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5.0 out of 5 stars Really Pleased!
Decided it was time to have an upgrade in the T.V. department so went to Comet to have a look at some. After about an hour of looking through the mountain of T.V's we took down some product codes and went online to find the best price. Hadn't really looked at this T.V. for long in the shop but I'm really glad I wrote down the product code!

Really hard to find...
Published on 31 May 2011 by Grant

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2.0 out of 5 stars Great unless you want to play games. edit - gaming sorted but other issues force return.
EDIT - the recent firmware updates have more or less resolved the input lag that made gaming impossible.

However, the set suffers from two other major flaws (read the thread on the AVforums).

1) Dreadful horizontal banding when watching sports on freewview HD, also appears on some films.

2) Dreadful handling of motion; either appears...
Published on 12 Sep 2011 by Scoob

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152 of 155 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Really Pleased!, 31 May 2011
This review is from: LG 42LW550T 42-inch Widescreen Cinema Full HD 1080p 3D 100Hz LED Smart Internet TV with Freeview HD (Electronics)
Decided it was time to have an upgrade in the T.V. department so went to Comet to have a look at some. After about an hour of looking through the mountain of T.V's we took down some product codes and went online to find the best price. Hadn't really looked at this T.V. for long in the shop but I'm really glad I wrote down the product code!

Really hard to find any user reviews but did find a few videos and some information which made me think this may be the T.V. for me. It has some really nice features and is pretty easy to use and navigate menus.

Telly looked great when we got it out of the box and the stand is easy to put on but you will need 2 of you to do it. When I plugged in the Sky+HD I was blown away with just how good the picture was, for the vast majority of things it feels like you are stood right next to the camera whilst it is being filmed! Having the 4 HDMI ports is very handy as I can have the Sky+HD, Xbox360 and The 3D Blu-Ray player all plugged in without the need for an adaptor. The T.V. has the Cinema 3D built in which I was a bit sceptickle about at first but after doing some reading up it seemed like the best option for me - having 8+ people round and supplying them all with 3D glasses could cost you a fortune but as you can use the same glasses you use at the cinema you can pick them up for around 80p each!!! you also get 2 black pairs and a box of 5 coloured glasses free with the T.V. which is good.

Had 13 people round monday and they were all able to sit down and enjoy the amazing 3D programs I had recorded off of Sky, the major downside is there just isn't that much 3D content out there at the moment. I only got this T.V. as it was LED and had some good features, don't think I'd go and get any T.V. just because it does 3D. It's also quite misleading when you see adverts where they show things floating out of the screen, some things do look like they are floating in mid air but the majority of things just seem to go back really far as to give you a real sense of depth.

This is the only LED 3D TV I have really tried out but so far I've had no complaints with it. It is very good when you hook it up to the internet for browsing, iplayer, youtube etc. you can also get a cool LG Remote APP for Ipod/Ipad/Iphone which makes internet things easier. The 3D is good quality, HD viewing is amazing and the intelligent light sensor technology is very clever as well.

I would recommend if you have under 1000 to spend but do shop around as I got mine for 849 with a free 3D Blu-Ray player. Everyone that has watched anything on it says how great it looks and how much they would like one.

Hope this has been of some help to anyone as like I said there isn't much customer reviews so far. Def. get's my vote though!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant 3D for all the family, 21 May 2011
I have been looking at 3DTV's for quite sometime and finally went for this model over a more expensive Active Shutter Samsung D8000. Reasons were the reported flicker free 3D, the 7 pairs of cheap glasses and lack of headaches and nausea. I can safely say I made a good choice. The screen is a good size and the thin bezel means it wont take up too much room in your house. The normal 2D picture needs a bit of tweaking out of the box and there are loads of settings. If like me you're not a professional there is a handy picture wizard built into the tv's settings that helps you to do this. The picture quality is great, especially with HD which is pin sharp. But what about the 3D? Well I can safely say its fantastic. With decent 3D material - downloaded demo's or 3D Bluray it is stunning. Great depth and some projection (Penelope Cruz's sword on the new Pirates 4 trailer for example) and its razor sharp. The 2D-3D conversion isnt up to much - it adds some simulated depth to TV and movies but is a bit hit and miss. My son loves it but I prefer the real deal!

