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3.8 out of 5 stars73
3.8 out of 5 stars
Platform: PC|Edition: Anarchy Edition|Change
Price:£2.98 - £30.40
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on 1 April 2013
considering how much the game cost it was well worth it and is a great game would recommend to anyone thinking of buying it
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on 8 October 2011
Summary:It`s a cross between Borderlands,Fallout 3 and Halflife 2.
It`s a polished game.Cutscenes,slightly cartoony graphics,WSAD controls-There`s nothing that hasn`t been done before,but this game mostly does it as well as any. There`s more freedom to explore than HL2 but even low fences can`t be jumped over and navigable paths are shown on the map- We`ll have to wait until 11/11 until something so obvious is done PROPERLY in a game again (Skyrim)-Playability should come before looks.
The game really looks as beautiful as any and there`s plenty of variety-especially in indoor areas.
Controlling the menus with the mouse seems a bit awkward and the manual recommends using a controller-There`s no obvious console port feel about the game but I think id wants us to buy a PS3.
It takes up a lot of HD space,takes a long time to install and then you`re told to install a Rage specific Catalyst driver (if you`ve got an AMD card.)It also crashed twice when I went up a path earlier in the game than the developers intended-bit sloppy.
So far it's a really good and a really good looking game.I`ll give it a 5 because it`s certainly going to be the best game to come out in October,and maybe the best this year (so far!!!)
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on 10 October 2011
Well of late games are not what I would call ground-breaking, RAGE is just fallout crossed with borderland and that is it? not worth the money and probably not worth the time playing it! Sad times for a gamer...
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on 9 August 2013
Great graphics even on the lowest setting. Pseudo free-roaming FPS with added racing games. Knocked one star off as for a game that takes up 25 GB of hard drive space it could have been a lot longer, other than that the game is great fun and I will at some point play the game again on a harder difficulty setting.
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on 29 December 2011
Okay, you've read it before about finding nothing new. And you won't. But let's start at the start. Do NOT allow Steam to intall this as it will take hours and hours. Install directly from dvd's, three in all. And, with update via Steam, will take about 25 mins (dependent upon your system spec). Then start playing a fps which involves searching, collecting, buying and selling and driving in quests and races. My system for info: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, i3 processor, ATI Radeon 4600 series graphics card, 4gb RAM. Game runs perfectly. No, you won't find anything new. But you will have fun. And isn't that the reason you are playing?
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on 10 January 2014
Bought the game a few days ago, after arriving early and getting me all excited i leaped from my bed to start installing.The usual stuff happens, i do some computer stuff and voila its ready to play, as i was only to discover was a steaming sack of lies. Upon attempting to launch the game i was presented with a black loading screen with my cursor on it, and then a message telling me it had stopped working.In short i spent 5 quid on after birth because the software in this is worse than the software in the little LCD screen you have on a microwave
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on 30 October 2011
The Anarchy Edition of Rage comes with a few bonuses:

Sewer Missions.
I think I found these, but to be honest, they were very small and nothing to write home about.

Knuckle Dusters - fists of rage.
Used these once.

Double-barrel shotgun.
This soon becomes a pain as you have to reload it after each shot whereas the single-barrel shotgun takes 6 rounds.

Crimson Armour.
TBH, didn't even notice.

Ratrod Buggy.
Actually used this a lot in the races. Possibly this makes the game easier so if you prefer the hardest challenge available then go with the standard edition instead.

Aside from the above, the review for the Anarchy Edition is the same as my review for the standard edition, reproduced below.


This is a difficult game to review. On the one hand it was really good fun. But on the other hand, it ended way too soon.

On the one hand, it shipped in an unfinished state, as most of the early reviews will testify. But on the other hand, it was pretty good fun to play in the main.

With regards to the bugs, these are now pretty much ironed out. I was originally playing with an ATI card, which teared horribly at the start, but soon got better as patches came out. It was never 100% though. I then upgraded to an NVidia card (as it came with a free Batman Arkham City game!!!), and found the graphics to be a lot more stable.

Installation is simple. It is a steam game, however, you don't install through steam. If you do that it will download the game from the steam servers. Instead, insert the DVDs (there are three of them) and install that way. It will use steam itself, but install the content from the DVDs. It still takes a while, as there are 3 DVDs as mentioned, however, if you do it that way (ie the way the instructions tell you to do it) then it will install from the DVD without downloading from the internet.

Once installed, it will then update itself, so there will be internet downloading then. However, it certainly won't download the entire game. If it tries to, YOU are doing something wrong.

On first playing I wasn't particular impressed with the graphics. Partly because of the tearing, but partly due to the low-res textures as well. Indeed, even on a new NVidia, with maxed out graphics, the textures can be pretty bland close up. Also, there is an annoying habit of loading the graphics in two stages. You get a low res version first, and then the high res version clicks into place on top of it. It looks a bit like a web page rendering and is very offputting.

