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on 16 June 2012
This is our third coffee machine in two years..previous machines have leaked, made poor quality coffee etc. This however is brilliant. It is much bigger than I was expecting but looks good on the work top. Most importantly, coffee quality is fantastic, teamed with the timer facility ( which is very easy to do), as well as an aroma adjuster (never had this before), really can't fault it at all.
On other machines we have had, the warmer plate does just that, keeps it warm. This one however keeps it piping hot..even my husband loves it and he is super critical, especially when it comes to coffee. It is easily filled, jug is easy to put back in situ (unlike some)..Highly recommend..
As ever, Amazon delivery great..ordered 6pm Tuesday, delivered Thursday morning. Perfect!
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on 21 April 2013
The filter coffee machines I've had in the past have been cheaper and there has always been something not quite right with them so this time I wanted to pay a bit more and hope that I wouldn't have the usual issues.

I gave 4 stars for this Morphy Richards coffee filter as its easy to use, the pot holds a good amount of coffee (12 small cups) and the pot doesn't spill when pouring (I've had this problem with my last two coffee machines). The keep warm function is always very handy and great for lazy Sunday mornings (coffee stays hot for about 2 hours). There is also a 'strong coffee' function which is great for weekday morning coffees. The only slightly annoying issue is when it comes to cleaning, when you lift the lid to empty the coffee the build up of condensation spills down the back of the machine. It might of been a good idea to fit a little tray? This wouldn't stop me from recommending this machine though.
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on 6 August 2014
This is the most awesome new kitchen appliance in our lives, we call him Mr Richards! He wakes up exactly when we ask him to and he makes us the most amazing hot coffee, not burnt, not bitty with all the tiny granules in the bottom of your cup/mug. he is fantastic, Highly recommend this product, and the use of the aroma function is INGENIOUS!

We like coffee's with flavours but as you know the nicer the smell, the less you taste it in the coffee but we found that the Maple and Pecan coffee from the Dorset Coffee Company used in this appliance... I mean, Mr Richards... is the perfect coffee to really show off the Aroma function as this can be working away in the kitchen, and in the bedroom you can smell this amazing coffee and it helps you wake up, when you finally get to the coffee, the hot plate keeps it freshly hot for 2 hours so there's no cold coffee waiting for you but a nice and fresh pot of delicious hot coffee to start your day... BEST...ALARM CLOCK.... EVER!!!
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on 26 January 2013
This is my first review on anything, ever, so bear with me.

I purchased this on Amazon through a second party, due to not being able to pay with PayPal, and having, by choice, no Credit Card.
The current offer on Amazon is better than I could find anywhere else, including eBay! Personally I like it, and can find nothing negative with it as others do, EXCEPT for the dripping down the back, which I will get to after the rest of this review.

Going from previous reviews and reviews from other offers of the same model type on Amazon:

First off, it arrived 3 days after ordered, from England to Ireland, that's fast in anyone's book.

This machine has a permanent filter, which I will not use, this is by choice, as I prefer paper filters.

I cannot confirm the keeping warm for 2 hours thing, as I usually drink my Coffee when it's finished brewing. It's a rare occasion that it sits longer than 10 to 15 minutes, but has not as yet happened since my purchase. However, reading other reviews from here and other offers of the same model, the 2 hour keep-warm period works just fine.

There WAS an Instruction Manual in the box, it was inside the large triangular cardboard corner thing in the box. However, if you get a machine that has been returned to Amazon, it is possible that said manual was not returned with the appliance, or got lost along the way.
If that is the case, it can be downloaded here: [...] and is only 8 pages, so double up per-page on a printer, and you only need 2 sheets of A4 to print it out.

One of the complaints was that it was awkward to fill with water. Yes, it is a small opening, but if you have a steady hand, it shouldn't be a problem. If you do not have a steady hand, then don't use the jug, use something else that's easier to hit a small opening. Personally, I use a plastic bottle anyway, which I've had for a long time, that I marked off at various levels to know how much water for how many cups of Coffee, basically the same as the jug, only realistic cups, not what they call cups! ;-)

Somebody wrote that the measure is off, if filled to 12 cups, it produces only 11 when brewed. I cannot confirm this. I've only used it a few times, but I have kept an eye on that, and so far what water I put in, is the amount I get out minus a REALLY small amount lost due to steam which is normal in ANY machine.

Weak Coffee was another complaint. NOT an issue, I suggest that if you get weak Coffee, either check the amount of water, or the amount of Coffee grind you put in. I tried the "Aroma Function", and only noticed a slightly stronger difference, however, that may be due to my own taste in Coffee strength. I drink what I call 'spoon-melter' black Coffee, probably 2 or 3 times the normal amount of Coffee grind-to-water, if you drink normal amounts, then there may be a more pronounced difference with the "Aroma Function".

Another review mentioned that the clock loses about a minute a day, I cannot confirm that, mine runs just fine.

