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4.4 out of 5 stars292
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 14 June 2012
I have been using the in-ear style headphones since around 2005 when I got my first Ipod classic.
I have tried many different brands including sennheiser, skull-candy, phillips, jvc etc.
These said headphones lasted for up to a year. Every set I've owned, one headphone has suddenly stopped working, to which I've then bought a new brand to try.
I bought a set of these panasonic headphones and they are absolutely brilliant.
Easily the best set of headphones I've owned. I have had them for 3 years and I've had a LOT of use out of them
as I commute 3 hours to work twice a week.
One of their key features aside from their phenominal sound is the shape of the ear piece.
Unlike most if not all other headphones, the ear piece is oval shaped rather than circular which enables the headphone to fit the user
a lot more comfortably (In my opinion).
I dont usually write reviews for the things I purchase from amazon, but I found this page once again just to let everyone know just how high quality these headphones are.
Typically, once I've wrote this I'll find that they brake tomorrow or something, but if/when they do I know for certain I'll be ordering another set of these.
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on 2 May 2013
Believe what all the positive reviews say!!
I hate earphones that don't fit my ears and these are the most perfect fit I have ever had, probably because of the offset (and with 3 different sizes of rubber 'seal' to choose from most people should be able to achieve a comfortable fit).
I bought these because the earphones that that came with my new HTC phone just don't fit my ears at all. They are not the in-ear type and keep slipping out. I don't have that problem now.
As for sound quality I couldn't be happier. I have had some Sennheiser earbuds for a couple of years and these Pansonics are just as good in my opinion....and what a price!
I've already recommended to my teenage daughter that she buy a set - or two - of these when she next loses/breaks her current set. All in all I'm very happy.
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on 10 August 2013
I have just come to realise that these are without a doubt the best headphones I have ever owned, or even used. And I have used a whole lot of headphones.

For the most part I use these headphones with an mp3 player all day, every day at work in a noisy factory. These headphones are perfect for this for 2 reasons:
Firstly, they are comfortable enough that I can't even feel them. Perfect for long term use.
Secondly, they have the best isolation of any headphones I've ever tried. Almost as much noise reduction as those spongy yellow ear plugs that they give you to wear at work.

Along with using these headphones at work I also have 2 other major uses for these headphones, for which they also perform outstandingly:

First, I watch a lot of movies. I have a lovefilm account and tend to watch at least 5 movies a week. I like to get absorbed in a movie and not to be interrupted, therefore I tend to watch them on my laptop with these headphones. The superb isolation of these again makes them ideal for this, as does there fantastically flat frequency response, which is ideal for movies, as it allows you to experience the booming explosions of an action movie, whilst also allowing the mid range of the speech to cut through.

Second: I am a semi-professional musician, sound engineer and producer. Therefore I spend a whole lot of time in the studio with studio cans (headphones) on. I can honestly say that since I have been using these headphones, I have not even considered using another pain of studio cans. These headphones are great in the studio for all of the reasons above and for a couple of others.
1. If you wear these headphones with a pair of ear defenders (big plastic noise restricting headphones that road workers wear when using pneumatic drills) over the top, you get complete isolation. This is awesome if you are in the live room with a screaming guitar, trying to find the sweet spot of the amp to point your mic at. With these headphones in and a pair of ear defenders over the top all you can hear is what's coming through that mic, not the noise in the room.
2. Because these headphones have such a great frequency response and because I use them all day every day, I know the way that music should sound through them. Therefore, I can be confident that anything I mix whilst using them will be pretty much sonically correct.

I have also used these headphones on stage as in ear monitors, for which they have also performed pretty well. Maybe just can't push the quite as loud as genuine in ear monitors, but that suits me fine since my stage volume is always pretty low and I don't want to go deaf.

The durability of the headphones also deserves a mention. I always take good care my headphones, although they do get some seriously demanding use. I have been buying these now for around 5 years and each pair has lasted about a year, for me that is over 2000 hours of continuous use for each pair. For just over 6 quid that's a whole lotta headphone.

Despite my telling you how fantastic these headphones are, I only recently realised just how much better they are than all the others. My last pair broke a few weeks back, the local shop don't stock them any more, so I got a few different pairs to try out to replace them. All probably fairly good headphones in their own right for the average user, but in comparison to the panasonic SUPERPHONES they were complete pants. Within a week I was pulling my hair out with the other brands and had already ordered 2 more pairs of the worlds greatest headphones from amazon. Now that they have arrived I can breathe a sigh of relief and normal life can resume.

In conclusion, I would just like to say that I have had over 10'000 hours of experience with these headphones. So believe me when I say, as far as headphones go, they are the dogs nether regions!!!!
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 27 December 2014
When I bought these, I was looking for ear buds that would not irritate my sensitive ears. My old ones were the solid Sony Walkman kind, too big for my ear shape and they were always falling out, even when just walking about, never mind exercising. I had another pair that came with my Creative mp3 and, before the right side stopped working, they were actually painful to wear.

I researched several brands and finally chose these Panasonic ear buds which I find perfectly satisfactory. For a start, they are extremely comfortable, the tips are oval (I suppose that's the "ergo fit" part) and seem to fit my anatomy better than the round varieties and, of course, there are three different sizes of tips to choose from. I sometimes forget I've got them on.

