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on 25 May 2011
Okay, I got this TV, and here is my review for it.
I'll start off with the basics for this TV, for example the colour, and speaking of which, the colour on this TV is outstanding, a good example of this is on a blu-ray. The colour reproduction is amazing, and this is without tweaking the settings on the TV, more to that later. The picture is almost life like, and with the almost non existent border going around the TV, it really adds to the effect. For me the colour is 5 stars.

The 3D in this TV is excellent, using active shutter glasses, the 3D is super. An important thing to not is that this TV uses newer blue tooth glasses, unlike the older infra-red ones. This means that the glasses keep their signal, basically you could turn around with the infra red ones and they would turn them self's off. The 3D has a very good depth to it. There is slight ghosting, but this is so minor, the most minor out of any other TV I have seen.

For the sound, this is also, for TV speakers, fantastic, the speakers are hidden behind the TV, it's a wonder how they fit them in considering how thin this TV is, the sound quality is almost realistic, or very close to it. It's no DTS master audio, but it;s very good for TV speakers.

Samsung apps are also included on this TV, and the TV ha a built in a/b/g/n wireless card. So if you have the latest wireless N card, or even a wireless N dual band router that supports 5ghz, this TV will support it. I was amazed when it picked up my '5ghz' network.
The Samsung apps are primitive, it has Facebook, Skype, Twitter,and some other cool apps, including you tube, a mood light app etc, but its no show stopper the service. You can also buy movies and watch trailers, but for me the service isn't filled up to what a store should be yet, the feeling was like going to a shop who had a 99% off sale.

Now for the features of the TV, the specs I mean. Lets talk about the ports, it has 2 SCART ADAPTERS, basically what I mean is that the TV is too thin for normal SCART plugs, so it has an odd looking port, and a converter that comes with it, to fit a scart plug, the adapter port looks like a small hdmi port. There are 2 of these, one for PAL, one for RGB. This is also the same for 1 component cable port. You get an odd looking adapter, which fits a component cable, there is no loss in quality when I hooked up the dusty wii to this. There is 4 1.4 HDMI ports, when I say this I mean all the ports will support HDMI 1.4 band width, but only 1 of the ports has the 'audio return channel', of which it is clearly labeled. Also, one of the hdmi ports is designed to be used as an hdmi to DVI port, for example if your computer or player used a DVI port, then you would connect this with a DVI to HDMI cable to the TV in the specified port, then plug in left and right audio cables, in the designated port. There is an optical audio out, in my case, everything goes into the tv via HDMI, then the optical out goes to my surround sound. The TV also has 3 USB ports, one of them is specifically used for a HARD DISK DRIVE (HDD), you can also charge rechargeable 3D glasses and other things off these.
The TV has a very smart feature, it actually hooked up with my Panasonic surround sound system, quite an old one too, and my 3D blu-ray player, what happened is that the TV's remote control could be used automatically to control the play back on the 3D blu ray player, but also control the sound on the surround sound system, an amazing feature, also, when I turned off the TV, everything else did too. Also, if the surround sound player is turned off, the TV will use it's normal built in speakers, if it's on, those speakers are not used then the surround sound ones are.
The TV support all the normal things, deep colour, super white, 24 frames per second play back for blu-ray players, 1080p. The Tv also has a 2D to 3D upscale, but the effect of this is not really as good as the natural effect from true 3D content. When you put on a 3D channel, you will see 2 pictures, all you have to do it press the 3D button on the remote and 3 options will come up on the screen, 2D to 3D conversion, left and right 3D, up and down 3D, depending on what type of 3D the content is you pick the correct option. For example if the picture 3D is left and right, you pick that option, if it is 2 pictures on top of each other, you pic the corresponding option etc.
The menu, input selection and other features are very easy to use on this TV, it even has a button to bring up social networking, for example Facebook, and you can use Facebook and twitter etc, which watching TV.

Blu-ray movies are outstanding on this TV, I recommend trying band of brothers in blu-ray, you can see the actual grain of the film used to film it, the picture is so crisp and sharp, there is also a range of Eco solutions on the TV which save power for reduced brightness etc.

If there is anything I have missed, please comment and I will respond and give you the best answer.

EDIT: This TV just won TV of the year, and with good reason too, if you can afford it, this TV will last you a LONG time.

Samsung Touch Control RMC30D1 - Universalfernbedienung - infrarot

^The 'Official' touch smart remote for the TV, why not just use the app? Well, if you have a smart phone.
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on 30 December 2011
Cool, Beautiful, but not so Smart.

