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4.7 out of 5 stars55
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 24 November 2011
Before I bought this set I was a little worried as I knew all the supernatural box sets are split into part one and two and I thought I hope this runs through to episode 22, I didnt get any answers from anywhere on the net. This one does go straight through to all episodes of all of the seasons. As for the packaging (im a perfectionist) its compact and tiny and each dvd case has 6 discs in each one so compact enough for me carry when im away from home and watching it on a laptop!

As for the actual show - this is just sheer excellent and pure escapism! The script work is genius, I started watching this really late one the show (actually Season 6 episode 17 - that brilliant titantic one!) I just never watched it for some reason but liked the fact that it was not yet another buffy or x-files but there is a brilliant group of actors on the show and the storylines are different and actually funny.

The one thing i would say getting back to the actual DVD itself Im glad that this one has each one as a full set and not split into little parts (that just makes it expensive to buy each one!)
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on 7 September 2012
I purchased this set back in April and totally forgot to post my review! If you are fan of this set, then get it! Nice to have a collection of the first six seasons in a single box. If people are looking for some sort of special edition packaging inside, don't hold your breath - it is just individual seasons put in a nice box. Also, see the video review added by another purchaser to see what it looks like.
Being I'm from Canada the shipment took about two weeks and arrived a day prior to estimated delivery date.

My only beef is with how Amazon packages these items - there was no bubble wrap or any type of protection, just thrown into the shipping box. So, needless to say the case of this set had some slightly crushed corners. Only reason I knocked one star off was due to this. Come on Amazon package items better!!!
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on 13 August 2012
Once every blue moon there comes from the USA a T.V. series that's got everything right.Originality,imaginative plots,action,suspense,casting,direction,performances,the works.The usual catch is that the script,in a non stop effort to maintain high levels of suspense,frequently slips into irrationalities that are offensive to the thinking viewer.Not so in this one.As we are dealing with the realm of the "supernatural",anything goes,anything is possible and everything can happen-and it does,too !! You can watch the episodes,cliffhanger after cliffhanger,reversal after reversal,and enjoy them immensely without the slightest feeling of guilt !
As for the "package"itself,it is a "must" for the true "affisionado"of the series.Treat yourself to it !!!
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on 4 September 2012
A short review to describe this boxset. I ordered it last Friday evening and was happily surprised to receive it this morning. The product description or other reviews didn't do this package justice, so I want to highlight it. The other reviewers do a great job in high lighting the content on the discs so I'm not going to cover that aspect.
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on 12 December 2012
This show is about two brothers who hunt demons in an attempt to find the demon that killed their mother, but there is so much more about it than just that. There is a bigger picture that Sam(Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester(Jensen Ackles) never knew about. As each season progresses, there is always a bigger threat, whether is a Trickster, a Crossroads Demon or Lucifer himself. The show provides kick-ass drama, brilliant mythology and comic relief. This is not for the faint hearted however. There are may cringeworthy scenes that brand this show a supernatural/horror. This is a show that is very hard to put down. Each season is better than the previous one (with the exception of 6.) This shows proves that Supernatural dramas have a place on Television. This extremely well written drama replaces the hole left by The X-Files. The best thing about this show is that writers and actors who worked on X-Files, now work on Supernatural. A great supernatural drama


Synopsis of each season

Season 1 - The brothers work with their father to find the demon that killed their mother
Season 2 - The brothers continue to find the demon on their own after the loss of their father
Season 3 - The brothers work to find extra time before Dean is cast into Hell after a deal with a crossroads demon
Season 4 - The brothers work with the angel Castiel to prevent Lilith from freeing Lucifer
Season 5 - The brothers continue to work with the angels to throw Lucifer back into his cage
Season 6 - The brothers stand alone as they try to prevent Castiel and Crowley from locating and opening Purgatory
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on 5 December 2011
... so there is no wonder that I love this box. The design is good and if you don't already own all the seasons this box will make it simple for you to get all of them.

Surprisingly this box had a subtitles in my language (I was really surprised by this) which is nice, even though I usually don't use subtitles I do have some friends that aren't as steady in English and I can now watch the previous seasons of Supernatural thanks to the subtitles.
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on 3 December 2011
my partner has seen every episode so far and everytime it came on the tele i would leave to watch soaps up stair as i didnt think i would like it thinking it was another buffy and im now devostated i only watched it from half way thru season 4 as it is soooooo good Can not wait to see his face christmas day as he was only saying the other night it was ages ago he saw season 1 so as soon as the kids r in bed xmas night i think ill start from the begining and watch back to back
CAN NOT WAIT FOR SEASON 7 esp after the the way they left it at the end of season 6

have to say a little disapointed on the size of the boxset as picture makes it look so much bigger but it is just 6 standard dvd boxes next to each other with 6 discs in each but not to fussed as supernatural is a MUST watch
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on 9 May 2012
Supernatural is a brilliant tv series about...well, supernatural stuff. It takes things from myth, legend, and other crazy things and puts a unique and brilliant spin on it [such as trying to get an angel laid before he dies]. there are some episodes towards the later series that it would of perhaps been better off not doing, but I think it was around then that there was that big writers strike or something; they aren't terrible but just lack that thing that makes the series what it is.

I bought this on blu-ray partly because at the time it was actually cheaper than the dvd version. there is some quality issues that go on throughout the series which I would not expect. there are many scenes throughout the set that have the visual quality of a low quality dvd while others have the quality expected from blu-ray. it is mainly great but i couldn't help but notice pixelated scenes throughout.

all in all, i would highly recommend this series, my only critiscism really being the blu-ray visual quality. So, depending on the price difference perhaps it would be better to go for the dvd version, but i haven't seen that quality to make a comparison.
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on 25 August 2012
Wonderful show, probably one of the few gems left on t.v at the moment. Very glad I could get my hands on this box set. It has all 6 seasons that are available now and for the price you cant go wrong, (it ends up being about £8 a season). The show follows two brothers, Sam and Dean who are hunters and kill all the nasty things in the world like vampires, demons, werewolves, ghosts etc. as they try to figure out what the big picture is and thwart the main baddy of each season. The show has lots of twists and turns, great action, some quite brilliant one liners, great mix of different monsters and badguys to fight, the best soundtrack to any show I've ever watched and almost without fail at the end of each episode they have a quick chat about their feelings and how they're coping with whichever situation they are currently facing (which just makes me laugh because its always at the end). Arrived within the estimated delivery date. All in all 5/5.
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on 15 February 2012
I received this collection on my birthday and it was such a great gift to myself...!I started watchin the show just 5-6 months ago-or something like that- and was impressed, though i watched it whenever i could and was not sleepy as they were on around 1.00 a.m in Greece. So i decided to buy the dvds to save some sleeping hours and have the collection too.
I'm really impressed though i haven't seen all six seasons, not all episodes.It has elements from most of my fave horror flicks, great acting, great photography,sense of humour and it's very emotional at times.The plot is also very tight,does have a lot of episodes that stand on their own but they add up at the end and keep you at the edge of your seat.
The extra features in the collection are also great.Buy this if you're a fan...If you're not a fan, well it's never too late to become one!!!Supernatural rules...though it is a bit gory at times.
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