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4.5 out of 5 stars505
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 19 October 2011
Bought this for our grandson's first birthday along with the extra cars. He loves it as does his 3 year old sister!!
It looks like there will be more track to come in the near future as there are fittings for extra bits to be fitted
December Just been onto v-tech web site and they now have track, helicopter,tractor and cement mixer. hopefully it will be here soon
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We bought this for our 11 month old son for Christmas and although he hasn't worked out exactly how all of the garage works as yet, he loves what he has worked out and this is definitely one of those toys that they grow into and hopefully should last him a few years. The garage only comes with the tow truck and so if you want any extra vehicles then you have to purchase them separately which we have purchased the 3 pack of everyday vehicles to go with it so far and no doubt will be purchasing extras for his Birthday and Christmas 2013 and Birthdays and Christmas' to come! My five year old niece was around the other day and she despite maybe being a bit too old for the garage loved playing with it so it definitely has promise to be a toy that lasts a few years. The garage has a pressure point system near the welcome sign that recognizes each individual vehicle which is good as it teaches your little one what each vehicle is but having said that the vehicles themselves also state what they are and what their purpose is in little songs that they sing. The garage has three different button's (Red, yellow and green) that when pressed teach colours and weather along with buttons for the car wash and petrol. There is a lift button that says "up" and "down" when the platform is raised although the lift itself doesn't stay up for some reason automatically unless physically held up which my five year old niece also actually commented on so I don't know if this is a fault with our garage or a design flaw. At the top of the vehicle lift is a turnstile for the vehicles that when turned flips up so that the vehicle automatically moves downward towards the ramp. We are mostly having to keep the helicopter stand off of the garage until our son is older as being a typical little boy he just wants to rip it off all of the time and bash it on the garage so we don't want it getting broken! Finally the garage has two modes either musical or learning and depending on which mode selected on the switch at the front depends on whether the garage does more musical or educational songs and rhymes etc. Myself and my husband think it's great and our son will definitely grow into this toy and no doubt cost us a fortune in accessories!

Toot Toot Drivers Deluxe Track Set
VTech Toot Toot Drivers Car Carrier
VTech Toot Toot Drivers Emergency Vehicles (Pack of 3)
VTech Toot Toot Drivers Construction Vehicles (Pack of 3)
VTech Toot Toot Drivers Everyday Vehicles (Pack of 3)
Toot-Toot Drivers Airport
Toot Toot Drivers Train Station
Vtech Toot Toot Driver Traffic Tracks
Toot Toot Drivers Construction Site (Multi-Coloured)

EDIT 10/12/13:-
This is now my son's absolute favourite toy along with all of the rest of the Toot Toot range and the vehicles which he pretty much has one in his hand at all times! As suspected at the time of writing my original review (as above) we have ended up purchasing the rest of the Toot Toot Drivers range for my son and he now only has the Vtech Toot Toot Driver Fire Station left to get which my friend has now bought him for Christmas this year so until they introduce more of the range (which I am sure they will) our son is one very lucky little boy with the whole range...hmmmm I wonder just how much more singing mad vehicles etc we can take!. My son loves the Toot Toot Drivers sets so much that I have actually bought a garage for his cousin for his upcoming birthday as they are both the same age, although the garage I have recently bought is one of the new 'Smart Point' design garages as opposed to ours which is the old version. Curse you Vtech for bringing out such a brilliant toy!!!!

Newer Style Vs Older Style:-
Although the VTech Toot-Toot Drivers Garage, Vtech Toot Toot Driver Traffic Tracks, VTech Toot Toot Drivers Car Carrier and Toot Toot Drivers Connecting Tracks that we have are the 'old style' versions, all of the rest of the Toot Toot range including the new set of VTech Toot Toot Drivers Everyday Vehicles (Pack of 3) that we recently purchased are all the 'newer style' versions and so I wanted to ensure that all newly purchased Toot Toot products are the 'newer style' to prevent any interaction problems. I contacted Vtech to query this and they confirmed that with the 'older style' cars, garage etc it was the actual garage that held all of the programmed information whilst the 'newer style' has the actual vehicles storing all of the greetings and information etc. Vtech informed me that the 'older style' garage etc will happily correspond with the 'newer style' vehicles as they have manufactured them to do this however the 'older style' vehicles wouldn't work properly with the 'newer style' sets such as the garage etc. To explain to anyone who isn't aware; Vtech changed the complete design of the Toot Toot range very shortly after the range's actual launch and I think this was within even six months of each other (although not precisely sure of the actual dates) and so a lot of parents like us had already purchased a lot of the 'older style' range, only to discover that the 'newer style' smart point's didn't work properly with the ranges already bought - very infuriating when you have spent a lot of money on them all! I can confirm that the 'newer style' vehicles work perfectly with the 'old style' play pieces such as the garage etc as the 'newer style' vehicles have both the old pressure points on the bottom of them as well as the new pressure points, however the 'older style' vehicles do not work with the new smart point technology on the newer ranges such as the construction site etc.

