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3.3 out of 5 stars
Need for Speed: The Run (PC DVD)
Platform: PCChange
Price:£5.95+Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
After a long list of seemingly random adaptations to Need for Speed, it's come back to the origin of it's creation. The Run is a cross-country race from San Francisco to New York, there's some tenuous explanation of why this is going on (something about mob-debts) but effectively, you get to race the long stages that NFS used to be famed for. Gone are the infinite customisations to every single detail & decal - spending more time in the menus than on the road - and the silly meters for getting your drift on etc. and in it's place a proper racing game with eye-meltingly sharply rendered models of modern cars. The scenery is incredible, from racing through the winding forest roads of Yosemite National Park, to the long deserts & canyons of Utah to the gritty city of Chicago there is something for everyone.

Stages come in various types: "Gain X Positions" where you have to move up the ranking by a specific amount in a set distance. "Make Up Time" where you effectively time-trial the course and then "Battle" stages where you race more skilled drivers over an indefinite distance head-to-head and have to be ahead of them when the bell rings. You win cars and minor adaptations to your car (e.g. the size of your NO2 bottle) with each race and there are unlockable challenges for each stage that increase the replayability of the game. The scenery alone in Death Valley, NV will keep me coming back again and again. The soundtrack is incredible to boot; a track from the Black Keys' new album is also present, and that hasn't even been released yet!!

Where this game falls down are the annoyingly stupid cut scenes where if you don't bash space, return or left arrow within a split-second placement you die instantly and have to watch the cut scene over. It's a noble effort to wrap some story around the game, but I have to say, I want to race, not tap space repeatedly during a cut scene. If I wanted to play an adventure game, I'd buy one, but I bought NFS to race, so let's get on with it already!!

A word to the wise; NFS the run is extremely resource-heavy. I could run most new games on my set-up but NFS has put pay to that, the level of detail on the cars and scenery causes slow-down aplenty at higher resolutions - especially during the inane cut scenes. I have had to scale back the graphics massively to maintain the speed of the game, but this isn't the fault of the game, just something I thought worth mentioning. Aside from this, recommended for all NFS fans or anyone out there looking for a great racing game!!
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11 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on 13 January 2012
looks fairly nice but the Pc version is just ported from the xbox which means it's horrible to use.
Worse than this though is the online play voice chat , which cannot be switched off or turned down , so you're forced to listen to people shouting in languages you don't speak , or playing loud music , etc etc.
shame on EA for turning their back on PC gaming.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 5 August 2014
Love this game. I've played all the Need for Speed (NFS) Games and this is up there with the best in my opinion. Probably my favourite. It needs a good spec machine but the care and attention shines through. Such a massive difference to my worse of the series, Need for Speed Undercover, which is by far the worse of the lot by a million so stay clear of that one but NFS: The Run is superb.

I love the challenge as the balance is just right. Not too easy and some of the later levels are really difficult but they keep me coming back for more and this is the winning formula in any great game. The graphics are superb with lightning, snow and avalanches which leaves snow and boulders on the road which you need to dodge at high speed. It is this sort of playability which is rare on the PC. Unlike others in the NFS series, there is less emphasis on police chases as this occurs on the earlier levels only really. The whole game is about competing with other races. This is what I like the most. Don't get me wrong, I love NFS: Most Wanted and a little less, NFS: Carbon (which introduced driving off high cliffs to the NFS series), but what I really love about this game is it's all about racing against others. There's no driving about aimlessly looking at your map trying to find rivals to race with so it brings a new dimension to the game. You are put straight into the action at each level with some very nice cut scenes with actor, Sean Faris, from the movie Never Back Down (one of my fav action films) right away.

Great graphics and effects which provides challenging and varied gameplay
Great lightning by Frostbite - same people that worked on Call of Duty. They know what they are doing
Great gameplay and one of the best in the series (just my opinion)
Loads of levels and each provides a challenge
Diffuculty just right. Not to easy and makes you come back for more
Different gameplay to older games in the series. Gets you racing with others in each level
Great crash scenes
No driving around aimlessly to find rivals
Like how you control cut scenes using keyboard keys. Similar to Call of Duty
Cut scenes are impressive
Love the helicopters and variety of gameplay in levels
Frame rate excellent with no slow down. Driving is enjoyable. Sensation of speed and handling is just right. In comparison to the latest Need for Speed, i.e. Rivals, driving experience in NFS Rivals is dreadful and really slow even on a good spec PC. This games is just right
Well worth the asking retail price. Now less than £10 so you'd be mad not to purchase