Gaming on this tv is great, some net reviews say the set lags too much making gaming impossible, nonsense. I've played PS3 and 360 on this set and tested 3D on Crysis 2, Black Ops on 360 and Killzone 3 & GT5 on PS3. No issues and the effect is stunning. I probably wouldnt have played Black Ops again if it wasnt for the 3D!

Anything wrong? Well it takes a while to get the settings just right, but that it as much a factor of the screen size I'd imagine. The only other downside is the sound, there is little bass so I have mine connected to the surround sound through theTV's own optical out.

Overall this is a great TV, giving you a nice big screen, thin, loads of connections, great 3D that all the family can enjoy and with a really wide viewing angle (unlike Active Shutter 3D). This really is hassle free 3D, a couple of button presses on the remote and you're there, as good as the cinema!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great 2D and 3D image, 1 Jan 2012
A. Howe (London, England) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: LG 42LW550T 42-inch Widescreen Cinema Full HD 1080p 3D 100Hz LED Smart Internet TV with Freeview HD (Electronics)
I bought this set as a replacement for my 4th gen Pioneer plasma screen. It's my second LG set in the house, which was a driver in me purchasing this one - I knew the software and panel quality were good already. Though I had some reservations about buying a LED set, I'm glad to say it looks great and I have no regrets in purchasing it.

The set comes with a very sturdy stand, which I have used to hold it up - my last set was wall mounted but I wanted to keep this one at "sofa level" so the 3D effect wasn't diminished. This of course makes it easier to swivel the set for proper viewing by all users as I have an irregular-shaped room. There is no "magic remote" which it was suggested it might come with (75 to buy) but I don't feel that's a huge loss. There are however seven pairs of 3D glasses. Though the glasses are the same technology as the ones you get from the cinema don't throw the RealD glasses away - they still work and have larger lenses than the LG ones, which some people will find more comfortable. All of the LG glasses are "party" colours - orange, blue, white... I would have preferred black pairs but I guess it makes it easier not to lose them! The glasses also come in two boxes - one with two pairs, and one with five pairs so you can put the others away somewhere safe without having to find a special holder for them. It should also be noted that the set is ridiculously thin, but the base is quite large so plan space accordingly.

Onto the set itself, it's a 1080p Full HD panel with Freeview HD, network access, 2 USB and 4 HDMI ports. There is a single optical audio output. The image is very good by comparison to my old set and has a number of tweakable elements - like most TVs these will require a lot of messing about with to get the picture "just right", and personally I chose to turn off a lot of the 'enhancements' - your mileage may vary. Out of the box with default settings it doesn't look good (over-contrasted, vivid colours), so be prepared to spend an hour or so fiddling with the settings. The built in speakers are not great, but that should also not be a surprise - expect to need external speakers to get the best from your system; anything above normal range will cause rattling and buzzing with the TV's own.

Response times are fast and I noticed no lag in the picture, juddering or blur. I don't watch much in the way of sports though so I can't say this is a definitive feature. The set is DLNA compatible and will play most media but will *not* currently play video encoded with a DTS soundtrack natively, but it will play 3D movies from a network device when connected to a wired LAN (wireless requires a pricey dongle and is obviously limited in speed); occasionally though it has reported there are no DLNA devices on my network when there are, and I have had to close and re-open the input menu a few times before it picked up - once in there were no issues and I should say activity on the network was high at the time of testing.

Freeview HD works well, the on screen planner is fast and the set comes with a range of widgets for watching catch-up TV online, but the menu for these can be a little slow. 3D has been tested using side-by-side and frame packed material, both held up really well and the LG App Store has some nice reference material to watch. 2D to 3D conversion was tested on Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and produced excellent results in depth and motion. The 3D on this set really is cinema quality with minimal loss of brightness and colour when using the glasses - at 42" it won't have the wow factor of a larger set but is still very impressive - particularly with Xbox games. Viewing angles are excellent in most positions within the room, of course up close and from above there are losses but from the sofa, there are no issues. I did not test with Sky 3D since the "free subscription" to that channel requires you have ALL Sky channels and I object to paying that much to access a single channel of 3D content - LoveFilm rent 3D movies, and the PS3 can play them if you don't want to buy another Blu Ray player.

