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on 10 June 2005
Crikey. You don't get a lot for your money these days do you?!
It's not a thick book, and with the huge typeface and pictures you don't get a lot of info. Not enough for the price he charges anyway.
The book really boils down to just two exercises: Pistols and One Arm pressups. Pistols BTW are one legged squats with the non working leg out in front - it's hard because of the balance more than anything.
He tells you do Grease The Groove - which means you do lots of small easy sets as often as possible so you don't get tired. This supposedly trains the nervous system without exhausting you.
He also covers somewhat bizarre ideas of gaining strength through tension in the body. It's hard to say just how effective this really is.
He advertises his other books quite a lot in the book which is annoying.
So why buy it? I'm not really sure. If you want a book on bodyweight exercises and condtioning then get one of Ross Enamait's books - much better value.
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on 12 August 2005
Can you squat on one leg so that your hamstrings touch your calves?
Can you do a one arm push up? A one arm one leg push up?
Unless you ran away to the circus years ago, the answer for most people will be no. This book details three techniques (grease the groove, high tension and power breathing) that will allow you to achieve these feats. When strictly followed these techniques really work, and allow you to get a good strength workout any time, anyplace, anywhere, without having to ever venture into a gym.
The beauty of the book is that the techniques can be used on any exercise you choose. I have recently managed to perform a one arm chin up, by following the book's principles. There is no way I could have done this without reading this book. It is that simple!
I do agree that the book is overpriced for a paperback though, and the marketing at the end is annoying.
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on 7 August 2004
Now you can train any time anywhere. This deals with gaining maximum strength using only bodyweight calisthenics. The principles involved can be adapted to all types of training. Most people join gyms and vow to get fit but life always seems to get in the way. Using this book will enable you to gain strength using no equipment. Untill now most people relate calisthenics to conditioning type training,no bad thing in itself but some people want more. There are two main exercises- 1 arm push ups & "pistols" - 1 leg squats. The thing with this book though is the wealth of knowledge on how to get maximum strength fast. Lots of technique and skill training knowledge crammed in this volume. Pavel has been accussed of writing books that are adverts for his products,that may be so, (don`t most other finess authors shamelessly plug their way,diet etc)but this is crammed with information that will get you stronger as quickly as possible.It`s a must for any training library.
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on 6 January 2016
WASTE OF MONEY!! The information I gained from this book could have been put in about ten pages.. And not very big pages either...I will tell you what this book teaches you in a few words. If you want to get better at something do more of it! That is about the best you will get from this book.... Oh and don't do more than five reps... There you have it pretty much the whole book covered in this paragraph.....
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on 9 December 2010
I took up gymnastic rings several months ago and until recently this kind of training was the preserve of the few. However more and more well written, no nonsence, informative techniques are filtering through, concerning body weight training. The books by pavel are among the best.

His techniques are easily applied to most strength training exercises and are safe and effective. In the book he focuses on just two exercises, pistol squats and one arm push ups but the wealth comes in the information concerning breathing and tension. Too many other books go for quantity over quality and miss the bones.

Anyone interested in strength should get this book, without it you are probbably missing out.
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on 23 June 2014
When you read the book the first time, it seems almost simple. Practise makes perfect, obvious really. It's not until you read his section on breathing that it all seems to get complicated. Despite it all, learning the breathing makes a huge difference & just by implementing some of the breathing techniques you can really notice the difference.
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on 16 April 2011
The evil Russian knows his stuff!! I'm highly impressed with the progress made in such a small space of time, will buy more of his stuff
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on 26 August 2014
This book is great. Lots of techniques to help you improve strength training.
The methods taught in this book really work.
My only criticism is it doesn't flow like a book. It's like lots of small blogs mixed into a book.
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on 2 February 2016
Gives excellent information that can be applied to any exercise to increase strength and mass that few books other than the best of the most recent tell you about.
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on 23 October 2010
Thought i should write up a review of this book since i've had it a while and use a lot of the ideas from it. First of all lets get something straight; the reviewer "Splossy" is either ignorant about training in general or just trying to be clever in his review.

I have Ross Enamait's "Never Gymless" and it is a great book, covering loads and loads of different exercises you can do and also covers training plans and the like, however Splossy is obviously a spoon fed type who wants to buy the book sit back and be transformed! Well mate it just doesn't work like that. This is not a book about exercise selection, it is not a book detailing loads of exercises or training programs, what it is about is generating maximum strength in two exercises; the pistol (single leg squat) and the one arm pushup. That is what this book is about, to do that Pavel covers developing maximum body tension and tightness and too many other techniques to mention here.

The intelligent, astute reader soon comes to the conclusion, on reading this book, that the techniques and ideas are what you use for every really heavy exercise, whether it be barbell squats, deadlifts, pullups, dips etc. this is where the value of the book lies, not particularly in the selection of the two exercises, good though they are. The ideas and principles from here are every bit as applicable to every other facet of your strength training and are supposed to be used as such.

Also getting back to Splossy; comparing this book to Ross's, completely different animals they are, for a start Ross covers the pistol in around a page, gives you some ideas on balance and that's it, Pavel on the other hand dissects the move and all it's variants, while at the same time giving the reader info about using the previously discussed power generation ideas to help master the move.

As to the large print, i love the way Pavel's books are laid out and think they look great.

All in all the "Naked Warrior" is a great book that i read and reread constantly, Pavel gives you all the power and strength details, it's down to the individual to bust a gut and do the work.
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