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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 25 November 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Arrived promptly as always.

Having worked in the electrical retail trade for over 20 years I remember the launch off the first Bagless cleaner which was the now famous Dyson DC01, you knew from the word go It was special, It was the cleaner that changed upright cleaners forever.
Every bagless cleaner will be compared to a Dyson, as they were the first to realize you didn't need bags.

I have owned a Dyson DC 01, the DC04 and also the newer model DC07and have been a massive fan of Dyson's.

Along the way Hoover and Electrolux also produced Bagless cleaner, the first Hoover was the Vortex, which I owned, there was nothing wrong with the Vortex but the motor was mounted on top which made it heavy to use.
Electrolux joined the Bagless market just after the Hoover with a 1700 and 1900 which were expensive and In my opinion not reliable, they also had the option of using a bag which seemed pointless.

About the Morphy Richards, not a brand I have had much dealing in apart from Irons and kettles so was looking forward to see how it compared to all the other makes.

First impressions are very positive, very easy to put together, it a click in to place cleaner no screws required.

It is nice and light, less than 8kgs.

Looks and build are very good, very much It's own style, a good looker, a lot of thought has gone in to the build.

I love the way it unclips to make a smaller easy to handle hand held cleaner, you click a couple of the buttons and it leaves the main body behind, great for cleaning the car with.

I was surprised how good the Performance was it is very powerful, Suction was superb, no loss of suctions as do all bagless cleaner claim, I was very impressed.

Emptying is very easy, press a button and the bin is removed, which lets you take it outside to empty.

The cleaner also has swivel steering which makes it easy and a joy to use.

I am most impressed, looks good, works well, has lots of useful features, its like having two cleaners with the feature of being able to use only the body, I would definitely recommend you have a look at this before buying a bagless cleaner from another manufacture.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This vacuum cleaner may not be the prettiest device ever conceived but it's got it where it counts: ease of use and incredible cleaning power.

An issue with many upright vacuums is that often it's not quick or easy to use the hose attachment when you need to. Morphy Richards has solved this problem by having a separate handle and hose arrangement; just unclip where the handle joins the hose and you have near-instant access to the hose for reaching tabletops, upholstery, awkward places, etc. The main body of the cleaner can also be detached and carried around when the floorhead isn't needed.

When you use the 73410 for the first time it feels a little unstable - or "rocky" - but this is actually a design feature. The floorhead pivots which, combined with the handle's height, makes this vacuum very easy to manoeuvre once you've gotten used to it (possibly a Dyson ball vacuum cleaner would be easier to move about, but I've never used one).

The 73410 picks up even more dust and dirt than my old, more than capable Vax, and promises never to lose suction (subject to the required cleaning/maintenance). Its finish is a nice deep shade of metallic-looking red, the dust canister is easy to empty, and whole thing feels very solid and well-built. To top it all off, the manufacturer's guarantee is 5 years long once you've registered the product online.

Morphy Richards isn't the first brand name you'd think of when it comes to vacuum cleaners but they're on to a winner with this one.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 22 November 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This Morphy Richards is a very effective cleaner, and I believe that any purchaser is likely to be pleased with it. In my home it is replacing an aging Dyson DC07 that has seen many years of service, and it certainly seems a worthy successor.

Plus Points. The first two are the ones my wife most values.

* Excellent cleaning. The brush action revives carpet pile nicely, and powerful suction drags out ingrained dirt.
* It is fairly light in weight, much easier than the DC07 to carry upstairs, and is easily manoeuvred.
* The brush bar has its own motor, so no belts to fiddle with.
* The brush bar can be switched off when cleaning smooth floors.
* It is not horribly noisy. I cannot measure sound level, but it certainly seems quieter than the DC07.
* It is versatile, and can be configured as a (fairly large) handheld.
* There is a two-year guarantee that can be extended to five years by registering on the web.

Minus Points

* The canister could be bigger.