Just a little more variety would have been nice. Loved the avalanches and boulders but want more - minor point but I can;t really think of anything else bad to say
Upgrades to cars would have been a nice feature but then again, I never really used it in older games anyway
Some levels are not consistent. I can hit a pole in some levels but not others.. maybe just me being a sore loser
Nothing else really as game is superb
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 29 September 2012
Having experienced the highs of NFS Most Wanted and the lows of NFS Shift I was reluctant to sign up early to this game which, as it turns out, was a wise decision. Having completed the game I found a number of potential issues which are as follows...
1) The game requires the installation of Origin - the EA version of Steam. This means, in theory, that the game has no resale value, so if that is a concern there's no need to read further.
2) I was unable to install the game from the disks, of which there are two. This isn't an isolated incident, as you can see from at least one other review here. There are two solutions that I found. First, download the game from Origin. Second, take a trip to Gamer's Corner at where the method involving copying files to your hard drive and unzipping them using Winzip, the free trial of which lasts 30 days, worked for me.
If you are unwilling to download 15Gb and unable to fathom the workaround, again there's no need to read further.
3) The game seems to be optimised for the XBox controller, so if you don't have one... well you know the score.
4) On a few occasions you have push buttons/press triggers when prompted to complete cutscenes, some on foot and some behind the wheel. While this doesn't ruin the game, it does mean that if you are unfamiliar with the controller you have to repeat a section until you get it right. This can get a little tedious but the sequences aren't that long that you need to overly tax your memory, although it does detract from the racing.
5) The game suffered some random crashes, no pun intended. Although I could count them on the fingers of one hand, and I have the normal compliment of digits, the fact that the game has been out for some time and it hasn't been resolved does add it to a growing list of examples of software companies treating customers with less respect than they should.
6) The game utilises a "rewind" facility which means that in the event of a crash, or if you take a wrong turn, that you don't have to repeat a whole race as the action jumps back to before where you went wrong. Unfortunately it isn't perfect. On more than one occasion it was triggered by nothing more than a brief trip on the grass verge.
7) A few of the races had sections that were little more than obstacle courses. At race speed I found it impossible to react fast enough and that meant multiple "rewinds" until I had memorised the route to take - it's not what I want from a race game.
8) It does require a willing suspension of disbelief, more than you might expect with a PC game, to accelerate in your top-of-the-range sports car, with the added benefit of nitrous oxide, and watch the police cars overtake you with ease. OK, I accept that it does make the game more challenging with the boys in blue playing a part rather than staring at my tail lights, but it did seem to bring out the bad language in me.
9) Lastly, and probably the worst thing, is that when you are hand-braking around a 90 degree corner with your car dancing across the tarmac, like Fred Astaire at his peak, it is really, really fun. It feels like Most Wanted all over again, but with better graphics, and it's a shame about all that i've written above.

I've just finished the game on the Easy level in three nights of less that committed gaming, which isn't as long as i'd like, but i'm headed back for the next level and probably the one after that and then i'll explore the Challenge Series. I wouldn't have been happy to have paid full price but with the cost falling I can heartily recommend this... as long as you can deal with the negatives, of which there are admittedly plenty.
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Bought this having temporarily run out of stuff to play or look forward to, and not much of a risk for five quid. Using Battlefield3's Frostbite 2.0 engine, it's a nice looking game, but not, I think, amazingly better looking than the much older Race Driver : Grid from several years ago - I think racing games have pretty much peaked in visuals for the time being. I've been playing using an Xbox 360 controller I keep secreted away for just such eventualities. The game plays out as an illicit cross-country race, and occasionally, you get out of the car for a set of quicktime events (i.e. hit A then X a few times in a scripted sequence). Each actual race is fairly short - 5 minutes or so, and although I'm not finished yet, the game looks as if it'll be quite short. Unless you're a perfectionist and want to replay for flawless performance every time, you can probably play through this in a couple of hours unless carpal tunnel syndrome sets in.

