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4.5 out of 5 stars28
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 22 October 2012
great album!! their first us number one album and it's kind of the 70s queen meets 80s queen the band all had haircuts and freddie grew his iconic tache! the music is very very good! it contains alot of hits as well as the rocking dragon attack and the beautiful sail away sweet sister! the 2nd cd is pure class too! contains live queen stuff plus it's a beautiful day that ended up years later on their great made in heaven, i was very surprised that song dated back as far as the game sessions but this album has it all, rock, ballads and even a nod to 50s rock'n'roo like elvis presley!
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on 24 November 2011
I am pinning the following comments to all of the Queen back catalogue (excepting "Flash" which I wont get on cd) as they apply right across the board. I wont comment on the music - others have done so very well. I want to praise the sound.

Modern mastering technology will in most cases demonstrate more noticeable improvements in older recordings. I have now bought and listened to all of the recent Queen reissues and chronologically the benefits of the 2011 remastering lessen as recording technology and technique improved album by album.

The biggest improvement is to the earlier analogue work, which to my ear sound more "Queen" than the digitally recorded stuff - more bite and attack - irrespective of musical direction. My view is that digital recording "rounded" the Queen sound, particularly Brian May's guitar.

However, notwithstanding this there are clear improvements throughout the catalogue, even the later ones which were recorded using digital technology to whatever degree. Music is more open, brighter and fuller in a very revealing, listenable and non-tiring way. Bass and drum parts are now very clear as are the vocals which are expressive warm and very detailed - many more sibilants can now be heard which really brightens up "Queen 2" and "A Night At The Opera" for example where there were a tremendous number of overdubs which saturated the sound in places.

As I said in a previous review of "Greatest Hits", those who have a fair or passing interest in Queen will be happy with earlier issues, but for the enthusiast these remasters really are rewarding listens and well worth investing in. They really are very good indeed.
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on 28 July 2015
You must all know what a great album The Game is so I'll not talk about that, but the second disc is the best so far in the 2011 Remastered series. Save Me live is a cracking live performance of a Queen Classic, A Human Body isn't up to much to be honest and is one of Roger Taylor's poorer efforts. The Sail Away Sweet Sister version on track three is exactly the sort of thing the fans want from these packages, showing a Queen song as a work in progress with Brian May making up words as he goes along and features the band getting it wrong, experimenting and then a classic Freddie comment at the end. Its a wonderful insight into the band. Track 4 is possibly even better as it is a recording of Freddie mucking about on the piano and spontaneously coming up with It's a Beautiful Day, which wouldn't see the light of day until after his death over ten years later. Its another lovely view behind the scenes. If this disc contained only these two tracks (3 and 4), it would still be worth it. Track 5 is Dragon Attack live from the MK Bowl and is a bit of a con as it was previously released on the Live at the Bowl DVD a few years back. If you're a proper Queen fan, you need this.
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on 24 October 2013
I was not fully aware of this album content, just knew the hits, like ' Another One Bites the Dust', 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' and 'Save Me'.
I particularly love this last tune and its video, it quite amazed me when I heard it the first time when I was a kid.
It's a great Queen album, full of rock and the incomparable voice of Freddy Mercury.

Recommended !
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on 23 February 2013
One of the most interesting queen albums. Glad I heard it again. Reminds me of my first parties. Hear the most 'unknown' tracks. Coming soon, Rock it, Dragon attack. Seem very fresh today.Real music!!!!!!!!
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on 1 August 2011
This was the first Queen album that sounded totally different to their previous releases. Also the first album to use synthesisers, which to many Queen fans was sacrelidge...but youve got to move with the times....and that doesnt mean follow trends, but you have to change and adapt to new technology and thats what Queen did here. Sure theres plenty of awful music created using synthesisers, but theres also good music.

I think your enjoyment of this album depends on your belief that Queen had no business straying from the rock template they followed throughout the 70s. But even earlier releases hinted at a broadening range of styles (Get Down Make Love from NOTW) something Queen had been doing since the start.

Of the songs on this album, there are a couple of, in my opinion, weak tracks which prevent it from getting 5 stars, but enough strong tracks in order to be well worth 4 stars. And i think that any non-Queen fan listening too this with an open mind would enjoy it without skipping many of the tracks. Its a good pop/rovck album, end of story. And the production is miles better and clearer than Jazz, which was just a mess.