These new vehicles thankfully have different sounding voices on them and it would appear that Vtech have listened to feedback from parents regarding the old ones having the one child voicing the entire range which I personally found got on my nerves a lot as every vehicle sounded exactly the same albeit with different phrases. Other than the new vehicles being programmed with all of the information as opposed to the garage etc being programmed with it that is about where the differences stop apart from obviously the old vehicles won't interact with the new sets but that the new vehicles will interact with both old and new. So if you are wondering if you have the new or old style vehicles then simply look on the underneath of them and if you have a set of teeth at the front end and the back end of the vehicle then you have the new style but if you only have one set of teeth near the back then you have the old style.
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on 19 July 2012
Brought this for my daughters 1st birthday with the extra cars and she loves it and enjoys pushing the buttons and driving the cars around. One draw back about vtech is that their toys have no volume control, but this was solved with a little Sellotape over the speaker works a treat!!!
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 28 December 2014
At his mother's request I bought this for my 11 month old grandson for Christmas and wow was I impressed, it's fabulous and he loves it and at less than £30 it was the cheapest I could find anywhere. He's maybe a little young to fully appreciate it but he does a very good impression of King Kong while he walks over it to get what he wants. No seriously it's an excellent toy, he loves the vehicles and all the noise, I have to say it's louder than I expected and understand now why my daughter offered to bring the airport down to my house so he could fix them together. Even at his age he sat and played with it for much longer than I expected on his own, pushing the cars around and I can see that it's something he'll appreciate even more as he gets older.
We also bought the extra track and one of the vehicle sets.
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on 30 November 2013
Ive bought this for my little boy for Christmas, he will be 13 months old by then, although he has not yet played with it, its a great toy. Very chunky and well made, it looks sure to last. The colours are bright and very attractive, lots of interactive buttons and sections with buttons to press and the car lift to move up and down to encourage baby/toddler to explore. Weve also bought additional vehicles that "speak" to the garage as they pass over track points and make noises and sirens for the fire tuck and ambulance etc so teaches basic words too. I think Im looking forward to joining in playing too to be honest! We have a lot of Vtech toys and find they all stand upto much abuse very well, sturdy and always get a lot of play time. Good investment as its a toy that will grow with him.
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on 16 September 2013
I always wanted a toy car garage when I was a kid - but stupidly, they are 'only for boys' lol! Btw, I hate the fact that there is a so-called girly version of this; just get this one for a boy or girl :)

Another great quality toy from Vtech which will keep any toddler amused for a good few years. Lots of interactive parts to it, moving pieces, music/sounds for entertainment. The only thing is that the action for operating the lift could be better. I remember an old Fisher Price one which had a handle you rotated; that makes more sense.

Can't wait to buy more from this arrange to expan my twin sons' collection to include connecting tracks etc.
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on 4 September 2015
We bought this for our son's first birthday in 2014 and he loved it, it's been almost a year and it still gets played with regularly.
My son likes to pull the ramp off and the airport pad but none of it has sharp edges and easily reattachs, so it's never a problem
Also likes to sit up close to it with his legs through the car wash arches
I can't fault it really, it also teaches him the weather as I reiterate it to him when we're outside (I say "it's a sunny day" I the same way the garage says it) and it says Up Down when you move the lift
All his other toot toot vehicles work on this as well
Great for all ages
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on 3 January 2013
This had the potential to be an excellent buy. My son and I were initially really excited to get it out of the box on Christmas Day and get it set up. It all seemed excellent to start with, we'd bought several of the cars to go with it (the garage itself only comes with one) and my little boy was having fun pushing the cars around the circuit and finding out how it all worked. That's where the fun ended. Literally a few minutes after we had started playing with it, we noticed the sound coming from the garage kept sticking. This gradually got worse during Christmas Day and soon became unbearable. Without the sound, the garage is rendered pretty much useless - you might as well just buy the cars and buy a cheap garage. But that's not the point is it? The only reason I bought this garage is because it cleverly recognises each car and responds accordingly. We can't do this now, it is just unbearable to listen to. Stupidly, I was really organised this Christmas, bought it a the end of September to help spread the cost of Christmas this year and now consequently, I can neither return it or obtain a refund. If it had cost me a tenner, I wouldn't be so bothered but it was £30 reduced from £40. I don't have the money to replace it but I feel I should do as it's not fair on my son. :( I've never had a problem with Amazon or a product I've bought from them before so I'm very disappointed with this
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on 24 October 2015
Poorly designed really, the "helicopter air pad" doesn't click into place and just sits loosely in the grooves which means it falls out quite easily whenever the garage is moved or tipped upside down, also the lift is very stiff, you have to slightly tilt the lift handle towards you to get it to go up and down properly, a known 'feature' of this to judging by some other reviews iv read, the orange ramp not only detaches way too easily and never quite sits flush, but also a lot of the toot toot car range don't flow all the way round and tend to get stuck half way down, quite disappointing really!
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on 7 April 2014
we have 8 or so of the cars. the garage can recognise each vehicle as it passes through. it has a series of obstacles to put the cars through, with different noises. the little one has had a lot of fun and played with this for several years on an off.

the music and the noises are really loud... really loud. we put tape over them to get it a bit quieter. wish there was some type of volume control. also, the batteries run out really fast. and when it gets close to out, the music and sound effects get caught in a stutter loop. super annoying.
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