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I have tried a couple of cases for the S2 and while they have been absolutly fine I wanted the official Samsung case.

It is superb and adds virtually no weight or bulk to the phone. The back of the case is covered with small holes and it looks stunning, although I suspect these are there for a more practical reason, to keep the phone ventilated. There is also a cool Galaxy S2 logo in silver at the back.

Please beware though the case does not offer protection to the top or bottom of the phone. While this does not bother me it may be a problem for some.

In my opinion the case offers lightweight protection and is designed to spare your phone from the odd bump or knock. I would not get this if you want hard core protection.

If like me your are over protective of your gadgets and rarely damage them but want something to give you some light protection and look great this may be for you.
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on 4 January 2012
Aside from the fact that the side of cases breaking very easily the case doesn't feel very nice in the hands either. I'm sure most people on here will have written their review straight away after purchasing this case but after a while (a month or two) it certainly starts to break and not fit tightly around the phone any more... Clearly, people may find it difficult to believe me so buy it if you don't believe me but I'd advise to buy something softer e.g. rubber cases as they will protect better...
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on 17 June 2011
A nice plastic mesh cover plate for the rear of the phone. It does look good - and raises the camera bezel lens off the surface of tables etc and keeps the phone looking thin. All buttons and outputs have very good access. Holding the phone with the case it does seem to provide extra grip in the hand than without it on - without a rubber feel.

It's probably how Samsung should have made the casing of the phone in the first place.

A couple of minor points.

It's not a rugged case, It doesn't protect the corners at the base (power end), nor the top / bottom edges. In short it's just helping the back cover from getting scraped and the camera lens raised.
I can imagine that the grill holes will capture dust / dirt but .. no biggy there.

I'll use this case for work / home use.. and my rugged full on rubber jacket for when I'm on vacation or at the beach.
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on 6 June 2012
I was very pleased with this item when it arrived. 5 Months later it started to fall apart - NOT through having been dropped, but the material becoming brittle. BRSALESDIRECT were sympathetic and replaced the item FOC. 3 months later, the same thing happened. BRSALESDIRECT said that they were sorry, but could do nothing further and suggested I contact the manuifacturer - Kondor Ltd. I contacted Kondor who where totally unhelpful and said that as I had not purchased the product from them, they could do nothing.

I have since bought a "Barely There Casemate" which is 200% better than the Kondor product, which in my opinion is not fit for purpose.
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on 30 May 2011
protects the camera lens and the color is in a perfect matte black. I'm glad I chose this case - it's clean, minimal and stylish. plus it seems like everyone else has a silcon/gel case and I just don't like the way those feel or how they look.

This mesh case provides a much better grip and the phone actually looks much better with it on versus the standard plastic back Samsung provided.

only wish is that it would have cased the bottom and top edges of the phone, i'm not sure why that part was left open.
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on 21 August 2011
After having this case for two weeks, it had cracked in three places- a top corner and the sides with the volume/ lock buttons. I ordered a new one as it was generally a good case; light with a good feel and decent looking. Unfortunately, the problems of the first case occured on the second within a month. A family member with the same phone had similar problems with their case. All in all a disappointing show from Samsung!
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on 4 October 2011
1. Leaves the top and bottom of the phone unprotected.
2. The phone slides like crazy in tables, car, etc.
3. Does not provide much shock impact as the material is hard plastic.

There are however several important advantages over silicone skins.
1. The device stays significantly cooler when charging and playing games compared with silicone skins.
2. Much easier to put and remove from the pocket because it slides much easier (can be a disadvantage also).
3. Keeps the thin and clean look of the device.

This might be useful for SOME (not the original) docking stations but in the end the protective effect is not there.
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on 17 February 2012
Had the case just under 3 months and its now cracked on the corner, its never been dropped or had a hard knock and i only take out every couple of weeks to clean the phone as the holes fill up with pocket lint.

I also recommended this case to my brother and his lasted only 2 weeks before it cracked on the corner.

Im now looking for a replacement.
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on 7 July 2012
I had been looking around for a slimmer cover for summer use, when a full cover can be bulky in the pocket of a pair of shorts. This one fits the bill very well, it adds just a few millimetres to the size of the phone and provides reasonable protection, especially for the camera lens. It fits very snugly and leaves the screen almost fully exposed with hardly any edge intrusion onto the glass.

It has cut outs for the volume and power buttons, which is great because it protects them from inadvertent use, but allows use of them without the additional pressure required with a full cover. It also makes the phone easier to hold, the matt finish providing some friction when holding it. Only drawbacks are that the top and bottom ends of the phone are not protected, so care should be taken not to drop the phone onto hard surfaces. One advantage is that being mesh it allows the phone to run cool, not that mine has become overly hot, but it can warm up a little in the hand if you run the dual processors at top rate with a full cover on.

My only criticsm is that after a few months use the nice feeling matt finish is wearing off the corners, I bought a black cover and it just exposes slightly shinier black material under the coating, so it's not really a problem and doesn't detract from the visual look of the cover. I can't comment from first hand experience on other colours, though I expect the cover material is coloured all the way through as my black one is.

An update after around 6 months use:-

After a few minor drops onto softish surfaces one of the corners of the cover broke off. This is largely cosmetic, but it suggests the material it's made from is a bit more brittle than I would have expected, it saved the phone but now leaves that corner unprotected. So if you're looking for great protection, this is probably not going to be ideal.
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on 28 November 2011
I bought this around 2 Months ago, from O2 though, not Amazon.

As a functioning case, it's great. Really snug fit, lightweight and easy to get off when required. I loved it. It allowed me to chuck my phone on the desk without fear of knocking a corner or marking it in some way. It was nice and grippy, making the SGS2 feel more secure in your hand.

Over the course of it's life, there was only one minor niggle - dust would collect in the holes in the 'mesh' and you'd be left with loads of little dust dots on the back of the phone. Nothing a good wipe can't fix though.

Sadly, the case has already broken on me. The little section of plastic at the top left (above the lanyard slot) was prone to catching whenever I placed the phone in my pocket. Last night it snapped off completely. After 2 Months that's not ideal. You can't be expected to coddle it 100% of the time - pocket transfer is an everyday thing. Shame it was the death of this case.

If you keep your phone in a bag, you'll probably get much more life out of the mesh case. If you're like me and your phone goes in and out of your pocket a lot, you might want to look for a different case. Just a shame that most of the third party ones are bulky and tacky. If this official one was a little tougher and better designed, it'd be perfect. Still, it's pretty cheap now, so it's not that much of a loss. After all that, I might just get another one!
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