The weak tracks for me are Coming Soon and (i know many people love this song) Sail Away Sweet Sister! The former sounds like a filler track and the latter just sounds like a typical Brian May song that he had been writing for the previous 4 albums! I just doesn fit the rest of the albums sound to my ears. Rock It (Prime Jive) isnt the best Roger song either...and I think thats 2 albums where he offered weaker tracks (Fun It and More of thet Jazz from Jazz are in the same vein).

I actually like Dont Try Suicide, and the singles on here, although somewhat dulled by so many listens over the years, are great, I think Play The Game is a great track and much underrated. Need Your Loving is Queen doing great pop music, something they would develop throughout the 80s, becoming more of a singles band than an album band.

I think Queen were faced with 2 options at the end of the 70s...continue as they were, and go the way of most major rock bands from the 70s...or to try something new. If your expecting to hear the multi vocal harmonies of Bohemian Rhapsody or Somebody To Love, then your going to feel short changed, but if you listen to the album without these preconceptions, its a good album. And that for me is the sign of a good album afterall.....its good regardless of who created it. I dont think you can say its a good album, just not a good Queen album...i think that overlooks the ability of the band to do anything other than straight ahead rock. This set them up for the 1980s, starting as possibly the biggest band worldwide, number 1 in the US and UK. The fact that their next release split the fanbase into 2 camps is another story.

The bonus disk....well as with all of them to date, its a let down. The target audience for these tracks must be their long term fans, who will have all of these already, apart from the SASS maybe, but such a letdown after waiting so long.

4 Stars based on the original album and songs.
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on 27 May 2012
Re mastered version of the Game, definitely better production than the original and brings the recording up to date to match modern play back technology
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on 15 February 2013
This is an addition to my Queen CD collection and evokes memories of the first time around I heard it when at school. Highly recommended.
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on 9 March 2013
Bought this as a Christmas present for my husband who loves Queen and is slowly replacing his vinyl with c.d's. I like it too!!!
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on 13 February 2013
This is for me the last 'proper' Queen album. As most fans know, this is the first album to acknowledge the use of a synthesiser, although to be fair it is a fairly gentle introduction. Unlike subsequent albums, which were submerged by them, and the rather shiney production values of the time.

Anyway, as I say the synth largely takes a back seat throughout the usual mix of styles, and it has to be said that as usual, the mix of styles produced mixed results. I will assume that 'Another One Bites the Dust' and 'Crazy Little Thing called Love' need no introduction. So what of the 'filler'? Well, I'm not a ballad man, but I have to say 'Play the Game' and 'Save Me' are the best Queen ever did, being sufficiently rocked up to raise them above Queen's usual tales of heartbreak and woe. My standout track though, is 'Dragon Attack', a song which I believe has never got the praise it deserves. I've seen it described as a disco track before. Hmm. It does have a funky, laid back bassline, but the barrage of stinging guitar that May unleashes after the 2nd chorus until the end of the song suggests to me it is one of Queen's finest rock songs. I mean, you couldnt imagine the Bee Gees singing this one.

So, now I have to be a bit controversial. There is some dross on here. Mostly from the pens of John Deacon and Roger Taylor. Fantastic musicians they may be (Deacon especially) but not the strongest songwriters for me I'm afraid. Yes, I know they wrote some of Queen's biggest hits between them, but they also wrote most of the worst of the rest. The worst example here is 'Coming Soon', one of their weakest ever and would be on the Queen 'worst of'. (Actually, the way Roger and Brian are knocking out various incarnations of the back catalogue, they're probably compiling it even as we speak). Stick 'Rock it' and 'Need your Loving Tonight' on there too please lads. They do try to be upbeat rocking type songs, but come off rather limp, almost corny. 'Dont Try Suicide' isnt Freddie Mercury's finest moment either. Another bass led song with a vaguely Beatles like chorus, the rather iffy lyrics half heartedly plead with someone not to top themselves. For me, its not a comfortable listen. Which leaves Sail Away Sweet Sister, Brian May's guitar lashed semi ballad. A decent enough tune with Brian's typically earnest musings. You have to hand it to him, when he sings it, he means it.

Oh, and one totally irrelevant point that shouldn't influence your choice in buying this album. This gets my vote for Queen's worst album cover. Should have lost those shades, Brian.
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