As a racing game, you'll know what to expect, but there are a couple of unpleasant surprises in this one. As a "continuous" kind of race, you can only change cars every 2 or 3 tracks you race (by pulling into garages at the side of the track), and this is a bigger problem than you'd think. Because you don't know what's coming next, you can either stick with one car the whole way through (the Nissan GTR is, frankly, about as good as it gets in terms of sheer speed and acceleration, and you have access to that from very early on), or you can experiment with the cars, and often disastrous results - e.g. you've picked a Lamborghini for a twisty mountain section, and you can't change it for another 2 races, so you're pretty well screwed for the forseeable future and those next couple of races will be unduly very difficult.

Secondly, there is some *severe* rubber-banding in this game from the AI opponents. All the cars top out around 190-200mph (ish), so when you blow past someone at top speed and stay there on a straight, it's quite irritating indeed to see someone you beat a few seconds previously suddenly attain a brand new top speed of roughly 275mph and easily blow past you in turn. The police seem to have similarly astonishingly fast vehicles at their disposal too. Consequently, you often feel as if the AI, which can apparently do anything whenever it wants, is merely "allowing" you to win when it suits them rather than your wins being real accomplishments of your own ability or luck. Also, the rubber-banding thing is something that you really shouldn't be seeing outside of Mario Kart, or games more than 10 years old. If you're going to beat me, at least do it fairly.

Lastly, the Frostbite2 engine. This is a bit of a heavyweight game engine, so you'll need a decently beefy PC to play at full details. Also, something else which has crossed over from Battlefield 3 is the rather long loading times for each race. In Battlefield 3 this isn't a problem, since once loaded, you're in the same map for anywhere from 5 to 40 minutes at a time. In NFS:The Run, however, with each race only lasting 5 minutes or so, if you ever want to replay a race, or you lose, or get "wrecked", there are some irritatingly long pauses for loading, even when it's just loading a "replay" so you can start again - and this is on my Sata3, 6gps, SSD-equipped i5 PC.

For a fiver, this is not bad, but I'd have felt severely ripped-off at full price.
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on 1 May 2013
Lets put the good points...or...point. The graphics. The only thing that's worth in this game is the graphics.

(Now the draw backs)

But! don't get carried away, although the graphics is it's only strong point compared with other NFS and racing games (eg: Grid and WRC and NFS Hot pursuit) the graphics are average for nowadays not to mention that they look alike the Xbox's. Even with the Frost Bite 2 engine my graphic card (HD6990) doen't even begin to sweat. BF3 and MOH War Fighter and Grid put enough stress that my card's fan starts to sound like a lawn machine(usual stuff).

--The game play is awful.
>If you are going to use a keyboard you are domed. The car is either going to steer too little or too much. With a controller things are a bit better and with a steering wheel, meh... a tiny better from the controller.
>The element of the cops and the mob who will chase you is TOO MUCH ANNOYING (caps indicate annoyance not shout). They are immortal on easy and there isn't a word to describe them with out smashing your TV or monitor on harder levels.
>The cars are uncontrollable compared with the real life and don't even begging to simulate a driving. Example, the Audi R8 doesn't have brakes. Yes it doesn't, you may press them but nothing happens also is doesn't turn at all. If you compare it with the real life Audi it's like day and night.

As for the game background you can tell that is exactly the same as the NFS Hot pursuit and some maps look very similar and also with a pinch of NFS underground. The story is very dull, you own money to the mob and they want to kill you because you can't repay them and then you race for 25m you repay your dept?! Last you cannot customize the cars like you could in the NFSU 1 and 2.

In a nut shell.
Graphics (but are average)

