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4.4 out of 5 stars90
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 5 October 2011
Dealing with the music first followed by the packaging....

The music - I've tried so far Animals, The Wall and Meddle. Animals sounded ok to me, quite a bit like the previous remaster, but nothing wrong. The Wall's opening track's drums sounded quite muted, not as bombastic as the previous edition (I checked) but other tracks like "Goodbye Blue Sky" sounded much better. Finally spun "Echoes" from Meddle and that just sounded alive on my system, I liked it. Its early days yet with a lot of material to go through, but on the whole there are a lot of positives about this release from real audiophiles who are more technical than myself.

The packaging - The box is okay actually, quite nice if you want to keep your discs in it. I think the flap is magnetic. The book inside, given the source material they have to work with, is utter crap. Over half of its 60 pages are dedicated to artwork from compilation re-issues and the MLOR and DB last Floyd releases. I have to say a major disappointment.

The CD's themselves are a bit of a lazy disaster. They are all gatefold sleeves, a bit like the Beatles Stereo remasters from a few years back, although they were tri-fold AND it was easier to get the artwork and disc out of the sleeve. These Floyd ones are an ABSOLUTE nightmare to get the discs/artwork out of them. Really tight and horrible.

The sleeve inserts also seem to recycle a lot of previously used sleeve art from the previous remasters.

I really wish EMI would of put some more effort in here. For someone buying single releases of these albums, this would of just about been passable. But for a box set I would of liked better quality like the Beatles mono set. I think they should of given this box set over to the Japanese to produce replica vinyl sleeves with inserts and resealable bags, oh that would of been wonderful.

So, in summary you should only approach this purchase for the music. The packaging is pretty terrible all-round I would say and really should of gone just a little bit further in its presentation, of what could be the last physical release of these albums.

