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3.9 out of 5 stars362
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 16 December 2013
I'm not normally much of a horror fan, or a scary movie sort of person, however, this film really gripped me. This horror movie has a very unique story too, about a young boy who can astral project (fly out of his body) not something I believe we've ever seen in a movie before? There are scenes in this movie that generally made me jump, probably didn't help that I was home alone and sat in the living room in the dark watching it. However isn't that, what makes a movie so fantastic, that it scares you, upsets you, makes you laugh? I love the way some characters in this film too wern't CGI, but just the fantastic work of a make up artist. There's a scene near the end of the movie in particular that was done so well, that it disturbs me everytime to know that they were real people and not dummies/CGI.

If you are generally looking for a good horror movie, trust me, you wanna check this film out. By far one of the best horror movies ever made. So many people have been impressed, by the work of James Wan, he really has done a fantastic job! This is definitely worth watching if you want to a bit of a scare!
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on 25 January 2016
My sister told me this was a good horror, needless to say I have now disowned her and written her out of my mediocre will!

The film starts off ok, it sets the scene for a little creepiness and I had high hopes, then it descends into a ridiculous storyline with ridiculous ghost buster characters that are too ludicrous to take seriously, in fact the part where one of them is eating some kind of pop tart or pastie was the most gripping part of the film in my opinion! The ending is also dire so don't have your hopes set too high!

The ghosts or spirits or whatever the hell they are meant to be look like they have all gone down the fancy dress shop late on Halloween night and have had to make do with the dregs of whats left!

Well ive wasted enough of my life watching this tripe so im not going to waste any more on this review, apart from to say not to believe so many good reviews, im guessing they have all been left by primary school children who had the film played to them on school cinema night and the film made a few of them jump occasionally!
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on 12 November 2013
Ok this is a great film to watch and although a lot of these reviews say 'do not watch alone', I always watch it alone. A lot of people will say to themselves that I am saying it is not that scary because I am ashamed to admit I am afraid. In actual complete and utter honesty I can say 'This movie did not scare me'. My sister in law has seen it and said the same thing 'it's not scary'. Sure there are some scenes and moments that may make some people jump or reach for the nearest cushion to hide behind but for me personally I just sit and watch the plot unfold and enjoy the film.
A great story and interesting twist at the end, and a film that I will and do watch again and again even to the point of watching it alone with all the lights in the house switched off. Before anyone asks me did it scare me the first time I watched it, the answer is no it didn't scare me the first time I watched it, and it still does not have me reaching for a cushion to hide behind, I have yet to find a truly scary film that has me quivering in terror and afraid to turn off the lights.
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VINE VOICEon 8 September 2013
It's a shame as this could have been a really classic horror film.

Sadly it runs out ideas towards the end or perhaps throws too many into the mix and once the final denouncement is made about what's really happening it loses a little of the very effective build up it creates.

And that build up is impressive, as the use of music, stylish lighting, creepy sound effects really do add to a slow and tension filled creepy tale of a haunted house, or haunted family, or is that the case? The last half presents most of the answers.

Good direction and production design, especially given it's low budget, along with some good performances, this is a horror film that plays it straight rather than going for the seen it all before slasher and gore style tactics (Quite surprisingly old school - given it's made by the people behind the ultra violent Saw) all makes for a creepy, but slightly flawed physiological horror.

Well worth a watch but not quite as good as films it clearly nods towards.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 3 September 2014
How the makers of 'Poltergeist' haven't sued the makers of 'Insidious' is a mystery nearly as big as why James Wan is entrusted with directing them. This is ridiculously similar with the exception perhaps of the best element of the former, the Indian burial ground backdrop, omitted with instead a much lamer 'astral projection' novelty insertion instead.
It's not at all scary though that is very subjective as I find very few things scary these days; there is some success with creating mood and characterisation but it has all been seen and done before much better.
If you've seen Poltergeist then you've seen all the elements here done much better, if you haven't seen it then go and see it instead of this. I think these sort of films are for people born in the 1980's onwards, just a rehash of ideas and themes for people who haven't had the benefit of existing when some modicum of originality existed.
The first half of the film was done okay it just lurched towards daftness for the last third or so. Hated that really naff phrase 'the further' to describe the spooky ghost parallel universe world type thing where some guy in a homemade halloween outfit grinds his nails.
The extras mainly seemed to consist of Wan expressing how innovative Insidious is due to its Out of the body experience element without having the artistic integrity to at least quote Poltergeist as an inspiration for the rest of it. Performances were fine, mostly. Some creepyness sure but very average all round.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 6 October 2012
Insidious is directed by James Wan and written by Leigh Whannell. It stars Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Ty Simpkins, Barbara Hershey, Lin Shaye, Andrew Astor and Leigh Whannell. Music is scored by Joseph Bishara and cinematography by John R. Leonetti.

