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4.7 out of 5 stars
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Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Collector's Edition|Change
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on 13 September 2011
Ok if you havent already guessed im a medium to large fan of the spacemarines and my favorite chapter are the ultramarines. They are the most honourable and are the basis for the majority of all the chapters as they were originally a legion which were broken up by the emperor of man to form other chapters after the horus heresy. I love the books and detail to the world of the 41st century but i never got into the table top game. Recently a film of the ultramarines was was a cgi affair but with some big names like pertwee and terrance stamp. This was epic and i advise you to get it now at the ultrmarines web site but is it necesssary to know the world of spacemarines to enjoy this game?

Firstly i bought the collectors edition as i love the art work but really this was very expensive for some game cards, a book and a cd as extra. after the novelty wore off i felt a little robbed but hey hoe i have a purity seal (dont ask if you dont know). Now i have heard alot of people say this is gears of war but does use the 3rd person perspective bit but space marines has been around for far longer. the main difference is gow uses cover where as spacemarines run into battle so no cover required just brute force and ignorance. If your shields are popped and your health starts to dip you have to execute a bad guy in a grisly way to regain it (like a blood lust adrenaline juice up).This raises your adrenaline as you are surrounded for pretty much the whole game thus executing bad guys leaves you vulnerable. I found as i had low health i was judging who i could leave for last to get my health back which was surprisingly tactical. Four weopens that are excessable a la the dpad ( insert gow comparisons here)and a roadio run but in this case its a full frontal charge that shatters bad guys to pieces and as far as im concerned there ends the similarities. Fact all good games pinch from other good games and here we start what i hope will be a trilogy of marine mayhem.

So no you dont have to adore the spacemarine universe to love this but it helps and you will get more of a kick out of it all. The graphics are good and immerse you in the planetary invasion of the orks on a titan world where mankind makes the mother of all mech machines (giant gun robots). The orks want the tech and you as captain titus (and his battle brothers) must stop the ork invasion and await reinforcements. The story pans out with secret weapons, the forces of chaos (demons and evil spacemarines) betrayal and more targets to shake a chainsword at (yes there is a sword with a chainsaw in it). The guns get bigger, you get to use jetpacks and there is blood, everywhere. The gameplay is solid and i felt it was very hard to put down. I loved the ending although i could tell what was going to happen and from here you can surmise that there atleast will be a sequel. Its frantic ranged and close quarter battles that effortlessly mix well as you jump from your bolter to a power axe or a plasma gun to a chainsword. its fluid and intense stuff and like i have said there are times when you are surrounded by bad guys. In these cases the game does not slow or falter as you get stuck in and then roll out of the way to blast em with your gun. Top suff...

The multiplayer pits the spacemarines against the evil chaos space marines. There are 3 classes, one with a jetpack who can get in and out of the action fast, one slower heavy weapon specialist who spits out gunfire and one alrounder with a bolter rifle. There are perks you unlock thet help with respawn time etc but thats about it...its not deep but it works. There is a team deathmatch affair and a capture territory affair and that is also it. Nothing that hasnt been done before but with spacemarines. Solid gameplay with a selection of weapons that make me want to cry so all good fun

I like gears of war dont get me wrong but i have immersed myself in the history and writings of the spacemarines and for me this wins. This could run for ages with all the other chapters like the blood angels, space wolfs or even the imperial fists etc and the champions therein. Look point is if marcus fenix got into a fight with captain titus then i would put my money on the genetically enhanced power armored spacemarine every time. And at the end of the day that is game set and match.
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on 7 November 2011
Having just completed this game all I can say is "WOW!" If you don't like this game there is either something wrong with you or you are from the "is it sandbox?" Generation. This game isn't groundbreaking. Isn't revollutionary. What it is, and it really is, is fun! There are a lot of nods towards Warhammer geeks that shows the care Relic took with this game. The voice acting is amazing, i defy people not to laugh at the Orks. The soundtrack is awesome, really well done. The graphics aren't ever going to be better than Reach or FFXIII, but they are worthy of the Games Workshop name. The enemies are plentyful and feel satisfying to kill. The weapons are solid, especially the melee items. And best of all you feel like a Space Marine! For those not savvy with Warhammer 40k this game is like Gears without the stupid contextual controls... Oh and you're Master Chief John 117 from the Spartan II project.
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on 24 August 2012
First and foremost, would like to give a big thumbs up for the speed at which this product reached me, it was three days on standard delivery, very happy Tommy. ANYWAY!

The box itself is MASSIVE, the face of it is about 20-30% larger than a Codex, and amazingly well designed, the main body slides out of a nice tough cardboard sleeve with a stunning Ultramarine sigil on it. The main body of the product is actually made to look like a book, again bearing the symbol of the Ultramarines and a nice, shiny 'page' effect on the sides. The Purity Seal looks fantastic, really good quality, solid replica of the seal, with scorched cloth oaths hanging underneath, the script on which is perfectly readable. The back is actually a magnet, so you can stick it to.. Well, anything you want, really. Mine for instance, is on the side of my PC tower. The artbook and cards are really good quality, highly detailed (with nice combat tips on the cards) The book is hardcover, and PACKED with concept art, character development boards and weapon designs, and the game itself? Damn good, nicely challenging, if a little short. Suffice it to say, buy this sucker!
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on 12 May 2012
This game is genius, I an so glad I saved ups could buy this edition, all of it's contents are epically detailed, especially the purity seal, thanks a lot
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on 1 August 2013
Surprisingly good single player campaign. Multiplayer good, but unable to play some online game modes, unsure why?. Nice collectors packaging, massive!
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... as the game engine in and of itself is nothing new and as a 3rd person shooter, it is pretty basic stuff.

By note, with the collectors edition you get a hardback book of conceptual art for the game. As a collector of graphic novels and "art of..." for anime movies, I really liked this as an addition. The pack of character cards I haven't opened yet, and the purity seal... well it's a bit cheap and tacky if I'm being honest.

This is probably great as a gift for a 40K fan but, that aside, I wouldn't spend the additional outlay for the minimal extras you get in the collectors edition.

Back to the game in hand, you are leading Titus of the Ultramarines' Second Company on the Forge World Graia.

The graphics are impressive to look at, and the range of characters from the Warhammer universe are rendered splendidly. But with this game 2 years in development, it still appears to be lacking, and its release time is poorly placed as other reviewers have pointed out against other titles coming out soon - Gears of War 3, Skyrim, and even Batman Arkham City. The game engine versus the flexibility of another recent title, Red Faction, leaves a little to be desired - you could do much more with flexible scenery, given the level of destruction going on in the Forge World during the game. The tunneled nature of the gameplay did make it a little predictable.

Still, the online gameplay is good, and you can customise your marines so that you can play as a variety of chapters from the tabletop game itself, which is a neat (if simple) addition.

In summary : a good solid game, but is probably going to be quickly forgotten / overlooked when its competitors release their next big titles in the coming weeks. Worth buying, but not worth the outlay for the collectors edition, unless you're buying for an avid fan.
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on 30 January 2013
This was actually more than I was expecting. It was a lot bigger and also the game play and story were unbelievable.
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on 31 March 2014
So damn amazing! For any 40K fan the collectors edition is a simple must have! Although it is a little bit bulky
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on 7 July 2012
This game is a must even if you don't like the games workshop tape top game!! Roll on number two!!
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on 27 October 2015
Awesoem collectors item at a great price - arrived super quick and in perfect condition :D
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