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4.1 out of 5 stars64
4.1 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
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I actually really enjoyed this game. I belong to the niche market that both enjoys the Warhammer 40k universe to the point of reading dozens of novels and also enjoys many third person action games. If you don't then Space Marine may not appeal to you as much and you may want to try before you buy and may indeed wish to skip this review, which assumes you are familiar with both.

Initial Marketing suggested that Space Marine would be a game that mixed Gears Of War and the Warhammer 40K license together but surprisingly, Space Marine actually ended up closer to God Of War than Gears Of War is several key areas.

In the campaign there are seventeen levels spread across five chapters, which can last about twelve to fifteen hours and which feature a good variety of enemies, including: Gretchin, Choppa Boyz, Shoota Boyz, Rocket equipped Boyz, Two variants of 'Ard Boyz Squiggs, at least three variants of Nob, occasional Stormboyz and airbourne vehicles, occasional variants of turret towers, occasional weirdboyz, traitor guardsmen, three or four variants of traitor marines, pyskers, Bloodletters (its not much of a spoiler as they're on the box art) and a few others.

There is also a good variety of weapons to be employed in the campaign; which except for grenades, come in three forms: Combat, Ranged and Exotic. You can carry one Combat weapon and up to four Ranged weapons at a time, wheras Exotic weapons are taken in combat from mounts and replace all other weapons until they run out of ammo or are discarded.

Weapons include: Combat Knife, Chainsword, Power Axe, Thunder Hammer, Bolt Pistol, Plasma Pistol, Bolter (In this game however it works as an SMG, rather than the destructive explosives-weapon from the mythology) Stalker Pattern Bolter (Sniper Rifle) Plasma Gun, Melta Gun (In this game, essentially an overpowered shotgun), Storm Bolter, Las Cannon, Heavy Bolter, Plasma Cannon and a few others including a game-specific triggered explosives launcher.

The pacing is good, slowly introducing new weapons and perks (in the form of purity seals which improve your `Fury,' which is a mechanic like Rage Of The Titans from God Of War) and letting you get used to each one, before moving on and eventually allowing you to chose between them.

There is no cover system to speak of, so the game works more like an old PS2 game in that regard. Health is gained by pressing a specific button in combat in an almost similar way to God Of War/Devil May Cry type game, only without Orbs and only upon a specific button press (but with a regenerating shield bridging the gap between Health Hunting and Regenerating Health)

It probably goes without saying, but being a Warhammer 40K fan helps you to enjoy the game a lot, as there are lots of little references left unexplained just to get your brand recognition flaring and causing a little spark of enjoyment should you be in the know. Some are more obscure than others (Skittarri for example won't be familiar to you if you only know the brand from videogames) and most of these references are found by collecting Servo-Skulls.

The Warhammer 40k Universe is very well realized and both looks and feels fantastic, however a lot of the plot, dialogue and voice acting is a little too hammy if you prefer the Dan Abnett/Aaron Dembski-Bowden-Bowden dark and semi-realistic version of the universe, as opposed to the all-orks-are-cockneys and space marines are pontificating poets version.

The gameplay itself isn't absolutely perfect either if I'm being entirely fair; for example there are only two boss fights, only one vehicle section and some of the audio logs are a little too short and uninteresting when compared to some of the games that pioneered the format. Additionally, there isn't much that hasn't been seen before in other games and if you play a lot of third person games, it may seem a little stale. Put simply, the gameplay is a blend of tried and tested mechanics from lots of other games that, while very fun, doesn't particularly innovate.

The multiplayer is fun (as long as you get a code and don't miss out on half the content) if nothing very new, there are only a few modes and very few maps at present and nothing here hasn't been done before either, but serves more as a nice little addition to the single player experience, rather than a selling point in itself.

Overall; Space Marine is a strong and more importantly fun game that will keep you entertained for a few days and should definitely be considered if you can find it at a low price, especially if you fall into the aforementioned niche market of 40K fan and 3rd Person Gaming fan.
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on 30 September 2011
First and foremost I think I must mention that I am not a huge fan of the Warhammer series. Not that I have anything against it, I just don't get it is all. That disclaimer aside let's get our teeth straight into it.

