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on 1 November 2011
I have an old PC based on the Athlon 64 x2 3800, with 2gb RAM and Windows XP. My once great Radeon x1950 Pro couldn't run some new games due to software incompatibilities. So I invested in the 6670. Anything with more grunt would have been wasted on my old system.

The result is that I have an up to date card that is completely software compatible with all the latest tech. My system is still CPU limited, but I have got a performance boost and can now play games like Fear on higher detail and resolution settings than before. And I use less electricity in the process - this card is more graphically powerful, but does not even need it's own power connection, drawing all it needs from the PCI Express slot.

Paired with a new Llano this would be an excellent setup. If I was building a system around something else, like Bulldozer FX or the older Phenoms and using an HD screen, then I'd be inclined to go for the 6770 instead. More oomph for all those pixels.

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on 12 August 2013
There are two ways to view this card - performance for price, or performance outright. Both of these can be affected by your setup as this card is the highest supported chipset on AMD's A-Series APU processors for a "Dual Graphics" setup.

Performance for Price
- Very, very good. The card is a little over £50 and for that you get a good quality heat sink/fan assembly, 1GB GDDR5 memory and the bundled software allows you to tweak your GPU and allow for some modest overclocking if you like that sort of thing. A steal at this price point, and little else comes close.

Performance Outright
- This card sits in a difficult area where it is miles better than cards costing just £10 less, but miles worse than cards costing closer to £100 which means it is hard to find a distinct purpose for it. Too powerful for YouTube/DVD playback, but may choke on high end games at high settings. It will play most modern games on medium settings paired with modest processors (Intel Core i3 or AMD Phenom for example)

HOWEVER. Where this card shines is if you set this card up in a Dual Graphics configuration with an AMD A10 5700 or 5800K. You get a lot more bang for your buck and this card will run Crysis 3 on high settings, Dishonored on maximum settings and Civilization 5 on Very High settings (all at 1080p resolution) just to name a few in this setup - a great option for gamers on a budget, or anyone already using the A10 on it's own and looking for a boost.

Ultimately if you are looking at a £50 GPU the chances are that budget may be a concern for you, and for the price, there really is no competition in terms of performance for your money.

If however money is no object and you want to play the latest games at high/max settings, look higher up the food chain to avoid being disappointed - you do get what you pay for.

If all you want to do is play movies, watch videos and do some casual gaming (Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds and the like), then most integrated graphics solutions will suffice for your needs, so save your money and put it into the rest of your setup!
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on 4 August 2013
got it a few days ago and it is running games (GTA IV, Battlefield, WOW, skyrim) at high (but not always ultra) settings beautifully. mild overclocking so far- up to 873mhz clock, 1034 memory with no issues- and am sure it will go much much higher. to be clear- i only have a slowish athlon 2.8 CPU and my old card (HD5450) struggled with the prementioned games at low settings even when clocked. i know it is an old card but for the price it has plenty of bang.
edit:can;t rate it highly enough. now got it runningat 900mhz clock and 1100 memory. no weird graphics or crashing on any of the games and apps i been using. stress testing showing it going near 60 degrees, but very rarely are games stressing the card that hard for extended periods. great stuff.
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on 26 June 2013
Default clock is 800Mhz, but it overclocks to 880Mhz with no trouble at all and i haven't noticed any extreme temperatures. Performs extraordinarily well on even modern games on high to Ultra settings@30~60fps. VRAM runs at 1000Mhz and OCs to 1150Mhz, however OC the VRAM is not only next to pointless, but causes strange flickering and distortions on output.
Installs easily, comes with driver disc (which made a lovely sound as it hit the bottom of my bin) and it's compact so great for Desktops with smaller cases too.

Great performance, adequete cooling and low price. Also it provides exceptional multi-screen performance, however i haven't tested multi-monitored gaming. Worth every penny, and then some.
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on 28 September 2012
I paid just £58.98 for this graphics card, I made sure I got the 1GB, but GDDR5 version rather than the 2GB GDDR3 version...

So far, I'm playing games today that I could never have dreamed of playing before.

I have an Intel 2 Quad Core, 3GHZ processor, 4GB Ram, this graphics card, and I'm playing Crysis 2, Skyrim etc on full settings quite happily, which I did not expect at all.

