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2.6 out of 5 stars40
2.6 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 19 February 2012
I first found out about Area 51 in the mid nineties as the height of the X-Files' fame. Area 51 is the codename given to a section of land in the Nevada desert in America. Allegedly, it contains the remains of crashed UFOs etc. I always thought it would make a good movie. I still think it would - the emphasis being that it would make a GOOD movie. Sadly, this is no good.

Er, where do I begin? The cheap special effects? The shoddy acting? The wafer-thin characters? The ludicrous plot holes? It's all there - unfortunately.

Basically, what you have here, is a made-for-TV movie, i.e. wobbly sets, unknown actors and not much more.

Bottom line - it's just short of okay. Some people may like it, but not many. There are so many better alien films out there - like `Alien' for example.

Plus side - the leading lady is cute (that's probably more a plus point for the guys - I can see too many women swooning over sci-fi stalwart Bruce Boxleighter).

Oh, well, never mind. I may have wasted an hour and a half of my life, but it was still more entertaining than a Transformers movie.

(and, who gave this film 5/5 on Amazon? they serious must be taking the pi...)
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Hold on to yer' seats as the 'after dark' series brings you this tense movie ( for your pleasure ? )
Officials of the secretive 'Area 51' unit give in to public pressure and speculation by allowing a ''restricted'' tour of the base
by some well known journalist's.
The area however has 'beings' not of this world within it's compound, it is not intended that the visitor's get anywhere near these........but, things go wrong when some of the out-of-this-world creatures break out causing havoc and terror.
Has some decent graphics on board, and is worth a spin for 'horror-feast' fans, not great but watchable.
(I believe 'Area 51' probably does harbour secrets, why not ?....what do you believe ?
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on 28 September 2015
Unbelievably terrible. Lousy cast, a laughable script, directionless directing, production values usually seen in children's TV shows of the 70s - all that needed to make it the worst movie seen this year was - rubber monsters. Cue - rubber monster! And one walking with two crutches, making it even more lame than all other production values.

This is beyond awful, way past the point where if they'd paid me to stay in the cinema I'd have still walked out.

I did wonder what a one star film on Netflix might be like; and now I know - only one star was way too generous.
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on 23 September 2014
Ok before I get chastised I'm gonna point out that I'm only giving this three stars because some people will like this movie, I mean for Blaire Witch has a fan base, if thats not bizarre I don't know what is.

So I usually quite like the 'After Dark' films but even I can't defend this too much, who am I kidding? I bought it for £1.50 watched it and got rid of it in the same day. The film centres in Area 51 the infamous flight base that is supposedly harbouring aliens, in this film the aliens are more like prisoners and one of them who can shapeshift and for some reason likes techno decides to escape during a tour taking a couple of very dangerous friends with him.

So really that's about as much as I remember about this movie which is really quite sad because it could've been really good. I haven't got a clue who any of the actors are and even more weird I can't find any clips on youtube. So in honesty I'd say avoid since nothing in this film is going to stand out and make you 'WOW! That was Awesome!!' too much but some may like it
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on 16 July 2012
Some people say they were pleasantly surprised.
I trusted these people and bought it. It was pretty crap.
Acting wasn't really that great. Really the only thing the movie had going for it was the dude from Tron was in it.
I thought it would be dark, scary, full of jumps, brutal but nope. Fair enough it's got violence but it's just as cheesey as the damn film. Dude gets stabbed in the face, looked like he enjoyed it.
Please for love of Gandhi, don't buy it. Trust me, you would rather watch something else.
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on 6 August 2014
This is one of the worst films I can remember watching for a long, long time. The acting is just......HAM. As each entirely unconvincing alien makes an appearance, every battle-hardened soldier with gun in hand just stands gawping at it in mock terror until he is either killed or the alien makes a getaway. It continues throughout this truly awful film. I laughed loudest at the end during an aerial shot of a hangar exploding as some 'dead' bodies on the ground move away from the blast!

Don’t be deceived by the recent release date. This must have been made on a budget in the 1980s. It shows.
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on 2 March 2016
I ordered this by mistake, but paid little for it, so didn't bother sending back. I didn't enjoy it I must say.
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on 13 November 2012
very crap indeed. There are many fine alien films out there, this is a very, very long way from being one of them.

I agree with you, the cover does offer promise, but it fails to deliver. Some of the cast you will recognise from good work elsewhere, but here they combine their efforts to fail dismally and miserably at the same time. They fail 'dismerably'. There, its so poor i felt the need to invent a word just to express it.

This is an all time low.

Move on, please...there's nothing to see here...
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on 3 October 2011
There is nothing better than good Sci-Fi but there is nothing worse than the bad stuff and this falls into the latter category. The premise of the story is good but in practical terms it's just awful, cheesy and will be on Movies 24 within no time. Save your money and avoid this rubbish.
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on 7 November 2015
Really boring not the film I thought it was
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