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4.1 out of 5 stars36
4.1 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 7 September 2012
Played the original COH some years back, and well kept coming back to it more often than I expected to (multiplayer esp but even skirmish)
This all in one adds the expansion packs to the original making more units available and opening up many more maps and multiplayer options.
As a one player game COH is fun, either in campaign or skirmish mode, but really comes into it's own in multiplayer either networked or online.

I bought 2 of these one for me and one for my son and we've had a great time playing against each other or in a co-op skirmish, mix in the new units, and online play and this is a game you'll still be playing years down the road.

Graphics have had a boost over the original game, and it scales well to a variety of hardware even non gaming pc's should be able to play it on reasonble settings. This is probably one of the better RTS games and whilst others have tried different twists (men of war quite good too) this seems to be the one you come back to. A new COH 2 is due next year, but in the meantime you should almost certainly check this out to keep you busy until then. Even if you have the original game, this is well worth a look. A classic in every way blending strategy, ease of use, enough depth to please a variety of player, and that feeling you can turn the tide even if you are losing the battle is something very few RTS games have managed to pull off effectively. But most of all it's fun..and great fun at that.

Just an update, since I bought the game THQ took a dive and went under, the game developer was sold to Sega (it has a strong following online) the online playing is now via steam (not sure if newer boxed version are updated to refelect this) Steam will accept your THQ serial and allow you to download it and play online.
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on 9 May 2012
the game arrived on the day i was doing a 24hr duty and its the best night in ive had for a long time (sad i know).
i only got as far as the training and fell in love with it straight away. the graphics are amazing and the attention to detail is unreal. the only problem is its way too hard, i had it on easy and lasted about 10 mins, although i could just be not very good so dont go off that!
ive got a couple of new games for my ps3 which i cant see me playing anytime soon as i can see this game is going to take over all my spare time!! get it in your basket and buy!
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on 30 April 2014
Good RTS. Considering the hours of enjoyment you get, these RTS games are wonderful value. COH has oodles of missions & each 1 takes a while. Most people ought to be able to handle Difficulty setting "Easy", but "Hard" means just that. I don't do multiplayer so I can't comment on it.
My chief advice is : (1) Buy RTS games on DVD, don't download 'em. I have found wading thru eg Steam's "security" stuff a nightmare. To get started again after my HDD crashed & I got a new one, I nearly despaired. Downloads generally are not better priced. I still can't find where COH's Saved games are stored so I can't make independent backups of 'em. I don't want to wait for the supplier to "check my account" every time I start -- & sometimes have to redo all the login stuff. I have no independence -- what if they go bust, or start to charge for something? Whereas, DVDs are your property, independent of everyone. They usually contain full user manuals as a file, & a paper Start Guide. You need not mess about with an "account". I've had no problems with any game's DVD, & I have a few.
(2) Before you buy COH (& I don't say you should not buy it), compare the "Men Of War" series from 1C. Again, umpteen missions. Again all doable on "Easy" but really tough on "Hard". But the graphics detailed realism is much better than COH's. Eg a man climbing into a vehicle first slings his weapon, climbs up, opens the hatch/door, climbs in, closes the hatch -- all v quickly & impressively, it's not boring. In most other games, 1 frame he's outside, next he's inside. COH's thing about running around collecting flags & owning fixed segments of land is so unrealistic. MOW requires you to smash the enemy totally or till he scarpers. Its soldiers don't receive upgraded equipment by magic, or have reinforcements parachuting in all over : in some missions you get no reinforcements. In COH you control only squads, tho a squad can be 1 man. In MOW you compose em and equip em in detail as you like, with whatever's available. You can loot, steal, repair & re-use damaged vehicles. MOW's "Direct Control" mode beats COH hands down : it's great fun. Etc. In MOW its mines have to be laid ; you don't have a car going round magically thumping em into tarmac. The AI of both COH & MOW still has forces doing daft things, if not under your direct control : it seems that no developer has yet mastered this problem. Real soldiers can be daft too, but not quite this daft ... COH's missions are by no means all the same, but MOW's seem to present new & unexpected challenges each time.
Between COH & MOW, I'd say MOW is more realistic, more innovative, more brain-challenging, & more fun. Which is why I give COH only 4 stars, but MOH gets 5. I don't use editors to change or make my own game variants : if you can crack all those dozens of existing different missions set on "Hard" in 1 lifetime, I salute you. RJS.
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on 4 June 2012
Company of heroes is one of my favorite strategy war games. The graphics are well worked on, the realistic war machines and tactics, is epic & historic, these guys put a lot of effort in displaying the real characteristics of each world war 2 war machine and weapon system.
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on 28 August 2013
What is there to say, the game is amazing.

This Anthology (PC DVD) give you all CoH, CoH:OF and CoH:ToV.

Using the keys provided it is just a case of getting the latest Sega versions on Steam.

Buying this on DVD is less than half the cost of buying it in Steam.

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on 26 December 2012
I really wanted to like this game, however............. It took ages to load, it kept asking me to download patches, saying they'd failed, then getting me to do it again. It took hours across a few days. I even emailed the help desk, to no avail. Eventually i found a way to bypass what it wanted, but it takes a while to get to play.

When i eventually got it going the game look great and the game play is ok, but could be better. I just wanted to battle my way, but the game keeps setting new tasks that seem to distract from the core task. I wanted a more relistic command and conquer, set in WWII, but it doesn't flow anywhere near as well. I read that there are online forums dedicated and addicted to this game series- good luck to them. One day i may try again, but the thought winds me up to be honest.
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on 22 November 2013
I thought that this was an extremely reasonable price for what you get. On Steam this game is far more expensive without the DLC. The game is also very fun, a great RTS, possibly the best RTS I have played. Definitely worth buying if your computer can run it.
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on 1 January 2012
As a console gamer, I usually find it hard to enjoy a PC game, be it for the controls or the change in pace or whatever. However, with CoH that is not the case! As an RTS it plays exactly as it should and for its time, it has impressive visuals even on my entry-level/casual laptop. Overall, a brilliant effort by relic (perhaps even surpassing Dawn of War), which is reflected by the community that follow the franchise.
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on 6 May 2013
This is an excellent PC game, and I have got many hours enjoyment out of it. Plenty of detail and scenarios.You wont regret getting this one. High value for money.
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on 23 November 2013
A great game! The only problem I could not install it again from the DVD after having re-formatted my hard disc. So had to use the Steam server as a solution.
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