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1.8 out of 5 stars41
1.8 out of 5 stars
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on 26 September 2011
I completely agree with Ellie on this film. Again the first 10-15 minutes were ok, showing a general type episode on what happens with their tv series which set up for the main episode 50, but it lost it big time, looked terrible, completely no scares at all, even Watership Down seems more scary than this! Do not waste your money like we have. Bad acting and very boring!! I would give it no stars at all. Being this bad i was suprised to see it in the local sainsbury's store at No.18 in the chart! Don not get fooled! Oh and yes also i found the front cover of the dvd does not feature at all in the film.
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on 2 October 2011
Please don't buy this film its RUBBISH!

I got this after watching the film Grave Encounters, which basically has almost the same plot line as Episode 50, so I thought I'd buy it to compare ect....i really wish I haddn't wasted my money!
The begining shows the characters helping a couple deal with ghosts in their house, which tbh cofused me a bit coz I thought this was a film about investigating a mental asylum. It eventualy gets into that, and in all honnesty there is only one good scary part in this film (and being a 15 its not even that terrifying). The ending is just hilarious, I laughed loads at the stereotypical devil that made an apperance.
The plot is terrible, it develops far to quickly after a very slow start and by that time you just don't care o.O

If you want a good scary film that is all about mental asylums or ghost hunting shows I recommend Grave Encounters....its actualy scary, tense and the acting is far better than in this film, on a lower budget as well, proving to me that when it comes to horror films bigger (productions) is not always better!
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on 27 September 2011
My My, what clean shiny floors this old abandoned lunatic asylum has!! Complete load of tosh this film, Poor Poor acting from the opening scene to the rediculously pointless ending, honestly dont waste your money, throw a tenner out your bedroom window-would be money better spent! Shame i had to give it one star couldnt give any less
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 26 February 2016
This 2011 supernatural detective story focuses on two teams of reporters brought together to do a special 50th programme, one team trying to prove the existence of ‘ghosts’, the other trying to debunk it all.
The short opening, episode 49 starts strong, setting the background and is well filmed and convincingly acted in a documentary style as they investigate a haunting of an ordinary house, and there’s a good bit of science ‘stuff’ that helps it along, but then it starts going downhill. There’s a gung ho bravado/confrontation at the start which destroys the credibility of the teams, and it starts to throw in the spooky ‘events’ far too quickly, lacking any suspense and it;s the cynics crew that panic first. [lose a *]. The documentary style explanations and interview sessions soon wear thin and become intrusive, almost becoming an ’idiots guide to the supernatural’, destroying the ’flow’ and believability [lose a *].
That’s not to say this is dire, there are some genuinely jumpy moments, but the over emotional acting and watching apparitions on playback monitors, just isn’t scary [Lose a *]. Pity, since the final half hour has some good effects and atmosphere, but by then the brain has shut off, as will most viewers.
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on 25 November 2011
i myself am way into haunted asylums. when i read what this film was about i was looking forward to seeing it. however when i did i was so way dissapointed! started off like it was going to be quite good (even tho the acting started off quite poor). the acting got worse and so did the story line! awful film!. a review i just seen said it was scarier than paranormal activity 2 by far! ( i don't mean this personaly as each to there own and all that but...) no way near as good or scary as that! if it was then episode 50 would of made the cinema not paranormal activity and which ever critic spotted this film and decided not to put it in the flicks was 100% correct in not doing so! not worth a watch! so haunted asylum fans and horror fans do not be fooled! the best about this film is the cover! trust me it does not get better!
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on 17 October 2011
Do not buy this film! I have never bothered reviewing anything on here but this film deserves to be avoided!

As someone else has already said if you like the sound of this film then watch Grave Encounters. Same plot and just a better film all round.

The acting in this film is awful, there are no scares whatsoever, the ending is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen and it is just an awful awful film.
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on 12 January 2015
I don't know why so many people have down right slated this film as it really isn't that bad. It's much more entertaining than films like Paranormal Activity where you sit waiting for ages for something to happen!

OK, some of the acting is a bit questionable but the characters are still believable and the storyline is slightly different to that of Grave Encounters which all those that slate this film seem to compare it to.

It has quite a good creepy atmosphere which you will really appreciate if you watch it alone in the dark!

If you just watch it without trying to compare to similar films you might find that you actually enjoy it.

It kept me entertained to the end.
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on 10 April 2016
I sometimes find that films will present a story but at the end leave you up in the air trying to draw some some sort of conclusion. 'Episode 50' is polar opposite to this - there is nothing that is not shown in fine detail and if the filmmakers think something is just the tiniest bit obscure they make sure one of the characters explains it to the audience. The result is a film that is not the slightest bit frightening. It doesn't help that the characters see apparitions and don't seem to be the slightest bit fazed about having contacted supernatural entities. They are warned to leave but dismiss this out-of-hand and carry on doing rather silly things like inviting demons into their mind. Weird. Some of the acting is way over the top but some of it is OK. In regard to the disk, my copy of the film plays out at 78 minutes not the 107 currently showing on the Amazon UK website. Thankfully. As this has some found footage elements these are the obligatory grainy segments. The audio is Dolby Digital 5.1 but the rear channels can become very heavy at times obscuring the dialogue. This is just OK entertainment and nothing special. But if you want to switch off your brain for a short time you can watch this - you won't have to think about anything as you are completely spoonfed the story.
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on 22 September 2011
Don't buy this expecting Paranormal Activity/Paranormal Entity because you will be disappointed big time! The first five minutes were promising but drifted off and died almost as instantly as it started and carries on in that fashion throughout. I am a massive fan of the Blair Witch project, Paranormal Activity and the Tunnel being filmed entirely with a cam recorder; if you're like me and love the atmosphere of shaky camera movies please don't waste your time on this movie like I did last night. I felt no connection with any of the actors or the storyline. The acting is seriously bad and cheesy! You can tell from the beginning it is an extremely low budget movie that is just trying to capitalize on all the other paranormal movies. Episode 50 offers no jumps or scares what so ever. The front cover of the DVD case isn't even in the movie! There is no big twist or fantastic ending.

I wish someone had wrote a review of the film before I bought it because I can no longer return it due to the seal being broken. If you want a good movie I suggest: Session 9, Atrocious, Insidious. Even the Fourth Kind is better than this!

Read the reviews and choose wisely before purchasing this! I believe the only people that will like this are the type of people that like cheesy acting and TV movies.
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on 23 October 2011
Takes about 50 minutes to build it up, the it's the ending, which is atrocious, do not buy!!!
Spend your money on toilet roll it would be a better investmentEpisode 50 [DVD]
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