A few oddities/caveats to note if you're thinking of buying:
* Audio is passed through from HDMI devices through the set's optical audio port, but seems to lose encoding - Blu Rays with DTS and 5.1 HD soundtracks seemed to be output in Pro Logic. I haven't tested on a wide range but did also have this problem with my Xbox 360 (though I have the old, non-HDMI one)
* Consoles should be labelled (you can do this on the input menu) as PC to avoid lagging, and turn off Game Mode
* Harmony remote users will find the menus hard to navigate for inputs - make sure you program the remote for one input button per input - though the remote doesn't specifically list them they do exist, and they do work
* Although a matte screen this set does suffer from reflection issues - be aware when placing in direct sunlight
* Though you can set the custom picture settings for each input, they don't seem to keep first time - make a note of the ones you are happy with so you can enter them on each input later
* When watching some items (network media for example) the sound options seem to indicate you can only use the set's speakers, but I can confirm when the speaker is turned off in the menu, the optical port still works, it's just oddly worded

Overall I would thoroughly recommend this set to anyone interested in dabbling in 3D and not looking to pay a fortune for it - especially families with kids who will benefit from the cheaper, plentiful 3D glasses and up-converting functions. For gamers especially, it's an excellent set.

01/03/12 - Updated with a couple of points:
I don't know I said I have the non-HDMI Xbox as that's not the case - I have the HDMI version which has a proprietary connection, it's still HDMI to the TV. It seems the set does decode 5.1 properly but DTS or HD soundtracks will be output to Pro Logic, so be prepared if necessary to wire up separate sound for your other devices.

DLNA works fine but seems to work much better in a Strict NAS arrangement if both the DLNA device and the TV both have *fixed* IP addresses
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5.0 out of 5 stars An amazing experience!!, 26 Jun 2011
Andreas Iacovou (London) - See all my reviews
To put this review in perspective I am replacing a three year old 50" Panasonic Viera Plasma which recently died. I fully expected to get another Panasonic but after some serious research and lots of testing combined with an amazing price for this 55" LED set, I went for the LG.

They say first impressions are lasting and after a very easy initial setup which included plugging the TV into my router, I powered the set up for the first time and switched it to Freeview HD and my jaw dropped. the quality of the 2D image is simply stunning, a gigantic step up from my old set and it surpassed even my wildest expectations. When watching it with SKY HD, the effect is equally impressive. I haven't even had to play with any of the settings, just left it at the factory default setup which is perfectly fine for me.

The internet experience was very low down the priority list for me, but I found it to be very intuitive and actually some of the LG Apps are very useful and work brilliantly. It seems to be able to display BBC iPlayer and You Tube videos almost at a good quality standard definition level. My previous experience with YouTube on a TV was disappointing grainy images but this TV seems to be able to up-scale even the most basic resolution videos taken on a mobile phone camera and make them a pleasure to watch. iPlayer is even better. The TV also picks up my NAS drive and lets me easily play all my home movies, pictures and music through the portal. You are also able to download an app for IOS and Android phones which will let you control the TV and make it easier to browse the internet on the TV's inbuilt browser. Unfortunately I could not get the app to work as it wouldn't find the TV on my network. This is the only real negative point I can raise.

A number of reviews suggested that the sound on this set was poor. Its certainly not going to give you a full home cinema experience but then if you are buying a set like this you are surely going to be partnering it with a decent surround sound system with external speakers. I found the TV's inbuilt speakers to be perfectly adequate for general use.

Finally the 3D. I can sum this up with two words. JUST BRILLIANT. It comes with 7 pairs of lightweight glasses and I'm still struggling to get over the awe of playing Motorstorm Apocalypse on the PS3 in 3D. Its a whole new experience and takes gaming into the next level. I haven't watched a bluray yet, but have seen a couple of programmes on the Sky 3D channel and its great.

Finally again (so much to say) the remote is intuitive with a backlight and the TV looks stunning, even the stand it comes with looks great. Good to get 7 pairs of 3D glasses in the box, would have nice to get a wireless dongle, but other than that and the LG app not working this is an amazing TV and from me its recommended.
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5.0 out of 5 stars If your looking for LED, Cinema 3D and smart tv look no further, 8 Jan 2012
Mr. J. Williams "J Willi" (Leeds, UK) - See all my reviews
This review is from: LG 42LW550T 42-inch Widescreen Cinema Full HD 1080p 3D 100Hz LED Smart Internet TV with Freeview HD (Electronics)
LG 42LW550T 42-inch Widescreen Cinema Full HD 1080p 3D 100Hz LED Smart Internet TV with Freeview HD

Having spent two weeks of non stop searching looking for the perfect tv i have finally found the perfect tv.