Now to get to the dripping issue, which is my ONLY complaint about this machine. When lifting the lid on top, the condensation drips/runs down the back of the machine and lands on whatever surface it's on. The designers DID think of this, and built in a drip catcher on the back, BUT, they obviously never tested this before producing the machine. The catcher is woefully small, and completely ineffective. So ALWAYS have a towel or kitchen paper ready to clean up the drip after lifting the lid. The amount of the drip is small, but it's having to clean it up each time the machine is used that annoys me.
My rating of 4 Stars is for this reason, and this reason alone!

In closing, for the current price on Amazon, it can't be beat.
And despite the dripping of condensation down the back, I would still recommend this machine!
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on 18 August 2012
Morphy Richards Accents 47087 Digital Filter Coffee Maker, Black

This machine looks good in its black livery against our granite tops, etc., and does a carefree job of making coffee to the standard and quantity of the ground coffee you choose to use. It delivers the beverage piping hot, and will keep it that way more or less indefinitely, it seems, although I can only vouch for about an hour. An excellent buy, fully recommended, and with the backing of Amazon's returns policy, if needed.
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on 9 March 2013
This is my first coffee machine and I'm thoroughly impressed. Tried expresso machines all costing over £100 but preferring weaker coffee, having my coffee ready when I get up in the morning and being able to make coffee for 8 people at 1 time it was a no brainer! Simple to use, looks great on the kitchen worktop and does a good coffee, heating plate is very handy also since I occasionally snooze a few times before getting up.

Some reviewers have mentioned the small canal to fill with water, it is small however I've not had any problems with this, I use the jug to fill up the machine and don't have any spillages.

For the price this is an excellent coffee machine and would recommend to any of my friends.
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on 6 January 2013
I bought this for my husband for christmas, wasn't sure what to expect as reviews were mixed. This is the first coffee machine we have had but it is great! It looks good, works well, easy to use and is quiet. It keeps coffee hot for 2 hours, why you would want it kept standing for longer than that I don't know..make less so none is wasted and then make it fresh, it doesn't take long!! I don't find filling it a problem at all, yes a little bit of water dribbles down back when you lift the lid..just condensation from inside the lid..not a problem as far as I'm concerned. It makes a good cup of coffee!! Not sure what some people expect..maybe to pour it for them too?? I would definately reccomend it, especially at that price. Great value!!
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on 24 October 2014
I wish I had paid more attention to some of the other reviews here. I have resisted writing an out of the box review in order to be fair to the machine but now is the time:
Good points:
1. It does make good coffee (but be sure to get the most flavour by using the misnamed aroma button. It does not seem to fill the house with that estate agents' dream, the smell of freshly made coffee but it does make the flavour stronger.) Do take note of the recommendation to run it 3 times on clear water to get rid of any plasticky taste. It works.
2. It looks quite smart.
Bad points:
1. It is tall. Not much clearance between the top of it and the wall cupboards in the average kitchen. The relevance of this will become clear below.
2. It produces a lot of steam. Not good for those cupboards or their contents. I would be able to site it elsewhere in the kitchen if only.............
3.... the cable was not so very short. Pull it tight and it is 30 inches from machine to plug which with kinks etc gives a working length of around 28 inches
4. Condensation. It does not seem to matter how long between uses. There will be quite a bit of condensation on the underside of the lid. The design of the lid is such that the water runs off down the back of the machine and present you with a little puddle on the worktop. Clever, that. At least an incontinent puppy grows out of the habit.
5. Filling it. Ah now this is good. The filler aperture is narrow and curved and you can't get a clear run at it because of that lid getting in the way. So that is another puppy issue on the worktop..........Have MR missed a marketing opportunity here? An expensive theme coloured and shaped Accents accessory funnel perhaps?
1. Can I recommend it? No. It is designed for looks not ergonomics.
2. Will I go on using it? Yes but not without keeping a cloth handy. I paid too much money for it to sit at the back of the cupboard.
3. Does it make better coffee than a cafetiere. No, but it does keep it warm and stewing for up to 2 hours if I can't be bothered to rinse out that cafetiere and put the kettle on again.
Edit: Some months down the line with it now and it is making me very angry. It boils water that condenses on the underside of the lid then runs down inside the back of the machine to leave a surprisingly large puddle. A really dreadful design fault. It is fit for the purpose providing it is stood in a bucket. I don't have a suitable bucket so have downgraded it to just two stars.
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on 13 February 2013
Coffee maker arrived promptly, was easy to set up and functions perfectly.

Its very easy to use, standard set up really. It also looks the part, the stainless steel finish certainly will suit most kitchens.

However I am deducting points because the main reason I bought this was because I heard it was able to keep the coffee hot after brewing - it did not. It kept it warm, perhaps warmer than most other coffee makers would but sometimes I would still need to heat up the coffee prior to drinking it.
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on 30 January 2013
I got this as a replacement for a much loved machine and it is certainly just as described and makes a lovely cup of coffee.
The water level marking is clear and the permanent filter is sturdy. Theer is no 'plastic' taste as with some machines I've used in the past.

I have given it 4 stars though, because it is a beast to fill with water. The hole is small and the water goes everywhere. I found a funnel among my 'keep it in case it comes in handy' junk, and it has solved the problem of wet counter-tops but I think the manufacturer should provide one, or a filler with a spout.
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