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on 5 November 2012
Hi All - Received this last week and was impressed with the sturdy build, stylish finish and features in the front end.

However I am not one of those people who keep their recorded programmes solely on the internal disk, and although there is an option to transfer to an external disk, the unit insists it formats it itself using Sony's XFS file system, meaning you can only use this unit to play the files. Not what I am after, I need the flexibility to move files back and forth at will from any source.

So sadly sent it back and ordered a Panasonic instead.
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In comparison to the Humax T2 HD, which is very comparable on features, this is much smaller in every dimension. Typical of Sony's recent media players/recorders, a pulsating light bar in the centre front indicates that it is powering up. Once fully in business, the bar remains stable. The remote control is unusual when compared to many others in that it uses AA batteries but Sony appear to have provided a pair of own-brand standard cells rather than alkaline or lithium alternatives.

An HDMI and aerial cable are provided but you will have to provide your own Ethernet cable should you need to use one.

Most connections are at the rear, as you would expect, but a second USB port is provided at the front right and hidden under a drop-down flap, which is often the case. This also houses a RESET switch which may be necessary in the event that the machine locks up or fails to respond to its remote. The power input is unusual in that it is indirect via an adapter rather than using direct mains input. I suppose the bulk of the PSU would otherwise be internal to the unit and add to its size. It is a matter of horses for courses as to which is preferable. A small and almost invisible power button is provided on the left-hand side should it ever be needed. The recorder is Ethernet-enabled but I have yet to connect it to my network pending delivery of a PowerLine adapter.

Set-up was initiated immediately I connected it to to power and was reasonably fast without being noticeably faster than any other. Unlike the Humax, which scans first for the SD channels and then rescans the same frequencies for available HD ones, this does it in a single sweep. It actually found a channel (not on-line until May) which was not available during the recent London area digital changeover. In comparison to the Humax, there is slightly less available capacity on its hard drive, and I assume that its system software may be rather larger. However, there should be sufficient for around 350-400 SD movies and about 150-175 HD ones, if its files sizes are comparable to those that the Humax uses. In the event that the drive is fully loaded, it is possible to extend the effective capacity by adding an external hard drive connected to one of its USB ports. Those up to 2TB should be perfectly safe and it may be possible to add a 3TB version. You could also use a portable DVD or Blu-ray drive if you don't have a system player which can also be connected via USB.

To the right of the power button are two normally hidden indicators, REC1 and REC2 respectively, which will light when a recording, or two, is under way whether by timer or manually set. Most recording will probably be via the EPG which is quite clear and easy to use. Setting a recording is usually a matter of two selections form the mini-menus it offers. As there are two tuners you can record on both or on one and watch the other. A comment was made that if a user chooses to watch an incomplete recording, it will temporarily pause the recording and then resume it. A few seconds of the program will be lost. If you check the recordings list, you will see PROGRAM AND PROGRAM (1) where PROGRAM is replaced by the name concerned. If you must watch a program whilst recording it, I would suggest that you do so by switching the source on your TV from HDMI to AERIAL and the problem can then be avoided.

Picture wise, it is good but not quite as good (the difference is very slight) as that from the Humax T2 HD, although much better than older SD recorders which I now use only rarely. Sound quality is about equal. The remote control is larger than others (those batteries again) but some of the surface is empty space. the buttons are well-laid out and not unduly cramped and similar in some respects to others from Sony.

There is one feature that may be unique to this machine and that is one buried within the SYSTEM menu, namely DISK REPAIR which will fix those problems where programs may have been deleted but not completely erased from the hard drive. It should free up that proportion of the drive's capacity that was previously locked.

It is rather early in my ownership but I set-up a schedule of about a dozen recordings for the following four days, a process taking about 10-15 minutes and which may have used part of a reserved area on the hard drive or flash memory if it has any, so why would the fan need to run for more than THREE HOURS following? There was considerable bearing noise and it was during the hours following midnight when the environment is at its quietest which made far more noticeable. If I had been recording for some time or playing a movie or two, I may have expected the fan to run for a few minutes but the amount of time it was used is excessive and serving no real purpose. I use several drives with my computers, some of which are sometimes running hard for 8-12 hours and they do not have or need a fan. Sony need to sort this out! Other PVRs I own do not share this behaviour.