Firstly, if your reading this you have probably read all the other reviews and have some doubt about the negatives mentioned about the tv.

Im a regular gamer (PS3) and one thing mentioned about this tv is the lag, even the professional reviews have give this tv a negative about this. Upon playing games such as Guitar hero at first there is lag to the point were some games are unplayable and i was unhappy with the tv at this point. However, having played with the settings, this is no longer an issue. To solve this I pressed the quick menu button on the remote and selected the 'Game' option on the AV selection, the lag goes completely away. You will see the screen adjust and go darker and this can be adjusted further in the settings.

The other negative about the tv i read about was the sound, to be honest I have not noticed any problems and have watched a couple of Blu-Rays to date without a problem. The sound is what i would expect from a tv and does not sound any worse than my previous thicker Toshiba tv. I really dont know what people are expecting from the sound if this is not good. If you want more bass get a surround sound system.

The 2d-3d conversion is surprisingly good, however when you put some real 3d content on the tv the picture looks sharp with plenty of depth. You wont get better 3d to be honest. With the 7 pairs of free glasses included i highly recommend that you choose the cinema 3D instead of active. The glasses are cheaper lighter and provide less strain on your eyes.

Uncharted 3 looks amazing, along with sonic generations, i tried F1 2011 with the 2d-3d conversion and this was excellent also. I don't play uncharted 3 without using the 3d now.

Ive been watching the tv in the dark and found no problems with the 3D, despite having read a review about this.

I have my router close to the tv so i was able to connect to the internet via a LAN cable. The tv recognised it was connected straight away and started to download an update. I have only downloaded 1 app to date which was the 3D app which lets you steam alot of 3D videos from the internet. The Youtube app lets you watch any youtube video, however using the standard remote takes abit of time to type what you are searching for. I may buy the other remote which you can use just like you Wii controllers.

Despite the title the 42LW550T is 600hz which provides clear movement of fast moving objects on the screen minimising any stutter. This works great when watching football and ive noticed it kick in when playing games. Lots of difference compared to my previous 50hz tv.

A little extra i have got with the tv which i did not expect was the option to view videos, pictures and listen to music from my laptop. My laptop connects to the wifi though wireless and it found my tv and asked if it could share files with the tv. I enabled it and before i knew it i was watching videos on my tv stored on my laptop. I must point out that some of the file formats were not recognised, such as wmv. type files.

I opted to go for an LED tv as they use less energy then other type if tv's and also provide a greater picture. This tv is packed full of energy saving features and having the tv on all day, you can not barely feel any heat coming off it.

I searched all over for the best deal for the price and this was the one i always come back to, im so glad that i bought it despite the negative reviews.

So to save you time, i would buy this without searching any more, don't opt for a cheaper plasma spend a bit more on this LED smart 3D tv, you wont be disappointed.

I will provide any updates if i find any problems in the meantime.
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5.0 out of 5 stars GREAT PICTURE LG 47" 3D TV., 16 Aug 2011
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4.0 out of 5 stars Hands down the best tv I've ever had, 15 Nov 2011
Jason Gaston "Jay & Jenny" (UK) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I ordered this to replace my old Teco 40inch lcd tv which claimed to be hd and had hdmi ports but after plugging this baby in I have my doubts. First of all this set is 7" bigger diagonally on the screen but due to the advances in technology is actually a full 10lbs lighter than my previous tv. It was a doddle to set up out of the box and as I have Skytv via a hdmi port there was no need for any tuning to find any channels. I have my Blu ray Surround Soung, Sky Box and Xbox plugged in and you can rename the ports so rather than HDMI one, HDMI two, I have Blu Ray, Satelite etc. The picture quality on this tv is absoultely stunning. Not only with BluRay but in general use, my wife found it a little unsettling at first watching downton abbey because it looked "too new" it really is like looking through a window sometimes the clarity and amount of depth you get on the screen.

The 2D to 3D conversion is a bit of a novelty but not something i'd be using a lot, i does add a bit of depth and extra dimention to the screen and the logo's and subtitles etc do appear to be lifted off the screen but the tv comes into its own if you have a 3d blu ray player!! OMG Tron Legacy is absolutely STUNNING!!!!

