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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 3 June 2012
Yeah sure, I agree Avatar is the best 3D movie out there. But Megamind 3D stands in the similar place. The story is too good for any age to enjoy and the 3D just blows your mind. There is not only a lot of Depth in every scene right from the beginning titles to the ending Credits, but there are a lot of WOW moments and Pop-Out scenes through out the movie. Each model & scene in the movie is perfect for 3D and the 3D works for the Big Round head of Megamind in many scenes. If there is any cross-talk or ghosting as some may talk, keep in mind that these issues purely depend on your 3D screen and set-up, but not the technical fault of the disc. If you love 3D as much as I do, u must have this in your collection. If u don't trust me, well you are going to miss one of the best 3D movies..Believe me there are only a few movies like these in which 3D actually works!!! Highly Recommended to all 3D enthusiasts..
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on 24 April 2013
I love this film. Excellent animation great characters, cool story and it even made me laugh at the right times.

Megamind has always been in the shadow of Metropolises top hero, a generic superman clone (Metroman) with all of Superman's powers. First having his rocket knocked of course so instead of being raised by rich but stupid parents he is raised by crooks in jail. In nursery he realises the only way he can beat his arch rival is by being bad a making him his nemesis. As you might have guess from the title Magamind is super smart but clumsy "evil" but his heart is in the right place. After year of planning scheming and battling what happen if he finally wins? Without a worthy hero out there Magamind must redefine himself, especially if he is to get the girl of his dreams. Not everything is at is seems.

A great film, if you like superheroes, comedy, or just great stories this is well worth watching Megamind has the perfect balance brilliance, comedy, slapstick, and action.
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on 14 April 2011
I absolutely loved this film. It's fast paced and full of laugh out loud moments as well as more subtle humour. I actually wanted to watch it again as soon as it had finished! I'm not a Will Ferrell fan as he usually does over the top, slap-stick humour, but he was perfect in this and I actually found his character very sweet as well as hilarious.

I really don't think that this film should be compared to "Despicable me" (which I personally found flat and a bit boring) just because of one idea in common. The style, storyline and feel of the films are miles apart. Megamind is still original and is a clever, fun film. I would say that Megamind is aimed more at adults as a lot of the comedy is in the script rather than visual.

I'm really glad I bought it and I will be re-watching it several times. I was expecting it to just be ok but it's the most entertaining film I've seen in a while and stands head and shoulders above many other animated features.
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on 3 March 2012
My 4 year old son loves this film and so do I. Even my husband loves the soundtrack. One of the funniest, cleverest animated films I've seen in a long time. Will Ferrell can annoy me in some of his films but he was excellent as the voice of Megamind. I love Tina Fey generally and Brad Pitt - well he's Brad Pitt? What's not to love. There are some fantastic lines for the adults while it still maintaining its innocence for the kids. Loved the mispronunciations. Took me ages to get the melancholy bit! Well worth a watch and well worth the money.
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Megamind features Will Ferrell (Anchorman) as the titular Megamind, an alien sent to earth from a dying planet. Once on earth, he is raised as a human but it's clear with his primary-coloured skin and oversized head that he isn't just a regular kid. His entire life he has been overshadowed & outshone by Metro man (Brad Pitt - Fight Club) - the poster boy of Metro City so, determined to excel in one way or another, Megamind becomes the antithesis to Metro man. When Metro man is finally defeated by Megamind, he feels empty - "a Yin without a Yang" and rues not having a nemesis, but this is about to change as Megamind becomes the only thing between Metro City and a new foe...

Will Ferrell will make you laugh as Megamind, with his selection of zany gadgets and weapons, always accompanied by the faithful, fish-headed, Minion. His "Brain bots" are the staple helpers no animated tale would be complete without (Think the aliens out of Toy Story and the minions out of Despicable Me). It's all very colourful and well animated, the gags are funny and well executed but you can't help feeling that it's all been done before, Despicable Me already did a Bad Guy who turns out to be good and most of the gags are just playing up to the tiresome 3D-aspect of the film (super-extendable arms going off into the camera etc).

There is the distinct feeling that the cast are just cashing in on the highly-lucrative merchandising rights of animated cinema. Some of the characters literally serve no purpose but you can be sure that the plush toy is already being churned out of a factory somewhere and advertised on a kids program playing near you. Nonetheless, the cast are seasoned and have some big names for bit parts (Ben Stiller, Justin Long and even Brad Pitt's part) and provide decent voice acting to well-animated avatars - the animation is snappy and crisp and holds up well on Blu-ray.

Extra content: A feature that works much like MovieIQ; "The Button of Doom," leads the set's extras.
Other bonus offerings include interactive activities, picture-to-picture storyboards, behind-the-scenes footage and interviews, a meet the cast featurette, a trivia track, a visit to Megamind's lair, a lost scene, a lesson on how to draw Megamind, a commentary track and a video comic book.

