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4.8 out of 5 stars261
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 11 January 2012
Season 2 of The Vampire Diaries was packed full of mythology, and I know a lot of viewers didn't like this. They found the second season to be choppy, predictable and sometimes downright silly.

Season 3, however, is so much better. The season has brought back the feel of the first season, with less mythology and more focus on the main characters. Elena, our main protagonist, is training to be stronger and faster so she doesn't feel so useless when she comes up against one of the evil vampires. Stefan is finally getting a proper storyline, and I am loving him as a Ripper! This was a great decision from the writers, and I hope to see a lot more of Paul Wesley playing a badass character instead of Stefan's usual boring self. Damon is the same charming, cunning vampire as ever, and spends a lot of the first half of the season trying to rescue his brother from the state he is in.

Damon and Elena also have a growing relationship, which I loved. It's about time! Of course, both sides have conflicting feelings about this, with Elena being Stefan's girlfriend first and all.

Klaus, our main villain of the show, is AWESOME. Totally badass. Although, he is shown to have a slightly softer side to him after all. I'm loving every scene he's in, and Joseph Morgan is doing a fantastic job with him. I love Klaus and Stefan's friendship, however undeveloped and brief that may be, and I hope Klaus will stick around for a lot longer.

In my opinion, the writing in this season has picked up. I love the classic lines that these characters come out with, and the pacing is also a lot better. I only have one question: Where is Elijah?
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on 18 May 2012
I've been a fan of the show from the start, and had to leave a review after watching the finale of this season. Unlike the second series it was very much based on Stefan, Damon and Elena rather than Catherine. I have to admit that after the second series I wondered where the show could go next but I'm very glad I stuck with it - it got much better! The series is packed with twists and turns, but underneath it all, is very much based on love and family. No matter what your head tells you, you can't choose who you love. I'm very glad they've held onto this thread as I feel it's a vitally important part of the series.

The entire cast for The Vampire Diaries was suberbly chosen - their performances are flawless and, on a shallow note, they're all pretty easy on the eye too!

The only advice I can give for viewers of this series is to expect the unexpected. As a seasoned viewer of the show I was still left open-mouthed at many of the cliffhangers. The season started off a little slowly but really picked up a few episodes in. The final episode in particular is outstanding; very emotional and thoroughly gripping. I was in tears throughout it. Highly recommended for fans of vampires, werewolves and other mystical beings. I'm now waiting on tenterhooks for series 4!
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on 7 February 2013
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on 16 July 2009
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It cleanses the skin off eye-make up gently, soothes, tones and hydrates the skin, leaving it no sticky or full of grease or oil. Because it's based on AVENE thermal water it also provides the skin with a calming effect. I was always somehow bothered with that dry, flaky skin below my eyebrows but this gel sorted everything out and keeps it constantly hydrated.
Will surely buy again.
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on 13 June 2012
Season 3 really heats up The Vampire Diaires saga, especailly where the Delena (Damon/Elena) romance is concerned, and it's interesting to see the darker side of Stefan. The backstory of the Originals is included in this season, as they're an important part of the main storyline of this series. And the ending of episode 22 (The Deparated) is simply Jawdropping. Am not waiting for Christmas to purchase this as series 3 is damn brilliant.
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on 6 October 2015
A brilliant series with tonnes more characters and action. The Originals spawn a new type of enemy for the main cast and you see some of the characters turned on their heads. Building up a special hatred for Stefan's transformation. However it does follow the leads of other shows in that the cast all end up sleeping with each other in turn! Regardless, most of the relationships are believable and you care about what's happening. In regards to the DVD itself, was a little disappointed to realise that the UV Copy it came with was completely out of date - by about a year. I get that's what happens when DVDs are released and offers are printed, but it all seemed rather pointless for it to be included. Hey ho. Bring on my Delena!
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on 18 January 2014
One thing I love about the writers of The Vampire Diaries is their attention to detail. I mean, they put so much effort and time into the back-stories of their characters and of vampire mythology. You can really sense, when you are watching it, the history of vampires isn't just a way to fill out the plot but that it is always important to the story. I also love how Paul Wesley's getting a chance to shine this season, more than the previous two seasons, when we get to explore the darker side of Stefan's character. It's great that the cast of the show get to explore their characters in much more depth than in other shows, and it keeps the show interesting for us viewers!
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on 25 January 2013
Vampire Diaries is fantastic, I was also looking forward to the digital version for my iPad - Ultraviotet is awful. Because Ultraviolet is appearing on most bluray a/DVDs now I am purchasing my films/TV direct from iTunes. Ultraviolet could be the move that kills off the disk. Most people I know are boycotting Ultraviolet products and getting proper digital downloads from iTunes.