The story centres around a small group of Space Marines (surprise, surprise) as they fend off an invading horde of Orks on one of the Imperial Forge Worlds. There is a sub-story but much of it may not even be there. All you have to really think about is that between you and the end of the game is a mass of enemies, they must die.

The combat is solid if at times a bit stiff, much like any modern 3rd person shooter. It feeling like the illegitimate offspring between the Warhammer universe and Gears of War. The transition between ranged and melee combat seems unnatural with our dear Captain Titus harbouring the ability to switch out a bolter and equip a bolter in but a fraction of a second. Although adding any kind of realism in this instants would just slow the pace of the game down, hence why it can be forgiven.

The game-play feels a bit schizophrenic with what can be rather large gaps between combat scenes, which can get rather boring and drag on a bit. Fans of the franchise may be more incline to keep playing because of the driving plot, but me not being a fan this was lost on me and left me feeling the game was a bit linear and plain.

The multi-player is fun with each class having their own distinctive weaknesses and strengths. I find the game options and maps to be a bit restricted giving only two types of match as of this review. Annihilation which is the first team to reach 41 and Seize Ground where your team must take strategic point, which team holds them the longest wins, with only a handful of maps the novelty wears off pretty quickly, although there are a lot of unlockable armours and perks for accomplishing different objectives during the game which might keep some playing for a while.

Overall I'd say the game was fun but defiantly not breaking ground anywhere. The game has an almost Dynasty Warriors, hack and slash feel to it. I feel the game could be better if a co-op campaign was available, because let's face it, two chain-swords carving an orks skull is always better than one.
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on 25 September 2012
This is a difficult game to review for me. I am a massive fan of just about everything the Games Workshop puts out but the main game is too short. There is the online co-op, which gives you the option to play a customized Space Marine or Chaos Marine and that opens the game up more but i'd hoped for more content in the main game.

As a GW fan i've given this a 4 star fun rating because it's great fun stomping around as a Space Marine using all those fab weapons i've spent years of my life painting and gluing together. As a game in it's own right it only gets 3 stars as there are games out there in a similar format but doing it a lot better.

The game leaves the story open for a sequel so let's see what they do with the next one
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on 30 December 2011
Great fun to be had for a cheap price. This game has a great plot with twists and turns throughout. The game is actually quite long and it kept me going for around 20 hours and has the fun online multi player makes the game worth every penny.

Graphics are ok but could be improved and at some points the gameplay got a little repetitive although there are a range of weapons to choose from which means a variety of ways to kill the enemies.

You wont get bored of slaughtering the enemies.

A warhammer 40k classic for the PS3 and a must for all warhammer fans, i cant wait for the next game to come out because if its anything like this one it will be great fun.

Well deserved 4*
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on 12 August 2013
As a fan of Warhammer and also of Warhammer 40k, I'd often considered buying Space Marine, but had always held off doing so for fear that THQ would have really dropped the ball with the game. Still. £3 isn't a lot to spend on a game, so I risked it.

Right from the start it's a game which brings all those tabletop battles to life, in a way you never imagined was possible as a paint stained 12 year old! Ultramarines Captain Titus, who you play as throughout the game, is, thanks to the rich background world created by Games Workshop, not as big a cliche as Mater Chief and his ilk. The guy is a bio-engineered killing machine, whose only purpose is to serve the Emperor, so the dialogue doesn't really feel cheesy.

As a game it's a pretty basic 'shoot waves of enemies then move to the next area', with intermittent boss battles. You upgrade your weapons, getting to gleefully turn Orks into soup with Chainswords, Power Axes, and Thunder Hammers, or dissolve Chaos cultists into a fine mist with a Lascannon. On normal difficulty it's a challenge but still fun, and never feels ridiculously unbeatable.
Graphically it's a bit dated, but not enough to put you off the action. And as a means of immersing yourself in the brutal world of the 41st milennium, it's a winner!

So while it might not appeal to the die-hard FPS fan, anyone who's ever been a fan of 40k should grab a copy and have some good old fashioned fun. Go on, cover your armour in the blood of the enemies of Mankind!

