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4.1 out of 5 stars69
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 20 March 2012
This is one very handy, very beautiful, very convenient lunch/breakfast pot!

Visualise this - It's a chilly day, and you fancy taking into work a lovely pot of soup - but you like croutons/cheesey bread on your hot soup, maybe you like a salad with your soup, perhaps you would like a fruit salad or yoghurt afterwards. Maybe you're one of those people who tend to dine al desko, or take your breakfast/lunch to a park bench, but how can you carry your cereal/porridge/muesli to work without the inevitable long queue at Tesco Express only to find there's no milk left, so you are left with a pot of dry cereal to lug around all day?

Well, this ends today!

Instead of rushing to the shop for that all important pint of milk or yoghurt you can pop it into one of the pots, with your lovely soup/cereal/salad/pasta (you get the idea)! It has a lovely little spork included, so no faffing around with cutlery rattling around, or having to rely on communal cutlery at work - all the work is done here for you.

Now, before buying this, I have read around and some people mentioned leakages and warping. Mine hasn't leaked at all (and it does get a bit of a bashing on the London Underground) the pots and spork stay put and I haven't had to chase them down escalators or train carriages. This has also survived 4 weeks of almost daily microwave use without warping or otherwise melting - this has saved me a small fortune from buying expensive soups with lovely garnishes and stuff, when I can prep it all the night before, and take it into work.

They still look immaculate, even after several servings of Chorizo and Butterbean soup, various styles of curry and singapore noodles - they still look as pretty as when I first bought them. I even bought Pitta slices and veggies stick in the larger pot and housed a decent serving of houmous in the smaller one to nibble and graze on. No smells or staining!

The best bit? It stores LOTS of food (and drink, if you like), so there's no way you are going to get hungry at work after filling these pots - Many supermarkets and soup chains sell their product in 600ml volumes, you can almost fit 2 servings of soup into the larger pot and you can comfortably fit an entire can in the larger pot!

The initial outlay may seem high for what is essentially 2 pots clamped together, but, if you consider how much money you save from buying soups, porridge and cereal from take-out places, this pays for itself very quickly.

You cannot ask for much more than that.
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I was bought this for my birthday as I work shifts and mostly make my lunch to take to work.

As a person who can potentially eat loads. . .this is a good size! The lunchpot consists of two pots, one big that sits ontop of a smaller one. They both have rubber sealed water tight lids and fit into a simple strap carrying system that tightens up nicely once everything is fitted together. You also get a very nice spork! The pots are white with Orange trim ( I'm sure I had Y-fronts in that colour in the 70's!) This one is white with green trim of course!

The top larger pot has a see through lid and the smaller one is not see through. The lids twist on and lock tight into position quite easily and just twist off again. There is a green coloured rubber seal and they are definitely water tight, see my uploaded product pics! The larger pot is laid on it's side so you can see the water inside it. It does not leak! The smaller one in the pic is upside down and also has water in it, it did not leak either! I left them like that for a few hours. Great stuff!

I would recommend that if you're cooking something to put in these, say noodles like I have, to let them cool a bit before putting the lids on. As if you put them on whilst the food is hot, as it cools it creates a vacuum and the lid can be sucked in tight making it a swine to get off!

I did indeed cook a pile of noodles with a large chicken breast and peas and filled the top pot and just got the lid on. There was loads in there! In the bottom I've had mustard based potato salad and pineapple in juice (separately of course!) and no leakages after a few miles of an arduous cycle to work and no discolouration inside the mustard pot.

The pots can be microwaved with the lids off! The manufacturers recommend two mins maximum. I've been using one and a half mins at 800 watts with no adverse effects to report and food well heated up.

So yeah I like this new lunchpot set up. It's functional, looks great and will fit loads of food in it! Roll on summer for salads and dips!
review image
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on 22 February 2013
I bought two sets of these boxes from Lakeland. On the very first occasion that I used them a piece broke from the lid of the larger pot. It was part of the section which is used to lock the lid in place, and the plastic is a little thinner. The pot was still use able, but it was no longer 100% sealed, though I could generally carry my soup in it to work without a problem. On the second use, a crack appeared in the top of the lid.

The other set functioned well for about 6 months, but then the lid broke in the same place as the first set. It seems to me that the clear plastic used for the lid is too brittle for the locking system. The smaller pot with the opaque plastic has been fine in both sets.

It's a shame as otherwise the pots are ideal, but I wont be buying them again.

Incidentally I received a refund on the first set no problem at all, even though it took me 4 months to take it back to the shop.
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on 19 August 2012
This is my favourite of all Black & Blum products, which I use almost every day.
The pots are really well made, durable and leak proof. I have used this item almost every day for the past year and the seals are still holding up fine. I regularly put it in the dishwasher and although only recommended for microwaving for 2mins max, I regularly microwave mine for 5mins when having soup with no ill effect.

