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on 12 June 2011
Emma Holden has not been lucky in love, her marriage was due to take place in a fortnight and on the stag/hen night Dan the groom goes missing. Will, her brother and Lizzy her friend go back to his apartment with her, to look for him, only to find Richard his brother with a head trauma, on the bathroom floor, Dan missing.

Lots of threads and leads to likely looking suspects, Emma is in a race to find Dan before it is too late for him, her career as an actress forgotten as she uncovers family secrets and manipulation of the press by a film producer which caused her to be followed and photographed. After many trips across London, journeys north to Manchester and back again Emma discovers she has a true friend in Lizzy and more courage and strength than she realized.I found from the first chapter the novel held my attention, enjoyable and fast paced putting it down was not an option, finished in one, now looking for more of this authors work.
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on 22 July 2011
I've just bought a kindle and 'The One You Love' was my first download. I read it in three sittings going into the early hours - it's a page turner. It is impossible to guess at the outcome of this novel and the suspense is maintained throughout by constantly swapping the action scenes and keeping you hanging. One of the reasons for this is that on the face of it the characters seem ordinary, but gradually weaknesses and secrets are revealed. None of this is predictable and the ending is very surprising.
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on 9 February 2014
Emma Holden’s life was going to be perfect, she was ready to marry Dan, and her happiness was close when something weird came about. Her love, Dan, did not appear in his stag party. Lots of secrets are going to be revealed all over the next pages, more and more questions will make a mess in your head. Do not panic, the best part is still coming!

I am not afraid of saying this book is a real puzzle.There are two or three set pieces that deserve more attention from readers, they seem not be part of the story, it is almost impossible to recognize who are talking to whom. Otherwise, it is not a negative side, I consider it one of the best techniques used by the author Paul Pilkington.

The One You Love has caught me since the first page. The plot is written in a way that you will not blink, truly. Do not feel awkward if suddenly you start talking, yelling, crying, running with Emma, Stuart, Will, Stephen, Peter and others fascinating characters, it is totally normal.

Honestly, I have found out who was the villain quite in the end of the book. However, sometimes things happened in the plot that I asked to myself whether I was right about who was the guilt indeed. Sincerely, I am not a fan of trilogy. As soon as I finished to read The One You Love, I changed my mind as fast as I could. Let me explain, The One You love is the first of three books that has Emma Holden as the main character. The others are: The One You Fear and The One You Trust.

Certainly I will read them all!

I have known that The One You Love is now available in paperback!

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Inessa Silva
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on 1 September 2012
Have just bought a kindle and downloaded this book for free to get a feel for things. First chapter was a bit clunky to get through and felt that the language was quite simple and childish but decided to carry on.
A few chapters in, I was more hooked and was actually starting to enjoy the story.
Although there was a stage where I was thrown fof the scent and completely jumped to the wrong conclusion, the whole story was fairly predictable. The book almost reminded me of the teenage horror/thriller books I used to read years ago when there was so many cliches and conventions in the book that you always managed to guess who it was half way through!
The story was quite short, and I dont feel like it gave us enough chance to get to know the characters so didnt really feel any empathy with the main character but overall it was an enjoyable read for my first kindle experience.

If you enjoy suspense without being too shocked and are looking for something to while away a few hours without having to think too much about it, then definitely give this a try!
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on 24 July 2011
This is the first book review I have ever written but I felt compelled to do so for this book. I downloaded it to my kindle because it was free (having read it I would certainly have paid for it!) and because I was going away on holiday and wanted a few different choices to read on the beach. I am so glad I did. It is truly excellent and I will certainly be purchasing the next one by this author. The book has an excellent plot that keeps you guessing right to the end and the characters are very believable. It's a real page turner. I can not recommend this book enough. The only down side is that you won't be able to put it down!
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on 3 March 2013
Like many of you I bought this from the free kindle section and I have to say- what a gem!

With the free kindle books there are not a lot based and written by a writer from Great Britain so there was that novelty which was quite nice. That novelty however wrote off quickly due to the plot and the well written text.

I could not put this book down.

