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on 16 October 2011
I decided to buy this Kindle after using the kindle app on my iPhone and iPad.

The Kindle apps on the apple devices are very easy to read in no light as they are back lit. In sunshine they are unreadable. This Kindle is excellent in sunshine and reading outside is now a pleasure.

The I devices have few buttons round the edges which make them very easy to hold anywhere as long as you don't touch the screen as it is interactive. To move a page you swipe the screen rather like turning a page. The Kindle has enormous buttons on both sides of the device to turn the pages. This means you can only hold it at the bottom or the top without accidentally turning a page. This is the most frustrating design feature and has led to lots of accidental page turns. I have even turned the page picking the device up.

The sync between books on my iPhone and iPad is excellent. I can pick up one device and always carry on where I left off. The kindle sync seems intermittent at best trying to tell me it's latest page was about a chapter behind. I know it is the Kindle that is at fault as the sync has been excellent between my iPhone and iPads for months now. Introduce a kindle and it is often 30 mins out. If I go back and just use my I devices sync is perfect, read on the kindle and then go back to iPad and the sync is often wrong.

The kindle definitely wins in terms of weight. The lightness of the device makes longer reading possible compared with the iPad.

I will persevere with the Kindle as the ink seems kinder on the eyes than reading on an iPad or iPhone. I do hope they sort out the sync soon.
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on 30 September 2012
I was bought a Kindle as a birthday present in February from a friend in the UK, and since then have moved temporarily to the USA. At this point I registered my Kindle to an account, simply so I could continue to download and read books with an American debit card. I absolutely loved my Kindle - it was easy to use, brilliant to read on, the screen was good, the choices of book were great, the battery life was outstanding and I had no problems. At this point I would have recommended it to anyone.

However a couple of days ago my Kindle malfunctioned and the screen became full of lines, making it completely unreadable. I had heard of Kindles doing this, and given that my Kindle is only just over 6 months old, I found this disappointing. What is equally disappointing is the fact that neither nor are able to help me replace my Kindle. say that they cannot ship Kindles to the USA, and cannot work with to do this. say that they cannot replace my Kindle, (despite it being registered with an account!) and I need to talk to I have been going backwards and forwards for days, getting more and more frustrated, and it turns out that I cannot have my Kindle replaced until I return to the UK, simply because it was bought there.

The Kindle itself, while it works, is wonderful, and if it continued working I would have given this review five stars. But the fact that it broke within six months is not impressive, and spectacular unhelpfulness from both and has disappointed me further. I would ABSOLUTELY NOT recommend the Kindle, therefore for people who travel or move countries a lot due to work, like myself, as if (when?) it breaks, you will not be able to get your Kindle replaced.
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on 19 December 2011
The new Kindle, all seem to agree it's good. But if you have bought it as a gift do beware and don't set it up in advance!
I made this mistake (I wanted it ready to go xmas morning when my wife unwrapped it), so I registered the Kindle and started to download some content to it. HOWEVER as soon as I registered the Kindle, Amazon started to send welcome messages to my wife's email address!! suprise ruined!!
So it you have two accounts with Amazon, register the Kindle to your own account first, download any content you want. Then deregister it and don't register it to the recipients account until after they have got the gift.
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on 11 January 2013
Recently the battery on my old kindle failed. I was keen to get a new one as I love the whole kindle experience and am an avid reader. I was led by a member of the kindle support team to think that once I had connected my new kindle to WI-FI it would download so that the contents would be exactly like my old kindle. THIS IS NOT SO.

My old kindle contained 441 books organised in 77 collections, too many highlights to count, 172 books in archieved items and 74 samples. The new kindle only downloaded a list of all the books I had ever bought under archieved items. No collections, no highlights, no samples. I was distraught!

It took me 4 hours on the phone to the Kindle Support Team over 2 days, talking to 4 different team members to retrieve the titles of my collections and the highlights. I then had to individually download 441 books and place them in the correct collection. This took another 8 hours.

A grand total of 12 hours to copy the exact content of my old kindle to my new one!

There must be a better way.