The new Smart 8000 55" TV is beautiful, with a very slim chrome trim. It 's also a cool high quality TV with awesome video and sound quality. It's easy to set up and fairly straightforward out of the box.
It's quite light and easy to handle but don't waste your time with the Samsung cable wall mount.. It doesn't work if you have a bunch of cables connected and it too easy to knock crooked.
The hype about the TV is overblown. Don't believe half of it. I would be described as a geek and early adopter, but the hype surround Samsung's "Smart" elements are just not up to snuff.
The remote control interface for logins and inputting is too cumbersome
The Skype enablement that they whitter on about is a joke.. The set might have an app but it is NOT enabled. If you want video.. and who doesn't with Skype, you will have to buy their proprietary camera and interface (non HD for another £149) which ruins the whole look of the slick screen.
The Picasa app also falls short, the photo display is no bigger that 1/8 the screen which sort of defeats the purpose.. Even the Samsung Remote app is terrible. I've spent the last month using, testing, trying and interconnecting with other systems and as a TV it is superb. Quality on Satellite and UPC Cable is stunning.
Also one would expect an easier solution to wifi screen emulation from a PC on the same network.. But no.. This also is absent... Maybe an app will emerge.. Also the "marriage' of other network PC's which include Samsung netbooks, Galaxy's, iPad and Macbook is rotten. Interfaces and folders require too much management.
Overall I feel like kicking myself for my own lack of (usual) detailed pre-investigation and was sucked in by the holiday media hype and a persuasive salesman. But I also feel let down by Samsung on this one. It could be a very easy system to use on a home network but for some reason it's just too difficult to be bothered.
I'm not sorry I bought it but there are as good TV's about a £1,000 less expensive.
A word to Samsung..Youtube tutorials? They are as rubbish as the manual.
I currently have the following configuration and it ticks all the boxes. Bose system connection with the Bose remote controlling everything. Apple TV, UPC Cable and Galaxy interface and 30mb broadband.
You will enjoy the purchase as a TV but not for anything more.
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on 11 December 2012
Almost perfect picture and good sound. My main complaints are around the "smart" claim. If I want to watch a film stored on my NAS drive, the TV takes about 10 minutes from switch on before it will recognise the NAS drive. I have complained to Samsung support who said they would put it to their software people to see if a cure can be included in a future firmware upgrade.

The included apps are not very inspiring and the internet browser is awfull. As usual nowadays, they have skimped by not supplying a comprehensive instruction book which is replaced with an on-screen version.

I return however to the excellent picture quality with any number of adjustments available (some would say too many). I hope Samsung will put the effort into ironing out some of its niggles which, if they do, will create a six star, smart TV.
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on 17 May 2012
This tv is absolutely superb whether you're watching 3d, blu ray or streaming videos from a laptop. The "allshare" connected wirelessly to both my Samsung NP900X3B notebook & Galaxy s2 phone in seconds. Waiting for a Netgear WiDi receiver to try that, as "allshare" only streams whats's in your video file. As a previous reviewer said if you can afford this tv buy it, you won't be disappointed & it doesn't heat the room up like my old Samsung plasma.(ran @ 40C ish)
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on 15 March 2012
Love it, Does everything it says on the tin. So much better than my old plasma. O'h and it doesn't heat up my room too.
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on 5 January 2012
What can i say! i brought this tv about 3 days ago now and i am stunned by its shear quality. I mainly use the tv as a gaming monitor and with the old samsung plasma 3d tv i had i always got really bad image burn. So first thing i did was test this baby out. left computer on for about 8 hours and then loaded a film with the black bars top and bottom. there was nothing there at all. no windows bar ect! brilliant! the only fault i coulp pick would be on very black scenes you get some very and i mean very light clouding, but apart from that its fantastic. if your looking to get a tv, save a little longer and get this. you will not be disopointed!
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on 19 July 2013
I bought this TV just over a year ago, in this time it has reformatted my connected hard drive numerous times, well I'm guessing, it must be dozens of times. It often fails to record programs or just misses the end of recordings.

It is forever flashing up messages reminding you of something or other, say you set it to record a program, it will flash messages on screen five or so minutes before the program is on. My TV only has the ability to record the channel you are actually watching, so you don't need these messages anyway.

It also deletes apps by itself and then reinstalls them, the list goes on and on...

The TV has a nasty bright band all the way along the bottom of the screen, around a third of an inch thick.

Smart this TV ain't. It just spends most of its time annoying or frustrating you. I won't EVER be buying another one. Yes this TV looks good on the wall but that really is ALL its got going for it.

Seriously, don't buy this TV unless you are happy with a TV that looks good on your wall but is terminally DUMB and that does nothing without causing annoyance, frustration and irritation. The simplest of tasks become a headache and it is MASSIVELY over priced.

If you want a "smart" TV this ISN'T it!!
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