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3.7 out of 5 stars1,051
3.7 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
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VINE VOICEon 24 February 2012
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 picks up not long after MW2 ends. The story is fantastic if short, throughout. Intertwined with varied missions and elaborate set pieces it's the perfect package. The main pull towards Call of Duty has always been the multiplayer and that's the case here.

In MW3 there are added options and perks are split into three groups, these are Assault, Support and Specialist. Therefore, the players options are extended particularly in the area of support as in this group when you die kill streaks are not reset. Less experienced players can find kill streaks such as stealth bomber and juggernaut here. Furthermore, the streaks are designed to help your team more overall than pure destructive death from an AC-130. The specialist group gives you additional perks which while gaining no rewards in the way of a kill streak. More perks, gives you a bigger overall advantage.

Plenty of options in MW3's multiplayer and Kill Confirmed is a fantastic inclusion with the name of the game being picking up dog tags of fallen enemies to score, or fallen comrades to prevent the other team from scoring. There is still camping but this is a more offensive game type than Team Deathmatch. Other options include the Survival mode which in effect is a revamp of the spec-ops mode in MW2. The mode is a good way to scout out maps and get used to them before taking them online.

Graphics 10 As we've come to expect from Infinity Ward, MW3 looks spectacular.
Sound 8 Riveting soundtrack plus good quality voice acting.
Gameplay 10 Fun, addictive and more addictive.
Lifespan 10 It's almost limitless with the multiplayer.

Whilst the story is short, clocking in at around six or so hours the multiplayer has been improved and is now significantly more accessible to more inexperienced users. Infinity Ward needs to come back with a little more originality next time but the overall fact remains and that is Modern Warfare 3 is one of the best experiences to be had on the Xbox 360. 9/10.
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on 1 November 2013
This game, flew into our hangs and our hearts with its epic world story line. Intense set pieces and truly terrifying battles. This game has it all and really sets itself apart from sub standard FPS. Any review with less than 4 stars is an outright lie, ignore and will not be disappointed in this masterpiece
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on 24 February 2012
Many people loved MW2 I myself never had MW2, and loads of people say that MW2 is better than this. I really enjoyed Black Ops unlike most people but I do have criticisms for Black ops and I have criticisms for MW3. Firstly the Campaign is fine just continuing from where MW2 left off and is actually quite a thrilling campaign but I thought BO had the best campaign so I'll say no more on that. The Multiplayer is the pride and joy of these first person shooters but there are some flaws. FMG9 Akimbos are very overpowered considering they are default weapons and are very nooby and really annoying, The Type 95 another overpowered weapon and like the FMG9 akimbos will have you in tears as your killstreak is put to an end by some Tw@ with the type 95. It's not just weapons though Hinds and Cobras are really annoying as well Hinds circle the and kill people and Cobras just cover the whole map killing people, I'm not sure if they were like in MW2 as well but that's just my inexperience. People like IW's games for the sniping abilities and quick scopers who run round the map P****** you off with an L9118A or an MSR and some overpowered weapon as their secondary just in case they miss you first time. The Strike Packages are an innovative and new feature which I really like and find really useful because I often find myself needing more perks in a game so if I have specialist strike package on I can earn all the perks in the game with an 8 killstreak (inlcuding perks I haven't unlocked like Scavenger which isn't unlocked until LVL 39). As far as strike package go I only ever use Specialist and Assault. Also infected is a really fun game mode which IW have now put in Community playlists so you can now earn XP for the games you play.
Overall the game is good, but if you have a short fuse and get frustrated/angry easily then this game is not for you.
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on 27 November 2011
It's World War 3 in this game, if you have played a past COD game you know how the campaign plays out, high thrills, intense action, explosive set piece moments. It's good for the most part if you are looking for that, but if like me you have played past games in the series you may feel like it's a bit too similar. It's probably the shortest campaign in the series.

There is spec ops, which introduces a survival mode where you take on endless waves of enemies with a lot of variety, a good addition to the series.