If you do get this set, go the extra mile yourself and get some re-sealable outer plastic bags and anti-static inner sleeves from Japan (on Ebay) to protect your investment. Still won't change getting the discs out or the artwork, but at least you are protecting the cases and the discs as EMI chose not to!
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on 10 June 2015
Item is great, but arrived damaged although outer Amazon box was fine, didn't have time to send back as this was a gift, so a little disappointing that I had to give a damaged gift. Pink Floyd though awesome and great starter pack for anyone wanting to get most of Pink Floyd in one box. Would have have happy and excited with, but damaged so puts a bit of a dampener on it. Wish I had had the time to send back
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on 27 September 2011
All fourteen studio albums carefully re-mastered with a nice booklet to boot. Pink Floyd have always been big on the design front of things (the Immersion Boxset of 'Dark Side' is indeed a thing of beauty). It's just a shame that the actual cardboard sleeves of the individual albums are rather less pleasing. Why so? Well in every instance I found that the side openings were so tight that getting the actual CD's out without scraping them and thus creating damage-The discs are not housed in a seperate sleeve like japanese ones always are- required great care and when it came to 'The Wall' the cardboard actually ripped when I gave the first CD the slightest tug. One cover ruined before I'd even played the album! Cardboard sleeves are the bane of many CD re-releases unless they are Japanese editions, which are always packaged beautifully and perfectly designed. So a word of warning on that front. Now to the music. These new re-masters seem to have taken their cue from the recent Beatles re-issues in that not much compression appears to have been used so the Everything-as-loud-as-everything-else syndrome that is present on a lot of re-mastering these days is not in evidence here. This i'm sure has been welcomed by many opposed to the 'Loudness War' of modern re-mastering.(Although personally I think it depends on the artist as to whether compression is a good thing, The Who,for instance,just HAVE to be mastered as loud as possible in my opinion because of the sheer power of their music). There is some extra volume on these new masters but that's to be expected with the better techniques available today and the overall sound is not compromised. What's missing from this box-set of course is the 'Relics' album which hoovered up some of the stray songs flitting about the Floyd canon (though not all) aswell as some early A and B-sides.Unfortunately this means this set is incomplete. Will they appear on a special compilation later? Lets hope so. If you are a fan of Pink Floyd there is really no excuse not to own this. Even if you don't like every album they made there is usually at least one track worthy of your attention. ( the much-hated Atom Heart Mother contains 'Fat Old Sun' for example). Just be careful with those sleeves!
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on 27 September 2011
This reissue is almost as exciting as the Beatles. However this is now the third box set of Pink Floyd's back catalogue. Shine on being the first, and then Oh by the way. This however is cheaper than both, which i suppose makes it a less bitter pill to swallow. All the studio albums are here, in mini replica sleeves, however, no inner sleeves are here which is very frustrating as getting the CD out of the slip case is an art in its self. I don't like these sleeves and like the Beatles do little to protect he disc when your trying to play them. Some of the inner booklets like meddle and Animals have less pictures in them why I don't know. Now for the sound Quality is it better,well yes it is. I did not realise that the last time Pink Floyd were remastered was over 18 years ago. It appears that the older albums have benefited more as Meddle is much clearer the clarity is just all there on Echoes, and Fearless is crystal clear. I have to be honest was never a major fan of Ummgumma or the two film sound tracks, Atom heart mother had its moments, and fat old sun is sounding great. Dark side or the moon ha been re mastered now so many times its hard to work out which CD to compare the new one with, well defiantly not the 5.1 version. Time is a good track to start with and yes it is sounding fresh and clarity is good, the Great gig in the sky perfect as is Us and them. Wish you were here a personal favourite, I always felt was recorded so well, but this version is better that laugh is still chilling in "Shine on" and now makes you look behind you (only down side smaller booklet)Animals sounds better crisper and less muffled than the original re master. The Wall is always such great highlights for any music fan from the acoustic guitars and it sounds like it was recorded yesterday. The difficult final cut, I always liked it but it is a Roger Waters solo album, the sound effects on the album still sound amazing and now even clearer. A momentary lapse of reason had its moment learning to fly, always sounded excellent, the album does sound better but not leaps and bounds like the 70's Floyd perhaps because it was recorded digitally there is little to be improved on. I loved the Division Bell it was always for me a more complete Floyd album, and the group seemed to be working as a Group and it showed. Again I don't notice too much difference in sound, the album always sounded good anyway. This package does have its faults, the annoying paper duplicate sleeves, No live albums, and relics would have so finished this set off containing the singles of the time, and as nick mason said this was inspired by the Beatles remastered set, so where are the Pink Floyd "Past Master", apart from that its a good set, its a shame that Dark side, wish you were here and the Wall are not in the experience versions with the extra disc that would have be very nice, but as a package if you have no other Pink Floyd set its a must.
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on 11 July 2013
I love everything to do with Pink Floyd and have always said I wouldn't lower myself to buying an MP3 version of their music as I like to add to my ever growing collection. The price was right so I thought I would go back on my word and give it a go. The fact that you have the back catalogue all in one place is a massive plus point but I can't get away from the very small but irritating gap between the songs, it sounds like I'm being pathetic because the gap is so small between songs it shouldn't matter, BUT IT DOES. Buy the individual albums or the Discovery CD box set and you will be sooooo much happier with your purchase
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on 4 January 2012
While I could moan about the lack of linear notes (though the art book is very nice) or extras, and continually compare it to the excellent Beatles in Stereo boxset, I have to remember this set is called 'Discovery' - it's meant for new fans of Pink Floyd, an introduction, a 'discovery'. This seems silly to point out but alot of Floyd fans seem to be complaining about this. I got this set to complete my Floyd collection - I owned about 1/3 of the set and I worked out it was actually cheaper to buy this set then to buy the older 1990s, quickly becoming out-of-print, CDs - so I got a good deal there (got it at £100). If you own all the Floyd albums, and depending on how much emphasis you put on 'sound quality' will determine whether you buy the set.

Now with that out of the way, the actual set is excellent. The box is very sturdy and, as mentioned, the art book with commentary is a very nice addition. The remaster is pretty great, probably better on the older albums, as the newer ones were big budget projects recorded with the best equipment at the time, so the clean up isn't quite as noticeable, but things do seem to be a bit clearer and louder, in particular the bass. As for the actual music? They range from 'masterpiece' to 'great' to 'good' to 'meh'. If your interested there is my personal rating for the albums as listed below:

1. The Piper at the Gates of Dawn: 9
2. A Saucerful of Secrets: 8
3. More: 6
4. Ummagumma: 6
5. Atom Heart Mother: 7
6. Meddle: 9
7. Obscured by Clouds: 7
8. The Dark Side of the Moon: 10
9. Wish You Were Here: 10
10. Animals: 10
11. The Wall: 10
12. The Final Cut: 8
13. A Momentary Lapse of Reason: 4
14. The Division Bell: 8

