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4.5 out of 5 stars51
4.5 out of 5 stars
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
TOP 500 REVIEWERon 17 August 2010
I've been a fan of Superman since the 70s starting with DC comics, gravitating to Christopher Reeves during the 80s and for the past few years settling with Smallville. Well I'm not going to brag about the story lines as only you can decide if you like them or not. What I am going to tell you about is what you get for your £17:
1) Box contains 2 DVD slimline cases which contain 2 discs each. Also included is a small booklet which lists the episodes by number,short synopsis and chapters for each episode by numbers. (However this information is replicated on each slimline case minue the chapters)
2) Discs also include deleted scenes and a number of Special features such as:
Smallville legends: The Oliver Queen Chronicles
The Making of Smallville legends: The Oliver Queen Chronicles
Smallville Legends: Justice & Doom (cartoon)
Green Arrow: the Legend of the Emerald Archer
Smallville: Big Fans.
I have only watched the beginning of the last entry and its in High Def and tells the story of the Smallville fan club. Interesting to watch simply to see how far people can get carried away with their devotion to a TV series. Yes I'm a fan but only for the time it takes me to watch or read a story. I don't have a wall of weird in my house, neither have I named my firstborn lex or even dress him up in a tiny superman outfit.
3) Picture Quality all I can say is its out of this world and is a delight to watch in high definition.
4) Subtitles are English,French and Spanish.

If you want to show off your High Def TV for the price of a recent film release but with something at least 10 times longer. Buy this.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 4 May 2010
After the dull and often-times painful experience of watching season 5 of Smallville, season 6 comes as a real breath of fresh air. The city of Metropolis and the Daily Planet, staples of the Superman mythos, make frequent appearances (more-or-less in every episode, in fact), and we get to see Clark discovering more of his powers, while learning more about his Kryptonian heritage and his biological father, the enigmatic Jor-El (voiced by Terrance Stamp), while the colourful supporting cast continue to find their way in the world. Indeed, the supporting cast are sometimes (often-times) more interesting than Clark himself; even Lana Lang, Clark's whiny ex-girlfriend, who has easily been the most irritating character in the series to date, takes an interesting turn to the dark side this season in her relationship with Lex Luthor, and all the duplicitous cloak and dagger business that comes with it.

This season also marks the first appearance in the series of Oliver Queen (a.k.a. Green Arrow), billionaire playboy by day, masked crime-fighter by night. Sound familiar? Well, the word is the writers wanted Bruce Wayne (i.e. Batman) for this season, but due to the recent release of Batman Begins, the character was unavailable. Nevertheless, Green Arrow not only makes a fantastic substitute for Batman, but also introduces one of the lesser known DC superheroes to the uninitiated, such as myself.

My personal favourite episode this season? 'Justice', in which Green Arrow recruits Clark and three other young superheroes (each of whom has appeared in a previous season), Aquaman, Cyborg, and Impulse (renamed from the Flash due to copyright reasons) to take out a Luthor Corp lab, where Lex is conducting sinister experiments on people with kryptonite-related superpowers.

If you're feeling jaded after season 5, season 6 of Smallville will restore your faith in the series, big time. After the spectacular finale, I really look forward to seeing the conclusion in season 7.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 10 November 2009
Season 6 is quite a mixed bag of stories and not all of them are great but all in all it pulls together as quite a good year. The storyline once again takes a darker turn by letting the legendary character of Zod out to play though only by his spirit possessing Michael Rosenbaum's Lex Luthor and also the idea that super-villains manage to find their way to Earth and once again it's all Clark's fault. On the upside there is the introduction of Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen, a billionaire playboy who masquerades as Robin-Hood wannabe Green Arrow. The relationships again take centre-stage: Clark & Chloe's relationship gathers strength upon the revelation that Chloe may have a meteor-power but then receives a blow with the introduction of Jimmy Olsen as Chloe's love interest who spends most of his time embracing paranoia about Chloe & Clark's relationship, Clark & Lois continue their like/dislike relationship with this season providing a couple of real high points between the two: Hydro sees Lois recruit Clark to help her expose Oliver's dual-identity only for her accomplice to switch alliances and receive a kiss from his "frienemy" in front of their target; also Crimson sees the pair venture into a Red Kryptonite-enhanced romance which offers the viewer a glimpse of Clark freely using his powers to impress Lois and she freely accepting him. Lionel Luthor becomes an an Obi-Wan-like mentor to Clark while the Lex/Lana storyline is portrayed as though the writers couldn't be bothered, plumbed certain sci-fi B-movies for storylines but really wanted to continue flogging the - should have been long-dead - Clark/Lana romance horse. This series also sees the departure of much-loved Annette O'Toole as her character seeks advancement in the US Senate. Favourite episodes: Zod, Sneeze, Wither, Arrow, Hydro, Justice, Crimson, Freak, Combat, Noir, Prototype & Phantom.
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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on 30 October 2007
This is Smallville at its best. This season blew all the others out of the water. Once again, Erica Durance and Alison Mack are outstanding as Lois and Chloe. There is not so much Clark/Lana will they wont they here which is a massive improvement. Micheal Rosenbaum gets better as Lex every season and here he is awsome.