If disks gave us a choice to download either iTunes or Ultraviolet like He Lorax does that would save the day, but I can't see that happening.

Summary - vampire diaries great, ultraviolet on the other hand needs locking up and throwing the key away.
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on 11 January 2012
Warning! Contains minor spoilers!

I think the success of Season 3 largely belongs to the new dynamics formed between Damon/Elena, Damon/Stefan, Klaus/Stefan, and the introduction of the Original family. Last season was over-crowded with all the mythology, the triangle was shoved to the very back shelf so you wondered if it was alive at all, and Elena seemed intent on a one-way suicide mission to save everyone she loved. However, I am happy to report that all the things which hindered Season 2 have been greatly improved upon this season. The season kicks off 2 months after Stefan leaves town with Klaus, with Elena's 18th birthday. Elena's determination to save Stefan isn't easy to watch at the beginning, because it sometimes feels as if she's failing to grasp the enormity of Stefan's 'ripper' habit. But on the whole, I felt Elena was much stronger and more independent than she was last season. Stefan too, after spending the better part of 2 seasons acting responsible and well-behaved is much more interesting as a ripper, although I thought the writers were surprisingly timid in revealing Ripper Stefan in all his glory. I also thought it was strange that Stefan initially resists Klaus' compulsion to switch off his humanity, and afterwards, still cared about Elena to want to save her when she 'falls off' a row of bleachers. (I know he still loves her underneath, but he's been COMPELLED not to feel. I didn't get it.) Oddly enough, it's not until after Stefan is free from Klaus' compulsion that he really seems to 'snap', hell-bent on getting revenge on Klaus and holding Elena and her family and friends to ransom in the process. However, I still can't help feeling that for the most part, the writers play the ripper storyline a little too 'safe'. They never really let Stefan hit rock bottom. I think the writers want the audience to sympathise with Stefan too much, and somehow, it doesn't quite work. I was looking forward to seeing him be unapologetically bad, and while we see glimpses of it from time to time, I didn't feel he was as bad as he should have been for a relapsed 'ripper'.

The triangle. I'll be honest. Mid-Season 2, I was growing concerned about its lack of development, and wondered what the writers were playing at. It seemed very lop-sided to me: Stefan loved Elena. Damon loved Elena. She loved Stefan. That wasn't my idea of a triangle. But this season, the triangle FINALLY hots up. It would have been so easy to use the 'Stefan goes bad'/'Stefan is gone' card as an excuse to throw Damon and Elena together, but the writers refrain from doing that. Instead, Elena and Damon continue to do all they can to save Stefan, while their connection becomes ever more tangible, and the tension between them builds and builds, until the scene in the motel where it finally explodes. However it's worth keeping in mind that the triangle doesn't follow the traditional route, so be prepared for a lot of set-backs along the way.

For those of you who aren't interested in the triangle, then don't worry. How about a serial murderer who's on the rampage? Or a family reunion with some Originals? Or the return of Esther, the Original witch/mother, who is determined to rid the world of vampires? Or a love interest for Klaus?

I've heard some fans complain about this season, claiming there hasn't been enough 'action' in it. I have to disagree there. I think all the action last season, along with the mythological elements overwhelmed the show at times. At the heart of the show, its about the relationships and the complex ties between family and friends which arguably really makes 'The Vampire Diaries' what it is, while the characters are multi-layered and constantly surprise you. You can't help but care about them and become emotionally drawn into their world. Naturally, there are some loose ends which raise questions, such as Katherine's admission that she once loved Stefan AND Damon. (Um, did the writers forget the moment in 2x01 when she tells Damon 'The truth is, I never loved you'? Even if she lied, it still doesn't make sense.) The 'Ghost World' episode could have been better if the writers had only brought back one or 2 'ghosts' but because they brought back a whole lot of them at once, there wasn't time for each one to have the impact they should have had. It seemed a bit weird that they killed Mikael off so soon, and sometimes it feels as if Bonnie is just there to cast spells, and Matt lacks a definitive role in the show but...when a show is as addictive and fun as this one, so what?
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on 9 November 2013
I had been debating whether to buy the vampire diaries season in a store or on amazon as I really dislike waiting for orders like most of us!
But having looked on Amazon and seeing it was so much cheaper on there I decided to order it. I am a HUGE fan of amazon and the website and was yet again pleasantly surprised I ordered the package it came two days later which was expected and it was in great condition no damages or anything I will be definitely ordering season 4 of the vampire diaries and season 5 when it comes out from amazon:)
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