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VINE VOICEon 20 July 2011
*if you have subscription left on your 2011 KIS then you can download this upgrade to the latest version via a download from the official Kasperksy website and keep the remainder of your subscription in tact. As far as I'm aware Kasperksy are the only anti virus company that lets you do this (you'd normally have to buy the latest program).

**Or you can buy KIS 2011 now from Amazon for around £19.99 which is half the price of 2012 and then still do the upgrade to 2012 online to get the latest version**

It is really easy to do, I did it last night and set it all up in less than an hour. The new interface looks slightly cleaner than the 2011 version and now has an extra cloud based protection, for a more instantaneous protection from new virus's.

All the usual features are here, including the useful onscreen keyboard to keep things a bit more secure when entering passwords (ie protection from keyloggers) and a safe run mode for your Internet Browser too for an extra level of security.

Being Internet Security (rather than Anti Virus only), you also get the Firewall, anti virus, anti spam etc. They also do a useful "Vulnerabilities Scan" which lets you know if any of your programs, ie Firefox, Java, Flash etc need upgrading.

As always, its not free, you can get some decent packages free i know, but Kasperksy has that trusted nature about it, it has always been a very solid internet security package. I've used KIS 2010, 2011 and now 2012 and love it, it keeps everything out without slowing the system down noticeably.

If you don't want to risk your laptop getting a virus and going kaput then Kasperksy is an excellent choice.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is the third version of Kaspersky I've installed and as per usual I have faith in its ability to keep my computer safe within reason. However I do have an issue which I don't know if it is deliberate or accidental but it could lead you to pay twice.

When I put the install disc in as soon as it ran I was told that a newer version was available and would I like to download and install that one? This isn't unusual when putting in a new program so I agreed. It downloaded without a hitch and then I had a problem. I couldn't put the code in for my copy. The only way I could get the program to run fully would be to purchase a new licence for it at £29. Not funny. I then decided to contact Kaspersky and ask them for a code but there was no way I could find a contact email - although I'm sure one exists for legal reasons. The help system basically related 2011 version nor did any FAQ's relate to my issue.

In the end I uninstalled Kaspersky from my computer and then put the disc back in and ran it. This time I ticked 'NO' for the newer version. This time I got the screen asking me for the code which I put in and registered successfully. Once again I do have a slight issue because on the screen asking for the code it kind of wants to lead you to purchasing a new copy.

Overall I'd say that Kaspersky have created 2012 in such a way that you could very, very easily end up paying twice for the same product and that is definitely dodgy practice.

Once we get away from the shady install we have a similar feel and layout as in previous versions with the usual interface changes to make it seem different. The desktop screen is more like a Windows App in it's look and operation. The main screen is clean and easy to use and of course Kaspersky is one of the better anti-virus programs out on the market.

So I'd normally give five stars for Kaspersky but due to their underhand install I'm knocking it down to three.
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on 14 July 2011
Have used KIS on several PCs and laptops since 2009 and as an experienced computer user I must admit that it is not always been very straightforward to configure in the past. However, on default settings it protects to a very high standard and has multiple layers of protection, which is very important.

It could benefit in some parts from some simplification for average users - but not removing features for more advanced users.

In conclusion I would give KIS 5 stars for protection but only 3 for the rest, so 4 overall.

Update: 12 November 2011 -

Over the past 4 months since my initial review I have installed KIS 2012 on several PCs and laptops / netbooks and during that period Kaspersky have also fixed some earlier issues with the product.

I am upgrading my rating to 5 stars because this software has now proven to be really impressive in its protection, smoothness and low impact, especially noticeable (positively) on my not too powerful two year old business laptop; it really flies along.

I have probably trialled at least 75% of the security software companies over the years, and even recently did a lot of testing on suites as well as individual combinations of seperate firewalls, AV, behaviour blockers, etc.

All the testing was done in test virtual environments and then follwed with real production experience on various PCs and laptops.

In my experience, and others may disagree, but KIS 2012 is the best suite for protection in all of my malware tests. It ranks alongside my favourite bespoke combination of some other specialist security softwares. And for all its high protection the impact on system resources and web browsing is the lowest of any other suite in my tests, and lower impact than the bespoke combination.

KIS is therefore my favoured security app right now and I also use their mobile security product for my phone. Bottom line is that I can set it and more or less forget about it on several computers; life is a lot easier now, no need to spend time tinkering!
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VINE VOICEon 20 August 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've been using Kaspersky for several years apart from one when I decided to get Norton Internet Security because it was cheaper.

I initially got Kaspersky for it's price and was pleasantly surprised by it's background running and lack of on-screen nagging. It was an easy to use system and continues to be.

I repeated the purchase, buying the 3 PC version for all computers in the house and that was great too but was put off by the online renewal price from Kaspersky.

This was when I chose Norton Internet Security which I previously avoided because it was very memory hungry. This time though (Norton 2010) they sorted out their issues and it ran with minimal system resources and almost never prompted me for anything (which was partly re-assuring and partly worrying - wondering if it was working).

