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on 23 January 2012
Okay, so I'm not a headphone expert, but I bought these as I am getting sick of the high-pitched - almost painful - sound that comes out of my blackberry and iPod headphones. These are brilliant! I genuinely could not imagine anything better, the noise cancellation is great - you can hardly hear anything from outside - and the bass is great for playing more drum and bassy type songs. they are extremely comfortable as, unlike many other headphones, they decided to make the cushioning strong enough so that even if you rest on something you don't have the plastic squashing into your ear.
The one thing I would say about them is that people can hear your music quite loudly when they are nearby, so I definitely wouldn't recommend blasting your tunes on max volume in the middle of a packed train.
Again, I'm not an expert so I don't know what makes more expensive headphones, such as Beats, much better as personally I don't see the need to spend any more on a pair of headphones when these are perfect.
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on 10 October 2012
I have been a DJ / producer / sound engineer for over 25 years, so feel fairly well qualified to review these headphones... They work perfectly well and give an acceptable sound, they do not however:

i) Match the sound given by the in-ear JVC XX's, which I also bought at the same time and am delighted with, or
ii) Match an expensive pair of headphones - Dr Dre 'beats' for example. Anyone who tells you they do is mistaken...

As far as these headphones are concerned, you get what you pay for. They sound OK and weren't expensive [£22]. I shall use them for DJ'ing so they'll be just fine for that, although they are very plasctic-y, so it'll be interesting to see how robust they turn out to be.

UPDATE - I've now owned these for about 4 days... As at least one other reviewer has said, the headphones are very tight, wearing them for over 30 minutes is uncomfortable
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on 11 April 2012
This headphone was bought on recommendation by the fellow reviewers and I thought that for the price asked I could take a risk. When first opened the case I instantly saw the problem many noted with the ludicrisly tight fit that stopped me listening within five minutes. However the problem was easily remedied my placing the headphones on a wide clamping position for a couple of hours, Its tight because rubber naturally contracts and thus its the earphone's nature to be tight, the rubber also allows it to be very durable so stretching it even to very wide angles will not damage it, further more once the phones are wide even if its too wide for you head, it will contract over time to fit your head snuggly (problem solved I have kept headphones on for 7hrs in a row no pain). It also means it is far more durable than dre beats and slightly more than BOSE headsets for only a couple hours prep work.

The very first thing you will notice about this muffs before anything else is the bass.... I mean every microscopic aspect of the bass including the casual rift that you wouldn't hear unless your packing a DJ sound system. Songs literally come alive as the bass & rythem takes you away from the crepid world of being sardine packaged on the tube. Noise reduction of these babies are superb, only the loudest noise of an oncoming tube gets through.
I then tested it on a wide range of genres which I listen to and found that with Hip hop, r&b, dubstep, drum and base it was literally flawless, these bass heavy genres thrived not only on the spectacular bass but a decent amp resonance, the sound was clear, thumping and utterly dominant. On Rock tracks it was ok, the drums and bass guitars were vibrant however guitar rifts are not picked up as well as other competitors.On DRE's Beats the sound quality is much clearer and picks these notes more effortlessly. The headphones also suffered slightly on classical music and alternative such as Rodrigo y Gabriela which is treble heavy but has very little BASS, Bose headsets excel with these types of music as they have excellent treble output where Dre beats produces the clearest sound of the three.

So whats' the verdict? Quite simple really, these are without doubt the best headphones I have ever had...ever. Many might complain that these headphones sound more muffled...well those people are dumb, there's a big difference between muffled sound and bass heavy sound. Bass heavy might mean that beats are dominated by base obscuring the other sounds slightly but the sound is still clear and crisp with a satisfactory level of amp and treble. If you are more for clear crisp sound then go for Beats, if you want treble strength and rip roaring guitar and violin rifts then BOSE is your cup of tea... however if like me you love your bass thumping and you absolutely want to be taken away with earth quaking rythem then the king of base XX is for you, and the price is nothing short of ridiculous for what your getting. I just wished it didn't try to copy Beats with the cable as its trying to hint a being like it, when this headphones are beasts in there own right. Im going to go buy the 50mm diaphram one now and see if I can deafen myself.

EDIT; Unfortunately I have had to reduce the rating for these phones to two star. I truly did not but it is clear after to versions of it with the exact same problem occurred. The wiring for the headphone plug is weak and will fail after regular use. This occurred the first time after around 25 days. Lukily this fell within the warranty date so I returned them. The second one lasted 36 days before failing, no rough use or wear and tear, just listening to it on the trains. Desperately disappointing as I love these headphones, sure I can and have fixed the wiring but thats not the point, the product should be built to last, minimum one year.
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on 11 February 2013
Brilliant, compared these to the Sonys most my mates have, for the same price these are excellent, deep bass and although they have Ali of sound leakage, the sound is too good to care! Robust aswell, I snowboard wearing them and they can take hits! I'm not saying no helmet is good though :p
Very happy!
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on 30 November 2011
I have previously owned several pairs of Skullcandy headphones and spent double the price of these for them but these are far better. The build quality of these compared to Skullcandy's is in another league. Also the sound quality is superior with brilliant bass and a much crisper sound overall, I was hearing details in the music i had never heard before. would definitely recommend these for the price.
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on 1 October 2012
I shan't go into the technical details of these headphones as many other reviews have already said their piece; but having bought these for my teenage son (very fussy as you can imagine when it comes to techy stuff) I was relieved that the reviews I read before purchasing them were very accurate when I't came to the sound quality here .I'm into my music too and when he (son) opened his present, I too was astounded by the bass on these that don't lose out on the mid ranges like some other brands;this being even before they had time to bed in. All this at a very reasonable price!
They only lose out on one star for trying to emulate the Dre style headphone cables.
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on 19 July 2012
what i really like about these headphones:

