) knocked-on into Season Four. There is still a fair bit of jumping about between universes but the entente-cordiale brings a new, cosier dimension to the relationship. Of course there has to be a baddie and the reincarnation of an adversary from an earlier season (Season Two I think) fills the void left by Walternate & the shape-shifters while the previously mostly-benign Observers take on a far more sinister edge.

The masterful writing and plot & character development continue to be the real stars with the mad-science gluing the narrative together. It is not possible to describe any of the plot without spoilers but suffice to say that a certain amount of concentration is required and even the few stand-alone episodes reveal a new intriguing twist so an unencumbered memory is essential. There is one episode towards the end of this season that seems to be totally unrelated to anything else but, surprise, surprise it does eventually make sense and sets the scene for Season Five (again, like Season Four, rumoured to be the last).

The cast continue to be superb but, again, John Noble shines brighter than the rest - he should definitely be in the running for an award of some sort. Fringe persists as one of the most original and downright strange series ever to grace our screens. Excellent, mind-bending stuff.
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on 20 March 2013
I was in two minds whether to buy Fringe season 1, but I did. Then I bought seasons 2 & 3, and now this one - season 4. I will definitely be buying season 5 when it comes out. Excellent series. Although if anybody is thinking of buy Fringe, you've got to get it right from the beginning. Otherwise you won't be able to follow it.
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on 5 November 2012
I love Fringe and season 4 does'nt disapoint, so original, best sci-fi show out there by a mile. Its the x files for the next generation!
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on 4 February 2013
Still a great show and enjoyably weaves between stand alone stories and the overarching Mythology its extablished. This season, due to uncertainty over a 5th season pickup at the time, begins to tie up much of the events in previous seasons and that certainly helps engage us again. Some very strong episodes and reappearance of old villian's. By the time the season is drawing to a close, the show takes a 1 episode detour that serves to set up the 5th season by propelling us into the future world of the Observers. Overall, great production, great casting and remains one of the best Sci-fi shows ever.
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on 4 April 2013
After thoroughly enjoying the first three seasons of Fringe I was really looking forward to S4. Having just seen the finale and reflected on the series as a whole, I have to say I was left just a little disappointed in the variability of the episodes. Sure, there were some great 'Fringe' moments and the character of Walter continues to delight but I just got the feeling that that it was a series waiting for the axe to fall, not knowing whether to wrap the storyline up or to set it up for a further series. I guess it must be difficult for the show's writers not knowing whether they are going to get a green light for another series or whether they have to write episodes to tie up all the outstanding loose ends. A lot of the 'science' in Fringe always has to be taken with a pinch of salt but in S4 I was left incredulous at some of the events that occurred and the explanations given! Don't get me wrong, I really love Fringe as a show and therefore I still enjoyed watching S4. I just felt it was not 'up there' with the earlier series. I will still buy S5 when it becomes available (I have invested too much in the show not to) and I'll still be really disappointed when the show eventually ends!
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on 29 May 2012
yes, I think season 4 really is the best fringe season yet.

this season explores themes like "home" and "love" in a very powerful way I think.
it starts with the idea that peter never existed and shows how the life of everyone else is different in this rewritten timeline.
most of the stories this season have to do with the question: "what is my part, or if you want, "purpose" in this world and how do I influence the people around me?" but also: " how would my life have been if I would have made different choices in the past?"

besides that, this season also answers a lot of questions from the past and has some amazing reveals, so the previous 3 season still have significance!

so, if you enjoyed the first 3 seasons, I can highly recommend season 4!

"they are coming!"
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Fringe is an unusual but brilliant Sci-Fi show.
It tells the story of a small unit within the F.B.I called Fringe division.
Here they deal with very rare unexplainable events that stretch the imagination.
Olivia Dunham played by Anna Torv decides to seek help in the form of a disgraced scientist, Walter Bishop who resides in an insane asylum. She can only get his help with the assistance of his son, Peter Bishop and so the team comes together.
They reopen Walter’s old basement laboratory, complete with a cow in the corner.
Fringe has a story running throughout the series as well as individual episodes. The series concludes in the final episode of the last series and completes the show perfectly.
It is weird, with dark comedy, exciting action, and it has a few frightening moments as well.
Great, innovative writing, wonderful acting and a different approach to Sci-fi make this an unbeatable combination.
I doubt you’ll be disappointed.
Fantastic show!
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