The team behind Saw and Dead Silence bring us Insidious, one of the finest exponents of the haunted house movie in the modern era. Of course that doesn't count for much with those not particularly struck by the formula, but Insidious does seem to be one of the very few horror sub-genre movies to come out with better than average appraisals.

Of course it's not perfect, few films, especially in horror world, can stand up and come through unscathed by critics and fans alike, yet for the like minded adults who can set the mood and channel themselves into the boo jump and creepy atmosphere world wrung out by Wan and Whannell, then Insidious is the bomb.

Much has been made of the shift in the last third, where the film brings in Astral Projection as its reasoning for the pant soiling previously unleashed. Undeniably the film runs away with itself, goes too far and the last 15 minutes are a chaotic mess of bold ideas and inadequate staging. However, it's interesting to note how often the haunted house movie in recent times gets accused of not bringing something new to the table, something thrown at the wonderful Woman in Black that followed Insidious down the pipe. Here the makers offer up something different, true, it hasn't worked in the way they or the hardened genre fans would have liked, but personally I found on second viewing it is easily forgivable. It's like riding your favourite Big Dipper, you enjoy the spins and upside down scream moments, but just tolerate the flat standard drive stretches of track while your heart tries to steady its beat.

When Insidious is hitting its heights it's utterly thrilling and unnerving, paced to perfection, it builds from whispered voices on a baby monitor to entities invading the home of the poor Lambert family. The mystery element is strong, just what do they want? Why is son Dalton in a coma but the medical boffins have no idea why? How come the entities have followed the Lambert's even when they move house? The latter of which is refreshing to see in the screenplay, it's a logical move but so often it's not done in other horror movies. The jumps are nicely placed throughout and a number of scenes are so freaky they get under your skin and stay there for some time: seriously, I don't think I'll ever be able to listen to Tiptoe Through the Tulips again without my blood being chilled. The use of photographs and mirrors bring the goose flesh to the skin, while Lin Shaye's arrival as the paranormal physic, and the subsequent use of a gas mask, keep things ticking on the freaky deaky scale.

It borrows ideas and takes its tonal cues from other horror movies, definitely, and the second half doesn't live up to the promise of the first; hell I'll even concede that a certain entity is badly designed, but Insidious does have something new to offer the formula, it's also well performed by the cast, that itself is a rarity. It hasn't resonated with all, but it was a monster hit at the box office, making nearly $85 million in profit. The market for a good haunted house spooker is always open, Insidious, in spite of its second half irks, sits in the top draw with the best of them. 8/10
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on 26 March 2013
Considering i thought i might've made a mistake buying this,i couldn't be more satisfied,i really enjoyed this.
It starts off as many a ghost movie,where a family move into a house where spooky things start happening. When things get more and more spooky and one of the young boys is discovered in a coma of sorts,they decide to move,end of ghost,right?
Wrong,turns out it isn't the house that's haunted. Now what?
Well that's the main story started without spoiling it too much,then things do get a bit mad and you have to view it with a very open mind as it takes a POLTERGEIST sort of edge,without the tv. It's great fun,with some jumpy moments and great ideas,it tries like hell to scare. It may well not be everyone's idea of frightening,but other's will love the freakish moments and clear signs there's something seriously messed up going on.
It's a film i shall certainly be watching and enjoying again,thumbs up.
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on 7 June 2011
Insidious tells the story of a family at breaking point
as there home is infested with demons attempting to posess
their child,telling the story of one families struggle with
good versus evil.

From the director of Saw combining with the makers of Paranormal
activity,Insidious is a new dimension in horror.There were parts
to me that were far fetched amnd borrowed elements from other movies
but overall deeply disturbing.Unlike Saw,Insidious concentrates more
on making the audeince jump out of their minds rather than put excessive
gore onto the screen.Their is also a twist at the end that still gives me
sleepless nights...
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on 4 August 2013
...but with some really disturbing and nightmarish moments. So it's not just the story and the surprising ending that will make you like it, but the overall athmosphere and sense of a parallel dimension halfway between transcendent mysteries and unexplore depth of subconscious
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on 12 August 2011
Scares are back on the menu again in mainstream horror with Insidious, a modern take on classic possession and haunted house flicks, featuring a spooky child and the all important weird paranormal investigators that help to balance out the frights with a little welcome humour.

What a spooky movie can do that a torture-porn epic can't is take you on a rollercoaster ride. Moments of comedy are viciously cut dead by sudden jumps but then the funny parts help bring you back to earth a little before the next shock. I find this much more entertaining than spending 90 minutes looking between my fingers as hapless people get ripped to shreds by onscreen sadists. Body horror endurance tests are a part of the scene, but it's great to see something that harks back to classics like The Entity and Poltergeist while adding a fresh twist to the genre.
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