In 2011, I went for Kaspersky again as the price had come down. The interface had improved (sort of dumbed down for the consumer market - I'm an IT pro) but made it slightly easier to find things. If I have a criticism it's that the virus database got corrupted a LOT and it's quite annoying to fix if it can't do it itself.

So move on to the 2012 version and the interface has changed again. The features are more easily accessible for ordinary users and some of the other useful features are more apparent than in previous versions.

There's a full scan, vulnerability scan, critical areas and a new drag and drop scan. So far it's updated without a problem but time will tell.

Memory usage and requirements are definitely up from previous versions and there's no improvement on the SPAM filter for e-mails (this is something I would have liked to see, like a Kaspersky SPAM folder and the content of which blocked until you verify otherwise as opposed to just prefixing the subject with 'spam').

Can't speak for IE but this integrates nicely into Google Chrome with the Virtual Keyboard and URL checker available as extensions.

There's some useful parental control features but these have always existed. I think it's another annual cosmetic makeover with few useful improvements but given that you have to buy again or renew if you want database updates then you may as well buy this.

As someone else mentioned, the 2012 update is available for download for 2011 users and will use the remainder of your 2011 subscription until it expires at which point you would put in your new licence agreement number.


Installed this on my Windows 7 laptop running Office 2010 (main review was XP with Office 2007). It runs much better in this environment and footprint actually seems quite small now so at time of previous review there may have been a resource issue on my system.

As soon as I opened Outlook 2010 it gave me a never been seen prompt about how I wanted to handle mail identified as SPAM, including the ability to direct Spam to a folder of my choice (great!). There's already a reasonable sized update to perform after installing but shouldn't take too long. Actually, installing this seemed to resolve an issue the 2010 version had with falsely identify PDM.keylogger.

All these systems are 'very much a muchness' but Kaspersky is a household name now and make quality products so see no reason to switch.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Kaspersy internet security 2012 is the latest incarnation of this popular security suite. Only a few things have changed since the 2011 version the most notably the access to the Cloud system database. The Cloud system is a backbone of servers linking the internet together. Kaspersky can access the databases and pre-empt a virus attack before it even happens. This is a valuable feature and well worth upgrading for alone. The interface has also got significantly simpler which is no bad thing. Most of us just want to load security software and let it get on with it. All the regularly used features are on the top level such as scan etc with the more customisable items in the settings menu system. It is very easy to use and in my simple tests works very well. On my main machine, an i5 based computer with 6Gb of RAM running Windows 7 64bit, running Kaspersky showed no evidence of slow down. The software deals with its own housekeeping and no technical knowledge is needed to use it. Just load and let it get on with protecting your system. Gone are the days of answering loads of security messages and not having a clue what to do with them. Norton which I have on another machine is just as good but does slow processes down much more than Kaspersky. On my test viruses Kaspersky got them all and took the most appropriate action to deal with them so it works as well as any other software for this function. There are several bonus functions that are very useful, for example the system can remember passwords as a text string so you don't have to type them in each time. This is not just for the lazy but saves typing on the keyboard and defeats any key logging software that may have been inadvertently installed. It has an intelligent scanning system that does not hog resources and its scans are quite fast compared to what was offered a few years ago. To sum up, Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 is a powerful package that gets the job done with little or no user intervention. I would be happy to recommend it to anyone.
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on 30 July 2011
Great software but be aware that you have to activate it on all 3 PC's in a 30 day period after your first PC activation - which is a poor decision by Kaspersky.

On the Activation Card inside your DVD Case (where the activation code is found) is says "With this activation code, you are authorised to install the software on up to three (or five) PCs. These installations have to be completed within 30 days of the first activation to benefit from the full licence period of 12 months in each case."

This is a direct quote from my version of KIS 2012.

If you are awaiting a new PC to arrive or if your PC is out of action whilst being fixed - then you could miss out on your full licence period for that PC.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The package comprises a DVD case containing a software CD and leaflet. The leaflet gives installation instructions, plus the all-important licence code. The package comes with three licences, which means you may install it on up to three computers, but you must do so on all three computers within a 30 day period, to get a full 12 months of protection.

I installed the package on my old Windows XP laptop computer. It took a few minutes to do, and I had no problems with it. The installation is straight-forward and uncomplicated. What you get at the end of the process is a complete package of protection for your computer and your internet activities.

Almost all the software features are accessed via a nice control panel, which itself is accessed by double-clicking on the icon in the Windows desktop system tray. The user interface is nice and simple, and in plain English. This even applies to the settings, which are easy to understand. Actually, even if you understand none of it, its default settings have everything you are likely to need switched on already, so you need not visit the settings if you don't want to. Other feature may be accessed by right-clicking on a file, folder or application icon that you want to scan or quarantine. Incidentally, I have uploaded a few screenshots, so you can see what its control panel looks like.

