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on 24 August 2011
Having not owned a home cinema style system before, i was expecting a step up in quality on my current sound. What i didn't expect is the extent of the quality differential. When i hooked this all up and whacked a blue ray in, my first reaction was WOW. Then my second was, why hadn't i done this before?

The quality of the system is clear throughout, from the clever colour coding scheme (so you know exactly where each wire goes), to the sleek black speakers and the weighty sub-woofer, i was impressed.

Getting it all started was a piece of cake. I put in my LAN and off i went. Software was upgraded instantly.

I also liked the nice little touch where the system calibrates the sound for you automatically by holding a microphone in the ear depending on your seating arrangement. Very clever.

And most importantly the sound quality, and this is where i was blown away. Don't be fooled by the slim speakers, they pack a punch and then some. I watched Tron legacy last night in full surround sound and it was superb. The Blu Ray player is excellent.

Other little touches, the inclusion of an ipod dock (and yes it worked perfectly i did check).

Btw as a little recommendation, i hooked this up to a Sonos Zoneplayer 90 and Spotify Premium and then the system really came into its own.

Very pleased with my purchase, this is a 5 star system no doubt about it. Well done Sony.
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on 19 September 2011
I don't know all of the technical jargon to confuse the masses about how wonderful this thing is so I'm just going to review it as a 'normal' person.

What can I say? I bought this based on reading some very positive reviews so I expected quite a high standard from this thing. I have to admit that even my high expectations were blown away. This thing is just incredible. It is so easy to assemble that even I could do it without swearing (blue to blue, red to red, HDMI to HDMI, okay, I can handle that). I even had to do a temporary bypass for the video out from my cable box as the HDMI out from it is broken, which seemed straightforward. By this point my girlfriend has left me to it probably thinking "Here we go again, I'll come back in four hours or so!".

After plugging it all together I went to turn it on, thinking to myself "and here's where I find out how big a botch I have made of this.", and to my surprise this beautiful (and it is a beautiful looking machine) comes on (a good opening sign). On goes the TV, select the right AV channel and woo-hoo, I have picture. It then guides me through an extremely simple setup 'wizard' which deals with everything from language settings all the way through to calibrating the speakers and sound. Amazing, I have picture AND sound. I'm feeling really pleased with myself so far.

I pop in a Blu-ray disc and the picture and sound quality are second to none, really crisp picture (even on my older Sony Bravia) and sounds flying round the room like you wouldn't believe. The Operating System is really easy to navigate your way around and I managed to get to grips with it really easily.

One of the best features of this unit (and one of the reasons that I bought it), is that it has an incorporated i-pod dock and this is next on my list of possible failures in the setup process that I need to test out. On goes my wee i-pod and the first thing that surprises me is that this dock actually charges my i-pod (It's one of the recent models where generally only Apple docks do that). Genius, A++ to Sony and :oP to Apple! Then I go to the top menu of the system and go hunting for i-pod. It doesn't (as I expected) just tune the speakers to what the i-pod is outputing, but it actually gives you all of your artists/albums/playlists, fully controllable through the system remote control and listed on your TV screen. You don't need to go near your i-pod, so it's a fully functioning sound system as well. I don't know why but I didn't expect this so it was a pleasant surprise. It's also got a radio, and can obviously play CDs and mp3 discs. This thing is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, I'm litterally jumping for joy.

Even my girlfriend is standing there now just saying "Oh wow!". She's blown away by this thing as well. We watch a couple of things (Planet Earth for starters, which is incredible on this) and I just can't find a single thing to complain about.

(Okay, I admit it, there is one little thing that niggles at me, it should have come with HDMI cable and/or coaxial cable, but luckily I had an old HDMI hiding in a cupboard, but it still annoyed me a little. On the plus side, I've not come across anything that DOES come with an HDMI cable, so again, why am I surprised.)

Unfortunately, I don't have a LAN cable at the moment. I am VERY excited to start online streaming with this thing though, and it certainly seems like it's not going to let me down on any front (I sincerely hope so anyway).

