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3.9 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3Change
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41 of 45 people found the following review helpful
on 13 March 2012
SSX Tricky and SSX3 were great games. This is not. It isn't a bad game as such but it does give the impression that it has not been properly thought through. As other reviewers have said, the HUD is a mess and the unbelievably dumb positioning of the timer, which pops up right in front of you blocking your view, give the impression that the game wasn't properly tested before release. Perhaps a patch could fix these gross errors?

There is a huge number of tracks, but the problem is that not many of them are what you would call fun. Many are very similar, despite apparently being in different countries and many of them are just too difficult to have a meaningful race on. I'm not against difficulty per se, but the number of blind landings which are actually cliff edges and hidden crevasses make some of the tracks a lottery and more frustrating than fun; especially when coupled with the poor steering.

The addition of ice axes and oxygen and wing suits etc just look like gimmicks. Unnecessary gimmicks at that.

My biggest gripe though is with the genius at EA who decided that no one would want a 2 player mode. Unbelievable! Yes, you can race on line against `friends' (ie strangers mostly) but why not against a real friend or family member in your own living room?


After ploughing through this game and getting my platinum this is going back on the shelf and will, very likely, never get played again. I don't have a huge collection of PS3 games but this is one of the least enjoyable games I've ever played and after Tricky and SSX3 a real disappointment.
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20 of 22 people found the following review helpful
on 7 March 2012
I have always been a huge fan of SSX and have been looking forward to this version since it was announced,Graphically this looks great and runs very smooth,
i will say character personalization is pretty poor but thats ok because you never get to see what others look like online...however styling your own racer would have been far better than predefined outfits for each racer.I would much rather create a character and build them from start to finish but SSX has a story and characters,not just any story a really bad and dull story.Apparently we have to own every mountain before Griff.WOW edge of the seat stuff there...Shame Griff is awful and i beat him first time on every challenge.

Come on EA surely you have been creating games long enough to get rid of weak background stories and concentrate on gaming.

The online features im quite happy with,i actually prefer live mountains with whoevers playing it and a ghost of record holders.
I also like the fact you can play your own music.

The tracks range from great to just stupid,yes you can get down them all but snowboarding is meant to be fun and a lot of the tracks are made to be so dangerous that they are not fun to play,i love a challenge in gaming so its not that they are hard... its that they are frustrating and when you do go off the edge there is no respawn(that would have been ok).Noooooo they have a rewind button that i am forever pressing by accident when i want to grind tree trunks ect....but this feature of rewind is awful because as you fly off of a verge you can't see where your going to land so you might have a huge combo going that you can never land because there is no powder below you,just a drop in to a white abyss,ah but you realize that your going to fall in to an abyss after 4 or 5 seconds so you click rewind....well in races the time keeps ticking so you wind back to a surface which can take 4 or 5 seconds then let go to get back in play only to find you let go to early and still cant control the trajectory,BAMMMM! back in same abyss so you have to rewind again.Who thought this was fun?

My last complaint is with the controls,there are 3 different control methods,both sticks,1 stick and buttons and classic from old ssx games,problem is they have added so many pointless and not fun other things to deal with that you are pressing to many buttons,wingsuit,oxygen all these different things add little to the game but add another button.also the whole control system just feels like they have to many buttons mapped and really a lack of a decent combo system.

When the game is good its great but for me they designed the game by saying oh we have a button we havent used we need a new feature,games like this should be simple and fun but complex to master the combo system,I do like the game but will it last me months like previous SSX games? no,infact 5 days after buying it i am hardly playing it.

Overall i will say as EA do to often,
pointless back story,
long restart times if you wish to restart a run,
some great tracks,
some awful tracks,
to much over design where almost every track needs a new thing to do like wing suit or oxygen.

If i wanted to play pilot wings id buy it.

Game has everything to be fantastic but slightly ruined by to many bad ideas trying to fill out something that in its purest form is at its most fun.

