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4.7 out of 5 stars27
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 8 April 2011
Drew Kincaid is the tracker for the SnowDancer wolf pack. His job is to track down any wolves who have gone over the edge and either bring them back, or remove the threat entirely. Lieutenant Indigo Riviere is one of the highest ranking, most experienced soldiers SnowDancer has, and she doesn't date younger or less dominant males. Drew is determined to get Indigo to break her rule and let him in, and he's prepared to play any games necessary to win her over.

This is the ninth book in the Psy-Changeling series and while I was really looking forward to a changeling focused book after the last few were psy heavy, I must say I was a little disappointed. It was a bit like Psy-Changeling-lite. I liked both Drew and Indigo where they've appeared in the other books in the series, and was surprised that I didn't enjoy this more. There are a lot of similarities between this and Branded by Fire and I think that book was vastly superior to this.

Most of the focus of the book is on the relationship (normal for the series) but in this one it almost totally drowns out the background story. In the last book, the Psy Council split in two with some members supporting Silence and others beginning to reject it. This book has the pro-Silence Psy beginning to act against the things they regard as a threat, including the SnowDancer wolves. The storyline that was included was good, I just wish there had been a greater depth and more of a build up of tension.

There were also some little Hawke/Sienna sections thrown in. I know their book (Kiss of Snow) is up next so I didn't mind their appearance as they helped build my anticipation for that book.

All in all, this was a good read and I can't wait for Kiss of Snow out later in 2011.

Plot: 9/10
Characters: 9/10
Ending: 10/10
Enjoyment: 8/10
Cover: 9/10

Overall: 45/50
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on 7 January 2011
I love NS's Psy/Changeling series and would recommend it to anyone looking for a paranormal romance series that is well written as well as hot! Nalini Singh and JR Ward are my favourite authors of this genre as they both have created something unique and beautiful in their 'other worlds'.

I initially preferred the leopards/cats out of the changelings. While Riley's book helped convert me toward the wolves, this book cemented that conversion. Drew's pursuit of Indy is sweet, touching and romantic as well as sexy and hot. I disagree with some reviews I've read that Indy was too harsh and mean in her treatment of Drew. I think NS did a good job of writing a romance about a strong, determined and loyal woman/wolf pursued by a strong and determined charmer such as Drew. The characters - particularly Drew - were not the usual two-dimensional Alpha crap you find in most paranormal romances.

While it isn't Bronte or Tolstoy, Nalini Singh's books are at the top of this genre and are fun and enjoyable escapism for readers - particularly in these rainy winter months.
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Indigo is one of SnowDancer's lieutenants and a strong dominant wolf who finds it hard to let anyone close to her. She would love to find a mate but her wolf won't accept anyone less dominant and most of the wolves higher up in the pack either don't hold her interest or are already mated. The last thing she expects is to find herself attracted to Drew, especially since his role in the pack places him firmly out of the hierarchy which makes it very difficult for her wolf to judge his dominance. Drew may not be a lieutenant but as the pack's tracker and basically the enforcer who has to be able to deal with rogue wolves he is powerful in his own right. He deliberately stays out of the hierarchy to make himself more accessible to the less dominant wolves, he is Hawke's eyes and ears and usually the first to be aware of potential problems because everyone trusts him. Drew has been interested in Indigo for a long time now but knowing how skittish she is he has been taking it slowly so she doesn't get spooked. He's finally ready to make his move though and Indigo isn't going to know what has hit her!

Can I just say how much I adored Drew, I actually think he's one of my favourite males from the series so far (although if I'm honest I've fallen for them all!). Drew is such a sweetheart and is constantly looking out for everyone around him, he puts everybody else's needs before his own and is always the one who is cracking jokes to ease the tension. At a quick glance Drew might come across as a bit of a joker and someone who doesn't take things too seriously but he has a will of steel and he's the kind of guy you'd want at your back if you were in a tight spot. Drew is incredibly lovable, he makes mistakes but he's willing to admit to them and he's not afraid to say sorry or to put his heart on the line to prove himself to Indigo. Indigo is much more reserved than Drew, she is wary of letting anyone close and as one of the rare dominant females she has a harder time accepting Drew because he's not clearly defined in the pack. I have to admit I found myself frustrated with her occasionally but I did enjoy seeing Drew get under her defences and prove to her that he was more than capable of taking control when he needed to. They're just such a great couple and seeing them together never failed to make me smile.

As much as I loved the romance between Drew and Indigo I was also completely absorbed in the side stories that are going on at the same time. The Psy-Changeling series is just going from strength to strength and I'm becoming more caught up in the world and invested in the characters with every new instalment. Sometimes when I read a series in quick succession the books start to get repetitive and they can fail to hold my interest but that couldn't be further from the truth in this case. Each couple Nalini Singh introduces us to have their own obstacles to work through but the ongoing world building is also phenomenal. This author has a rare gift of being able to give us multiple points of view, from both previous and new characters, while still allowing the main couple to hold the focus of the story.