The introduction of Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow along with the return of Bart Allen/Flash or Impluse, Victor Stone/Cyborg and Arthur Curry/Aquaman makes the episode 'Justice' the best episode of the season. I hope this episode is only the first in which we see the beginnings of the Justice League.

The final episode 'phantom' is not the best finale of all of the Smallville seasons (that prize still belongs to the final episode of season 5). However, it is definatley the most sad. Will one of the characters RIP? My lips are sealed!

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They say timing is everything, and for me the timing of watching season 6 of Smallville for the first time was perfect. Why is that? Because this was the season that introduced their take on Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow, and I got hooked on the new show about him this last season on TV.

Of course, before we can get to new characters, we have a few cliffhangers to resolve. While all kinds of chaos is reigning down on the citizens of Earth thanks to the evil force that has taken over Lex Luther’s body (Michael Rosenbaum), Clark Kent (Tom Welling) can’t do much about it since he’s trapped in the Phantom Zone. While he does escape and manage to save the day, he unwittingly releases the evil prisoners from the Phantom Zone and must spend some time tracking them down this season.

As things return to normal, characters explore new options. Lois Lane (Erica Durance) and Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack) become roommates and Lois starts a new career as a reporter for a tabloid. They also both get new boyfriends in the two new characters that are introduced. Lois starts dating the previously mentioned Olive Queen (Justin Hartley) while Chloe falls for Jimmy Olsen (Aaron Ashmore), a young photographer at The Daily Planet. Lana Lang (Kistin Kreuk), meanwhile, has moved in with Lex and their relationship becomes more serious when she finds out she is pregnant. Chloe learns a very surprising secret and is reunited with her mom as played by TV’s Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter.

Other storylines of the season involve Clark and Oliver’s clashes over how to use their powers for good. Lex is collecting and hiding people with abilities. Those storylines clash when we see the first glimpse of the Justice League Smallville style.

This season is really about the young adults. No one is in college any more (did they all drop out after one season or did they all graduate at lightning speed?) While Lionel Luther (John Glover) is still around being unclear in his intensions, Martha Kent (Annette O'Toole) is given very little to do.

And before the season is over, one character makes an exit from the show.

I keep hearing from people how the first few seasons were the best and the second half of the show went downhill. Honestly, I don’t see it, at least not yet. Maybe it’s because I binge watch a season in a couple of weeks every summer, but I really enjoyed this season. There were a couple twists I didn’t expect, and many of the storylines really drew me in. Yes, there were a couple clunkers along the way, but I really had fun. I was watching 3 or 4 episodes at a time on the weekends and still wanting to watch more.

The acting continues to be top notch, which certainly helps. The cast and writers really know the characters, and so many of the scenes are riveting as a result. Michael Rosenbaum continues to shine as Lex, but everyone has stepped up their game. Special praise has to go to Kristin Kreuk who is asked to cover so many different notes, often in the same scene.

I notched the occasional glitch with the special effects, but for the most part they were perfect. Considering how many effects there are in most episodes and this is a TV budget and time schedule, that’s pretty impressive.

And Green Arrow? He was only in seven or so episodes during the first half of the season, but I really enjoyed getting to see another take on the character and the similarities and differences between the two versions.

The season consisted of twenty-two episodes, and they are collected here on six discs. The widescreen picture and full surround look and sound great, which is pretty much what you’d expect for a current TV show. The extras consist of deleted scenes and some mobisodes as well as two documentaries. The one on the superfans of the show is just okay. But I loved the one about the history of Green Arrow over the years. Big surprise there, I’m sure.

