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4.5 out of 5 stars102
4.5 out of 5 stars
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I hate skimmed milk and also semi-skimmed milk and more and more supermarkets are no longer stocking full fat milk. Why? Its healthy (not much difference in fat content from the foul tasting low fat versions, higher in calcium and tastier!) and me and my family all love it, including my cats. However, I live in rural Scotland and on occasions it has been known for us to get snowed in and being without milk for a cup of tea or for cooking is unthinkable. I don't like powdered creamers for tea (tastes sickly) and really, all I like is full fat milk. This is fantastic! Pack of 6 in stock for over the winter months, can be reconstituted to full-fat milk which tastes great! simply make it up in a bottle and stick it in the fridge, you have milk! and also it can be used in cooking. I make several loaves in my bread maker that require the addition of powdered milk and also I use this to make hot chocolate of an evening. There is so much to use it for, but the main thing has to be the security of never running out of milk.

Great value and awesome that Amazon can deliver to this me in bulk. Happy Days!
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on 8 March 2013
Cheap and this milk is very creamy good for my cup of tea and my coffee i will recommend this to some of my friend
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on 21 January 2012
I love this stuff, it makes up to a very acceptable whole fat milk, ideal for use in cooking and drinks, so much more palatable than skimmed milk powder.
A great item to have it on hand in the store cupboard.
It isn't that easy to obtain so I'm glad that it's available on Amazon.
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on 19 February 2014
I ordered these because my husband has cancer and is trying to put on weight as he has lost three stone since the beginning of his treatment. I bought the first two tins individually but was pleased to find this pack of six as that makes the tins much cheaper.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 21 November 2015
My nearest shop is a twenty minute drive away. We get though quite a lot of fresh milk and I hate to run short.
I do buy 'longlife' for emergencies, but it's not a patch on this dried, whole milk powder. Packs of dried skimmed milk are expensive and poor tasting. So when I discovered Amazon were selling this, a test run was a definite no brainer, I was more than pleased with the quality, and it's a permanent standby now.

I particularly went for this brand for several reasons:
Each 400g tin is securely and hermetically sealed. Shelf life is two years from date of manufacture.
Once opened, the close fitting top excludes air or moisture and helps keep any unused product fresh.

Economy - the price of dried, skimmed milk is generally much more expensive than this full fat product, weight for weight.
Flavour - this is really good quality powdered, full fat milk. And apart from a small addition of soya lecithin to act as an emulsifier and keep the milk fat in good order, there is nothing else to adulterate the milk.
Compare this with the additives some companies put in to stabilise their products.

Reconstituting this powder is simplicity itself.
130g (around an average mugful of powder, if you can't be bothered to weigh) add to 900ml water (the same size mugful, filled up with water three times). Mix thoroughly (it mixes easily), and there you have it. A litre of whole milk.
If you want to use it hot, reconstitute it first with cold or just tepid water, mix thoroughly before cooking with it.
If you add the dry powder to too hot liquids, it'll cook the protein and might go a bit lumpy. This product is in no way related to 'coffee whitener.'

A 400g tinful will reconstitute to around three litres of full cream milk.
It does work out slightly more expensive than whole, fresh milk, depending on where you buy your milk.
But it will be worth its weight in gold when you can't get to the shops.

There is nothing this product can't do - it makes lovely creamy custards, milk puds, hot chocolate drinks, lattes, cappucino, the lot.
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on 7 March 2013
It tastes good and convenient to serve your self a cup of hot milk before sleep or after waking up every morning.
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on 27 February 2016
There are quite a few meanings associated with the term "review"; in the present context the nearest suggested by "WordWeb" is "a critical appraisal"; ie something I'm not equipped to offer. The best "official" assessments tend to produce statistics whereby a certain percentage of a collective examination of any particular product may prefer, or reject, or express no significant difference for that item over any other.

Someone once is reputed to have said that, "..there are......lies, damned lies, and statistics"

I simply bought Nestlé's Nido "Instant Full Cream Milk Powder" on the ( part ) assumption that it would be more nutritious than the vastly more commonly available skimmed milk powder; plus the fact that I noticed a similar alternative to the latter some time back but was not able to locate a source for it.

To put it another way; I've never considered buying skimmed milk per se; always choosing full cream; so I couldn't understand why skimmed milk powder was, and still is, veritably the only choice for its more convenient form, that is storable. After trying Nido I suspect I now know the reason for this; but more on that later.

My first tryout was as a substitute for Coffee Mate, that I much prefer over the addition of milk to a cup of coffee - milk seems to weaken the flavour and reduce the temperature too much, especially if the coffee is made in certain filter machines. Just to put my personal taste in full I like Canderel, in preference to sugar ( for supposed "health" reasons ) also added before I'm prepared to drink it. The same conditions are necessary, with somewhat less Coffee Mate, for my cup of tea.

The result is totally unacceptable: the flavour of Nido overpowers the coffee, reducing it to a sickly concoction. I was also surprised to find its flavour highly reminiscent of something else, that I couldn't put my finger on because of the passage of several decades since; yet remains in the psyche like the original margarine substitute for butter that one wished had never been invented. I would suggest therefore that the reason Skimmed Milk Powder is so popularly available is that manufacturers of the stuff have had to skim the milk to make it palatable.

I'm glad to "report" that "quick porage" ( or porridge if you like ) that is made in a Microwave Oven in some 2-4 minutes retains its flavour with no hint of "The Nido Effect", or Nido contraindications, to spoil it. In fact I'm prepared to "believe" it is ideal, along with Molasses Sugar "to taste". [ Quite where the ( Scots ? ) notion that porage is best with salt came from is beyond me ]

I'm also perfectly happy to include at least 2 heaped tablespoons full of Nido when making bread; the results so far are most encouraging.

I thought cocoa might survive the Nido onslaught but I'm gradually having to submit to the inevitable there; where Nido still tends to trample all over my taste buds in its dirty wellies, however small the practical amount for any benefits accrued might be added to the mix.

Edited [Addenda]:

I predicted I would forget one or two applications; so here they are.

1) In omelettes, or just scrambled eggs to be pedantic, where some oil and other ingredients, eg mushrooms, sliced tomato...etc, are added ( or not ), milk reconstituted from Nido is just fine. There is absolutely no after taste as a result of adding it ( that I detected ).

2) In making Yoghurt the only difference between the "orthodox" milk derivation and Nido that ( I thought ) possibly manifested itself was, after 1 attempt, the latter's Yoghurt seemed a trifle thinner and perhaps grainier than ordinary full cream milk; ie when I used the final Yoghurt in an ice cream maker.

Here is my recommendation for super ice-cream. As above, with milk or re-constituted Nido and a generous couple of dollops (tablespoons) of extra-thick cream. Add a level teaspoon of vanilla ( Dr Oetker's is what I get from Tesco ) and a similar amount of sugar, to taste. For variety I sometimes add instant coffee, or cocoa. It's probably best to mix the cocoa with the sugar before adding, to help it get evenly mixed in.
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on 4 March 2014
Fast delivery, and it doesn't expire intill next year. I would recommend it to anyone to buy it. You won't regret it.
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on 10 April 2014
bought to keep as a back up in case of no milk & for taking when out on long walks,camping etc.
it mixes quickly & smoothly & tastes pretty is the only dried milk that i could drink on its own.
when these 6 tins are finished this is the only powder i will look for.
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on 3 December 2013
I buy this milk as its lovely and creamy and much better than they sell at the supermarket dissolves instanly and tastes very nice keep in stock every winter incase we get snowed in.and the local shops run out instanly.
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