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3.6 out of 5 stars37
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 19 June 2012
The negative points about this movie are pretty much the exact same negative points as Universal Soldier: Regeneration. Why? Because they're both directed by the same person (John Hyams) who's basically a horrible director. The movie tends to be dull, scenes seem to be scattered all over the place, there is hardly a story, nobody shows any sign of body language, characters have a very mismatching personality if they even have one and there's only a handful of scenes that are worth watching.

The film doesn't seem to know how to keep consistency, at-least enough to make you concentrate instead of cringe. The way it shot a still-screen and zoom in towards the face with a 1-second clip of some trashy metal seemed like an excuse to get out of actually telling you who they are. Yeah sure you know their name or nickname but you're cringing so much at the horrible editing you miss it really easily.

This movie infuriated me with the lack of sense it made. Throughout the entire film, it literally feels as though you're accidentally skipping scenes as things happen almost as if they're in the wrong order.

I was motivated to watch this film as it was martial arts and I saw Jean-Claude Van Damme who I'm a massive fan of. I thought I'd have a better outlook on Cung Le seeing him as a protagonist who wants Justice, after seeing him play a violated terrible Martial Law in Tekken. Was it worth getting my hopes up for? Hell no, Jean-Claude Van Damme was only it for about a maximum of half an hour screening time and Cung Le was lousy as anything, I blame the poor excuse of a martial art that's trained nowadays for that.

Oh and the last comparison between this and Universal Soldier: Regeneration. Don't expect an ending.

Basically, this movie sucks, end of.
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Jean-Claude Van Damme plays a minor role as the prison mentor for Mr. Hong (Cung Le)..."There are two tigers inside you." These are seen as occasional flashbacks. Mr. Hong rents an apartment in an Hispanic neighborhood of St. Jude and immediately draws attention to himself. He attempts to pit two gangs against each other (both work for Mr. V (Peter Weller) although does so rather poorly as he leaves a calling card with an oriental symbol for change. But wait...that is all part of the master plan. Mr. V also controls the local cops (Craig Walker, Kristopher Van Varenberg).

Rosanna (Crystal Mantecon) plays the straight honest daughter of the landlord.

Mr. V. recruits Mr. Hong to work for him. The film has some questionable plot points...such as why Mr. Hong was allowed to live so many times. It utilizes grindhouse style music and introduces characters with written screen titles, however the film doesn't quite flow lie a good grindhouse, either by design or poor editing.

F-bomb, sex, nudity (stunt double Arielle Zimmerman)
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on 24 October 2012
I bought this, as I always do, because it's a new Van Damme movie. Unfortunately, at this stage of his career, Van Damme is obviously beginning to agree to supporting roles. This can be loosely described as a supporting role. I think in all, Van Damme is maybe on screen for 8 minutes or so. Needless to say his name and picture is still plastered all over the DVD case. However, I persevered and watched the whole film as I am a fan of martial arts movies anyway. This was poor at best. Some of the choreography is OK but all in all it is a pretty below par action movie and the fighting scenes start to feel very repetitive. Just gets pass marks for a bit of easy watching, but Van Damme fans will be very disappointed and advised to steer clear. Go for 6 Bullets instead!
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on 28 December 2012
A lone fighter cleans up a small town, including taking out warring gangs and corrupt cops. The plot is lifted straight from Yojimbo (later copied by High Plains Drifter, Last Man Standing etc).

I was expecting a lot more from director John Hyams, as his first film since the excellent Universal Soldier : Regeneration. This is also the first movie I've seen from legendary action producer Joel Silver's After Dark Pictures (Transit, Stash House).

I won't be in a rush to catch any more. Thoroughly routine, shot on HD video and digitally bleached to almost black and white, with no dramatic tension at all, it's just hard to get into the story. Jean Claude Van Damme is featured prominently on the cover but is only in the movie for about 5 minutes - this is a Cung Le movie. The only positive are the well filmed and choreographed fight scenes.

There are much better action movies out there - it's not worth seeking out unless you are a Cung Le fan.