I'll continue this review once I've gone and located a LAN cable tonight, but all I can say so far is, if you're looking for a blu-ray surround sound system then YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS THING. It is The Dogs!!!
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on 15 February 2012
I am not usually very pro-active about leaving reviews, but in this instance thought I would share my experience in case anyone else is experiencing the trouble I had with this unit.

Firstly, all the other reviews about this being a good product are correct so I won't go over all that again.

When I first set this unit up I decided to connect my TV to it using a optical lead in order to use the surround sound when watching the TV (ie not playing a DVD). I found that after an hour or so of viewing the DVD tray would start going in and out completely of its own accord, no matter what I tried I could not stop this happening so assumed it must be a fault. Amazon sent me a replacement no problem.

I was then perplexed that the replacement unit also seemed to have a mind of its own after an hour or so of viewing, it also decided that when playing a DVD it would start adjusting the volume of its own accord an hour or so into viewing.

As a last ditch attempt to solve the problem before returning the item for a refund I wondered if it was the TV interferring with the unit in some way once it had got hot (I have a Samsung plasma TV), so I moved the unit to the bottom shelf of my TV cabinet - further away from the tele. So far I have not had any repeats of the above annoyances.

So there you have it, if you think you have poltergiest operating your DVD player, try moving it further away from your TV. Hope this helps someone.
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on 30 November 2011
Not much more to say than I LOVE IT! Sound quality is excellent and having Ipod dock is a very handy feature. Easy to set up, colour coded cables really make a difference. Blu-ray player Im also really impressed with, picture quality spot on and player itself is really quite quiet. Only minor complaint I do have along with others that have reviewed this, is that remote control and soft touch keys on blu-ray player did take a little getting used to, but overall I would reccommend to all. Thanks again amazon for fast, reliable delivery and sony, you never let me down.
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on 4 January 2012
Totally amazing and jaw dropping performance. I read a couple of reviews from other people picking on minor issues (that I don't seem to have) and for a minute I was unsure if I should buy this item. Being a Sony fan I and it was the best model I could afford I ordered it.

Very easy to set up and get right. Only slight niggle was one of the supplied rear speaker cables needed to be longer, but not an issue for most people.

Once I started to watch my first film, it confirmed how outdated my previous system was and totally amazed me. It is the best I have ever seen under £1500 for sound and picture quality. It makes a true home cinema possible and adds to every film I have watched on it since.

Buy one and you will never regret it.
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on 10 December 2011
Im sure you remember the days of large Home cinema amplifiers that needed lots of pressing of buttons to get going, or where the speakers took up half the room. Well not this one. its simple to set up and woks in synch with Sony KDL55EX723BU TV
The manual isnt bad but has some strange expressions. So it turns on with one button and auto switches the TV sound off.
Sonically this will surprise you, the sound is brilliant and not what I expected for the money. the surrounds are wall mountable which is a fact that it dosnt say any where onthe web site.
3D. blueray is stunning and this also plays Super Audio CDs, theres also a two HDMI inputs, ideal for Sky and a media player such as WDTV live Hub
The Downside
The web browser is awful, but other web apps like i player work fine , i dont understand the inclusion of fm radio surely DAB would make more sense.

