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Customer Reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
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on 8 November 2011
Sadly, this will be the last Call Of duty I buy. It's exactly the same as the past 2 games, with only a couple of changes to the multiplayer.

Single player campaign is woeful, completely scripted with terrible story and it's over in 3 hours. Why oh why does this get such high scores? The multiplayer. But really? is it that good?

I ask myself because realisation has set in - its just kind of boring. I've got fed up with the same old thing. The fact is, what we have here is nearly a decade old concept that is basically being cleaned and recycled once a year for the same price. There is no heart to this game - no flair. The whole experience is so cookie cutter that I actually got bored of it within a couple of hours.

It's by no stretch a terrible game, but it just doesn't need to be here, if you have the original modern warfare you have this. Don't bother wasting your money.
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on 18 November 2011
I'm hearing a lot of buzz both unnecessarily negative and unnecessarily positive. With absolutely no agenda or brand loyalty I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring.

Firstly, loved MW1 and MW2 - really, really wanted to love Black Ops - bought and played the hell out of it, multi-player was good at times, but the graphical downgrade from MW2 (I know they're made by 2 different companies - but still) just bugged me and the bits I thought would be innovative (Gun Game etc) or just plain fun (Remote Car bombs!!) Felt gimmicky very quickly. Single player was an unbearably dull shooting gallery (for me anyway).

So, with this in mind I was kind of reluctant to pick up MW3. However, after clearing Batman Arkham City, needed new entertainment so thought I'd give it a shot (no pun).
I, for one, am unbelievably glad I did! Its always about multi-player as far as I'm concerned. That's what I'm paying for, anything else that works well (i.e. Spec Ops) is just gravy.
I LOVE the new progression system - levelling up your character, your weapons etc. Basically means I feel I'm being constantly rewarded for my efforts in small ways! I'm a veteran player - just not a particularly skilled one! My kill / death ratio always hangs around the break even mark, but I'm having an immense amount of fun anyway! I do confess to playing with all other players pretty much muted, so if you're giving me grief or praise when I'm playing - I hear none of it!

Along with the new progression system I'm really enjoying some of the new modes - especially 'Kill Confirmed' which brings a different tactical element to the mayhem (that and I seem to be pretty good at it), the basic premise here being that when you shoot someone, they die and drop their dog tags which must be retrieved in order to 'confirm' the kill. Similarly, if one of your team mates collects the tags - the kill is also confirmed. On the other hand, should an opponent collect those tags of his fallen comrade then the kill is 'denied'. The good thing about this mode is that, though you still pick up EXP for the kills - your team only scores points for collected tags (which brings extra EXP for the one collecting AND the one who made the kill). This promotes team work in a way that a standard team deathmatch tends not to.

As for the moans, I have none. For two reasons: Firstly, I have little to no interest in the single player, I'll probably try it, but will be pleasantly surprised if it holds my interest (that said MW1 and MW2 actually DID hold my interest - Black Ops not so much); Secondly, the graphics are basically MW2 (i.e. very bloody good) quality, but smoother and more consistently held at a high frame rate. I really don't understand the problem that others have with the graphics on this game. They look pretty sweet to me! Maybe I need a new TV? Maybe they need a new TV? Who knows?

Anyway, I heartily recommend ignoring all of the reviews and making your own mind up. If you like this sort of game, chances are you're going to love this one!
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on 21 March 2015
I bought this 'game' as a belated birthday gift (I was receiving treatment) for my step son Lesley (after ...Grantham, 'East Enders'' 'Dirty Den' Watts, his mother was a big fan. It wouldn't have happened had I been on the scene then, Mr Grantham is a murderer, after all, and something of a sexual deviant if I remember rightly).
It's very violent but I'm hoping it will encourage him to be less effeminate, to 'man up' as they say these days, 'grow a pair' and join the army or something before he ends up becoming a you know what.
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on 21 February 2013
I was quite apprehensive about buying MW3 as I had heard mixed opinions, so I decided to try it out. On first look I was impressed by the look of the box and the main menu, I did the first level of the campaign and found the graphics to be pretty good.


As soon as I went on Multiplayer the very first thing I noticed was the fuzzy graphics, (in-fact they were so bad I felt almost sea sick just from playing), and it definatley isn't my Tv as I play other cod games with no issues with the graphics, definitely taking it back.
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on 9 November 2011
For starters I am not a Battlefield owner so have no hidden agenda, I previousley played World at War, Mod2, and Black Ops so a big COD player but oh dear Modern Warfare3 upon first impression is such a let down, bought it for the multi player ranked up to 15 so had a decent go, first impressions Graphics are worse than black ops, how can that happen? The gameplay is more or less the same as any other Call of Duty so its reliant on the maps to provide variation and interest, but what have they done here? All maps are much of a muchness compared to Mod2 maps which had Afghan, Favelas, Wasteland ,Terminal, Highrise, Skidrow ,Rundown etc etc and Black Ops which maps included Firing Range, Summit, NukeTown, Jungle,Crisis ,Launch ,WMD etc all hugely different maps which can be easily distinguished and needed players to adopt different playing styles and use different weapons to succeed, the maps on MOD3 all seem to look and play the same I cannot say I dislike or like any of them because they are not different enough,boring in other words, all in all very lazy from the game producers.

When I buy a new game i expect not to put it down, but I played in the afternoon and did not bother going on in the evening, It did not grab me and feel exciting to play.