Cops and the mob are irritating
Not able to customize the cars

If you want to play the game either rent it or borrow it from a friend unless you want to spent 6 pounds to own the DVD.
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on 6 May 2012
I approached this with trepidation due to the number of negative reviews. In fact I even had the '99%' bug when installing from disc, where the game refused to finish installing past that point. (I fixed this by reinstalling it by download, which was on option offered by EA's Origin Service).
However, once those hiccups were out of the way, this is a flashy, fun high-budget story. Beginning with your driver being offered a way to pay off his Mob debts and save his life, you begin a massive cross-USA race which is run in stages across varying landscapes.
The lead character is enjoyably likeable and mischievous and has a slinky female business partner who's in it to help save his neck and get rich, and the digital acting is way above average, with glances and gestures feeling realistic.
The voice acting is also good, and helps the atmosphere.
First let's shoo that console-port and minigames elephant out of the room. Yes, it's easier to play this with an X-Box controller on PC, and you're 'treated' to several movie-style escape minigames on foot where you have to button mash to escape. I found the scenes both nicely flashy and a pain in the backside, as it takes a while to get them right, and I frankly wanted to just get on with the racing. But I'd say they only happen 5 or 6 times in the whole campaign so they aren't too intrusive.
The racing itself is a lot of fun, kicking off in San Fransisco and taking in an escape across a misty Golden Gate Bridge, high-speed racing through twisting mine-covered country hillsides, exciting races across snow, and some 'Underground' style races through cities at night. In many stages you can pull aside into a petrol station to change car if you like, and your vehicle access gradually becomes flashier and flashier as the game progresses. The developers have done a great job of making the racs feel tense and imbuing all the races with a great sense of speed. The dramatic movie-style music score also helps.
The scenery, even on a lower res', is spectacular. Gorgeous rolling hills, deserts, and gleaming snow-capped mountains abound, and the cars look great.
I found the campaign challenging, fun, and likeable.
Standalone 'Challenges' can also be accessed from the main menu, as can multiplayer.
The Multiplayer is fun and frenetic, and often success will unlock new cars and bonuses. However, you'll often find yourself beaten simply because a rival has unlocked a more powerful car that constantly overtakes you on the long stretch because it's capable of higher total speed. This is irritating, as it means more experienced players can dominate via equipment, even if you've nearly beaten them on skill.
It's a fun, cinematic and exciting game that I'd highly recommend to anyone who just wants a fun and flashy looking racer to absorb them from time to time.
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on 9 April 2012
NFS for me means Not F....g Satisfied.

I like this genre and have played almost every incarnation of it since the year dot. So it goes without saying that I was always going to buy The Run.
I wish I hadn't, it came from Amazon in double quick time ( as always) but that is where any similarity to speed ended.

It would not install from the DVD no matter what I did to encourage it to do so, so I had to register my version on the Origin website then download it,
It took forever, but did eventually download and install.

I like the very smart rendering of the background scenery and I think (IMHO) that the cars look even more realistic.

The cut scenes are Ok, but I am not a fan of them in most games, but when it comes to the action slots X A B YY A Top Left , well that is not what I play
NFS or other racing games for.

Leave that to better action games like Medal of Honour, Hitman etc.......

And why oh why have they removed the ability to install XBOX 360 compatible controllers, previously all you did was replace the Input files in the root directory
with a 360 emulator file giving you a fully programmable controller. I don't like the bog standard layout and usually remove the "camera controls" from the keypad completely

But worst of all is the lack of response to any keypad ( and I have tried 3 (all good ones )) that leaves the car going in a straight line longer than you want it to,

I am now in the Industrial Area with 2 seemingly indestructible Porsche Cayennes ( which I must consider buying )a helicopter blowing up everything around me and finding
it impossible to turn fast enough to dodge all manner of debris....

So NFS The Run....should be renamed NFS Good Game Ruined..
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Quick review..Great game play once you get into the game.Challenge mode is good as well.It needs a fairly strong PC to play it --so not the best decision by EA as they are excluding a lot of gamers with mid range rigs.
The fun aspect is awesome (I play it with logitech momo and it works great since last game update).
The main storyline could be longer and I,m sure a good gamer (Not me) could finish this in 4-5 hours.
That said I will play it again from start when I finish as I like it soooo much.
The down side is origin which can take a long time to load sometimes.
In my OP --EA are back on the way up with this NFS series.
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3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 20 November 2011
This game is pretty good with streamlining the fast cars element, racing and environmental escapes (and cops).

The graphics are top notch, though the cars are possibly modelled better in NFS Hot Pursuit 2010?

Brilliant use of track terrain/generation and environments as obstacles, on the PC physx (and high end graphics card) is put too excellent use. The races feel frenetic and fast with danger at every turning and mastering of the drifts/corners and nitrous boost are essential in order to keep ahead of the pack.

The game's story is nicely integrated within the race context, but probably slows down the overall feel of getting on with what NFS is known for, but a different take and not a bad one to boot!

For those looking for an integrated idea of the old NFS games, customisation and kitting this streamlines that process while providing the arcade feel of NFS Hot Pursuit.

Watch those corners!!!

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