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4.5 out of 5 stars39
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 19 August 2011
When I saw this and all the amazing publicity shots that go with it, I thought we had to get hold of this new, presumed overhauled version of the much-loved and much-enjoyed "Dixit". It did look like a very different game, a radical new take, a proper, stunning odyssey with all kinds of surprises along the way.

It isn't. I was disappointed to discover -much as we love it here- that this is pretty much "Dixit" again. The track to follow and win the game is linear this time (but there is still the same objective of reaching 30). The voting cards are very nice, sturdy, and look very different from the previous voting tokens, but it is pretty much a question of form rather than content. If anything, this time you are more likely to be spotted at your secret voting because pegs are inserted in the too wide holes of the voting cards and are often easily seen by other players when you try to hold them in place.

The other difference: you can vote for up to 2 image-cards giving you more chances of getting it right but also diminishing your score. Players -other than the narrator- who get a vote on their proposed image-card also score 1 point. So, scoring is the biggest change, and yet it is not revolutionary at all, it's tiny tweaking.

If you already own "Dixit" maybe you will feel somehow cheated (you can use your old game and just mildly change the voting and scoring rules and you've got "Dixit Odyssey"). I felt let down too that only 84 new cards come with this game that can be played by up to 12 people (ideal for parties) and very soon we had to re-enter the already used cards by adding them to the bottom of the fast dwindling pile (before even the first game was over!). You will need an expansion very soon.

As a standalone game, it is as great as "Dixit" was, it will make you laugh, it's original, beautiful and inspirational. Some people may think it is an improvement on the first game. For me, and coming and judging from my experience with "Dixit", well, "Odyssey" just isn't new at all, and I had to drop one star from its rating for that reason.

Anyone that owns "Dixit" and is looking for something as great and exquisite but absolutely different and unique, check "Fabula" out, it has the same team behind.
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on 11 November 2015
Dixit is interesting, its simple and quick to follow but has a creative touch that lets you break away from traditional rules. The best way to describe Dixit is to say its a visual description game, you have a certain amount of cards in your hand with beautifully drawn pictures, you simply choose and describe a card without showing anyone in such a way that only some people get it.

You can be as descriptive as you want or as cryptic as you want. you place it face down and everyone else chooses a card in their hand that they think best fits the description, you all put your choices down and shuffle them, one by one you turn the cards over, then its time to guess. Everyone except the person who made the initial description guesses which is your card, if everyone gets it then you get no points, same if no one gets it, so the art is in finding a balance, you want to describe it just enough to be picked but without the whole group guessing.

So for example, I had a picture of a bunny astronaut on the moon, my description was "where no man had been before". The variety of cards means that others can match the description to their cards fairly well at times, other times it can be obvious so you need to take into account the way of players thinking sometimes.

Good fun game and will be introducing it to the list of Christmas board games with the family, I wasn't to keen playing it with only 3 players, the game has more strength with more players, with three players you have a 50% chance of guessing right (since one card is yours so you are guessing only out of two cards) so much more fun to be had with a wider selection of cards to guess.

I found myself adding a fake player just to buff it out a bit, so each time we had to guess we drew an extra card and shuffled it in, but this obviously had mixed results as the card could be anything and not match the description at all, just make sure you have a larger amount of players and you don't need to worry about this. I would say 4 players minimum, but even then try to max it out, the more the better.

Otherwise great little game, mine came in French for some reason but you can grab the rules on line in English since its a visual game not much of a problem there. The only reason it didn't get more stars is because I found that after one game, its enough, once you cycle the cards it becomes a little stale to have to see the same cards come up and then to have to think up a different description for these same cards, So I think after you play its best put away for some time before you bring it back out again. This can be helped with the expansion cards but otherwise I can see the game becoming quite repetitive.
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on 25 January 2014
I got this game based on good reviews on here and also the Tabletop play-through on youtube. Wasn't sure whether my family would be into the creative style of Dixit, but wow, this was a huge hit with everyone. It is such a unique game, people loved the artwork and the bunnies, and very much enjoyed the game itself. Nobody struggled for creativity which was my main concern when buying this game. Everybody had a blast and wanted to play it again. This version allows for 12 players too, which is great for big groups. I got a couple of the expansions too just to provide extra cards to have fun with. I would recommend the expansions but obviously it makes the game more expensive. If you play often you may find you go through the same cards a lot, which doesn't matter so much as you make a new answer for the same card each time, but still you may want to freshen up the deck at some point.

Possibly our favourite family game now. Definitely recommend purchasing if you don't currently own a dixit game already.
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on 30 December 2015
This is definitely the one to go for for bigger groups but beware that the rules differ depending on how many players you have.

We had had a few games with 5 players and got used to those rules. then when we got the game out with our friends and realised there were different rules for 12 players we were a bit confused! Just for a few moments, nothing too complex but you know what it's like with a big noisy group!

I personally love the game but am giving it 4 stars as my (adult) daughter isn't keen. so maybe this game isn't for everyone. It's different and requires a bit of imagination and people reading skills so maybe suits people who aren't rule bound types. I think my daughter prefers catan and strategy type games.

However it's definitely one to have in your games cupboard for parties. On balance, we had more laughs with telestrations but i really enjoyed this too
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on 16 July 2013
This game is all about your imagination and also how well you know each other. The object of the game is describe your card in as many or little words as you want, the way to score as the describer is to make it easy enough that someone gets it but not everyone. You don't score if everyone gets it or if no-one gets it. Sometimes when you think your being clever, you've made it too easy or hard. Very laidback game which can have up to 13 players I think, very family friendly kids actually find things you never would which is what makes this game so good. Would recommend to anyone who wants a game to play which is easy to pick up, only 30-45 mins a game and something you can eat snacks and chat too.
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on 29 March 2016
Beautiful game. Easy to get the gist of and playable with all ages.

Thoroughly recommended as a family game, but I've added it to the rotation for my adult friends who enjoy the gentleness and the need for creativity in your answers.

The instructions come in french, a quick google search finds them in english, but a star removed for this bit of necessary faffiness.

Each player has a selection of cards, and take it in turns to play a card and come up with a description that most (but not every) other player will use to recognise the card amongst some others. A simple premise but surprisingly difficult at times.
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on 13 June 2013
great party game that everyone and anyone should be able to play with. great for kids as well.
they card have unique art work. but extremely fun. well worth the buy
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on 5 June 2013
We love Dixit and this is probably the best expansion or stand alone version because it makes it a lot more simple to score up. All of the rules and principles are the same, it is just that the player score cards save so much time you can concentrate on playing rather than keeping track of who voted for what. Biggest bonus, it works with 12 players now which makes it brilliant for bigger parties.

Best Dixit version, if you can only get one, get this (although we have all four because we like the different cards).
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on 11 April 2015
All instructions were in French - this was not at all clear from the write-up of the game. Fortunately I know how to play it.
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on 16 October 2013
I played the original Dixit and loved it, I bought Odyssey as a friend already has Dixit, and both have become firm favourites.

Very happy that the game has been extended to have enough room for 12 players, which makes it a great party game.

There is even room in the box to add the expansions (and the original cards).
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