So with all this praise you may be wondering why i have only rated it 4 stars out of 5! The answer is quite simple, the Smart Tv function (internet) is only availabe out of the box if you happen to have your router close enough to the tv to attach a cable, if you want to connect wirelessly you have to buy a seperate dongle that is quite pricey compared to a normal wireless dongle AND if you want to be able to surf the net and navigate easily through the menues online you need to buy an additional remote control that like a nintendo wii is motion controlled in a point and shoot sylee.

This tv cost 850 and LG want me to spend close to another 100, this I feel is at best a little cheeky. I previously bought and reviewed my bluray surround sound system which is also internet enabled but DOES have wireless built in, if Panasonic can afford to build wireless into a system that is half the price of the LG tv then there is no excuse.

Bottom line, if you forget my "one foot in the grave" moment this IS a fantastic tv! and take the issue ive mentioned to one side I would reconmend this tv to anyone. The picture quality with any form of HD input is as realistic as I've ever seen and I am totally happy with this tv!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Passive 3D is the way to go!, 23 Jun 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: LG 42LW550T 42-inch Widescreen Cinema Full HD 1080p 3D 100Hz LED Smart Internet TV with Freeview HD (Electronics)
Previously had an Active 3D TV but couldn't live with the 3D ghosting (crosstalk), flickering, dark picture and my eyes got quickly tired with 3D viewing. I also have health concerns with those flickering Active glasses. Got this Passive LG model and it really is a much better 3D experience. No flickering, brighter picture, very light glasses and, most of all, no ghosting! No tired eyes either and watching the 3D picture it is just so much more enjoyable, the 3D seems to work better possibly because of the brighter image and better colours and of course no distracting ghosting - the image just seems to go deeper and more images pop out of the screen. Although the TV has half the vertical resolution of an active it is rarely noticeable at normal viewing distance (at least on a 42" TV) - don't believe the Active TV higher resolution hype.

The 2D image quality is great, although SD TV can look rather ropey at times, I'm not sure if it is the image processing or just the TVs detail shows up more problems with the source. HD Sat channels look excellent. Great blacks and good colours. The user interface is quite intuitive and there's the nice Smart TV thingy that has BBC iPlayer plus an excellent 3D picture MPO viewer for your 3D camera pictures (why on earth don't all 3D devices support MPO files!!!). Oh yes and nice low power consumption due to the LEDs.

There is one disappointment and that is the sound quality, it really is quite a thin sounding TV with little bass. I suppose there's not a lot can be done about this due to the thinness of the TV - all flat panel LED TVs seem to be going this way. It's still quite a clear sounding TV and is perfectly satisfactory just for watching Movies you'd need some more substantial speakers.

Got this next day from Amazon, at a bargain price (particularly with the Sky 100 cash back) and fast delivery. I haven't had to return it so don't know how good Amazon are at returns.
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5.0 out of 5 stars A compromise, but a good one !, 8 Oct 2011
Stvtech (Birmingham, UK) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: LG 42LW550T 42-inch Widescreen Cinema Full HD 1080p 3D 100Hz LED Smart Internet TV with Freeview HD (Electronics)
I finally upgraded my LG 42" plasma which was only capable of 720p to this 42LW550T, having resisted the switch to LCD/LED for so long. I chose LG not out of any form of brand loyalty, but for their passive 3D system because I am not a fan of active shutter glasses.

I am not a perfection seeker, and just wanted a TV that provides a very good picture at full HD, unlike my old plasma that could only manage 720p. In addition to this, I wanted to be able to take advantage of the increasing availability of 3D content now on Blu-ray and Vigin Media (as I have TiVo).

First off, performance as a regular TV:
As mentioned earlier, I have long resisted moving away from my old plasma as it displays regular TV brodcasts far better than any LCD/LED TV belonging to friends and colleagues who's homes I have visited. This is because to me, LCD screens always seem to have a 'soft focus' look about them, and this LG is no different in that regard. This effect does vary greatly on the quality of the source material, and for me, results in a picture that is inferior to my old plasma. Viewing a HD broadcast however, is vastly superior. No soft focus, and clear sharp visuals are presented in bright, vivid colour without looking saturated.

Images from a Blu-ray source are raised to a far higher level than HD TV broadcasts, giving a picture that is simply stunning. I cannot fault it in any way, and have not noticed any motion blur at all.

