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3.4 out of 5 stars22
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on 22 July 2013
Amy Nash (Briana Evigan) works at the St. Martin Animal House, but not in the part that has animals with cancer or mange, but the wing that only has cute Hollywood bunnies and kitties. Her husband David (Sean Faris) has just bought them a beautiful home. The electricity is not turned on except for the security system, outdoor lights, basement lights, and electronic doors and walls...they all seem to have their own power supply. Like Ed Wood would say, "Who will notice?" To make the evening more romantic they leave their cell phones in the car!!!!!

The film digresses into a combination home abduction/ "Home Alone" film. It turns out the house has drugs stashed in it and the owners want it back...but it is not that simple. They also want the witnesses dead and there is something else in the house they want...but what? And how does this tie into the opening scene where a Colombian scatters his gray matter all over the inside of a confessional? Dolph Lundgren and Jon Huertas play the bad guys.

Most of the film is a cat and mouse game being played between the two sides with David being the punching bag for any stray bullet. The dialouge was boring and having Dolph recite lines that are already the pits, doesn't raise the "thriller" level. At one point David, learning over a dead body shouts at Dolph, "C'mon man!" That was my MST moment which highlighted the poor writing of this thriller. The overall plot idea was decent, the execution is not gripping. This would be the third feature at the drive-in.

No-f-bombs that I recall, no nudity, brief "Natalie Portman" style sex scene (bra stays on). C'mon man!
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on 14 November 2013
A couple buy a house out of a foreclosure. They find illegal drugs stashed in the walls, and they realise this is not their dream house.

As they are about to leave, their exit is blocked by a neighbour and his accomplice. They realise the house is hiding more than drugs - it's an operation centre buried beneath the floorboards.

On the run from the killers who want the drugs and evidence, the resourceful couple will need to turn the tables on their attackers to survive....

One of the rare occasions where Dolph plays a bad guy, this isn't your typical action movie, in fact, its more of a thriller than anything else.

If you've seen The Purge, then you've seen this, obviously with different story and narrative, but its basically the same, a vulnerable couple in a safe house with no where to go, and vicious stalkers trying anything to get what they want.

Its not original, but it looks great, and some of the camera work is worthy of a cinematic release.

The couple are nothing special, they are generic and are just there, they get injured, panic, and creep up behind the villains on several occasions to get weapons.

Lundgren is fine, he's in his Business man mode, wearing a suit and acting intelligent, and his annoying partner is just there to be angry, and to make things more urgent.

All in all, its nothing special, it passes the time, but it looks great..
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on 5 June 2015
I suppose this film would appeal more towards teens. Don't get me wrong it's quite a good film and it's good to See Dolph Lundgren still in the game.
I am very particular when it comes to how films look and sound. To me it looked like a TV movie and was likely filmed on digital cameras which can be a little too clean when it comes to that organic film look. This film doesn't have that.

The detail is very very good and if you like your HD to look a real as possible then this is for you..

I do like films that take part around one central point. In this case the house that the Husband of the young couple has supprised his wife with for her birthday. Working in real estate he sees the house come up cheap. It's only later when they are about to leave that things start going bad for them. This is no ordinary house and it's not just the huge stash of drugs they find that the villains are after.
Soon the young couple are thrown in to survival mode with only the house for protection.

My one other gripe with this film is too much use of the house security system footage of the bad guys out side and as it is inferred it get confusing when you suddenly remember one of the bad guys has a black shirt on that for the most part of seeing him look white.

Still not bad for a sub £3 purchase
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on 6 January 2014
In Stash House, a young couple movies into their new home only to find they are under siege from criminals looking to take back something valuable they had hidden in the house.

The movie takes place over the course of one night where the couple tries to outwit the two criminals who are outside the locked house. Dolph Lundgren takes a supporting role as one of the villains so the DVD cover is quite misleading showcasing Dolph alone. Dolph turns up around half an hour in but has a reasonable amount of screen time from there.

I don't think Lundgren fans should rush to seek this one out. It's another mediocre effort from After Dark pictures, from the same director as the weak "El Gringo", although this is a better movie. The director Eduardo Rodriguez needs to learn how to shoot a picture properly. Early on there are many daytime indoor scenes where heavy shadows mean you can hardly see the actors' faces. This should have been obvious from watching the dailies, suggesting that no-one really cared. Overall the movie feels cheap and is only worth catching for Lundgren completists.
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VINE VOICEon 16 June 2012
Any one who has seen the Bruce Willis movie Hostage or the Jodie Foster movie Panic room will be on very familiar ground in a cat and mouse thriller in which two people viewing a house for sale end up coming across a 'stash' that some very bad people want access to.

Lucky for them the house is very well guarded by very high tech security, and thus a game of cat of mouse plays out as the villains (Lead by Dolph Lundgren) work out a way in and the couple try to work a way out.

Not bad, not original, not a classic but entertaining none the less, worth a watch, just be aware this is a 'B' movie in a sense with little action, but a reasonable story to tell, quite well directed, and has a producing credit of Joel Silver (Die-hard/Lethal Weapon/The Matrix amongst many of his movies), and so is not as bad as many low budget films, with slick style of direction, some jumpy moments and as a thriller ticks the right boxes.

Not great film making - but not bad either, worth a watch if nothing else to do.
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on 14 June 2015
Was not expecting much. But wow talk about tense. Starts of slow and with my ocational out cry of "why don't they check that or do this?"
But this a great film for what it is. As I said the tension is awesome right till the end.
For the price it is well worth it.
I rate how good films are by the concept of 'will I watch it again?'
For Stash House it's a big "yes!"
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on 21 March 2014
Stash House Is A Decent, Run-Of-The Mill Thriller, Which Features Dolph Lundgren As The Villain. With The Film Being Originally Shot In HD, The Film Looks Great In A Quality Sense. But The Script Is So Cliched & Is A Film For Fans Of 80's & Early 90's Action Cinema.

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on 17 December 2012
Contrary to other views, this film was enjoyable to watch, and yes, like panic room without the big star names / well acted / well scripted - not a bad movie. Judge for yourself
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on 28 August 2013
A little slow in places but watchable.

If you like Lundgren then this will be OK - the ending is interesting.
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on 17 May 2015
This was okay but it could have been better but well worth the money and well recommended to all.
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