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4.3 out of 5 stars1,486
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 6 August 2012
I recently decided it was time to upgrade from my old 2 head Philishave.

This new shaver looks really nice and feels good when using it on my face (glides effortlessly)...however I am finding it gives me a burning sensation once I've finished shaving which my old philishave never used to do. Perhaps my skin just needs to get used to it because already after my 5th shave the burning sensation has reduced.

It gives a very good shave, but only very slightly better than my philishave so I don't think it was worth upgrading in my case. It's cheap though so I can't complain!

If you are looking for a first time shaver then this is the one for you - it's brilliant, but if you already have a philishave shaver that still works and you only want a new one because you think it will give you a much better shave then I recommend waiting until your shaver actually does break!

=========REVIEW UPDATE BELOW==========

It's been a few weeks since I bought it and I can report that the burning sensation has stopped. I guess my skin has adapted to it.

=========REVIEW UPDATE TWO============

When I said originally that it only gave a slightly better shave than my old philishave it was because this powertouch still left a few very small hairs every time under my chin. I've since learnt that if you very slowly move the shaver over that area it will actually get those hairs. Now I can say this is the best shave I've ever had, my skin is extremely smooth now. Upped my review to 5 stars. :)
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on 7 May 2012
My dad has been seriously ill and was unable to stand to shave for any length of time. Saddened by his determination to continue, but lack of strength I searched for something that would help him out. He has weak hands/grip and the shape of this model means he can hold it comfortably and continue to do this one simple thing for himself. Rechargeable is a bonus as he doesn't need to be in the bathroom... just the comfort of his own armchair. A perfect product for his situation and at a very good price... He has to have alot of help now with day to day care, but with this little gadget, at least he can do his own personal grooming! One of the best things I could have bought him!
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on 23 July 2015
Always used Philips, but cost of replacement heads means I generally just buy a new one when the old one stops cutting. This might be a little more expensive, but if I didn't I'm sure that the old one would just pack up as soon as I buy replacement blades. This buy new theory has always worked well, and the blades last for a good 18 months, but this time after about three months I found myself having to spend more and more time scrapping away to get a half decent shave. Now it's impossible to get any sort of shave, so can only imagine they are sending substandard heads out on new shavers to get you to buy replacements more often? Anyhow, have now ordered a foil type shaver to see if I can get on with them; the replacement blades seem much cheaper than the Philips rotary at least. I won't be buy Philips any more, after 40 years.
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on 14 December 2011
Absolutely brilliant, best electric shave I have ever had. Excellent value for money. My strongest recommend to anyone and everyone
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This Powertouch PT720 is one ugly razor to behold, with it's yawning black chasm of rubber incorporating the click on/off button [cynics might say it's to entice you further up the Philishave price ladder]. However the actual click button is better than previous efforts on Philishaves I have owned, probably due to the use of that black rubber. I much preferred the original slide on/off switch of earlier Philishaves, but at least this button doesn't accidently click off in use [Speed XL] or feel a bit hard to push [RQ-1180]. It may still be a problem if you have very limited movement in your hands though. In use this Philishave razor shaves my face very well, better in fact than my 4 year old Speed XL Philishave razor that cost well over £100 - this is simply due to the fact that this razor has new heads and a new battery [Philishave recommend you replace the heads every two years, but they are quite expensive so few bother that often]. All Philishaves have versions of the lift&cut rotary razor heads, and all seem to dry shave similarly well.

So you get a classic cordless dry Philishave quality shave for a budget price, and the battery lasts a decent 40 minutes - so why pay more? Well the Li-ion battery recharge time is 8 hours, not just 1 hour with the more expensive sibling PT860, and worse still there's no flip-out beard trimmer as with the PT860. The latter is a problem for me, I use the flip-out trimmers a lot for sideburns and the odd long hair. The 8h recharge is less of a problem about the house as you can simply plug the recharge cable in and use the razor off the mains [or you can recharge for '3 minutes' and get enough to finish your cordless shave]. There's no charge cradle required. The razor has a single LED that flashes red or green to inform you of battery life/charge status. Despite the raft of cool LEDs on more expensive Philishaves these don't actually help any better, the bank of LEDs just plummet to zero at the last minute - so the PT720's single one is just as informative. The razor head pops up easily via a release and hinge, and cleaning is the usual quick daily brush out [brush & plastic head protector supplied], with an occasional head dismantle serious brush out every week or so.

The secret of the standard dry Philishave is always shave before you wash in morning, as the oiliness of the skin is essential for a smooth shave - in fact if you try using a normal Philishave directly after washing and drying the razor head tends to 'stick' on the face. Plus you have to shave daily, the rotary blades don't like long hairs. If you are new to Philishavers it does take a month or two for you and your skin to adapt to any new shaving system [I love the Philishaves system, but some never get on with it, preferring wetshaves or Braun/Remington type foils]. The razor isn't water proof so it's dry shaving only - no problem for me I've used the dry Philishave system for 40 years since 14 years old as I want to avoid all the wet shaving palaver [my thick black stubbly beard and skin really doesn't take to wet shaving with a blade]. Plus the water proof Philishave razors can't run off the mains when the batteries flat like this model. In use the razor works like any Philishave - the Philishave pamphlet recommends circular shaving motions only, but sometimes pushing the razor head straight against the lie of the stubble also works well and hold the skin taught as with wet shaving [for some reason only the Philips website mentions this].