There is so much going on in Play of Passion, not only do we get to see more of Hawke and Sienna (I was dying for their book by the time I finished reading this!) but we also see how the DarkRiver leopards are doing and find out more about what the Psy Council is planning. Things are really starting to reach boiling point there and it's fascinating to see how Silence is being effected by the changes. I've been devouring the books in this series recently and I can't wait to continue the journey.
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on 6 November 2010
I really, really (REALLY) loved this book. I loved the return to the changelings, particularly the Snowdancer pack, and I loved the revisited characters and the new ones. The only reason I haven't given it 5 stars is because it read, very much, like the "Part 1" to the next "bit" of the Psy story arch. THere was simply too much left unfinished in this book - not in terms of the Indigo/Drew relationship (I want a Drew!), but in terms of the background story being told. This really felt like scene setting for the next book (which I really can't wait for - role on June), and that left me feeling rather unsatisfied with the book as a whole.
BUT - I loved reading it, loved reading the whole interplay between not only Indigo and Drew, but both characters and the rest of the pack. Others have gone into detail with the plot, so I won't.
Suffice to say that if you're a fan, you NEED to read this - and you will love it. And I suppose that is this book's weakness: others in this series could be enjoyed as 'one ofs', this one really can't. You simple have to know the whole background to get the most out of it - and still you are left at the end, dangling, desperate to know what happens next. That's great in a chapter, but not so much in a novel.
How long till June???
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on 2 November 2010
PLAY OF PASSION is an intense romance alive with fierce possessiveness, wolf pride and mischievous play. This Psy/Changeling story is all about the romance and has a minor but nonetheless important part for the continuance of the overall plot arc. The pace of the story took a notch down with lots of time to meet new and old members of the SnowRiver pack. It gave me a sense of the interconnected relationships, the structure and rules, and it allowed me to feel the bond they share. The banter going back and forth only emphasized on how deeply connected each member of the pack is, from the youngest to the Alpha leader Hawke. It didn't take long for me to be absorbed by the SnowRiver pack dynamic and the courtship unfolding.

Drew and Indigo have a great combustive energy together. The dominance issues cause for both internal as external struggles that Indigo and Drew have to deal with. Though it isn't easy on either of them I loved the fact how the SnowRiver pack participates in the courtship of Drew and indigo. Nobody ever said it was easy to become the mate of a SnowRiver lieutenant but Drew is up to the challenge and has plenty of determination to see it happen. Even though Indigo's wolf has doubts whether the four year younger Drew with an obscure rank can handle all of her. It is their clash of dominance, their erotic synergy, their playful dalliance that created situations which got me from smiling, to laughing and fanning myself a time or two too.

Drew is the Hunter of the pack but where he truly stands in the hierarchy remains a mystery. It is a very steep problems for Indigo to deal with but Drew has some tricks up his sleeve that will get any woman weak in the knees. Some stunts he pulls to prove himself worthy are unadulterated romance yet other stunts backfire, giving him a lesson in what it means to court a dominant she-wolf. Still, Drew is more than cheeky mischief and a charmer, his love runs soul deep and he is giving his all and then some to mate with the woman who claimed him long ago. To see him romance Indigo made him another cherished character within the Psy/Changeling cast.

Indigo, as a SnowRiver luitenant, doesn't have many males higher up the food chain. To feel an attraction for a younger male with an unknown rank screams trouble for her. Still, she is a woman who is strong, can handle just about anything you throw at her but there is also compassion, combined with the fiery love and loyalty that burns in her heart. She has a few lessons to learn and she becomes a worthy heroine in her successions and her failures.

The interaction between Indigo and Drew is rife with everything they feel. There is playful banter, all-out wolf-to-wolf collisions of dominance and sexy bed-play. The beautiful setting of the woods gave room for their wolf to stretch and let Indigo and Drew connect on that level too. The vibrance of how they experience life, love, sadness, their animal side which is such an integral part of their being, it made their personalities leap of the pages. Their distinctive personalities spiced up the attraction, it fueled the sensuality between them but also the need for a deeper love to finally take those first careful steps to a bond as mates.

As the warmth and the familiarity of the characters and pack enveloped me there were also threats clouding the horizon giving a suspenseful edge to the story. The plot may have a supportive role in this Psy/Changeling episode but it imbues the romance with a mystery to unravel that threatens the pack. There are no big revelations in this story but the small twists and turns are intriguing, it deepens the awareness something cataclysmic is going to happen only from where, who or what is still very much in the grey. Of course I have suspicions like anyone else up to par with this series. Clues are given but Nalini Singh really keeps the reader guessing and ultimately gave a surprise in the ending.