For me this is really a step backwards for Call of Duty and the game producers must be laughing all the way to the bank, all at the expense of loyal COD players.
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on 17 December 2011
I loved modern warfare 2 and black ops took a bit of getting used to but I enjoyed that. After getting modern warfare 3 I felt dissapointed. Now I do play mostly online so that is what my review will be mostly based on. The single player is what you'd expect from the cod series, massive explosions and chases. I really like the survival mode, where the player must survive waves of enemies, similar to zombie mode of black ops. However it has an arcade feel to it which I found refreshing. Sadly this was all I enjoyed of the game which is where I move to the online play.

Now this is my opinion and I would suggest renting before buying to absolutely sure this is for you.
The maps are aweful. Previous cods, its always been majority are good with 1 or 2 maps which are annoying to play. MW3 that's the other way around. I understand that the maps were designed to reduce sniper camping, which is why there are very few high vantage points. Which, ok , I understand , the flip side though since the maps are "flatter" with more twists and turns. The amount of corner rat campers are rife. As someone said in a previous review. Bullet damage is high so the campers are thus rewarded for camping. Since by the time you notice the rat camping in a bush/corner.... Your dead. The maps are maps of rubble and dust. Another major flaw is the slight lag. So many times in a firefight you think you have ducked around the corner for cover only to die. After watching the killcam it shows that you never actually got around the corner. So many times I've felt like snapping my controller. I thought maybe I was too used to black ops, but I have since prestiged 3 times and its as annoying as ever and the campers are getting worse. I will be trading in once metal gear hd collection is released
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on 14 December 2015
We received a faulty disc, It will not play past a certain level. we checked online to make sure we were doing everything right to progress through the game and we were, our disc was just buggy. Bought a new copy from a different seller, played the level challenge through in the same way and and progressed fine. I did not ask the seller for an exchange or refund as this was a gift for someone and I wanted them to have it right away.
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on 10 November 2011
Don't get me wrong, I do like the game but there are a few niggling issues that, for a series as renowned as CoD, just shouldn't be present.

For starters, the levels are just far too short in single-player. You're just getting into the action when suddenly, it's over and you're instantly dropped into a new area as a completely different character. The game feels like it has been created by the developers conjuring up a number of set pieces and then trying to stitch them together haphazardly to provide a compelling storyline - it doesn't work.

To be fair, the two previous instalments set the bar very high and MW3 has simply fallen short.

The game starts at 100mph and doesn't slow down at all which means that there really is no pacing to the action as there was in the previous titles. You get the impression they are jumping on the popularity of the multi-player from MW2 and trying to make single-player appeal to those gamers by making it relentless fire-fights with no element of stealth required. Even if you try the stealthy approach, the action goes noisy through no fault of your own EVERY time.

I'm also unimpressed that they have dropped the number of Spec Ops missions, another feature that proved massively popular in MW2, down to just the 16 levels. No doubt they have a lucrative plan to release more via the PSN Store but for 40 quid you expect to get at least the same as you got in the last outing and they haven't delivered here.

Those are the main gripes anyway. As I said, although it detracts from the quality, it doesn't tarnish the game completely. The set-pieces are stunning, if pushing the boundaries of believability to their absolute limits this time out, and the graphics are very impressive as well. The weapons feel more powerful with great sound to accompany them.

As a previous reviewer said though, it's just a shame it feels more like an expansion pack than a new game.

I think expectations for the release were understandably so high that there was always the potential that it may struggle to meet the hype and unfortunately it has proven so in my opinion.

It's fast, it's fun but it's certainly not the best in the series. Not by quite some distance.
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on 11 November 2011
OK for me multiplayer is the thing. I loved Modern Warfare 2 but not so much Black Ops. This is based on the multiplayer alone. This is where people spend the Majority of their time.

Good points. The maps graphically are great looking and it does make a change for the maps to be much more non camper friendly. The Guns are pretty much what we've seen throughout the Modern Warfare series. Levelling the guns to your play style is actually really good as some guns I would consisder not to use but with these added extras it makes it more enjoyable to Pick your next unlocked weapon and set it up. The perks too are great, taking out stopping power, makes each player as vunerable as the other. Golden weapons are also back in the game. The 3 types of killstreaks are great. Assault, Support and the specials, this allows you to run with more than 3 perks once you get the kills.

Bad points: Well being a very keen Cod4 fan, prestiged twice and then moving onto MW2 I thought that things could only get better. But I was wrong and I have now got to level 75 in one day of playing (in hours game play time) And now this has started to bore me. I have become more familiar to all the maps and there is nothing more than a one dimensional side to each and every map. You are unable to climb 97 percent of surfaces. So each map although there are 16 becomes familiar far too quick. The engine is exactly the same so dont think there is going to be anything special here as you will automatically have the feel for the game. It is infact an expensive 16 map pack to almost being MW2. Although it doesnt at all play as smooth as modern warfare 2. Match macking after almost 4 days is a disaster and the ability for most people to host is a joke, It seems as if Activision have made poor judgement on the fact that Black Ops server were good. And boy this is were they have messed up completely. You would think that a multi million Franchise deserves more than poor servers to the point DEDICATED. If you are the host then truly you will love it but if not then expect to open up a half clip into a person. With no hit markers showing to watch a replay to see yourself die without firing a single shot. This infact is the same as Black Ops today. And the spawns are like Nuke Town used to be until they patched it.

And who the hell cares about Call of duty Elite, its a matter of fiqures, not actual game play. Majorities again just want to play the game with their friends and enjoy it. Its a such a poor let down to what could have been. Do your self a favour stick to Mw2 or Black ops til they can actually make a game considerably better other than worse.
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on 1 January 2012
Here we go again, COD time of year. I will not be buying this game, after playing it at a friends house i can confirm its the same old game with new rubbish maps, i was a big COD fan but they are just giving us the same game every year and charging us £40 for it. All i can say is thank god for Battlefield 3.
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