The multiplayer is almost a copy-paste of MW2 with new maps, looks the same, plays practically the same, now this is not bad because I liked MW2 they just needed to balance some things out, and they did:

- Weaker explosives (noob tube, nades, etc)
- No shotgun as secondary (and they are weaker and shorter range)
- No danger close
- No last stand
- No commando knife lunging
- Killstreaks are weaker (and they are, Pavelow is still a b**** though)

And for the most part these fixes are great. There is a support killstreak package which means if you die the killstreak keeps on counting up regardless. This is pretty good change to the series as most of the killstreaks are team focussed, you can get a stealth bomber which doesn't make sense are it can still wipe out a whole team.

In the game there is not really a "go-to" perk (past games being stopping power, and ghost in black ops), you can use what you want and feel like you're not at a disadvantage... for the most part, the sheer amount of UAV's and advance UAV's really make cold blooded a perk you may feel you need which kills some of the enjoyment. Due to the support streak anyone and everyone can get a UAV and it still requires few kills, it's a very powerful killstreak and it would have been nice if the required more kills, because of that I use the cold blooded perk all the time, not always in SnD as it's slower/more controlled.

The maps... the maps are a let down. Badly designed, very close quarters, no big map, no overgrown, no wasteland, mostly smallish maps with a lot of buildings and a lot of flanking positions. I liked to use my environments to my advantage but it's a lot harder in MW3, it promotes rushing and makes it easier to rush so if you're a slower player you may get annoyed. Of course there will be a few maps you will like with another problem is that with 16 maps you may never play it in a whole day! The voting system allows you to choose between 2 maps, but if it's a tie it doesn't go to a random map and I can't understand why not.

They removed some cool features from black ops such as customising the gun reticle/reticle colour/lens colours (now you can only choose reticles no colour), customising your characters face paint, and your gun is what sets your characters outfit no longer their perks (I preferred the perk way)

All in all, a decent fun game we have come to expect. But with minimalistic changes - most of which feel like they could have been a patch - the striking similarities to past games makes MW3 get old quick (some may argue it's barely a new game)! You could get similar enjoyment from past games for a cheaper price.
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on 21 March 2013
With great success comes the inevitable backlash. Millions of people across the world love the `Call of Duty' franchise, but there will always be a vocal minority who say it is rubbish - I am one of those people, or at least was. The annual trudge of `CoD' games had taken their toll on me, the endless explosions and storylines I just don't care about. I also have a distinct loathing for the multiplayer aspects that so many people love - I'm just not into dying every 5 seconds. So what makes `Modern Warfare 3' better than the past few games? A combination of me skipping a year and some genuinely impressive set pieces.

There is no doubt that `MW3' is more of the same, but this is the same that has been the biggest selling franchise in this generation of game consoles. We follow the exploits of Captain Price et al as they are fighting a covert war against invading Russian forces. The game takes you all over the globe and you inhabit the skin of several characters. Stand out scenes include moving up towards a rocket and underwater mine attack. I enjoyed `MW3' more than `Black Ops' as the story seemed to make more sense to me. There was linearity to the narrative that did jump across the globe, but at least it told a coherent story.

Having had a year or two away from the franchise I came back refreshed and once more impressed with the visuals and spectacular set pieces. I was also happy to see that the AI appears to have been improved, with enemies actually seeming to stop spawning after a while. As usual the game also contains a comprehensive online aspect, but the multiplayer does not appeal to me. However, it does prolong the life of the game far beyond its solo 6-8 hour campaign. My advice to any jaded `Call of Duty' former fan would be to take a break for a couple of years and go back. You may just discover why the series was so highly regarded in the first place.
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on 10 November 2012
I bought this game when it first came out and after a week or two I lost interest and regretted buying it.

It's more or less the same as the previous Modern Warfares; same mechanics, same menus, same graphics and same repetitiveness. When I finished the campaign I was annoyed at how bad it was and even more annoyed at myself thinking the campaign was going to be any good at all, like the previous games it's basically just shooting a bunch of Russians over and over again with a terrible story line following through the missions and even though the series mainly relies on multiplayer for game play I'm still disappointed at how little effort went into the story, it shouldn't even be there if it feels written in less than fifteen minutes (which it probably was) and has less game play time.

I didn't like the multiplayer either, the map design is terrible and the guns seem to be taken from previous games and just renamed and thrown in there with the other 'new' guns to make it look like it's brand new. The new mechanic with leveling up guns is probably the biggest change since the last game, it's decent enough but it's pretty easy to get a gun fully leveled up if you use it enough. Oh yeah and the menus are a different colour!