There is another oddity; every other PVR will allow the use of the buttons to select a channel number when using the EPG, so that if I was looking at BBC2 and then wanted to move to 5USA on channel 31, I would input 3 followed by 1 and the channel displayed within the EPG changes accordingly. The Sony does not allow that but requires that you use the UP/DOWN arrows, a slow and unnecessary procedure.

If such basic faults can be found quite so quickly, what others might I find if I were to delve more deeply over a longer period of ownership? It has some good points but is clearly not devoid of issues!
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on 24 August 2012
We have been a fan of Sony for decades and have several of their products. The previous Hard Drive (incorporating DVD) we had lasted for six years without a single problem, we wish we had kept it and got it repaired rather than buy this new one.

We have had problems since the day we bought in April 2012, last week it gave up the ghost and is back with Sony repairers (suspected hard disk failure). You would think this was a one off, but no, my sister in law bought the same model a couple of weeks before us and has the same problems. She has to unplug her's at night, she is waiting for her hard disk to go as well.

List of some of the problems before the suspected hard disk crash:-
1) It sometimes forgets to record a program, but if you go and view the program via the hard drive it says "Oh I should be recording this and starts to record".
2) We get pixelation on a couple of channels when recorded on the hard drive, which are perfectly good viewed on the television (the signal comes to the televison via the hard drive).
3) Some recorded programs mess up mid viewing.
4) Several times the SVRHDT1000 hangs, and the reset button needs to be pressed.

The Sony centre the product has been taken back to for repair, do not offer a temporary replacement.
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on 17 October 2011
Bought this because my wife keeps filling up our V+ box with episodes of Corrie and other terrestial trivia (thats my excuse anyway)also thought that I would go for the largest storage as it'll soon be 5TB.

Delivery was excellent

I tried to set it up late at night then spent hours on the internet trying to sort out the problems which have been detailed in many other earlier reviews.

I have to say I was very concerned that I had bought a 'lemon' and was all ready for the hassle of sending this back

Having 'remade' aerial connection (even though digital signal was immaculate) and still had issues with pixelating images and out of synch audio/images we still had issues; I signed up to the Sony forum and read that I should 'format' the disk - did that and no problems since

I have to say that after my initial scepticism I'm now a convert and we have abundant free space on this and the V+ box

Sony SVRHDT1000B.CEK 1TB Freeview and HD Digital TV Recorder (1TB HDD, HDMI, BRAVIA Sync, Series Link, EPG, 2xUSB)
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on 18 October 2011
I bought this recorder because it gave us access to Freeview HD channels. It also upgrades to full HD whereas our previous Sony PVR only managed 1080i. Really pleased with the purchase. Picture quality is fantastic and fan noise is much lower than on the earlier model. Recording either by EPG or manual timer is really easy and it's great being able to record two programmes simultaneously. Can't comment on the storage capacity because so far there haven't been many programmes that I want to keep. But that's not Sony's fault!

The only thing I miss from the previous recorder is the ability to burn programmes onto DVD but you can create infinite storage capacity by using external Hard Drives.
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on 19 December 2011
Just bought this week and really impressed with unit. Teamed up with a KDL 32 Sony Bravia it really is recording well and the 6oo hours memory is going to be a godsend. The fan noise is nothing and if you sit and listen in a quiet room you may pick-up a very faint purring (seriously though our cat purrs louder and my tinitus takes over the rest lol). Brilliant kit and shall up-date review in three months time.
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on 13 December 2012
To be fair, this hdd recorder does record two channels simultaneously, and does allow to to delete something and programme it whilst it is recording, which is unusual on a recorder. However, the picture quality isn't as good as certain other brands I could mention, and it has no information display on the player - no clock, playback time, or other informaion visible on the machine's front panel. Worse still, you can't tell by looking at it whether it is switched on or off. It can display flashing lights in either mode, irrespective of whether or not it is playing or recording. It can also show no visible sign of life at all, whether switched on or off. The recorder does not record as much as the publicity would lead you to believe, even in the extended play mode. The machine has this irritating habit of changing your tv to the playback channel - even when it is switched off. Navigation is often painfully, frustratingly slow and sticky. Worst of all, I foolishly bought this appalling and highly irritating contraption from a local shop that claims to offer unbeatable prices - but was £125 dearer than everywhere else. Not only a complete waste of money, but, in my case, a massively inflated waste of money. Anybody want to buy mine so that I can afford a Panasonic?
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on 3 July 2012