In a previous life I've spent £410 on a graphics card alone, which lasted 2 years and died, so far this 6670 is better performing and an eighth of the price...

Amazon were spotless, I ordered it on Thursday afternoon, and it was delivered, for free, on Friday afternoon.

I'm a very happy bunny.

My 'Windows Experience' went from 3.3 to 7.7 for the card compared to using the onboard graphics of my Asus P5KPL mobo, it slotted in a treat, needs no separate power supply from the PSU, I downloaded the drivers from the Asus website without issue.

Perhaps this could be counted as a 'budget' card, but if you get the GDDR5 version, it's where the smart money goes...

Contact me if you need any other information, I spent hours researching which card to get for my budget and set up.
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on 24 March 2014
Ok I have worked in the I.T industry for over 16 years now, I am a virtualisation specialist and have worked with large scale datacenters for years now, however (like most mechanics) I let the side down at home a bit, I only use my work equipment and althoughI have gamed since the late 70's have never purchased my own "gaming P.C"

I bought this specifically because it would fit inside my existing case and doesnt require a separate power supply, the Ram specs mean its better than the 2gb GDDR3 version.

I play on a 1920x1080 24" monitor, mainly world of warcraft, Battlefield 4 (multiplayer), Skyrim, Civ 5, CoD (single player) my specs on my (soon to be replaced P.C):

CPU : Core 2 Duo E8650 3.13Ghz
8gb Ram

everything else is a stock HP Compaq 6000 Pro MT (no ssd)

I get between 30fps (in LFR) in World of Warcraft and 70fps while levelling etc. (high to Ultra)

30 fps in Battlefield 4 on medium - high settings

40fps in Skyrim (ultra settings)

No one is as suprised as I am at how well this card performs, it has all the outputs you need and is very very quiet, doest get hot either.

Well recommended
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on 15 January 2013
This Graphics card is amazing. Installed it into my computer as a replacement for a bad one.
Worked straight away and can run most games on the highest settings and really smoothly.
Definitely worth it for the money.
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on 14 October 2012
I have been trying to find the ideal card for a few months now for use with my home studio setup for recording. I wanted the option for 3 screens and a stretched screen for track editing. I made a few wrong purchases and then I came across this little beauty...

I have a dvi to vga connected. a hd tv and a vga via the display port adaptor i bought from amazon for £12.50.

I originally didnt buy it for gaming but wow. I have a radeon hd4000 that handles most games quite comfortably on med/low setting. but this card is pretty good.

F1 2012 eyefinty mode on high
Skyrim High
Battlefield 3 med/high
Assassins Creed brotherhood and revelations eyefinity on high.

Dont buy anything else if your on a budget cause this card is awesome.
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on 14 December 2013
I had purchased this to crossfire with my amd a10 apu build and firing was as simple as clicking a button.
The fan is set to x boost on my computer so it can be slightly noisy.
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on 6 August 2013
I purchases this card in February 2013- as an upgrade to another card I had been using.

The card's spec was good enough for my regular needs - which are (mainly):
1) watching dowloaded movies on my PLasma TV(HDMI to HDMI connection)
2) Adobe Photoshopping for some of my website building work and that's about it. Rest is all basic user needs such as displaying high-res screen savers, wallpapers and so on.

Since my PC is a super PC that I had custom built and has an awesome CPU(INtel i7 920), 12 GM of fast RAM, and a Velociraptor hard drive as the primary hard drive, the graphics card was a good complement to the system.

If you are NON-gaming user, this card should serve all your Basic-medium photo-editing /photoshop related needs, and watchign Videos/DVDs etc.

One downside though......... is that the AMD Catalyst Software and Driver, ends up taking up 6GB of my PC's own RAM!! - to supplement the built-in 1GB RAM that Graphics card comes with! I found this rather unacceptable, given that my graphics processing needs are rather minimal- by modern standards.

I work as an engineer in low-level hardware/software, so am comfortable choosing what's right for me- but this issue with 6 GB of the system RAM being eaten up by the AMD drivers .. i found it not to my taste- but since I still have another 6 GB left for running WIndows and any other Virtual Machines9Linux etc), I am OK with that.

Hope this review helps any one lookign to buy this card.
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