The characters from the main leads to the secondary characters are all well written all appealing and all relate to and guide the ever twisting plot along. I didn't know what to expect, the ending shocked me but was believable, I never once full on hated a character. It's also great to see proper female characters that feel like human beings rather than a horrendous stereotype.

The one thing that is damaging is the price of the author books- they're too cheap! There are authors on kindle whose writing and stories are- for lack of a better term- quite poor whose books cost from anywhere from £2.99-£7.99, while Paul Pilkington's works seems to be cheapened.

It's not a bad thing that his books cost less than £2 but I want to support this author and I think the price doesn't do his books justice. I am still buying them all!

Just read this! It's just one of the best and I hope he continues!
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on 13 May 2012
I read with interest some of the 1 star reviews for this book, but as it was free thought I would see if I agreed with their comments. To be honest, I think they are being unfair. The plot is not wonderful, and the characters, particularly the male characters do not have depth, but the story jogs along ok, and I suspect that the file has been corrected of many of the errors as of May 2012. The dialogue is not fantastic, but I have read a lot worse. The plot requires suspension of disbelief, but I have been asked to suspend belief on other occasions and to a greater extent... and to say it is "awful" or "the worst book I have ever read" seems to me an exaggeration. I have read many worse than this - some riding high on the paid best seller lists, so I feel inclined to defend the author here, whoever he is. Although I realised I was reading a book that would win no awards I did want to know how the story panned out, and I finished it, more than can be said for 50 Shades of Grey, which is the Number 1 best seller world wide!
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on 6 June 2013
It's clear from previous reviews that this is a Marmite of a book: people either love it or hate it. I've given it only one star, not because I hate it (I don't), but because I'm saddened by how badly it's written, and by the way so many people seem unable to see this.

There is no attempt at characterization; by the end of the book I didn't know the protagonists any better than I did at the start. There is no reality to the settings - nothing to bring the scenes alive. The dialogue is flat, unrealistic, and clumsily handled. Pacing is non-existent: where are the highs and lows, and the true cliff-hanger moments? For a fairly short book it seemed to go on for ever, without ever actually getting anywhere.

There's no reality to it - nothing to make me believe in the people and events it describes. I find myself wondering how long ago it was written, because it reads like an A-level (or maybe even GCSE) English literature project, written by someone with no actual experience of the world to draw on - nor any research into, for example, how the police actually talk and behave. If it was written some years ago, then that might explain why the cameras mentioned in the book use film. Would any serious press photographer really use a film camera rather than a digital one nowadays? I very much doubt it.

What also saddens me is the fact that - no doubt because of the uncritical response to the book, with "over 2 million" downloads - the author has now (according to his website) secured a publishing deal. Never mind the quality, feel the width, eh? Real authors, eat your hearts out. Don't spend years honing your craft; all you need do is play the Internet for all it's worth (Pilkington is an unashamed self-publicist), and success will surely follow.
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on 18 November 2012
The One You Love is about a young woman, Emma Holden, whose life quickly becomes a nightmare when her fiance vanishes leaving her to discover her soon to be brother in law unconcious at her flat one night. Whilst Emma fights to find her fiance, her past is dragged up, family secrets are unravelled and old skeletons are let out of the closet. If she wants to see her fiance again she must uncover everything.

Every character is so different and just when you think you know who is behind it all, the story twists and turns leaving you guessing and wanting to keep turning pages.

At times the story was a little frustrating but to be fair I think it was in a good way. It wasn't until the last couple of chapters or so that I realised who could have been behind the whole thing, however I do think that the last few chapters were rushed, almost as if the author just wanted to get them over and done with. I was pleased with the ending, but think there could have been a bit more to it.

This was my first book to download on kindle and I'm so glad I did! All in all it was a very good story. I don't think I would pay the full retail price for it, but for a free story, it's definitley worth downloading!

Happy reading! :)
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on 15 August 2011
Grammatically the book was awful with spelling mistakes, no new paragraphs when there was a change in the flow to the book, however, that being said, it wasnt a bad story. Kept me guessing until the end although it did finish quite abruptly. Probably wouldnt have paid for it so was quite happy it was free
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