Don't get me wrong its a good game but it has been slightly ruined by to many ideas that don't add to the game.
EA keep to snowboarding and keep the contols light and the combos TRICKY.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 14 June 2012
My main feeling on playing this game was of frustration; the tracks are overly tortuous with far too many holes (crevices) in them. These holes (when one falls in them) cause one to have to either restart the level or "rewind" (literally) back to a point of your choosing to have another go at missing the hole. This rewind mechanism is VERY tedious and one often has to rewind several times to overcome one's "mistake", the clock is also ticking on races as you rewind at 1.0x speed meaning generally that you lose if you rewind. The word "mistake" in the above sentance is in quotation marks because so many of the holes in the game are invisible to one until one is actually heading into them, requiring one to take a long winded trial and error approach to getting down a track.

This game could have been a lot better by simply improving the track design and rebooting the "reset" option when you go wrong, as in previous games. However the basic game "physics" are very good; the sense of speed is great, the graphics are great and the whole things runs very smoothly but these things are not enough.

The trick system is actually quite good and occasionally I found myself enjoying the trick competitions quite a lot (when I wasn't avoiding irritatingly placed obsticles).

This game lacks a convincing storyline, doesn't feel fun and the extra game mechanics (gliding, racing in the dark etc) feel tacked on or are excruciatingly frustrating (the tunnel level in Africa especially so).

I tried to enjoy this game as I did greatly the previous incarnations of the series however I was just spending too much time going slowly around obsticles, down holes, reloading and just getting frustrated.


Mediocre; definitely not the great game we have all come to expect from an SSX.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 17 September 2014
From the outset SSX looks stunning, whisking players around the world over a variety of gorgeously detailed mountain regions. The presentation is slick when navigating a world globe to visit different destinations, rotating the globe will allow players to check out the Himalayas, Siberia, and many more other cool boarding hotspots. The various mountain regions distinguish themselves through design and attention to detail. Siberia presents its abandoned electrical stations and frozen power lines for players to grind on. Speeding down Kilimanjaro looks amazing when navigating its tight tunnels and claustrophobic layout. New Zealand allows players to race over frozen dams and boost off the edges in spectacular fashion. Lighting streaks through trees and other environmental obstacles; bouncing off snowy hills and steep jumps.

The colour palette is mostly limited to white (for obvious reasons), but the faithful recreation of the mountain slopes is really impressive and meticulous in design. Animations are fluid and smooth in motion, the motion capture has done an excellent job of capturing realistic movement and balance. The boarders react to the complexity of many slopes and how the terrain mixes it up its verticality. Physics respond accurately and do a good job of determining whether you land jumps right or how well you respond to the demanding nature of particular slopes. The soundtrack is excellent, RUN DMC take charge with their groundbreaking hip-hop. Though there is a healthy mix of dub step, electronica and house music.

The character models are a little sloppy in places, granted the attention should be on the experience, but the boarders take a backwards step in their presentation.

Starting at the Rockies in Colorado, a couple of tutorials will help players get into the swing of the action. From there on riders can take part in races and death defying challenges. Once a mountain range is completed, more will open up to tackle. The final challenge at the end of each mountain region is taking on the deadly descent. The deadly descents consist of racing away from an avalanche, using your wing suit to traverse large chasms or using an ice axe to navigate slippery mountainsides. These challenges are completely thrilling, but may require several attempts due to the difficulties they can pose. The different mountain regions require riders to purchase different items in order for them to complete challenges successfully i.e. buy oxygen masks for high altitude descents, solar body warmers for extremely cold slopes, or armour when speeding through a number of trees and obstacles.

Of course, all of this wouldn't be complete without being able to pull some crazy tricks. Landing tricks will help players build their boost bar until it reaches tricky. Once in tricky mode you can let fly with all kinds of crazy moves whilst mid air. keep doing this and eventually you'll be able to perform super tricks. The super tricks look amazing in full flow, riders will breakdance on their boards when flying through the air, spin and twist in a manner that looks painful, but ultimately bringing total satisfaction to player immersion. If you do mess up then there is a handy rewind feature, but it will cost you!

