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on 7 June 2011
I've been waiting for this to be made available in either the U.S. or the U.K. on DVD for sometime now; frankly, I am surprised that Criterion has not put this title out. That said, this definitely isn't the DVD you want; I hear that there are downloads of much superior video quality than this. Apparently this was transferred from a video tape; the picture is fuzzy with very poor detail. Presumably the "official" release for this title on DVD (as of this writing 27 June 2011) will be of superior quality, so it is wise to pass on this one. UPDATE: I contacted Axiom Films in regard to the version that was slated for a June release for several months, but now suddenly has no release date. A representative informed me that the title was no longer on their release schedule, and provided no further details. Even in France it is only available from a third-party, and it doesn't exactly look official. So the wait goes on...
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on 7 November 2011
I have been trying to get hold of this film for many years having first seen it in probably the 1970s and absolutely loving it. I was very pleased when my husband gave me a copy for my birthday recently as I had been told it was unavailable by many people. However on watching it, it quickly became clear that the translation had been very badly done - laughable almost, which almost spoilt it for me. Such a shame to ruin a lovely film in this way.
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on 10 June 2011
I have waited forever for this film on dvd as it is one of my favorite films. I decided on this version because it is region free while the upcoming release appears to be region locked. While this dvd is an improvement over my faded 30 year old VHS copy. It is not that much of an improvement with the quality of the dvd being about that of an average VHS copy.While not unwatchable the dvd quality is poor. I hope to someday purchase this film on Blu Ray or a well mastered DVD so I can finally retire my faded VHS copy.If you love this film this region free dvd is probably not what you are looking for.
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on 15 January 2012
I hadn't watched this for 30 years and I wasn't put off by the warnings of poor picture quality - which is true, by the way. But what really torpedoed it for me was the fact that the subtitles seem to have been written by a 13-year-old French girl who has never met an English-speaking person. The tenses are all over the place and early on, when a girl breaks up with her lover on the phone, she insults him thus: 'Wretch!', before barging into the kitchen and shouting 'Excrement!' It would be funny if I didn't love the film.
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on 11 October 2000
This is a fine film of its type, an almost unbearabley sad film about a young woman's achievement of happiness; and how, because of her own inadequacies, she is unable to hold on to it
Pomme, played by Isabelle Huppert, is a sweet, innocent and docile young woman who is an apprentice hairdresser. She goes on holiday to the sea-side with her employer, Marylene, played by Florence Giorgetti, a sexually voracious and vastly experienced older woman who, having just been dumped by her lover of three years, is on the look-out for someone to fill the void. Not surprisingly, it doesn't take her long to find someone, at which point she selfishly abandons Pomme, leaving her alone and lonely.
But a pretty girl cannot remain alone for long at the sea-side in France - one wonders how she managed to remain alone for so long in Paris - and soon there comes along Francois, played by Yves Beneyton, a very tall and very thin young man, who, physically, is no answer to any girl's dream. But he is a student and he talks well, though he has difficulty getting her to talk at all. Her extreme reticence is puzzling - and unrealistic. She may be your relatively uneducated, average girl, but most average girls in my experience are capable of asking the usual and obvious questions and showing an interest in the man they are with. However, she is otherwise so lovable, so pretty, sweet and tractable that he is willing to overlook her deficiencies, thinking he can change her, that all she needs is a little education to make her and their relationship perfect. He tries his best but is eventually disillusioned: she seems to have no desire for self-improvement and no interest in the books he gives her to read. Sadly, but slowly, he comes to realise that, despite all her good qualities, she will never make a suitable wife for the high-flyer he knows himself to be, and being the good man he is, he is racked with guilt that he should have so cruelly raised her expectations. With a heavy heart he breaks the news to her and she, poor girl, tractable as always, just walks away without a word of complaint.
But, in truth, her happiness has been shattered, her hopes for the future destroyed.
There, years later, he visits her and they walk in the garden reminiscing about their former happy times together. And then, when he leaves, she walks back down the long bleak corridor to continue with her knitting and her dreary pointless existence.... To think, she once had happiness and everything to live for and now she has nothing. Could anything be more sad?
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on 1 September 2011
Isabelle Huppert), the young heroine of Claude Goretta's new French film, "The Lacemaker," lives at home with her widowed mother and works in a Parisian beauty salon as an apprentice, sweeping up hair, running errands for tips, with the hope of one day be coming a hair stylist.

It's not an especially strong hope. Beatrice doesn't have any passions of her own. She's not cold--she's undiscovered, to herself as well as to others. She's also very pretty in an idealized way, having the sort of looks that are so undefined they accept any interpretation. In an earlier era, she woud have been a D. W. Griffith heroine.

In "the Lacemaker," Mr. Goretta's third film (after "The Invitation" and "That Wonderful Crook") to be seen in this country, the Swiss director has made a rather solemnly beautiful film to expose the dark side of what is, essentially, a silly, romantic notion

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on 26 November 2015
I originally saw 'The Lacemaker' when it came out in 1977. In fact, I saw it three times back then, because I thought it was such a brilliant story held together by its strong performances and direction. After 35 years, I finally managed to track down a copy on DVD, and I was really looking forward to seeing one of my favourite films again. Although visually it remained brilliant, unfortunately, I was greatly disappointed with this version due to the poor quality English subtitles. Because this DVD has been produced in Korea, the subtitles have been translated into English from Korean, and as such most of the dialogue is ridiculous, almost comical. So if you want to have a bit of a giggle, get a copy of this Korean produced DVD. Otherwise don't - you'll be greatly disappointed.
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on 22 December 2014
As with previous reviewers the quality of this particular DVD version, from any seller, is very poor. If you see one with this cover or similar (such as from South Korea) just don't buy it! It takes up only half of the TV screen for a start, and is not a true full screen by a long way (say 16 by 12 inches!). How could such a brilliant film not have a proper DVD release that shows the film respect it truly demands?!
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on 8 July 2015
My copy simply does not work, a message tells you this disc is incompatible. I ordered it in plenty of time for a birthday and we didn't open it straight away so it is too late to return it. I guess whoever is selling these is laughing at us suckers who are giving him our money for a useless item.
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on 24 August 2014
Saw it as a youth and it still had the power to move me.
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