But the game itself is pretty good fun. Lets get one thing straight. It is not a bit like Fallout. It isn't an RPG by any stretch of imagination. The only RPG element is when you get to pick your costume. Other than that. Zip. This game is an FPS-Racing Game combo. You character won't develop at all.

The story (do we care about that?) has it that the Earth has been nearly destroyed by an asteroid collision. Prior to this, the powers that be buried a load of people in arks, with all the requiredments of starting up again in a hundred years or whatever. Anyway, the asteroid hits, but people survive, and have their own ideas about the future. So when you emerge from your ark, there is an authority in place already, who is not keen on Ark survivors. Oh, and there are mutants and the usual bandits as well, you know the routine.

Blah blah blah, usual scenario.

So, in order to progress through the game, you need to get some wheels, then you can drive about from settlement to settlement picking up jobs and whathaveyou.

The main story arc plays like an on-rails fps. Strictly old-skool too, there is no whopping great arrow pointing you in the right direction all the time. You get a wide variety of weapons, and pretty much all of them can be deadly. This is a problem actually. It was far too easy to get exploding darts and shotgun rounds. If anything, this game is overly generous in the ammo department.
That being said, its nice not to have to count every bullet for a change, and I did like the various scopes available. As you progress through a level, you can pick up stuff you find and loot corpses etc. You can later sell this stuff or use it to make your own weapons etc. I've read a couple of places that people say there is no real inventory. This is untrue. There is a fully functional inventory. You cannot, for instance, fashion a lock cutter if you aren't already carrying all the appropriate ingredients. What is however unusual about the inventory, is that it appears to be limitless. IE, there is no upper weight limit, and you don't have to take into account size of object etc.

What are you opponents like?
Pretty smart in the main, though there are only a few voices used. Hence, their dialogue gets repetitive fairly quickly. When you shoot them they react accordingly, and skuttle for cover if they are still standing. Towards the latter stages of the game they will certainly still be standing. There is another internet myth that characters only react to the kill shot in this game. That is complete and utter nonsense. Indeed, sometimes, it gets boring when you know that the first headshot will knock a helmet off, amd the second one will kill them. But you can make it more amusing by winging an opponent and watching them run one way, only to wing them on the other side and see them run back the other way.

In the FPS, you can use your most powerful weapons at all times, but if you do so the game gets more boring. Save them for when you really need them, and use your weaker weapons most of the time. If you do that, the game is a lot more fun.

There are numerous sidequests and minigames to keep you entertained as well.

Job Board.
Go here and get that.
Go here and shoot baddies with a sniper rifle.
Go back to a previous location used in the main quest, and do it again just to get a random object I want.

There is a mini culture of speedracing in the wasteland. I guess thay have to keep themselves entertained somehow. Anyway, the types of races you compete in are:
1. Time trials. You versus the clock.
2. Non combat race against 3 opponents.
3. Combat race (you get to shoot them with rockets) against 3 opponents.
4. Combat relay. My favourite, you race to get to checkpoints, and earn points by getting there first or blowing up opponents. This is a free-for-all and you can go anywhere on the course you want. In later levels this is a hoot, as the checkpoints are all over the place and it is impossible to get to them all first, so you have to pick and choose more.

If you win or get placed in a race, you get points. And yes, points make prizes. In the form of upgrades to your cars.

Postal Jobs
Throughout the wasteland, you come across letterboxes. These are only ever used on Postal Jobs. You have to deliver stuff to a number of these letterboxes within a time limit, to earn cash. The hardest level on this is a real challenge, and you won't be able to complete it until you've upgraded your car from the races.

I actually enjoyed playing Rage. I did all the side quests, all the deliveries, won all the races, and basically eeked as much as I could out of the game as I played it. But then it ended, for no real reason. There was no final battle, just a damp squib ending which suggested to me that they had to wind the project up to hit a deadline.

So, a good fun game, which I will certainly play again at some point on the hardest setting. But it could have been so much better.
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on 14 October 2011
My PC is far enough for all recent. I've a Core2 Duo processor, 4 GB of RAM, an AMD Radeon HD 6800 with 1 GB DDR3 RAM and Windows 7 32 bits.
The game does not work under these specs, despite applying the patches (games and AMD Preview2 driver). It cannot display the environment more than 1-3 seconds without freezing.
It is simply unplayable. This is the worst glitch I've ever seen, how come they could be release that without enough testing.
I'm not alone, forums are full of people in my situation
Vote with your wallet, don't reward these guys they did a terrible job
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on 2 November 2011
After nearly a month the game is still not running on my computer because i use a graphic card from ati. This is the worst game "experience" i ever had. Really a disappointment. I will never buy an id game anymore.
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on 15 November 2014
Delivered on time and as described, very satisfied. Thank you.
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