Explore mode will test the resolve of many riders, as they'll be able to take part in over 150 challenges to earn medals. The challenges range from competing in trick events to score the highest amount of points possible, or taking part in speedy races against three other competitors. These upgrades can effect speed, boost level and how rewarding tricks can be. Track layouts should also be taken into consideration. Trick events will require you to find as many jump opportunities as possible so you can get some crazy air, which will help you gather points at a regular pace and help stay ahead of the competition. Staying lower to the ground and avoiding large jumps makes all the difference between first and last place. The beauty of many races is that you must perform tricks in order to fill your boost bar, but not getting carried away and sacrificing your race position.

Unfortunately, SSX doesn't offer split-screen options, nor does it integrate a proper multiplayer-racing mode into the mix. A minority of the mountain region are fun and provide open design to keep the momentum fresh and exciting, but the rest become home to pitfalls of death and treacherously narrow tunnels, which I found to be annoying and a chore to compete on.

The gameplay isn't quite classic SSX, but it provides plenty of adrenaline fuelled moments. The multiplayer isn't worth mentioning, since it's a rehash of concepts from other games. I do find that some attributes are lacking, but this may not be the case for diehard riders.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 9 September 2012
I got this game the day it came out on 2nd March and have played it every day since. Probably around 4 hours a day. That's a lot of playing. You could say I like this game a lot. I've played all the SSX games as they have been released and this is my favourite so far. Why is it so good? Depth of gameplay. The game is deep. There's a lot to learn and discover. The tracks are mazes with masses of detail, shortcuts and hidden features. There's over 150 drops in this game ranging from easy to nigh-on impossible. Add to that a massive itinerary of boards, accessories and modifications.
Ice axes, body armour, headlamps and wingsuits all play their part. The wingsuit has been a controversial addition to SSX but in my opinion its a wonderful feature that takes SSX into new areas and creates a whole new dimension to the game. Don't like the wingsuit? Then don't play it. You can still play 95% of the courses without it. Once you get into it though - its addictive and sublime.
A lot of people complain about the difficulty of some of the drops. Yes - there are extreme challenges within SSX 2012. The pits and chasms can be frustrating. To a fairweather player who just wants a quick blast some of the drops may be too much. For me though I like them. I learned the courses one by one. I know where all the pits lurk now and its pretty easy to avoid them. The courses are designed in such a way that persistent play is rewarded.
The handling of the riders, the tricking and the racing is smooth and fast. And pretty forgiving in my opinion too. Landing uber tricks has never been easier. You aren't penalised that hard for little mistakes.
There's loads more I could go on about - but really I want to go back to playing the game. There's the 3-2-1-Go online head to head racing in real time. Short, medium and long term Global Events in Trick It, Race It and Survive It modes and the whole Explore part of the game which sees you setting records for your friends to beat.
Faults - yes there are some. The shop is clumsy and hard to navigate at times. The wingsuit should have had its own category in Race. I get sick of the interminable loading screens and the music I always get rid of on day one. There should have been a split-screen function as well.
However I'm a lost cause with this game. I just love it. I've absolutely caned it for 6 months and I expect to be still playing it in 5 years time - or until the next SSX is released. A work of genius.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 17 April 2012
After a long wait and plenty of hype this title has a lot to live up to and in most respects it delivers.

Visually, it's incredible, the snow, weather effects, terrain, and even the menu look well designed and finished to a high standard - Good job art team.

Characters- same as before but you don't have the opportunity to dress them up in silly clothes, they all have a set uniform which has about 200 different colour combos (red top green trousers, beige top, yellow trousers etc). Which is a shame.

The tone of the game is fairly similar to the characters, in comparison to SSX3 or Tricky its a lot less 'fun'. A much more serious racing game which sort of fails to laugh at itself which will impact on its replay value I fear. I already have one fast serious racing game - WipeoutHD/Fury - which frankly is 'the daddy'.

Gameplay - Fluid and and smooth, the game feels like it has been tested for countless hours by a team of pizza fueled teenages locked in a basementand paid to play games - the result - it's pretty damn solid.