This PT720 is light but very bulky, larger than any other Philishave I have owned, and I actually quite liked that - I found I could grip it in different ways to push it against the skin and found this less aching on the arms/wrist. So the 'easy-grip' claims are correct for my medium sized hands. I also like to push the Philishave quite hard against the skin and this razor allows that with its classic solid fixed head [the waterproof versions have a lighter detachable head that prevent this]. Although not waterproof the head can be washed under the tap to remove bristles, but this is a lot messier than the dry brush method I always use.

The only thing I would add is that the language free pamphlet is pretty awful, as it covers every razor in the range and decrypting the charge cycle info and symbols is quite challenging, but as there's not many features on the razor there's not much else to learn. There isn't any travel case supplied, so search out a cheap zip case for storage in the bathroom - before you locate one you might want to keep a brown paper bag over the shaver head [did I mention the razor was ugly].

So a perfectly functional dry Philishave electric razor and more than adequate for any Philishave fans. The lack of a trimmer counts heavily against it for me [which forces me towards the PT860 which includes one]. And those that travel a lot will find the 8h charge cycle unacceptable [again the PT860 offers a preferable 1 hour charge cycle as well]. But for a dry Philishave razor about the home, this PT720 does the business of shaving as well as far more expensive Philishave models and comes with a two year guarentee, so for that reason it is very good value, 4*. However also check out last years discontinued upmarket Philishave models, as these are often on offer heavily discounted on Amazon and may offer identical features and shave quality to the PT860 for the lower price of this PT720. Four years on and this shaver is still working perfectly with the original batteries and rotary heads.
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on 30 October 2011
Easy to handle - important for an oldie - so smooth you would not notice it's shaving at all.
Some have worried about time to recharge - not a real problem in everyday use. There is no sign of it running down during four or five shaves without connecting to the charger.
Easy to wash the head under the tap.
Connecting to the charger is really easy - just remember its the smooth side of the plug on top. And there's a flashing green light until fully charged.
Although this model does not have a trimmer, it cleans hair from the sides and back of the neck with ease.
There's something quaint about using a rotary shaver - it seems to work in all directions and crinkles the skin as it lifts lifts the hairs.
The rotary shaver seems to have been a later invention than the Remingtons and Brauns which I have been using hitherto. I remember trying a single headed version just after the war (WWII that is) and it was not much use, but this triple header is quite a different story.
Yes - this is a rave review and I send my congratulations to Philips and the late Prof. Alexandre Horowitz, born to 'parents of East European Jewish origin, the inventor..
For an interesting insight into the niceties of shaving, do have look at the Wikipedia page 'Shaving in Judaism' and the fashion in which Horowitz succeeded in working round the prohibition of shaving, at least to the satisfaction of some of the clan. The single headed Philishave was still being made at Eindhoven even during the German occupation!
I hope this will be my last ever shaver - its a real beauty, with an elegantly designed transmission system that give the three heads remarkable flexibility - they seem to loat over th skin.
If you need any more persuading - just look at the price!
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on 12 March 2012
after my last philips shaver which i had long time.i find the pt720 which i have onlyhad a couple of weeks now very poorly made i wish now i had my old shaver repaired it was better by far more robustly made and a lot easyer to clean.
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VINE VOICEon 4 June 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I can't criticise the effectiveness of this shaver, because it is actually very good. It's comfortable, quick, and easy to maintain. However, it's a good deal bulkier than most Philips rotary head shavers, and does not have any advanced functions e.g charge remaining, self clean etc). Consequently, it's a lot cheaper. The biggest downside is the recharge time - 8 hours, and that only gives you approx 30 minutes of shaving time (Philips claim 40, but I haven't managed to get that). So, this is a good entry level model, and you can clean it under the tap. However, I would advise caution here, because having used Philips so-called waterproof shavers for many years,they have been known to leak and short out the battery and/or motors. I have had 3 replaced under warranty. Not bad for the price, or for a first shaver, but I'll stick with my Philips self clean system model.
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on 22 November 2011
This is the latest reincarnation of the triple - head rotary electric shavers Phillips has been producing for longer than I have been alive.

It's fine and I got it at Amazon's reduced price of £34.00, now sadly increased. It's the base model, so there's no sideburn trimmer, but the quick and longer-term charging options are useful and can be followed via the clear indicator light.

It has a good 'ergonomic' grip and the heads can be washed under a tap - oh, and it shaves pretty efficiently as long as you remember to operate in a circular motion on your beard.

It hardly seems worth paying substantially more for the other models in the series, as the enhancements are modest.

One gripe and the reason I've awarded 4 stars not 5: it comes with a round, two-pin mains plug, which may be standard in Europe and UK homes with 1960's - '80's shaver points,
but having to wait for a second order for the 0.99p adapter plug to arrive is simply silly. I can't recall any small or large electrical gadget I have purchased in the last ten years being thus handicapped. A lot of small appliances come with a mains plug which has interchangeable prongs to suit different markets.

Very fast, free delivery by Amazon - dare I say, 'As usual!'
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on 22 February 2013
Very efficient gadget. I have always been pleased with Philips shavers. The charge lasts a week and it gives me a close shave.
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