All in all, a good film that will make you laugh, Megamind is such a slapstick character that any of the intended emotional weight to the story is lost but it's fun along the way. A great suite of extras that is guaranteed to keep the kids happy, but adult's attention might wander. Good performance from Ferrell and Tina Fey but nothing that hasn't been done before.
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VINE VOICEon 20 February 2012
I am not a lover of kids films and usualy have to be forced to endure them but within minutes of sitting to watch this little gem i was laughing out loud and giggling away with the kids as was my husband, our ten year old and 14 year old. i wanted to dislike it but loved dvd ive bought in a long time and has been watched so many times i fear we may need to buy a new copy soon !
its the age old story of evil v's good only this time evil is pretty damn bad at his job but in his defence is loveable and never gives up his fight for evil to reign supreme. mind you as we all know sometimes when we get what we wish for its not what we had hoped for !
some classic lines which we all often use here.
hilarious from start to finish.i urge you to give this film a chance and trust me you wont regret it
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A CGI animated movie that puts it's own unique spin on Superhero stories. In this case, seeing it all through the eyes of the villain.

An opening sequence narrated by main character Megamind [Will Ferrell] tells us his tale. Like Superman, sent to Earth as a baby as his planet died. But being big headed and blue skinned left him a misfit from the start. Not least alongside Metro Man [Brad Pitt]. Whilst the latter grew up to be the handsome superheroic protector of Metro City, Megamind had nofriends other than Minion [David Cross] his faithful fish sidedkick, and was destined to be the bad guy.

And so things have proceeded since. Megamind and Metro Man have battled many times. Megamind has almost won a few of these encounters.

Caught in the middle of all this is Roxanne Ritchi [Tina Fey] intrepid reporter.

Right from the off it's obvious that Megamind isn't evil, just a person looking for acceptance. But when he actually manages to defeat his arch rival, what does he do next with his life?

And when a new evil arises to threaten the city, who will save the day?

This has gorgeous and eye catching animation which grabs the attention right from the off. Nothing being one hundred realistic but nothing is an out and out characature. Plus a great cast of characters, all superbly brought to life by an excellent voice cast. All of whom play everything just straight enough to avoid slipping into characature and make their characters three dimensional. Megamind and Minion do have a fun dynamic and Tina Fey, although stuck with a role that could easily be straightwoman to all the comedy going on around, manages to get humour in.

All the comedy arises out of character rather than slapstick and needs of the plot. And all the characters develop nicely. As does the plot, with at least one good development you won't see coming.

All this plus an excellent soundtrack makes for a superhero movie different from the norm and one that's a lot of fun with it. It is one of those films that will work on different levels for different ages, so it's great fun for all to watch.

Do keep watching during the end credits, also.

Languages and subtitles on the dvd are:

Languages: English.

Subtitles: English.

The disc begins with trailers, which can be skipped via the next button on the dvd remote. And which turn up on the disc elsewhere anyhow.

Extras are:

A single deleted scene, with an introduction by one of the producers. It's worth a look.

Filmmaker's commentary: A commentary from several of the production staff. But none of the cast.

Meet the cast of Megamind: A nine minute long making of feature. With good contributions from cast and crew.

Previews: Mostly the same trailers from the start of the disc.

World of Dreamwork's animation: trailers and musical clips from four other movies from the same animation studio.Which has a slightly awkward main menu, but you will get the hang of it.
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on 8 February 2012
Well I have to say I think Megamind is my favourite Dreamworks film. I think Will Ferrell was a brilliant choice to voice Megamind. After seeing it once I was hooked and would greet people I know with 'olo' and start mispronouncing words. I think the film itself is very funny, yet sweet. The soundtrack is awesome and Back in Black by AC\DC works so well in it. One of my favourite parts that I was completely un-expecting is towards the end... The `Presentation' scene with Guns `N' Roses' Welcome to the Jungle blaring, I was wowed by that completely.
I would highly recommend this to everyone and anyone! You'll find yourself randomly quoting lines from it such as when I was making microwave people I told it it'll be exploding in the microwave of evil mwhahaha!
review image
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on 12 February 2011
This movie is so underated and i admit i didnt bother to go watch it at first after seeing the trailer which made it look like just another forgettable summer kids movie but i couldnt have been more wrong,this movie has a great indepth story that adults as well as kids will enjoy even though i will admit that adults who watch it will probably love it more than their children,i have to say that personally i didnt enjoy the humour in despicable me and even found that film boring at times but im laughing every other minute while watching megamind,im so addicted to this film now that ive been watching it at least once every few days! It gets 5 well earned stars from me.
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on 27 November 2011
We also got this DVD as part of the Samsung Smart 3D TV package. The effects are impressive. My 9 year old and 11 year old were compelled to jerk their heads backwards at some of the out of screen effects. We watched this with the active 3D glasses and we weren't disappointed. It was as good as anything we've experienced at the cinema. The story was good, with cameo appearences from 'Marlon Brando'. It was a film that parents enjoyed as much as children- being brought up watching the early Superman films at the cinema it brought back memories. You won't be disappointed.
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