The sound is adequate, but lacking any real depth and no bass whatsoever. This must be expected of such a slim TV, but it does simulate surround sound and does it well. This one TV that would definately benefit from adding a Home Cinema system.

Unfortunately, I found lip-sync to be a big problem with this TV. Connecting up my TiVo box with the same HDMI lead (3 months old) that fed my old plasma with no sync issues, made for uncomfortable viewing with actors lip movements wildly out of sync with their voices. Strangely, the sync seemed to be out in the wrong direction - the lips moved before the sound came out of the TV. Most modern equipment has adjustments to delay the sound to account for the time it takes a TV to carry out image processing, but in my case, it was the sound that was already delayed. Ultimately, I added an AV Receiver to improve on sound quality and set the AV Sync feature of the TV to -3 on the SPDIF parameter. This seems to have cured the sync problem for the most part.

3D performance:
Make no mistake, the passive 3D system that the 550T is equipped with is a huge compromise. A compromise between image resolution, and all the evils of the shuttered glasses approach. By using alternate lines to simulataneously display the left and right eye images, the picture presented is effectively 540p - and it shows. The lack of vertical resolution manifests itself most where there is text on screen, be it a sign above a shop doorway, or film credits on the screen, making the letters seem to be built up out of horizontal lines.
But, and that is a big but, the overall 3D viewing experience is breathtaking. The glasses are light, easy to wear over spectacles, and don't cause flicker or give me headaches. The 3D picture, despite the low resolution, appears sharp and vividly bright without looking unnatural. The resolution issue seems to melt away as you are immersed in the content, with not even a hint of ghosting or crosstalk.

My test material was Despicable Me 3D, a Turtle's Tale 3D and (don't laugh) Piranha 3D to give me a perspective on a non-animated film. The two animated features were both equally stunning, with 'out-the-screen' content plentiful and undistorted. Piranha is a production that has clearly been filmed in 2D and post-processed to give the 3D content. This for the most part gives the impression that your are watching several 2D images placed in front or behind each other, a bit like cardboard cutouts. It should be noted however, that this is a limitation of the source content, not the TV !

Other features:
I chose the 550T over the cheaper 450T mainy because of it's higher MCI (Motion Clarity Index) of 600Hz over the 450's 400Hz. However, the smart features giving the ability to use the iPhone app as a remote proved a hit with me - I find it easier to use than the actual remote on account of the touchpad. I did not fork out for the LG WiFi dongle either - I purchased a pair of 200MBs powerline adapters (39.99 on Amazon) and by using a cheapo Ethernet switch hooked up my panasonic Blu-ray player as well, without having also having to purchase the Panasonic dongle.

Overall, I am very pleased with this LG, and love it, so 5 stars.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic TV!, 9 July 2011
This review is from: LG 42LW550T 42-inch Widescreen Cinema Full HD 1080p 3D 100Hz LED Smart Internet TV with Freeview HD (Electronics)
After much deliberation, I decided to go ahead and spend a large chunk of change on a new TV.

I figured it was best to choose a TV that would be (to a certain extent) `future proof' in that the sense that it had a large variety of features that would stand up a year or two down the road.

I purchased the LG 42LW550T last week and have to say, I am as pleased as punch. It is a great TV. The picture quality is fantastic, and the TV looks ultra-thin.

As a side note....

There has been lots of discussion on the internet over the passive 3D technology Vs active TV sets. People complaining that passive 3D doesn't offer the same picture quality as active 3D. To the eye, I would have to say that this is really, really un-noticeable. The passive 3D (plus 7 pairs of glasses) looks incredible. The detail is crystal clear and I cannot imagine it looking any sharper. People say it is not 1080p - which technically might be the case. But I question this. Comparing it to the world of sound quality, as an audio sound engineer I understand that on paper the human-hearing range is 20hz - 20,000hz so manufacturers use this frequency range when producing equipment. In realty, most people can only hear 50hz-17,000hz. I imagine in the visual world, picture quality is also affected by these `human in capabilities'.

Take my word on it, 3D looks great. Even up scaling regular Blu Ray titles looks cool in 3D.

Finally, haven't had a chance to access Smart TV yet as I do not own a LG WIFI Dongle.

Only downsides to this TV: Not Wifi Enabled, LG Wifi Dongle is a little expensive, Magic Motion Remote Control not included. If you can live with this, you will love this TV.
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