As many a Dyson user can testify, the marketing claim "never loses suction" is baloney. True, there is no bag to clog, but the various filter pads used by all bagless uprights inevitably become blocked over time and need cleaning or replacing, or suction is most certainly lost and the motor tends to overheat and cut-out. I hasten to add that after only two days we have not experienced that issue with this Morphy Richards!

Ultimately and in conclusion, I'm sure the test of any vacuum cleaner is how well it cleans your carpets. This Morphy Richards passes that test with flying colours, so end of story, over and out.

Update: After 4 months regular use the Morphy Richards 73410 still impresses with the fine job it does. I stand by my first impressions completely.

Update March 2013: Wifey still loves this cleaner, there have been no problems with it.
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on 7 April 2013
We have had 2 dyson machines now, neither of which have lived up to expectations and this is FAB! Does exactly what it says on the tin. We have a puggle dog (short ginger hairs all over) and a somali cat (clouds of grey fluff everywhere)and this machine just sucks it all up. Have had the empty the removable canister several times for each room but even that is easier as it will empty top bottom or bottom top. Removing the canister to do furniture or stairs is a doddle and works just as well.

Rugs and carpets actually look new again, the rooms smell fresh and I am on a mission to tell as many people as I can about this. As mentioned previously we have used the dyson pet vac, as well as the meile and panasonic versions and been very disappointed. At this price I was prepared to be less than thrilled but, as my husband says, if he had known buying a vacuum cleaner could have made me so happy, we should have done it years ago. Brilliant product at a reasonable price.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 28 November 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I know it`s shallow of me, but this is very, very ugly. I`d never even realised that a vacuum cleaner could be either attractive or ugly before, but this is more like a sci-fi villain than domestic appliance. On the other hand, that isn`t even slightly important, and it`s a cracking cleaner!

I like the light weight, I like the power; and I particularly liked the ease with which it all slotted together, as it all made sense and clicked together nicely. Due to its weight it can comfortably be taken up and down stairs, and it has a very lengthy flex too. It vacuums powerfully, and I think this is a good price as well. As with all - and I mean all - vacuums, the attachments are a problem, they have to be stuffed onto the handle to stay on and therefore it can be hard to get them off again, and whilst I think it`s easier to use a smaller handheld to do the stairs or the car, this is something Morphy Richards have considered and you can adjust this to be a manageable handheld device; but for a good stretch of carpet, including getting close to the edges, this is very good indeed. I like it...I just feel I need to cover it up with something when it isn`t in use!
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on 23 July 2012
It's lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. Much easier to empty dust canister than on the Panasonic I had. A bit worried when I first cleaned my living room carpet as there seemed a lot of pile in the canister and I thought I might end up with a bald carpet but this has lessened with subsequent cleaning.I have noticed that it doesn't always pick up threads from socks etc on bedroom carpets. A wider fitting for cleaning stair carpets would have been good. So far, I'm quite pleased with the cleaner and if like me you don't want to pay £200+ for a Dyson and need a lighter weight cleaner it fits the bill.
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on 22 August 2012
We read the reviews of a number of cleaners on the Amazon site before deciding to purchase.

It took a few mins to assemble and the suction and general performance is excellent.

You are able to separate the dust container from the larger unit in order to clean stairs or crevices, which is really useful, but you do have a very short hose and if you are cleaning the edges of carpets etc, you have to get on your hands and knees to carry this out.

However, not a big problem, and as a testament to the cleaner, we will be buying a 2nd machine for our holiday home
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Like all other vacuum cleaners these days, this takes some assembly - but after a few minutes of slotting and clicking, this Morphy Richards cleaner is ready for use.

Most find this quite an ugly device but I find it oddly cute, the ugly duckling of the vacuum cleaner world. It might seem like a bizarre thing to discuss but these days vacuum cleaners have become renound for being aesthetically pleasing and stylishly desirable. When using the Morphy Richards the first thing I noticed was the handle height, it's very tall and as both me and my wife are tall it's a very welcome feature. It's also easy to hold, I had a vacuum recently where the end of the handle had no grip and it give me hand-ache trying to use it without dropping it. The head of the cleaner pivots, which I wasn't expecting at first, but it makes it very easy to steer. It's not a feature I particularly want but if you have various things you need to manoeuvre around then simple tilting the handle will move the vacuum in whichever direction you wish.