However put these aside as this has to be the bargain of the century especially when bought with The TV as above you get £130 off from amazon
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on 21 October 2012
I did just want a surround sound system, but for the functions I wanted they were hard to come by, so started looking at home cinema systems. this one was a good price and had all the functions and connections I wanted, HDMI and optical in, 5;1 etc. its as big as and look like a PS3. easy enough to set up the speakers come with colour coded and pre moulded plugs so you cant go wrong there, I did swap them round tho so I could have the tall boy speakers at the rear. this system is a 3D blu ray player will also play normal blu ray, dvd, and CD's it also has a iphone/ipod doc. sound is great you can control everything you want, this is a great system. I gave it only 4stars because of the over complicated menu system and remote, you cant swap between the tv, dvd, iphone music with a button you have to go through the whole menu system looking for things to change it has more sub-menus and sub-sub-menus than you can count, and to say its a surround sound and dvd system the buttons on the remote are in the wrong place, it seams all the buttons you use regular and often are in on the bottom or edges spread around the remote, they need to take a leaf out of sky's book and put the most common buttons in the center. and the sub woofer has the speakers facing downwards, yes you do get the effect but I live in a apartment and it shakes the floor, yes its good but not for them under me. If you are unaware i use the optical in connection so you can have either surround sound with tv if the program supports it or you can set it up to get normal tv sound from all speakers. if this system is within you budget "i paid £229" i dont think you would be disappointed.
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on 27 March 2012
Modern TVs have such poor sound quality and depth that I thought we'd get a theatre system to give us some good sound and HD video, this was to go on our 46" Samsung.
Now Sony have a good brand name with some great feedback here and the BDV-E880 looked like a great buy.
Good points.
Order from Amazon arrived very quickly and unit well packed, instructions and colour coding on the wires enabled quick and fault free installation.
Auto balancing using the setup microphone easy and straightforwward, sound quality good - a little too much bass, but I can override that manually. Great depth of sound compared to the standard TV Quality of speakers looks great and they dont intrude in the room.
Not so good.
It lasted 3 weeks before the HDMI interface packed in. No picture on TV from the Blu Ray player, which also meant you cant see the menus for the unit, took some time mucking around before I finally reached the conclusion that the Sony had broken.
Bless Amazon, after checking with Sony to see if there was a simple fix - there wasn't - Amazon replaced next day with no fuss, and all is working again.
Secondly - the shape of the unit. I had assumed it would be a box with square sides like virtually every other Hi Fi unit, it isn't. It has a sloping front panel, I guess to try to differentiate to other makes.
But it means you cant see the front panel when you're sitting in your favourite seat, you can only see the panel when you stand over it, secondly the panel lights are so dim, in normal daylight you struggle to see what it says, so really the on screen TV display is essential.
Over all its good pretty good - I guess we were unlucky getting one that failed, and the Amazon and Sony response was excellent,
but that front panel..........
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on 3 April 2012
Bought this to go with a new Sony 46" bravia tv and all I can say is wow what a combination.

First the set up, very easy, all the speakers are colour coded so no guessing which speaker plugs into which output. Once all the speakers were in place, you perform a simple self-calibration which involves placing the supplied microphone at approximately your viewing position and then letting the system calibrate each speaker for optimum performance.

Once this is done, you are ready to go. Connected to the TV via HMDI and an optical input from the TV audio feed, the sounds are crystal clear. The sub-woofer gives deep down base sounds and the power out put is way more than you (or the neighbours) could ever need.

Both this and the TV are internet enabled, and I choose to connect to my router via n ethernet connection rather than splash out for the over prices sony wifi dongle.

Streaming TV (BBC iPlayer for example) is a breeze and gives excellent [picture quality.

As you'd expect, the bluray playback is flawless. Can't comment on the 3d output of this (or the TV) as haven't used it. But the 2D hi-def viewing is a complete pleasure. I also like the fact that you can simply use one remote control to control both the TV and DVD player.

All in all an excellent product and more than happy with my purchase.
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on 2 August 2011
After searching the internet for a review of this product and to no avail, I decided to take the plunge and buy the Sony BDVE880. The system was simple to set up with all the speakers colour coded and an on screen step by step setup process, to my suprise the system came with a mic for auto calibration for the rooms accoustics, it instantly made a difference to the sound. The first Blu-Ray I played was Tron, the picture was truly crisp and beautiful it really brought my Sony HD LED TV to life, the sound was incredible, the down firing sub was hard hitting and very clear, the general sound overall was incredible and brought the cinema experience right in to my room, I would highly recommend this home cinema system, I seem to find new features on it every day.Sony BDVE880.CEK 3D Blu-Ray Disc/DVD 5.1ch Home Cinema BRAVIA Internet Video
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