The sound quality is surprisingly good for such an inexpensive product, with a deep satisfying bass and clear treble without distortion, and fairly good insulation from background noise. The wire, though thin, looks solid and is long enough to reach inside my trouser pocket (I usually run the wire inside my shirt, to keep it from getting tangled in things). As for durability, I've been using them almost daily for more than two years and, so far so good.
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on 12 December 2013
I already had a pair of these which I've owned for nearly a year but decided to get a new pair just because they are so good. The new pair remains unopened because my originals are still going strong after over a year since I purchased them, even though I abuse them heavily every day. I initially bought them for the gym, but they have become mainstays in my ears. I have a pair of Shure SE315's which I rarely use since the sound quality on the Panasonics is top tier, the unique oval tip shape results in a better fit/ airtight seal in my ears as well as being dirt cheap meaning I can and have, in no particular order, dropped them, stretched them, crushed them underfoot and ripped them from my mp3 player many times over the course of their lifetime, yet they work good as new. Quality pair of earphones, would buy again/10
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on 29 April 2014
The oblong shape of the in-ear piece is a nice touch that greatly improved fit. I've had slightly better sounding headphones — the only reason I'm marking this pair down — but those others cost much more and were so fragile they broke after a month. These have already lasted longer. I'll probably stock up on a few more pairs.
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on 10 January 2014
First up, I just want to praise the delivery speed of Amazon UK. I bought a pair of these headphones yesterday afternoon with free next day delivery due to the free trial of Amazon Prime. They arrived about 1pm today. So I received them less than 24 hours after I placed the order. They were packed well enough, in rigid cardboard.

Now, onto the earphones themselves. They come in a plastic pack, which is impossible to get into without scissors (Unless you want to tear your fingers to shreds trying to rip the packaging open). Inside the pack, you get the earphones, three sizes of earbud, and a little manual which I didn't bother reading. I had a look at the earphones, and I like the design. It's simple, yet it works. I like that it's all black, and I don't mind the company name being on it. The wire is a bit thin and I can see it getting tangled up quite a bit, but I don't mind untangling wires from time to time.

It was time to try them on for size. I tested the medium sized bud first as it was already attached to the earphones, and it was a bit small for my ear. So I popped off both buds, which was easy to do. I slipped the larger buds on (Which was slightly more fiddly, but not that difficult with a gentle squeeze of the buds to reshape the hole), and popped them back in my ears. They felt perfect, a snug fit and very comfortable. So I plugged the earphones into my laptop and loaded up an Alter Bridge track (From the album I'd been listening to earlier using a pair of Samsung earphones which came with the Galaxy S3). Immediately, I could tell that the sound quality was so much better than the Samsung earphones I'd been using. In fact, I'd go as far as saying the sound quality is on a par with the UrBeats earphones I got with my HTC phone, and they're selling for a damn sight more.

All in all, I'm very happy so far both with Amazon's delivery speeds, and the quality of the earphones I received. For a sub-£10 pair of earphones, the sound quality so far is fantastic. I'll be recommending these to friends, if the opportunity to do so arises.
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on 20 November 2013
I have tried loads of different types of headphones over the years: cheap and expensive, rubbish and excellent. I use them for general listening (music and iPlayer radio), and also for running. As far as I'm concerned, a good headphone has to: be comfortable; sound good; not fall out your ears; not fall apart. Recent good and bad purchases include MEElectronics M6 & S6 headphones (sound good, not all that bad pricing, comfortable, generally stay in), JVC HAFX1X Xtreme Xplosives (uncomfortable, dreadful boomy sound) ... and these Panasonics.

I actually bought them because I lost my MEElectronics M6 ones, and wanted something cheaper in case they turned up again. What a good decision that turned out to be! They're comfortable, with a good sound covering right through from deep bass to high treble, and don't fall out. At the price, they strike me as an absolute steal! I can't comment on long-term survival (my dog ate them!) but they seem well-enough built, especially for the price. I've actually just ordered another 3 pairs for family members, as I honestly haven't come across such good-value yet highly listenable headphones before.

While I'm on a roll, I often notice that reviews have different people claiming brilliant and rubbish sound for the same headphones. My experience is that sound quality - especially for bass - depends a lot on having a good fit for the little rubber interchangeable ear-buds supplied with headphones. Usually, if the bud is too small, the bass response is useless. So if you find sound isn't as good as you're expecting, you might want to just try them with different sizes of buds, as it can make all the difference!
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on 13 March 2014
Bought these for my teenage son who seems to go through earphones like nobody's business!! His brand new apple earphones last two weeks. He said these are absolutely brilliant, really good quality, comfortable in the ear as they have these soft rubber ear moulds. They have last a long time and continue to do so. He highly recommends them to anyone. As a parent they are a great price and as long as these are for sale will always purchase them. Go on try them for yourself, you will not be disappointed?!!!!
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on 15 June 2013
I bought these for my wife as she has a long walk every day as part of her commute to work. She listens to a wide variety of music and felt the quality wasn't particularly great, especially with guitars.
I've been using them for a little while and I see what she means. The notes are quite sharp and there is some bass but everything just sounds about 70%, rather than some bits sounding great and other bits being poor. You can often get budget headphones that are good at one thing only, like bass.
For the money I don't think these are bad headphones. I think if you are listening to audio books, or game sounds on a DS these are perfect. If you enjoy your music and if you need to block out the noise of busy streets as you listen I don't think these are really up to the mark. We've opted to spend £25 on a pair of Sennheiser headphones instead.
I've always associated Panasonic with good quality and in some ways I think they'd be better off staying out of the budget market. Now I can't automatically assume quality will be good with their brand because I know there is a budget option in their range.
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