The attachments on this cleaner are basic but are the two you are most likely to want to use, the long thin attachment and a brush attachment. Both are held firmly on the body of the vacuum cleaner and are in easy reach. The hose can be detached easily and this effectively becomes a light handheld vacuum - though obviously still attached to the main unit. Depending on the type of floor you have, there are two options when vacuuming - the power button has three settings: Off, On without the brush, On with the brush. If you have wooden floors then not having the brush spinning helps to prevent any scratches, though when on carpet, the rotating brush helps to lift the pile.

This vacuum would be ideal for someone who needs a lightweight cleaner which can be stored easily, I have elderly relatives for whom this would be perfect as it can be pushed around with very little effort. However, for me it isn't ideal. I have a young family (three children) and vacuum each evening, when using this I've noticed a few niggles. The most obvious of which is the dust-bucket (or whatever you call it!) - it's very small which means regular emptying, my larger Vax and my old Dyson were much better suited for 'family living' and I simply emptied the bucket every couple of weeks. Also, the cleaning head is quite small, this means that when stood up it tips over very easily and it doesn't have the same level of coverage that I'm used to. Immediately above it is a bulky body which prevents you from cleaning under low tables or units (the body bangs against it). Instead of having a quick clean under tables and then pulling them out for a more aggressive vacuuming at the weekend, I find myself pulling them out every time when using this. I've also found that the thick carpet in my living room sometimes proves too much for this vacuum and it catches, this send the vacuum 'bunny hopping' over the carpet unless I push it more slowly which can be a bit annoying when I want to have a quick whizz round.

In a nutshell: For families this may be okay if you want a second cleaner to keep upstairs (if you feel the need) but it simply doesn't cut the mustard as a heavy duty cleaner, I wouldn't want to rely on it as my main vacuum cleaner. For those with mobility issues or have problems moving heavy vacuums then this is ideal, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this if it wasn't for the Vax U91-MA-B which is lighter, seems much more powerful, and needs emptying less frequently - it also costs considerably less at the time of writing this.
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on 25 August 2012
I was an avid Dyson fan when they first came out as the bagless system was just so far better than anything else I had owned before. However, when my DC07 failed I was about to by another (around £210) but realised that I had purchased three in the past ten years and each one followed the same pattern, it worked brilliantly then the pipe would split and shortly after the motor would start smelling and then completely fail.

Anyway, having looked at various reviews, this new Morphy Richards seemed to get really good feedback - probably would not have been enough to sway me but the product was on a half price offer (less than half the cost of the Dyson that was on offer) so for just under £100 it was worth a risk.

I have to say I have been delighted - compared to the Dyson DC07 it is lighter and more manoeuvrable and is just as effective at its job of sucking up the dirt. There are some good features - the bottom wheels/brush easily removes which makes it even lighter for cleaning the stairs etc and although it has a smaller capacity and needs emptying more regularly, it is much easier to empty because it is smaller.

Now for the negative points: The flexible pipe is a little on the small side and the lightness of the product together with its centre of gravity means that it is easy to pull over when using the pipe if you have not disconnected it from the bottom wheels / roller brush.

I wait to see how long it lasts but at the price, if it survives more than two years it was worth it. Very happy so far.
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on 6 October 2012
I have had my Never Loses Suction vacuum for a month now and am very pleased with it. Like other users I couldn't believe how much dirt it sucked out of what I thought were very clean carpets! It's light enough to carry upstairs without too much effort and is very easy to manouver around the furniture. It seems a bit wobbly at first until you get used to it but this is what makes it easy to navigate. Emptying is simple, the clear container lets you see when it's getting full so no chance of over-filling. All in all a very good product and I'm very happy with it. It arrived a day before I expected it so thank you Amazon for such a good service!
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