The DVD has a good picture (it's probably not worth upgrading to Blu Ray), 5.1 audio and optional subtitles but no extras (just 2 trailers).
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on 19 April 2012
well I've just watched this and while I was actually now dreading it from all the negative reviews I wasn't actually let down atall.
I expected hardly any jcvd, thin plot and action and that's what I got.
I thought there were some funny moments (the scene with the character of Beech had me chuckling) and the fight scenes looked really good, some complained about the slow motion but i thought it served well to show how brutal the hits were.
The sepia like colour was annoying to begin with but then it changes later in the movie so that didn't matter too much.
I didn't have the gripes that some did about gang members teaming up with Cung, he had gained their respect. Ok highly unlikely in real life as a real gang would have come back later and shot him dead but hey its just a movie.
I liked the jcvd training scenes but there could have been more, a big fight in the prison for him would have been great.
He really suited this part and I actually think he would do well as the mentor in a new martial arts movie, his moves and kicks looked as good as ever. The audio was a little quiet in these parts and was quite hard to hear what jcvd was saying but there is subtitles or even the volume button.
Cung wasn't as bad as was made out, he was like a quiet assassin, no nonsense man of few words, maybe the odd funny quip would have made him more appealing but in the action/fighting stakes he gets the job done.
I didn't find Peter Weller as over the top as I was led to believe, he's actually quite entertaining and did a decent job.
Maybe there could have been one or two more action scenes overall but what we have is pretty brutal and heavy hitting, no annoying cgi blood popped up or people getting hit 20 times and still standing.
I would watch this again maybe not too soon, it's not great but it's good enough for a night in with a beer and a pizza.
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on 10 April 2015
Dragon Eyes really surprised me. Its a fairly decent martial arts movie but not up to the standard of Vane Damme's great movies.You may think its just an average cheap production movie but you may be surprised about the quality of the movie. Van Damme doesn't have a lot of screen time but you can see him through out the movie in short sequences.Now the blu ray HD quality is what impressed me the most. It looks fantastic on blu ray. The detail is very high especially on facial features. I have seen big hollywood production that can be ashamed on quality of picture while Dragon Eyes quality can teach them a thing or two.It looks that good. In picture quality is a 5/5.For the price I recommend it as you never know you may enjoy it. Great seller. Fast delivery. Thank You.
review image review image review image
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on 18 September 2013
Good fight coriography, disappointed with Peter (robocop) weller's character and no where near enough of van Damme to say he's suppose to be the main title lead.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 21 April 2012
This is one of the coolest martial arts films in a while, being straight to DVD and Bluray you would think it was just another cheesy low budget film but its not, the production on this is pretty sweet and quality all round, this is pretty action packed from start to finish with so many awesome fight scenes mainly between Cung Le and a whole bunch of big ugly thugs and gangsters!! The movie Co stars Jean-Claude Van Damme as a mentor to Cung Le who trains him in the deadly art of martial arts to take out the trash in a town overrun by villains and gangs. Great story, quality action and well directed, if you love martial arts and gangster movies this is both and done with style and well worth watching. Cool soundtrack too.
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on 15 April 2012
I love Van Damme, own all and enjoy all his movies. I pre-ordered this, it sounded decent and of course 'stars' JCVD. He has about 5 minutes of screen time and as great as he is in it, it doesnt account for how awful this film is. The lead actor, Cung Le, is wooden and devoid of any personality. The plot is a confusing mess, I had to rewind a few times as I thought I missed something, no there are plot holes aplenty and after sitting through this the finale/pay-off is quick and thank god, I couldnt take any more. Peter Weller hams it up as the villain and looks like he is having a ball, shame its wasTed in this film because in the right film his performance would have people talking. I bought this because I will always support JCVD and his work but it is a movie his fans can and I live without. DUD
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on 17 April 2012
This is a great action movie that returns to the heart of the genre. Van Damme still has it and it is great to see him doing what he does best. Great to see a film not reliant on guns!!
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