* Excellent Freeview+ HD quality & upscaling of SD picture quality
* Huge 1TB HDD - record approx. 300 hours of SD/125hours of HD programmes
* Twin HD Tuner - record 2 channels at the same time
* Record a complete TV series by the press of just one button
* Picture-in-Picture function - view small image of second channel
* View time-shift, forward or rewind recorded programmes
* HDMI® output - 2 x USB connections
* 1 x ethernet port - watch BBC iPlayer via Red Button with suitable ethernet WiFi adapter to connect to home wireless connection
* BRAVIA® Sync for compatible SONY TV products

* Slow response times - in switching on or off (about 30 seconds) - or in changing channels (about 5 seconds)
* Cumbersome way to delete recorded contents - have to select item then choose Delete from Options list
* Rather generic 7 day EPG (lack of SONY brand) - also not very user friendly

* The coaxial aerial cable (in) must NOT touch any other cables,
especially the aerial cable out to TV, DVD or Blu-Ray Player or no signal results
Try relocating the box to avoid cables crossing & touching each other

* There is just no picture if the digital/Freeview+ HD signal is weak

* With a strong digital signal - digital noise, pixelation, or picture freezing may result
Use an attenuator to adjust the picture quality
(I used a variable attenuator up to 20 dB - £7.99 or less
A fixed attenuator up to 8 dB/10 dB is cheaper)

* To access BBC iPlayer
Connect an ethernet WiFi adapter to the box to access the home wireless network
(I use NETGEAR Universal WiFI Internet Adapter - under £40 from Amazon instead of RRP £60)

Configure the ethernet WiFi adapter then plug it into the ethernet port at the back of the box
(See my review on how to set up the WiFi ethernet adapter)

Attach the supplied USB cable for the adapter to the USB port below the ethernet port for power
(alternatively use the supplied power plug)

Press the RED Button on normal BBC channels to access BBC iPlayer
Once connected wirelessly, BBC iPlayer also offers a choice of viewing at 'Higher Quality' picture!

Hope this info helps someone!
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on 11 August 2011
This is our first hdd product purchase & we're very happy with it. Very easy to use in comparison to our older Sony dvd recorders which I left to Mrs for all the timers etc.
The setup was easy & helpful.
After 1 day the picture on playback did flicker repeatedly but after removing & replacing all cables/switching on/off this was sorted.
Mrs & I would say this is a great item for what it's designed for. Not tried to download to flash yet but sure this will be fine also.
Yes there are similar PVR out there with 1/2 the memory at 1/2 the price (which we were considering for upstairs & downstairs (his & hers more like it!!)) but after getting another make for my gran, the menus seemed so complex in comparison (though after use would become second nature).
Purchase & enjoy the Sony as we have done.
Thoroughly recommended.
Still going strong after 1.5yrs & now got lots of TV rubbish for her with LOTS of films. My only gripe now is that you cannot move what you are recording to a folder when it's recording, otherwise fine, I can record things now! To be fair, I only use the guide, never the manual timer. You can hear a little fan noise/movement if you're looking for it but it's not what I'd class as obtrusive. It's not like my PS3 or HP laptop... The dogs don't pay it any attention either.
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on 7 March 2013
While capable of very good quality recording, this PVR will drive you mad.
It takes an age to start up, when first switched on it tells you that the library is empty, after a couple of minutes it eventually admits there is a hard disk which contains recordings.
It often fails to respond to remote control commands, so you press the button again then again, some time later (which can be well over a minute) it carries out all of the commands one after another.
On other occasions it behaves as if you have pressed the button twice, eg press Info, the information appears then immediately disappears again.
Its digital output is 10dB louder than the digital output from my TV, so I'm forever having to adjust the AV Amp volume.
When its set to output a stereo fold-down of a 5.1 broadcast, there is a 20ms mute every 400ms in the centre channel's contribution to the mix, the result is burbling dialogue. I have tried to report this to Sony, they are not interested. Fortunately I always listen in 5.1.
Finally its operation is somewhat unintuitive, I use the PVR to time shift, once I've watched the program I delete the file, in order to do this Press Library, select the program to be deleted, press options, selected the delete option, press OK. Every other PVR I have used has the option to press red to delete direct from the library page!
Do not purchase this if you value your sanity.
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