That said - there is a down side. As the game progresses away from clear crisp mountins and becomes incresingly more strewn with plane carcasses and massive painful rocks a lot of the fun runs out. It becomes a hardcore gamers realm (remember the spotty adolecents testing the game whilst coated in BBQ sauce? well, thats their fault). It becomes much less a race to the finish while flaling at opposition trying to knock them down and is simply a frustrating nightmare trying to get down the damn mountain in under ten minutes without falling in Lava, bottomless pits, mineshafts or just off the edge of the world. When you do get it right it's satisfying and great fun but the most of the time you will be staring at the loading screen to restart the drop and loose another ten minutes of your life to the vortex that is your playstation.

In summary, go for it, it's good fun, the only snowboard game worth playing and looks fantastic, be warned though some of the tracks are just not enjoyable, countless holes and blind hills mean you learn the track one failure at a time. In a race thats annoying - in trick mode where you can loose pretty much all your points on one mistake inches from the end..
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 7 May 2012
I bought a pre-owned copy two weeks after it was released...i now realise why the previous owner got rid of it ! The courses are just too hard, and the rewind facility is so slow that "racing" is absolutely pointless. Where is the FUN that made Tricky so memorable ?? All you get is a set of Peaks to race down, doing the same thing again and again, and usually getting so cheesed off with the crash/rewind scenario that you just give up and turn it off...this game needed a 2-player option, manageable and interesting runs,time to explore hidden areas, and more verbal interplay between the got none of these.
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SSX is a weird mix of frustration and utter euphoria to say the least. SSX tricky was one of my favourite games on the PS2 and was the first game that truly made me love sports games. SSX 3 further enhanced that with its simplistic approach and a brilliant open-ended experience.
Since the jump to PS3 there have been whispers of the series re-emerging and here we are, with SSX transformed and matured for a different audience. Was it worth the wait?

The first thing that really hits you is the emphasis on realism this time around. The tricks themselves are still as ridiculous as before but the characters all have authentic gear and snow goggles splashed with a realistic paint palette - gone are the bright over-the-top costumes of past which in my opinion was a step in the right direction.

The main menu is easy to navigate with the game split into three different areas. Deadly Descents (story mode), explore (Arcade) and global events (online). Each area opens up a globe similar to the screen found on littlebigplanet. You scroll around to different "peaks" and either race, survive or trick your way to victory. Its a simple approach and one that's well done and requires minimum fuss.

Deadly Descents was an interesting concept and one that's been subject to a whole lot of criticism by die-hard fans of the series. While I agree with all the criticism - I can also see what the development team were trying to achieve. I enjoyed the mode although it was a little short for my liking and the weak story resulted in me simply skipping the cut-scenes in the end. This isn't even mentioning the pointless comic strips which are "bonuses" for unlocking each character. I watched two and suffice to say skipped the rest.

The races themselves feature three other characters which is a good number but gone are the 7 player races of old and crazy split-screen action (I'll get to this in a minute). The level layout is frustratingly challenging but my only gripe is with the rewind function - not the tracks themselves. Aside from a few peaks the majority of them require quick reflexes and a fair amount of luck but nothing which is game-breaking. My issue is knowing when to stop rewinding. So many times I've stopped it too early - only for it to repeat a trick I wanted to undo or steer in a direction I didnt want to go. It does feel a bit like cheating and sucks the difficulty out of the trick events but is definately needed in some of the tougher peaks like Africa.

The tricky events were my favourite for the ridiculous combos that can now be achieved from the rewind function opening up and essentially eliminating any errors that might occur to massive combos. However, it does make them a little too easy.

The survival events were good and although some of the "power-ups" are a little lazy or under developed - my only issue was with the headlamp and pulse goggles. Both of these were awful to use and were basically useless unless maxed out. I originally hated the Wing-suit as well but have since changed my mind. The controls were confusing and made no sense and so often it had a mind of its own until, that is, I realized wind direction and speed came into it. Since then, it has been easier to control.