The whole experience of changing to a new kindle was disappointing,annoying, tedious and frustrating. So be warned.
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on 15 April 2016
Unfortunately my original Kindle with keypad and wifi stopped working so I bought this Kindle 6 inch E ink display with wifi to replace it.
I managed to transfer all my books on to this Kindle fairly easily - I was quite worried as I am not very good at this like that.
For reading inside the home and voyages this Kindle display is very easy to read with its grey coloured screen but I have a little difficulty when trying to read it in bright light eg at the beach. Its ok without sunglasses on but for some reason the screen is not clear when I wear sunglasses. I have tried several different pairs and its always the same result so I wish I'd splashed out a bit and bought the Paperwhite.
I also don't find it as easy to navigate as my original Kindle with the keyboard. It took me a long time to work out how to do the latest download .
Overall I love the Kindle , just not keen on this particular version of it.
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on 23 November 2013
If you read other reviews they are pretty accurate. There are a couple of things people should be aware of past this products guarantee now that I and my partner have found as we approach our second year with one each.
Firstly, it is a very complicated process if you buy one as a gift and want to put some books on it. You automatically
Y have it registered as your kindle and on your account. It then takes time and additional hassle to have that kindle changed to anothers. Contact Amazon first and they will guide you seamlessly through the process.
Secondly, my partners kindle only has had use occasionally as real books are still the favourite at home. The kindle only being used for the odd train journey and holiday once a year which usually happen together except for approximately 3 journeys pet year. Now the WiFi does not work, circuitry failed and no downloads are possible. This means that a manual doiwnload of books via computer USB is the only way to add new books. If you ask Amazon how to fix it they advise it's not possible and offer you info on new ones.
So although my own kindle is still OK I expect it also to fail to download via WiFi soon as its only 2 months older.
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on 1 October 2013
I always vowed that I would never have a Kindle. I love real books and browsing in bookshops which is something you can't do on Amazon and a Kindle does not have that lovely smell and feel that real books have. However, we recently went abroad on holiday and baggage allowance was an issue. I decided, reluctantly, to buy a Kindle becuse I cannot bear to be without books but couldn't take proper books. I must admit to being quite impressed with the
Kindle. It is light, small and will fit in my handbag which is great. It is easy to use and very easy to download books (too easy sometimes). It is easy to read and navigating around is very straightforward. My biggest criticism is that it is impossible to share or swap books with anyone else. The beauty of real books is that when I have finished with them I can pass them on to others so the books are read by a lot of my friends and family. I like the Kindle but will never love it like I love real books.
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on 8 April 2012
The kindle itself in terms of its weight, speed, feel, the ease of reading the characters, the aptness with which it attempts to replace the (what I still believe to be irreplaceable) paper book, is amazing! It has made reading easier and books much more accessible.

However you can't help but be frustrated, should you want to keep more than a handful of books on the thing, that there is -no- -easy- -way- to organise your books. Poor metadata means sometimes they won't even be in alphabetical order, and the speed at which the kindle flicks through the home page, where all the titles are listed, is less than satisfactory at best - meaning your library quickly becomes a sprawling, awkward thing to navigate.

Once you start reading, it's all great from there; however, the 'kindle experience' does not have the smooth, polished finish that it ought to have. Which is unfortunate, and it completely baffles me why this has not been done, when so many kindle owners share my opinion.
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on 5 February 2013
I was very pleased with my Kindle. Unfortunately it has failed after 14 months for no apparent reason - the screen is partially frozen showing 50% of the screensaver at all times. I telephoned Amazon but they will do nothing except offer a discounted Kindle Touch (a model I do not want. They will not offer any other model, recompense nor repair). So after little more than a year, I have a completely useless Kindle.

UPDATE: Following a second telephone conversation, Amazon have now redeemed themselves and have replaced my Kindle, at no cost, with a brand new one - they sent it one-day delivery too. It pays to be persistent.
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on 1 September 2013
I bought this to replace a kindle I have had for 3 years which was knocked off a countertop and the LED shattered. Although this new kindle is smaller and lighter, which is a bonus for carrying around, I find the keys for moving the pages back and forth are much more flimsy than on the previous kindle, and with arthritis in my fingers I find it much harder to manipulate, sometimes having to try 2 or 3 times before the page moves on, which can prove quite frustrating. Also the lead supplied to attach to the computer to charge does not work, so have resorted to using the lead I had for my old kindle. On the whole I would not rate this newer version of the kindle as highly as my older version.
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