P.S: Leordas sucks. Wish I could stuck my Power Axe into HIS head!
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on 19 December 2012
The third person hack `n' slash genre seemed to have died a death after its PS2 heyday, but someone had not informed Relic when developing `Warhammer 40k: Space Marine'. This is an old school feeling game with updated graphics. You play Captain Titus, a space marine charged with fending off the Orc hordes and powers of chaos whilst you wait for backup. Essentially you travel through a series of levels killing things that get in your path and every now and again become involved in a QTE.

For Space Marine to work the combat has to be interesting and at least here Relic get it right. You can choose between shooting and melee combat; both forms offering several weapons to choose from. I went for a long range sniper weapon, into medium range assault rifle and finally my close range chainsword. This allowed me to pick off as many enemies as I could before they got too close. The game is repetitive, but I found the combat fun throughout. As new foes are introduced you have to think more strategically what to do if you are going to survive. Your rage meter becomes vital to take out large groups as the game progresses.

Graphically the game was strong enough and the visualisation of the 40K world is great, any fan of the Game Workshop models/games will be impressed. What was lacking was the passion within the voice acting. I am a huge fan of Mark Strong as a film actor, but here he brings an almost pious dullness to the main character. This in turn made the story drag a little. It is the combat alone that kept me going with this game and anyone looking for an old fashioned slobber knocker of a game would enjoy `Space Marine', people looking for more nuance will find it drags before long.
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on 7 April 2012
Many gamers didn't pay much attention to this when it came out or running up to it's release mainly because of it's warhammer setting. However they've made this game very easy to go into without any understanding of the warhammer universe but include enough to appeal to warhammer fans.
There are a lot of doors and elavators in this game that appear to only add to the total play time, and it's annoying to spend time in an elavator when cutting down orcs is extremely fun and brutal. Overall the story didn't interest me much as I soon forgot I even owned the game and eventually went back to finish it, but the biggest selling point is the gameplay. The shooting is fine and you get a nice range of projectiles to behead the enemy but the hack and slash style is superb, and you'll often find your self charging at the enemy rather the picking them off.
The multiplayer is also great and although I feared it would be unbalanced I was pleasently suprised by how well it worked. If you had a jetpack you wouldn't be allowed to carry the big guns only pistols and melee weapons so you would have to get up close but the guy with the big gun could easily pick you off before you get close to him, because if you have a heavy weapon you can only carry a small melee weapon. There's also a fun co op which plays similar to uncharted 3 co op where you give objectives like capture x area, or kill x amout of x using x... It's great fun and can be very challenging on the higher rounds.
custimization is also great and you unlock things for your character so you can keep going untill you get either (there's two good/bad) characters to look as hardcore deathmetal or midly camp as you want.
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on 31 March 2012
Lots of fun to be had with this. Single player campaign seems to be entertaining enough and long enough but I haven't had chance to finish it yet as I've spent too much time online. Campaign is centred on liberating a world from an invading orc army. So far I've encountered reasonable variety in the enemies and had to vary tactics in order to get past them all. Playing through on normal dificulty and I've been killed a few times so it should hold a decent challenge.

Graphically the game does the business well, the overall look and feel seems spot on. Similar with the sound effects and music too.

I know not everyone will be happy with the gameplay but it never tries to be too clever and pretend it is something it isn't. Simple fun with lots of carnage on the battlefields. Some might say you don't move around fast enough but that would be compared to the run and gun mechanics of the FPS world. Considering the Space Marines are meant to be 7ft tall and wearing a mass of armour I'd say the movement and pacing feels right.

The online game is worth the price alone, the more I have played it the more I have enjoyed it. I find it well balanced with none of the 3 available classes having a distinct advantage but all three are better than the others in certain situations so you have to learn to get the best out of all three. Each class has its own set of weapons and perks available to earn. There is pleny to unlock and customise your marines with. Not just the loadout and perks but how they are decorated too. Some of the unlocking can be done just by grinding through and steadily accumulating points, but some willl require specific tasks. Some of these tasks will happen naturally during the course of the game but others will make you work a bit more. As you progress you will unlock different weapons, with quite a difference in how they perform. For each weapon there are two perks that can be unlocked to enhance the weapon. This could have given too much of an advantage to the experienced players but if you are killed by one of them you can caopy their loadout for when you respawn to give you a chance of playing with the better kit long before you unlock it yourself, until the next time you die at least.