In total the game mechanics are solid enough but the actual game lacks new features to make the game unique in the Call of Duty franchise, It's not a bad game but it feels like your paying for the same game every year. One year isn't enough time to make a quality game and it really shows too.
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on 13 July 2012
i was extremely excited when i revived this game last Christmas but not for very long
the campaign is just another cod campaign most of them feel the same except blackops
the multiplayer though is were it lets it down
problems with multiplayer:

emp's - if someone can get 18 kill is a game, almost anyone can, you can take out any air support and stop the other team from launching kill streaks, the amount of times i've had ac-130's and ended to game without using them due to emp's

the maps- too many obstacles, too many hiding places, people blend into to well with the maps making them hard to see, too big and its way to easy to trap the teams in their spawns

the spawning is awful, this along with the maps is what makes the game almost unplayable. they introduced a new spawning system so when you kill someone they respawn near you in order to get a revenge kill. two problems with this; 1. if you on a high skill streak someone can spawn 5 feet behind you and kill you. 2. if someone knows the spawn system you get killed instantly after spawning and both of these happen allot.

its really laggy

hot migration - not only is host migration by its self annoying but if you are holding a grenade or throwing knife, it throws and doesn't kill people. and if you have air support up it continues taking time out of it but it again cant kill

the good:

the demoltion game mode has been improved so that if you draw the first two rounds then the thrid is a balanced sabotage type game mode unlike the unfair style in previous cods
and the spawns change so the spawn killing isnt as bad like in previous cods

killstreaks - the option to run different killstreak setups with different classes
the option to run support, assault or specialist but they should take emp's out of the game and move remote sentry's and stealth bombers to the assault package

this game is incredibly frustrating but has moments of brilliance
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on 7 July 2012
First off this review is about the multiplayer; got the single player done on veteren in 2 days and never went back.

It's difficult to know where to start with this game without lambasting it back to the stone ages so I'll start with a positive ... sorry, I got nothing. Yes the game does have brief moments of enjoyment where memories of MW2 and even COD4 shine through but they are usually few and far between. What could be a good FPS is marred (in my opinion) by a lot of issues, and here they are:

Compared to the previous outings, the underlying network code has become very poor. Regularly it will appear as if a single bullet has killed you after registering multiple hits on the other player. Too many times have I seen bullets turn up before the player's character is rendered, pop-up anyone? Yes, I play with a 2mbps connection but so do a lot of other people therefore it's no excuse and also a yellow connection on COD4 still had me 25 for 4 K/D.

All of the maps have been stamped from the same template, the one labelled "built up with lots of pointless tat". Wide open maps like 'Derail', 'Wasteland', 'Overgrown' and 'Creek' have gone. In their place are maps with lots of corridors and blind corners. Subsequently the game play becomes very reptitive with everyone running to the same spot only to find the camper get there first.

Why does quick scoping still exist? My biggest issue with this is that it just isn't skill. When the player aims down scope the character automatically (via computer) tracks an enemy head. This has been carried through to the sniper class and completely undermines the point of a sniper. It allows players to get a close range kill without properly aiming. When Robert Bowling said they'd decided to leave it in it meant one thing, they didn't know how to fix it.

Game results are very predictable with one team always amounting a massive lead over their opponents. This can also be seen in the lobby where it always appears like teams are composed of a bunch of hangers-on plus the hero (cue ripped Rambo-esque character) always at the top of the leaderboard with his 30 kills (they're are also known as that camping little git in the corner).

These are what I believe are the main issues with this latest outing, what follows in a simplified list are my personal grievances;
- Prestige is insignificant and now only represents how long a player has been playing for.
- Respawn is useless with constant random respawn points as well as regular team respawn flipping.
- Grenades and rocket launchers are now useless and can't be used to flush out campers (however some don't see this as propblem for obvious reasons).
- What's the point in assualt streaks when I can die 20 times and still get an EMP?