PLAY OF PASSION is a fantastic return to the SnowRiver pack where you'll meet changelings who are fierce, loyal and lethal yet also love with an unrelenting force that will make anyone take risks to be on the receiving end of that love. Nalini Singh is a constant in her delivery of a `sweep-off-your-feet' shape shifter romance which will engage the reader from first till last word! Be prepared to succumb to Drew and Indigo's story!
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As a lieutenant and highest ranked female of the SnowDancer pack, wolf changeling Indigo Riviere knows all about dealing with dominant males. At least she did until Andrew Kincaid started pursuing her in earnest. But the trouble with Drew is not just his laid back charm, the fact that he's four years younger, or even that he never takes things seriously. No, it's that as the pack's tracker, and his role of roaming across the pack's territory, Drew is a wolf outside the hierarchy. And for a female as dominant as Indigo, incapable of submitting to any man weaker than her, hierarchy is very important.

Well, it was until Drew started messing things about.

But even as their sensual battle of wills and misconceptions threatens to drive them both to madness, things outside SnowDancer lands are changing. There's a war coming, and the city of San Francisco is heavy on Psy minds.

The incredible PSY/CHANGELING series (Slave to Sensation,Visions of Heat,Caressed by Ice: The Psy-Changeling Series,Mine to Possess,Hostage to Pleasure,Branded by Fire,Blaze of Memory,Bonds of Justice) returns in this ninth novel, set within the heart of the wolf pack. After two human/Psy tales it's great to be back with the changelings again, especially one that fully explores the workings of the wolves.

As the brother of Riley (Branded by Fire) and Brenna (Caressed by Ice), Drew has cropped up before. Teasing and playful, yet with a core of iron loyalty, it's lovely to get a chance to know him better, and it doesn't take long for his true colours to shine. The surface gloss hides an intense wolf, stubborn and determined to get what he wants - in this case Indigo - but he's also caring, sexy and big hearted. Even when he's hurt, he's more concerned with Indigo than himself, and when he messes up, boy can he grovel. Sneaky, teasing and clever with a hint of genius, Drew is the best kind of wolf.

By comparison Indigo is a very strong female, whose learned to be ultra cautious with her heart. Devoted to SnowDancer and with emotional reasons for her guardedness, the way Drew coaxes her is beautiful. Yes, at times her treatment of him is wholly unfair, and her behaviour occasionally pig-headed, but it's great fun to see how Drew wins her round again.

Surrounding this fascinating relationship - turbulent and passionate by turns - is the intriguing wolf pack. Though both changeling, the SnowDancers are quite different from the DarkRiver leopards. Closer to their animals and more isolated from the world, getting to know them better just adds more layers to this incredible world. Fans of Hawke will love it too, because he's all over this book, along with Judd and Brenna, and Riley and Mercy. The rest of the SD lieutenants are introduced for the first time, and there are plenty of small appearances from the cats to keep their fans happy. There are a couple of glimpses of Max too.

Away from the changelings the Psy threat intensifies, with the Council making their presence felt. And yet both Kaleb and Ming are noticeable for their absence. With the way things were left with Kaleb in the last book, I really hope we find out what he's been up to soon. Not to mention why the Ghost is so distracted.

With further developments in both world-building and the over-arching plot it's fair to say this is a book with half an eye on the next. As such the plot's focus is firmly on Drew and Indigo. There is outside action, but it feels like a mere taste of what's to come. Having said that the tension builds throughout, cranking up with each new rumour, lead and find. By the end the anticipation for the next is almost palpable. As if another P/C book wasn't exciting enough, or the fact that it's Hawke's. Gah, June and 'Kiss of Snow' can't come soon enough.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 21 August 2011
Andrew (Drew) and Indigo, the wolf Changelings that have made consistent appearances in this series take a lead role. Unfortunately Indigo is so blinkered about the type of wolf she should mate with, that the younger Drew manages to slip below her radar. I found this strange as it's been revealed before that Changelings are able to recognise their mates from childhood, so why did Drew and in particular Indigo not recognise the bond between them?

Sorry NS, I really wanted to like this book but I was left disappointed. The growing relationship between Indigo and Drew takes the expected centre stage, but unlike previous books, the story never wanders away much from their courtship. Usually NS weaves together several different plot lines to produce an exciting page turner, but in the case of "Play of Passion" not much else really goes on apart from the consistent clash of dominant personalities and Indigo's reluctance to commit to someone she feels isn't her equal in the pack hierarchy. This doesn't reflect well on Indigo, and it doesn't reflect well on Drew; considering he is chasing a woman who feels she is a more dominant personality and outmatches him. They clearly have a great time when Drew manages to get Indigo horizontal, but away from the bedroom the dynamics of their relationship didn't quite work for me. 3.5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 30 March 2013
Naliini is in a league of her own. The plot, characters, pace pretty much all of it is great. This is part of a series of books, and I'd advise you to search for the first one, "Slave to Sensation" to read before you read this one - which I think is fourth in the series. Nalini shows a lot of genius with the world she's created. f you enjoy changeling/fantasy/ romance then she is definitely worth reading.
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on 20 September 2014
Great book. Great plot. Great characters. Full of twists and turns and I loved this book.
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on 26 May 2014
Although sticking to the same formula throughout this series, this novel does have a twist in that the female half of the couple is also a dominant, not simply a strong female. Singh does seem able to weave enough plot through each novel to maintain interest, and the characters are engaging. I'm enjoying this series.
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