The biggest part of the package is anti-virus protection. It offers the usual armoury of scanning and removal software for handling spyware, phishing attacks, rootkits, malicious banners, and so on. You have the option to run a full scan of the computer (which you really should do immediately after installing any anti-virus package), a critical areas scan (which just scans core operating system modules), a vulnerability scan (which scans the computer and applications for weak points that may be attacked), and a handy place where you can drag any file you like, whereupon it will be scanned.

The software integrates fully with Windows. This means that you may right-click on any file, folder, or icon, and run a quick scan on that object, or, move it into a special quarantine area where it cannot harm anything. The software starts automatically with Windows, and you get a little icon in the system tray to tell you it's running. If you are using Windows 7, it also provides a desktop gadget, which is far more useful than the system tray icon.

The package protects against phishing attacks and dangerous websites (those infected with malicious software that could steal information about you or your banking details), and secures your login details. It provides instant security checks on files, so you know if a file is safe to open. It also has parental control features, so you may protect individual Windows user accounts while the account user uses the internet, play online games, or use social networks. Of course, this only works if the child in question doesn't know how to login to anyone else's Windows account, which would render the whole system pointless. That's down to you, the main user, to make sure that your child does not acquire the login details of those other Windows accounts.

The software makes innovative use of cloud computing to improve security. Don't let "cloud computing" confuse you; it just means that some of the software resources it uses to protect your computer are run from secure Kaspersky locations on the web. This also enables it to share information about threats, as they appear, so it may respond to threat more quickly, and anticipate threats that have been encountered on other users' computers.

One very handy feature is its offer to scan any device that you connect to the computer. It happily detected my iPhone, iPod, digital camera, and various USB drives. If you trust your devices (i.e. you know they haven't been plugged in to any other computer since you last scanned it), you can tell the software to not offer this service again.

Another of its nice features is the ability to "Safe Run" any software. This enables you to try out any software in a safe environment, before you let it run freely on your computer. For example, if you downloaded a handy video conversion utility form the web, you can make sure it is not also attacking your computer when it converts your videos. To use Safe Run, just start it from the Kaspersky control panel, then run whatever software you like (i.e. work as normal) and your computer should be nice and safe.

The reporting tool that comes with it is worth a glance. You'd be surprised how many nasty things it quietly traps and blocks for you while you work. Thankfully, it doesn't bombard you with alerts and sirens all the time; it just gets on with the job and only troubles you when it finds something it cannot handle automatically.

There are more features on offer, but I've covered the main ones here. The package updates itself automatically, so you really don't need to mess about with it. It doesn't eat up the computer's resources and appears to work very well. I've used a few versions of Kaspersky over the years, both personally and in corporate network environments. They have always been stable and reliable, and seem to catch a lot of nastiness. This is a really good package, and rather more comprehensive than the free ones on offer.
review image review image review image review image review image
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on 16 August 2011
I've been using different Norton AV products, including the latest 360 versions (1-5), for over 10 years, but it had to stop. With every new version they seem to become more and more resource-demanding and were slowing down my (not very new) pc to a point that it was impossible to work sometimes, especially when it was doing updates, which were supposed to be made only when pc is idle, but they were actually made at any time they wanted.

So I decided to try Kaspersky, and am perfectly happy with the results.

First, you can buy 2011 version, then download 2012 from their Web site and use the 2011 key to activate 2012 version - which is perfectly allowed by their upgrade policy, so you can legally save yourself £10 or so. At £13 for 3 pc license it's a steal!

Installation and updates can not be smoother, very fast including virus DB update. First scan found a few threats Norton seems to be missing.

It has been running for a couple of weeks now and is totally invisible, running in the background and not disrupting any processes. What more can you want?

Edit: As another user pointed (thank you Martin), you can install 3 versions on different pcs at any time, not just within a month from 1st installation to make use of them, only the activation date will be counted from the 1st installation, which seems to be fair.

I can not find any faults about this software, and I am quite demanding user, and my ageing pc is even more so. Fully recommended!
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on 16 August 2012
No problems with the installation. Very nice sidebar gadget for Windows 7 too. Ran the programme straight after it was installed & updated it from the net. It crashed. A stupid error screen kept coming up even without the programme running, which really annoyed me. It wouldn't be satiated, so I uninstalled & loaded it again. It crashed. Same stupid message kept on coming up. I re-loaded Windows 7 from a system image without any Internet protection programme & re-installed Kaspersky. I updated it. It crashed. I tried again. It crashed. I did another system image, installed Norton instead. It worked.

I put the Kaspersky into the bag it came in just 3 hours before & sent it back. The assistant at the post office asked me if the contents of the bag were valuable. My reply was unprintable. Avoid until they sort out their website.
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on 30 October 2011
This software works fine & basically does the Job that it was designed for. It keeps your system up & running without any major hassles of playing around with the settings but its best selling point is that it does not use or demand a lot of computer resources like Norton's or McAfee can generally utilize for their anti-virus software services which is better for the end-user who wants to keep their resources available on their systems for other programs.
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