The size is perfect for soups,stews,fruit,porridge etc, being ample for a good sized portion. I don't use the smaller pot as much but it is a good size for additional snacks and sauces. Together both pots fit in my handbag which is ideal.

I find the design quite innovative and love the way that the two pots stack together in the little holder, it makes it really easy to carry around. I also purchased the Black + Blum Lunch Box Bag, Lime, but have since stopped using it as It was not as a good as a simple tote bag.

The downside of this product is the price. In my opinion it is far too expensive, however in the long run it does pay for itself lasting much longer than conventional plastic lunch boxes. The product will not last forever and I am starting to see wear and tear form scratches and discolouration over time, however I am impressed at how long it has lasted with everyday use.
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on 20 July 2013
I love this lunchbox.

It's great because it's never leaked, not once. I have a cupboard full of tupperware I wouldn't put in my bag again because I've found my lunch dribbled all over everything else in there, which is not a great way to start the day in work. Being able to split a salad and some fruit is a big perk, and that the boxes fit together and stay upright is also very pleasing - others seem to wriggle about in my bag until they find the best way to dig me in my back through my rucksack. This one drops in and my lunch stays in the order it was put, rather than tumbling and mixing up.

About six months ago the lid broke, which I was...okay, devastated is the wrong word, but remember I love this lunchbox, I thought I'd found lunchbox heaven when I first got it - you get the picture. I threw the lid in the office bin, took the pot home thinking I had an extra plant pot and it would just be fruit for lunch from now on. Sob.

Last week I was going to order another one because I really missed it and other lunchboxes (see above) are a poor substitute. I saw a reviewer had been in touch with Black and Blum about the lid and they'd sent a new one. So I emailed too, and they explained why some of their lids were brittle and were keen to send me a replacement. Turns out I should have saved the silicon loop, but I hadn't so they sent a new one of them as well. Fantastic customer service with it - very helpful and friendly as well as my new lid!
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on 28 March 2015
November 2014: This is great, I had a lot of issues with leaky lunch boxes before I bought this. I've had it for over 6months, use it daily and I've not had any problems with it at all.

EDIT: I recently purchased a second lunchpot, the first after just over a years service broke. The lid just cracked and snapped. The second one I purchased on December 1st (3 weeks ago) and exactly the same thing has happened. I'm really disappointed that this has happened to what is essentially a really good idea. I'm not even sure how to contact customer services about this :( needless to say I won't be buying it again, or recommending it to anyone.
review image
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on 20 May 2013
This Lunch pot is absolutely fabulous! Stylish design, spacious and extremely useful for balanced lunch of either left over pasta, rice etc plus a fruit, or salad. The fact that I can carry it all together is great too, plus it comes with a spork. Easy to fit in a cupboard too. Really fabulous design!!
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on 18 August 2015
Love this lunch box set.

The top portion if perfect for soup. I simply blend up my ingredients the night before, and pour the cold soup into the top larger container, and then add some fruit or rice/tofu to the bottom container, and then when I get to work, I quickly buzz it in the microwave for a couple of minutes, and I have beautiful home made fresh (and slimming) soup.

The fork/spoon is okay, but for me it gets in the way, and I just use regular utensils I keep at work. The plastic containers though are thick and sturdy and the top is leak proof.

Perfect for people who want to eat fresh at work.
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on 21 December 2015
This is a beautiful thing, it makes your lunch look really special. But I have two issues with it:

- The lid on the smaller pot doesn't go on tightly and I wouldn't put anything requiring airtightness in that pot
- it's really tall and doesn't fit in most individually sized lunch bags. As I travel on the tube, just carrying it by the strap isn't an option. I've bought an NY neophrene bag as it's the only one I can find it fits in, but the bag isn't that nice - B+B should make an insulted bag to fit this, I'd buy it.
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on 20 August 2013
I can't complain at all about how well it's put together, or how much it holds - which is way more than I expected, by the way! If anything, it's a bit too big for my needs, as the main tub is never filled more than half way.

I've never had a problem with with leaks, spills, discolouration, or anything like that. If only I could say the same about most other lunch containers I've tried! The carry handle does the job. It could maybe do with some sort of locking/catch mechanism, as otherwise it can become loose if you have the pots in a bag, leading to them separating (good job the lids stay on tight...).

The only real problem I have, is the included "spork". The prongs aren't really good enough for picking up most food I've tried, and the spoon is far too deep to comfortably eat soft foods with. If I do eat with it, I find I have to turn it upside down to manage to get all the food out.
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