sound quality is great and the speakers are easily drivable by a portable music player
cable is of pretty good length for use for with portable music player
Comfort is reasonable good but not great

things i dont like about these headphones

I dont really like the way they look

compared to my similar priced sennhauser HD201 headphones the build quality is not great and they are not overly comfortable they are tight on the ears and the headband is not well padded, which after prolonged use can be a bit of a pain (literally)iv been wearing them now for an hour and i keep becoming aware of the constant pressure on my ears

I certainly am not a fan of the fact that the headphones are supplied in non returnable packaging ie packaging that needs to be cut open..which is going to make returning the headphones should you decide for any reason that you do not want them-virtually impossible apart from in the event that they do not function at all.

the headphone cups are of the padded vaiety that fit directly on to the ears rather than over the ears so i have yet to find out if sound leaking is a problem..though as i said earlier in my review they fit so tight that it can hurt your ears after a while which im supposing will reduce any chance of sound leakage

so overall sound quality is great cable length is good for a portable music player but build quality, looks and comfort are a negative issue
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on 15 January 2012
Previously I have owned a pair of Skullcandy HESH. When the wiring came lose inside after less then 6 months, I was not too happy about it. So I thought I would look for a cheaper pair with better durability. This led my search to these, the JVC HAS4X Xtreme Xplosives On Ear Headphones.

(Please note that I listen to rock, metal, and a small amount of rap. So if you are going to listen to any other music, this review might not help)

Sound quality on these is on about the same level as the HESH I previously owned (I will be using the HESH to compare to) but you would probably want something a little better if you are going to use them for professional use, like DJ etc. The one thing I found bad about the sound quality is it had too much bass, don't get me wrong I like bass just not this much. This problem can be easily sorted by using the EQ on your pc, ipod, etc to reduce the base to a lower level.

Now for feel. They don't feel as nice on your head as the HESH and seem to push into your head more, it's not enough to make you have a headache or anything, but just reduces the time you are wearing them for. But on a good note the ear pads are nice against your ear, and so is the soft padding on the top of the head band.

Durability. I have only owned these for 2 days now, but they do seem more stable and strong enough to handle a bit of abuse. The head band seems thicker, the ear pieces seem better made, the wire is thicker and well made. So hopefully will last longer.

Look. This seem to take the industrial look, and consist of camo, black and red colouring. With a metal look, but are plastic all over. The red of the wire is more pink then red, and the overall look isn't that great. They don't look that nice on your head and are definitely nothing compared to the look of the HESH.

After all this criticism I would still say that these headphones are worth the money, at just over £20 its worth handing your money over. But if you want something that looks better, feels better and sounds better obviously spend more and get something else. Also I would recommend the HESH for sound quality but be aware their build quality is poor, i'm not the only one I know of who's had them break in a short time.
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on 30 December 2011
I bought these headphones as a replacement for some Sony Stereo headphones and was very impressed. The build quality is very good and they are very comfotable to wear. The pads are soft to touch and the headphones grip your head snugly enough for use when walking, and are big enough to cover the whole ear.
Now on to the most important part, the sound. The bass was the main reason for my purchase so i had high expectations. I can say straight off, that i was not dissapointed. The bass is very smooth and defined, although when listening to Club or Dance songs, it has a powerful kick! All genres can be appreciated through these headphones. One thing that i was very impressed with was the frequency response. Normally, headphones go from about 20-20,000 hrz. These go from 7-23,000 hrz, meaning that i hear new bass notes in songs that even my speakers don't reproduce.
Overall, a stunning pair of headphones, stylish yet refined, great sound quality throughout, and a comfotable wear.
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on 17 May 2012
Got these today, after breaking them in for a few hours I can attest to the pretty excellent sound quality of these, they can certainly do better quality media justice in terms of what you'll hear (once you've broken them in, of course).

However, as a few other reviewers have noted, they are quite a bit smaller than they might appear in the available product images, and of course as the product title states, they are "on-ear", which for some people (especially if you're not really used to these kinds of headphones) can feel very uncomfortable, this smaller issue is unfortunately exacerbated by the headphones being just a bit too tight, which can make the generous amount of padding feel quite restrictive on your ears. But over time, an average person would probably get used to this.

In short, the quality you'll get with these is very cost effective, but if you're not used to these kinds of headphones, go for the JVC HAM5X Xtreme Xplosives Around Ear Headphone (which are over-ear, and only like £2 more) or the JVC HAFX1X Xtreme Xplosives In Ear Canal Headphones (very comparable quality to these, but are in-ear).
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