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on 14 December 2011
These are the same as the ATH-M50, the difference is just that the cable is straight on the ATH-M50S and coiled on the other. Check those out to see many more in-depth reviews (including mine), but the jist is that these are unbeatable at this price, and better than many far more expensive headphones.
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on 7 February 2014
I cannot compare it to the Sennheise pair I initially wanted to buy, since I decided to go for ATH after having read many reviews. And I agree with the positive ones. The sound quality is excellent. I tried them with my laptop, compact stereo, clavinova and smart-phone. They deliver a much better sound in the complete spectrum, using different kinds of music. It is noteworthy that using a not optimally ripped Sony recording of Glenn Gould (AAC audio file, 128 kbps, 44100kHz), I could start hearing his humming more clearly than with any other set of headphones or in-ear phones I had used before.

The long cable is for my purposes a major plus. The extra protection of the cable at the junction point with a metallic cover as well.

I used them in an office environment and the sound isolation was really good in both directions.

Although I was not very sure about the design (which looked a little old fashioned to me initially), when they arrived they really made me think otherwise, because they give a "higher quality" visual impression.
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The ATH-M50s really ooze quality. Their sleek design, top notch build quality and performance reflects great attention to detail.

These studio headphones deliver amazing crisp sound with excellent balance from treble to bass whilst retaining loads of detail. I particularly find the bass sounds so deep and only matched by much more expensive headphones. And be it classical or rock, these drivers will handle anything you throw at them with ease, offering an immersing musical experience in return.

The ATH-M50 are built to last, thanks to the sturdy materials and solid build quality. The single sided, sturdy cable is non removable and reinforced at both ends.

Please be aware that this version is the ATH-M50s, with"s" meaning that the cable is straight. There is a coiled cable version of the M50. The newer ATH-M50X come with 3 detachable cables.

You can find these headphones even cheaper here on Amazon.

Highly recommended.
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on 29 July 2013
There are some very detailed reviews about these headphones so I'm just going to add the sound is so immersive. You get lost in the music hearing new parts that you haven't heard before. Due to the comfortability of the pads you won't want to take these off. I wish the wire wasn't so long or could be changed. For out and about use they are a bit chunky and the cable doesn't fit in pocket due to being curly. On the train or plane they are perfect. I have a large head and they fit with room to spare on the size adjustment. They can also be worn round the neck easily without any discomfort while you talk to the ticket inspector or your wife before you die back into your sounds. An excellent set of headphones and I think they are priced very well.
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on 30 January 2013
I've had many headphones over the years usually sticking with either Sennheiser or Denon, but when the opportunity arose to treat myself to a pair of new headphones, I spent months reading reviews to find the perfect headphones for my budget. Long story short, I made a great purchase.

So after a full month of usage, here's my review:

Wearing glasses made using most over-ear and on-ear headphones uncomfortable after a few hours, this hasn't been an problem with these. I've been using them 7-8 hours a day 5 days a week with no discomfort. The ear pads on these are also extremely soft and comfortable which for quite a heavy product makes all the difference. I did notice a few reviewers saying they're quite tight on the head, I spent the first few days leaving them wrapped around a soft pillow to stretch out the headband, they're now a perfect fit.

Privacy (sound leakage):
Working in a quiet office meant it was important nobody else could hear what I was listening to, especially when I'm turning it up to 11. Being closed backed with a good seal between head and phones meant these did the job perfectly.

Sound quality:
These headphones have the best quality I've ever heard on headphones, I'm no expert at judging highs/lows/soundstage etc, all I can give it my opinion that these make all types music sound great. The bass is there when you need it, and gone when you don't, from classical to dub to rap to rock, I've listened to it all with these and have been impressed with it all.

Build quality:
They are mainly constructed of plastic, but it doesn't feel cheap in any way. I've spent the past month, folding these up and chucking them in my bag at the end of each day and they're still good as new. The thick cable is very durable, but would be even better if it was detachable.

If you have a similar budget to these and are looking for a good all rounder you can't go wrong!
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on 12 May 2015
I use these daily while I work (for the past 2.5 years), and I can't imagine why anyone uses earbuds. Seriously: they sound better, are more comfortable and are likely better for your ears.

When I first tried these I thought the sound was pretty good. Then after about 50 hours of listening I noticed they really started to 'warm up'. I got the chance to compare them to a brand new set and my 50-hour set really did sound different, warmer, and a bit richer.

I can hear the full range in my music now. The bass is present, but NOT muddy or booming like other brands. It balanced with the mid- and high-ranges. BUT! As I have found with many single speaker systems, the mid-range tends to get tamped down a bit to produce the low and highs in balance. I use a digital EQ to help push out the mid-range a bit while not sacrificing the lows and highs.

// FIT
These are really comfortable to wear for a full work day. Granted, I (and likely the world of audiologists) recommend you take some breaks throughout the day, so I cannot attest to wearing them for 8 straight hours.

The ear cups rotate allowing you to align them around your ears. Most people will likely be able to turn them to the point where they don't even touch your ears.

The adjustable strap opens up to fit just about any size head (though maybe not kids).

The cord is REALLY long! I found that I had to coil it up a bit since I would roll over it with my chair or close it in the drawers of my desk. It's not detachable like you see on some newer headphone models. This would be a great improvement to allow for swapping out cord lengths, or replacing them.