Online modes include the usual team death match, capture the flag, seize ground (domination in other games) etc. There is also the dreadnaught assault mode where both teams initially compete to control the dreadnought, then when one has control they can set about capturing various points on the map while the opponents try to defend and the dreadnought team do everything they can to keep the dreadnought going as long as possible. Killing the dreadnought give the other team the chance to win control of it. First to 20 points captured wins (or whoever has the most when time runs out). There is also a co-op Exterminatus mode. There are several series of maps, where the team will be attacked by progressively tougher waves of Orcs. Every 5 waves you move to the next map until you reach 20. So far I've only made it to 19 then we got stuck. I found this mode quite tough but it was the first thing I tried, so hopefully I will manage to beat 20 waves when I try it again, now that I have learned how to get the best out of a few more weapons.

I would have been happy paying a lot more for this game. As it was I picked it up at a very good price and it is now even cheaper. Very good value for money.
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on 21 September 2011
Though I've never played the table-top version of Warhammer 40K, I know the background very well, having read about it and played over games in the setting over the last 21 years. Therefore I had a very definite idea about what this should look like, and I wasn't disappointed. Does that mean you'll get less out of it if you don't know the background? Possibly: but there is a lot of effort made within the game to immerse the player in the W40K universe, with a solid W40K story and good voice acting helping you along.

The graphics are a mixed bag: the space marines and their enemies are all very well animated and melee is wonderfully visceral, but the background sometimes looks like whoever designed it got bored. That's probably a minor gripe for most, I suppose but worth mentioning. The gameplay itself seamlessly blends melee and shooting and certain weapons are very definitely better in certain situations, allowing for a bit of tactical thinking but also a certain agony of choice (you can only have four weapons at a time, only one of which can be a melee weapon). Rash charges into the enemy will get you killed but hanging back is also likely to bring an end to your endeavours, so quick thinking and changing tactics is often the way to victory.

There are no health pack lying around but instead you must execute an enemy, a suitably gory experience, to get your health back. Sometimes this involves quite a struggle, though the instructions (in the manual and the game) fail to tell you how to resolve them. Lots of button pressing does the job. This means that even in the heat of melee you must keep a good eye on your stats and likely victims and it all adds to the excitement. As you kill enemies, you build up 'Fury' (at least, after the opening stages of the game) and when unleashed, this allows you to cause great devastation on the enemies of the Emperor as well as giving you all your health back. When to unleash that Fury is often a tactical decision and again shows that the game isn't all just action.

But Space Marine does get repetitive. A battle can go on for quite a while and then having to go through it all again and again can be soul destroying. There are no vehicles to man, which is shocking given the sheer variety of them available in the W40K background (and considering the mighty machine you release). The camera in melee can also be a problem, distracting you at times when it seems to do its own thing. And it's not always obvious where you are meant to be going, even though there is an arrow - supposedly - pointing the way. This can get extremely annoying and can kill the pace of the game. Finally, I hate boss levels, particularly ones involving flying targets and so this game nearly had me pulling my hair out (though the final battle was enjoyable enough).

All in all, if you like hack'n'slash and shoot-em-ups (or rather, a combination of the two) you will enjoy this game and if you are a W40K fan, you will enjoy it all the more. It could be longer, it could have more variety and it could be cheaper. At least the latter can be redressed when it comes out as a budget title.
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on 25 April 2012
I bought this game a few weeks ago as I am a fan of Warhammer 40,000 and I was pleasantly surprised with the excellent quality of this game! The gameplay is superbly smooth and very enjoyable, blending shooter and hack-and-slash seamlessly. The multiplayer is excellent, if a little limited as it is quite a while since the game's release - the customisation is fantastically original and innovative and overall the game is a pleasure to play!
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