The Explore mode is basically the arcade mode of old - medals are obtained in race, tricky and survival events and are on all the tracks available on the Deadly Descents - for a small fee on each one.

The Global Events mode I haven't really explored very much but the general premises is just to outrun ghosts of other riders. It sucks the fun from the multiplayer element and that sense of urgency is immediately eliminated - as is the unpredictability that always made the SSX games so exciting. However, the mode is huge and offers a large amount of replayability with constant updates and new scores from friends.

Which leads us nicely to the multiplayer. I really wanted to give this five stars. I really wanted to play this game, love it like I used to and say to myself "yep, what a great game" and although I do do this from time to time - there's no social element at all. Split screen is missing completely and the only option online - even when two players are online at the same time - is to race a ghost. The novelty of this wears off very quickly and its a shame that the multiplayer is such a let down compared to the excellent single player experience.

My only thought is with the track's complexity, rewind functions and general high-speed tracks it would have resulted in a lot of lag. Even so, it would have been nice to see a tournament-style race with up to 7 or more players in each race like the games of old. Ah well, perhaps a sequel will iron this out?

Overall SSX is worth the plunge down the slopes for any fan of the series. The overall feel of the game presentation-wise is exactly what the game was sorely lacking and the inclusion of survival events, custom playlists, badges (like trophies in-game) and a slicker interface all add to this.
However, with a frustrating rewind function that still needs ironing out, a lacking multiplayer element and a few gear elements that are quite frankly pointless - the game is an excellent ride for single players but for those looking for a multiplayer thrill will have to wait for a sequel or look elsewhere.
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on 13 September 2012
Platform: PlayStation 3Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
It's got to be said if you've played older versions of SSX, you're going to have a pretty good idea of what you're getting with SSX: Deadly Descents. Personally I don't have a problem with that.

While things have changed a little (obviously graphics have improved), the core gameplay remains basically the same (even the DJ seems to be the same guy). The handling of your character and changes in surfaces still feels just right and it's doesn't take too long to get up too speed and be competitive in the events.

There are gameplay progression changes and a few new bits included - like ice picks for ice runs, and night vision googles for night races. But these don't affect things as much as you'd expect - it's still very much SSX as you know it.

The 'rewind' function (similar to that in several driving games) is new to SSX, and it's one of the few things I don't like - the old 'respawn' [when you fall to your death] seemed a better fit with the SSX gameplay, but rewind doesn't spoil things entirely, just irritates a bit. Also, if you get stuck on a level you're now given the option to skip it - reducing potentially frustrating scenarios.

Multiplayer's a bit of a damp squib, but as the single player is so good it's not that much of a problem. Split screen is gone though - and may be more of a sticking point for some people.

SSX isn't not perfect, but it's still a damn good game. 5 stars for single player, 3 for multiplayer - so 4 overall seems fair.
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on 4 September 2012
I used to play SSX3 (and On Tour) years ago on the ps2 so was excited to see a new SSX game for the ps3. Unfortunately it doesn't live up to SSX3 at all. One of the best things about SSX3 was the freeride story element, where the character can snowboard round the mountain deciding to enter a race or contest, carry on freeriding or take on a challenge. Having to choose by the equivalent of a menu screen takes something away from the game.

The other major irritation of this game is that some of the tracks are just too difficult to find your way round (and it seems to be more luck than skill); you go flying off a cliff and it's not til you're halfway down that you know whether there's a landing or if you are just crashing off into oblivion. Rewinding is also of little to no help as it's impossible to see where you need to rewind back to in order to not repeat the same mistake. When you crash off the same cliff four or five times and there is a massive load time for the track to restart it makes playing boring and frustrating. The other thing is that the characterisation in SSX3 was better. Here it doesn't really matter which character you play as, they have no personality and you hardly see them.

Overall the game is nowhere near as fun as SSX3, the load times are far too long and some of the tracks are just too frustrating. I rented this game, will be sending it back and won't be buying it.
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