Mine is going on 2.5 years of daily use, and it is still holding up. I take care of mine, but you are known to throw yours around these will NOT hold up! There are a few plastic swivels and hinges on this thing that will surely break if you are a hothead that likes to throw headphones.

I am not currently using a headphone amp or DAC. Depending on what you are using to power these, you may need at least an amp. If you are using your phone or portable music player, I HIGHLY recommend getting a small headphone amp to get the most out of these.

I highly recommend these for:
— daily use
— laptops with or without an amp or DAC
— phones WITH an external amp
— DJs
— movies
— any time you are looking to wear headphones for a long time, like a trip.
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on 30 August 2012
I bought these just over two months ago, and have used them extensively, so I feel now is a good time to review them. I bought these, over other alternatives, after seeing fantastic reviews all over the internet - and although over the months I had spent researching headphones I had swayed to and fro from these headphones - I know I made the best possible purchase.
These were my first pair of expensive headphones I had ever bought, and I am more than pleased with the investment. However, it should be noted that I have used my dad's Bose AE2 headphones on several occasions so I have some experience in this area.

The advantages are endless, amazing sound all the way through the spectrum. I have discovered new parts of songs that I never knew existed and the whole music listening experience is now far more dynamic and enjoyable. The term sound-stage is thrown around a lot, and I never really understood what it was until I bought these as I had never spent more than £15 on earbuds. Sounds comes from all directions, and it is pleasantly noticeable. The bass is thumping and clear - something that a lot of people consider to be the most important aspect of music, personally I like a more balanced experience - but for those who love bass, the bass is there and it is clear and not muddy like with the other popular alternative that I'm sure I don't need to name! Highs and mids are crisp, and instrumentals and vocals sound astonishing and very impressive.
I have listened to a variety of genres of music from pop and rock, all the way to electronic and dubstep and have always been thoroughly impressed.
In terms of hardware, I love the way these look personally, the isolation from the cups is great and they cause no discomfort from clamping, even when I'm wearing glasses as my old, cheap Panasonic headphones did. The cable is thick and durable, and is not wearing out any time soon so far as I'm concerned. They come with a screw on 3.5mm to 6.5mm adapter that is gold plated and very high quality. Also the joint on the cable to the 3.5mm jack is protected by a spring to stop the cable from wearing out - an intelligent and effective design that I was very pleased to see.

There are some disadvantages though, although very minor and won't apply to everyone (including me, but some people may be affected by this). Firstly, they do leak quite considerably at high volumes so not great for use in public, but then again if I am listening to music in public - I'm on the go and opt for earbuds over headphones. Furthermore, due to the amazing reproduction of the sound - low quality MP3s will have every flaw picked out and reproduced. Personally I have begun to upgrade the quality of my music to loss-less as much as possible but this is something that comes with large file sizes and a lot of time burning CDs. Also the cable is long - about 3 metres - which is good for running around the back of a desk, but less so for using straight from an iPod. I have opted to use a Velcro cable tie to reduce the length to maybe 1.5 metres so that it can still reach around my desk, but also work with an iPod. If the length of the cable really concerns you, then go for the standard M50's with the coiled cable. Other than that, they can get a little warm but I can wear these comfortably for ages - the longest I've used at once is probably 2.5 hours, but I could have remained comfortable for even longer than that!

All in all, I cannot praise these enough - they are really amazing value. Although there are some disadvantages, these don't effect me because of the way I use them and the environment which I use them in, and therefore don't stop me from giving these headphones a 5 star review.
I do intend on purchasing a FiiO E9 amplifier and FiiO E7 portable DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) to further improve the experience - but I can happily say that even without these things, they sound great coming straight out of an iPod, phone or computer.

Buy now!

P.S. - It is also worth noting that the only difference between the Audio Technica ATH-M50's and these the M50S's is the cable. These - the M50S's, have a straight, uncoiled cable - hence the S. The M50's have a shorter coiled cable, so if you need that, then buy the M50's. Everything else is identical, so head there for more reviews and then make your choice depending on which cable type you want. Enjoy!
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on 30 April 2014
YOU MUST BUY THESE HEADPHONES! =D I will tell you right now. best purchase I have made in my life to date!!

these headphones are beyond incredible. you haven't experience true audio quality until you put on a pair of these beasts. everything about them is perfect. I'm in love!! the design is beautiful. they are beyond comfortable, its like wrapping a pillow around your head haha.

seriously. these are, hands down, the most amazing, beautiful and incredible headphones. the audio quality is blowing my mind! its so well balanced. anything works. if you want classical, then it will feel like your sitting in the orchestra itself with these headphones. if you want bass,then these are perfect, the high quality bass will make you soon believe your a DJ because these headphones are build to be professional.

I've been looking for headphones for over a year, and seen them all, read all the reviews. these ATH-M50's are top of the list. far superior over all other headphones. buy them, you will not regret it. I'm so happy with them, they make me feel awesome!! :)

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on 7 January 2014
I got these headphones for Christmas, I love my music and felt it was appropriate that I bought a pair of headphones that accompany my love. I follow the YouTuber MKBHD, he gave them a 10/10 and I wouldn't disagree with them. Fantastic buy, definitely recommended. They are very sharp with the sound, incredible base and extremely comfortable.
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on 12 November 2013
Great sound quality at the price. Nicely balanced sound, but as stated in other reviews the headband could do with a bit more padding, and they seem to squeeze on my head just a bit too much more than I would like. All the same, I've been using them for the last 3 hours, and I'm not uncomfortable, just a tad sweaty underneath them.
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