And here are my quick thoughts on each album. 'Piper' is completely of its time, but is still a great psychedelic listen. 'Saucerful', I feel, is very underrated, containing some fascinating tracks, such as the cult song 'Set The Controls For the Heart of the Sun'. 'More' is an interesting listen as Floyd try to reinvent themselves after Barrett's departure, but probably not one to re-listen to. 'Ummagumma', while the live album is very good, the actual studio disc is pretty weak, with compositions done by the band members as solo works, showing their lack of direction. 'Atom Heart Mother' is sometimes unfairly picked on, as some of the songs are actually pretty good like 'Fat Old Sun' or 'Summer 68'. 'Meddle' is an excellent album, bookended with a stunning opening, 'One of These Days' and 23 minute closer, 'Echoes'. 'Obscured by Clouds', another soundtrack album, but one that has, arguably, aged better than 'More'. 'Dark Side of the Moon' is one of the best albums of the 1970s. 'Wish You Were Here's in one of the best albums of the 1970s. 'Animals' is the most underrated album of all time - seriously it's an amazing record. 'The Wall' is an epic monument to the height of Floyd's commercial success, and is an excellent album. 'The Final Cut' is a very good album, but not so great as Floyd album. 'Momentary Lapse' is pretty weak. 'Division Bell' see the remaining Floyd members get their together to make a final, I feel, very underrated album. Puhhhh.

So if you're curious about this little English prog band, and have maybe heard Dark Side or Wish You Were Here, and want to hear more, this is the best place to start. Older fans? Maybe not. It depends on how many Floyd CDs you own, or how much emphasis you put on extras or sound quality. For me, it's a great set that finally completes a collection I've wanted for ages now.
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on 28 September 2011
Ok let's get straight to the point here. The 2011 Remasters are sharper, clearer and definitely worth the purchase. If anyone is in any doubt who already owns this amazing set, listen to A Saucerful of Secrets and compare this to the 1992 remasters. The track "A Saucerful of Secrets" is clear as a bell, the metal chiming sound (drum chimes i think?) at the start of the track are so defined in comparison to the muffled 1992 version. The cardboard sleeves maybe slightly annoying to some people but hey, you know this upfront now and a majority of cds come this way now. This is just a heads up in case you are tempted to buy this set, this is how they come and its not the end of the world. You are getting 14 albums!!!. If you are like me and like to frequently listen to your cds and enjoy them, even plastic cases get warn over time too. You can always transfer them to your MP3 player etc. The book that accompanies the box set is very interesting if you enjoy the Floyd artwork (....well that's part of the charm with Floyd isn't it anyways :-)) so i am amazingly happy with this box set. My only annoyance was that i had a slightly damaged box on arrival but it's a small thing and not enough to put me off recommending this amazing set to any Floyd fan, old or new. Grab yourself a glass of wine or a beer, dim the lights and prepare to be taken away again. Thank you Floyd and enjoy folks
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on 11 December 2012
Bought this for my husband for his birthday. He has all the original albums, mainly on vinyl but with the digital quality being so much better he had wished for these for ages. They are beautifully packaged with brilliant inserts and ideal for a special present. A must for any hardened Pink Floyd fan.
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on 21 August 2013
Some of the early stuff is quite, quite strange, but hearing it all from start to finish you can feel how the phonomenon of Pink Floyd developed, and appreciate some of the later stuff a whole lot more. Big headphones and closed eyes required :)
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on 27 November 2015
After having my interest in Pink Floyd reignited by watching a documentary on Dave Gilmour, I decided to look for some CDs to buy, having only ever had The Wall on cassette. I came across this boxset and decided to buy the bullet and buy the boxset. I saw it on iTunes but it was over a tenner dearer. Anyway it arrived this morning in fine condition, have opened it and examine the CDs. I had read some comments about some people struggling to take out the CDs, but I had no issue with that. Have not listened to any CDs yet so I'm looking forward to that. My only gripe is the book, I'd have preferred a biography of the band rather than a book of pictures. But still a great buy for the price.
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