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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 13 January 2015
Having used these kind of remote controlled sockets for what must be 15+ years I'm leaving a few notes to assist others.

Previously I've used both "self learning" sockets (like these) and ones set with dip switches on the socket and the remote. Self learning switches require you to hold a button on the socket down to sync to a button on the remote and can lose settings thru a power outage. Dip switches are set for good regardless of power but can be more tricky to set up initially.

I ordered two sets of 3 sockets rather than 1 set of 5. The picture (at this date 15th Jan 2015) still shows a remote with 5 pairs of buttons but the remote bundled is different to that shown and has only 3 pairs of buttons. As it is common to buy sets of 1,2 or 3 with a remote with more buttons this is not an unfair expectation.The same remote is shown with both 3 and 5 sets of sockets.

My plan was actually to have 2 sets - to use some sockets in tandem (turn say 2 lamps on in 2 places) and still have 4 left over for individual sockets elsewhere. And to have one spare remote for if one is broken or lost. The fact that the set of 3 currently DOES NOT come with the 10 button switch meant I had to resort to using both remotes - not a terrible idea if one set is only lights but the other is power to your tv/blu ray player etc (as long as you label em).

The sockets arrive preset (to each of the three button pairs) and have stickers on the reverse numbered 1,2,3. The sockets themselves ARE interchangable from pack to pack and can be used with other remotes (once synced). The two remotes (I tried) send different signals so one remote can control all six sockets (as long as several sockets are synced to the same button). So button 1 on remote 1 isn't the same signal as button 1 on remote 2. The plugs and remotes in each pack appear to be numbered differently (eg 1056,1061) but with matching codes.

Programming the sockets is simple if initially confusing. Sockets I have used before will sync to only 1 button on the remote at a time. Programming another simply cancels the first. These sockets will sync to all 3 buttons even though each button is emitting a discrete signal.

To reset or program a socket to respond to a given button (assuming the socket is plugged in) the user holds the yellow button on the side down for 3 or more seconds (it doesnt matter if it is off or on). Once the button on the socket is released the next "on" button pressed on the remote is received and stored by the socket. Pressing the same on button once more will then power on the switch.

The instructions provide a poor explanation as to how to un-sync a socket (or button) as they fail to explain how the set up is working.

It appears that each socket can hold 3 distinct signal codes and these are written in a rotating sequence. Therefore if you take socket 1 when it arrives it will (should) respond only to button 1. You may then play around see if you can operate it from button 2. The socket will now respond to both button 1 and 2. If you now also learn from button 3 it will respond to all 3!

How to get it only to respond just to button 1 again? Just make it learn button 1 again another 3 times. This fills the memory with 3 codes all the same.

Size wise they are small enough to fit in most multi-sockets side by side which is important (if you've ever had to sling an extra four way in just to have two of these side by side...).

Build looks cheap n cheerful about as inexpensive as you could make. Remote is clicky with bright LED and does the job. Note - uses the small (half size) 12v batteries which hopefully will last forever (like my old remotes).

Range appears good and will easily respond from a neighbouring room or remote pointed in the opposite direction to the sockets.
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on 15 April 2013
I have no complaints with this product it does exactly what I wanted it to do and I didn't even need to set them up they were ready to go out of the box, I just needed to find out which button on the remote controlled which plug.

They have a good range and work through walls as I can turn of things in my bedroom while in my lounge. The size is about the same as a glade plugin air freshener.

If you are looking for a device which will turn of devices in hard to reach plug sockets this is a great product to by.
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on 10 April 2015
Rubbish, buttons 1 and 3 on and off are the same frequency, so when I turn the tv on in the living room the light in the hall also turns on. I've tried reprogramming them but still does the same, I can only use two of the sockets, waste of money
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on 21 July 2013
These were great when they worked, but having purchased them only just over 2 months ago, all 3 of the remote sockets have now failed - dead as a doornail. First one was just over a month, then the final two within the past week or so. I'm now pursuing the seller for a refund as for all three to fail over the course of 2 months they can't be of a very good build quality.
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on 4 September 2012
This item worked perfectly and I received it in less than twenty fours hours afer I had ordered it. Outstanding service.
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on 15 July 2015
This product is not reliable as one of the plug in switches failed about 6 months ago & now another has failed. I wonder how long the third will last but I suppose I'll never know as I've bought another brand!!
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on 1 January 2013
This socket set has been very helpful as I have a back condition and find it hard to bend sometimes.
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on 5 January 2015
Appears to send a big DC pulse through it's socket when you switch it on and off DO NOT USE WITH AUDIO GEAR YOU WILL DAMAGE YOUR SPEAKERS! A lot of equipment such as lamps will probably be okay, but certainly wouldn't recommend this product when there are so many other competitors that won't have this flaw.
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on 21 January 2015
this product is a pile of rubbish i bought only a month ago and already has broken you press the on button and the adapter switches the eletric on and back off again you have to hold the buttton down now for the power to remain on will not be buying this again i do not recommend it at all
thinking of sending the rubbish back and asking for a refund
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on 31 January 2016
Received these as I was looking for a good value plug that had an indicator light to show if it was on or off.
They arrived and did not although advertised as having. Asked for refund but got sent replacement. Replacement set exactly the same.
Ended up being told I could keep them when I was refunded. I set all 3 up in my kitchen to power lights above cabinets.
They worked fine for a day then 1 stopped responding to the remote.

Ended up opening the plug up and seeing there was an on off led which works, just the plastic wasn't drilled to make the led visible from the outside.

Whole pack now in the bin.

Energenie plugs much better value.
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