On a final note, the reason I've given it three stars is that it's Sledgehammer's first outing with the COD multiplayer so there will be a few hiccups. Also, like I said right back at the beginning, when you dig really deep there are brief moments of MW2 and COD4 like gameplay.
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on 5 June 2012
As a teenager I am constantly bombarded with video games that usually turn out to be good. Much like every other male between the ages of 12 and 38 who live in a developed country, I have played and own several additions of the prestigious CoD series.
I thought that CoD 4 was superb. I thought that MW2 was OK, as it added some new features, Special Ops for one, and updated the multiplayer experience. However, I'm struggling to come up with features to merit MW3 the £40 price tag.
The story is OK. It rounds off the story, but by the end I didn't care. I didn't understand why I was storming a beach in Hamburg, or why I was sneaking into a stronghold in Prague. It just isn't awe-inspiring or anything spectacular. The Spec. Ops mission do provide some variety if you're looking for a short mission after you complete the 4-hour-long disappointing campaign.
A new feature is Survival, which is, for all intents and purposes, WaW/ Black Ops Zombies, if you replace the zombies with regular gun-toting enemies.
The multiplayer, on the other hand, is almost entirely the same. Sure they add some new modes and some more titles, emblems and maps, but that was what was expected. They do nothing new. They add the bare essentials, and nothing more. Just play MW2.
In conclusion, IW spent the year-long development period copy-and-pasting almost everything from the superior sequel, concluding the boring plot half-assedly in a way no-one understands, adds some simple modes, flips off Treyarch and then sits down in the board room and watches the entire 10 seasons of Friends until their mums and dads come to pick them up.
My final verdict is three stars. Only buy when the price is down, and ignore the multiplayer. Just play the MW2 online instead. It provides some momentary snippets of fun when playing Survival or Spec. Ops online with buddies.
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on 19 May 2012
To explain the perspective of this review: I am an avid player of video games (especially first-person shooters), I am attached to Battlefield 3 (but steer clear of bias) and I'd like to think that I give even the worst of games a fair chance. I never approached the online aspects of Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2 or Black Ops, but I have played through the campaign on Veteran difficulty for all of them and me and my friends ran MW2's local multiplayer into the ground.

In a word, Modern Warfare 3's campaign is boring. It's the same ridiculous premise as the last two (which is to be expected from a sequel) that anyone with the ability to press a button on the controller can complete. The majority of the missions in all of the games in the Modern Warfare series can be completed by simply allowing your team to do the hard work while you sit in a side room and occasionally shoot at whichever gun-toting, ridiculous-accent wielding soldier that slips through the firing line, and when the 'infidels' are dead you emerge victorious and take all of the credit for 'defeating the baddies'. Modern Warfare 3, however, comes with an extra sprinkling of 'look how much fun this isn't' by grabbing the breach-and-clear mechanism introduced in the earlier games and running with it until Captain Price looks like he's going to throw up from all of the exercise. To balance whatever bias you may incorrectly think I'm applying, Battlefield 3's campaign is god-awful as well.

Now, for the multiplayer. As I said before, I haven't had a proper experience with online in the previous games, but I actually find MW3 online to be really fun. (BIAS NEUTRALISATION: Battlefield 3 is great as well, but they are two completely different styles of play and are just as fun as each other in their own right.) Now that that's out of the way, MW3 gives a huge selection of game modes that will keep you entertained until the cows come home, and if you don't own any cows then don't buy any - you'll be spending too much angering 12-year-old at how undeveloped their reflexes are and you'll end up neglecting them; on that note, MW3 is considerably less fun if you forget to turn your Xbox 360's voice volume down to zero, but once the sound of pre-pubescent squawking has been silenced you can take the time to enjoy it. To name a few modes; Team Deathmatch is fast-paced and exciting, Infected is great for when you have little time to play but want to get a few games in, and Kill Confirmed adds an extra element of skill to TD that sorts the men from the squeaky-voiced boys. The Spec Ops is great as well, with standard and survival modes that work well with friends.

All in all, Modern Warfare 3 stands out to be a solid online shooter. The gun rank system is great, there is fun in constantly customising your set-ups and as long as you mute everyone who screams or plays 'Let The Bodies Hit The Floor' in the lobby then you'll find the hours fly by and that you enjoyed those hours immensely. Unfortunately, the game is let down by its absolutely dire single-player campaign, but if you are the sort of person who hates games that involve any thinking and would rather just be told exactly what to do then who knows, maybe you should give it a shot. Just don't come moaning to me when you discover that when you open doors in real life, everything is NOT in slow-motion.
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