So if you’ve been holding off on watching more Smallville because you’ve heard it goes downhill, don’t wait any longer. I found the sixth season to be as good as anything that’s come before.
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on 13 January 2011
Sadly, Smallville isn't what it use to be. Speaking as an individual who has already started watching Season 10 (strictly because I wanna know where the story is going now. A show that I've followed so religiously since the beginning of High School that people use to call me Smallville as it was all I would talk about) Smallville takes an amateurish turn for the worst.
Regardless, I agree with majority when they say that this season is the best, with that said, I say every season leading up to Season 6 was brilliant. But everything just went down hill from there. Smallville was always that feel good show that had you evolving with the characters as they went through trials, and as a teenage, I grew up understanding and dealing with the 'growing pains' of adolescence that Smallville so perfectly brought to light - minus the superpowers of course, the moral behind Clark's heat vision being the only primary exception (heehee). With quirky Superman references that made the Show humourous in terms of the inevitable future that is Superman. But the reason season 6 was so popular and struck people so immensly is because the creators added some hard hitting drama. No more school boy crushes, secretive best friends, the importance of family etc, all the standard morals a shows attempts at portraying. No, this was Superman's destiny unraveling as Lex turns from friend to inevitable foe as a glimpse of Clark's future Nemesis. People want drama and that's what they got. Not necessarily what I would have agreed on but hey, that's a matter of personal opinion. Lex's rivalry with Clark because of his relationship with Lana, Lionel Luthor and Martha Kent, Chloe and Jimmy, Lois and Oliver etc, red kryptonite lipstick that affects both Clark and Lois, love tattoo, mix tapes>>>the whole nine yards...just very days of our lives. A tension most people try to relate to having a sense of understanding towards the characters. Another rather uncomfortable addition that makes Superman/Smallville fans around the world agree was random is Lois Lane's addition in Season 4. It was a character nobody was prepared for and in all honesty, we all could have waited a little bit more for, putting aside the fact that in Superman mythology, no where does it say Lois Lane heads to Smallville or goes to Smallville, let alone having a cousin there. Lois Lane is a character that draws you in, intrigued by her hit-first, ask-questions-later attitude that has you waiting to see what she stuffs up next. This character just gets on my nerves though because she's so quick on the draw, picks up things so fast, very intuitive and yet she's so blind to the obviously the minute Clark's secret is seconds from being exposed in front of her. It's like she goes stupid. It's just very inconsistant and has been extremely annoying since season 4, not Lois Clark annoyance but character structuring that the creators, I THINK, took on blindly. Oliver Queen was the only positive addition to the show that I have nothing to complain about. Probably the only reason worth watching Smallville till Season 10.
This Season only struck me positively in the sense that Clark had to capture and return all the phantom's that escaped the phantom's zone, the ideas of Lex's 33.1 experiments, Oliver and Clark teaming up as hints of the future of the Justice league, and much more - The season was amped with variety and thats why this season was so popular.
And yes, I would recommended this season to anybody. This season was the best in terms of Special Effects, it doesn't get better than this.
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on 12 September 2012
This season was a real mixed bag overall i think it just deseves the 4 stars Just! I will atmit it was good in places and i did enjoy Oliver queen and he is a likable Character But i HATED the Lois Oliver relationship, Though not nearly as much as I hated the Lana Lex relationship. What I disliked most was that Clark was unhappy almost all of the season. For Me this should have been the season which Lois and Clark started working at the Daily Planet. However they wanted to drag the series out longer. I really thought they Lois and Clark might get together now that Lana is with Lex but no. I also felt that the writers were intending to get Lois and Clark together much sooner because of the way Season 4 panned out but Don't worry they will eventually get together. The series reaches new heights with the Lana and Clark angst in Promise. Good points was that we got to see Lois and Clark kiss and then again a couple of episodes later in which we also see red k Clark.another Good point is we see the beginnings of the Justice League. It also had a good season finale which was entertaining.
Highlight episodes are; Zod, Sneeze,Hydro,Justice, Crimson (one of my faves),Combat( for the excellent fight scene),Phantom.
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VINE VOICEon 27 May 2008
This season has to be one of the best from the show. I think that Miles Miller and Al Gough are doing a great job with their own creative license for the show, Ok they don't take the show where Superman fans would expect, but so what, it's such a new exciting take on the whole Superman ethos. I love where they have been going with Smallville and they are on form this season

This season we see the entrance of "The Green Arrow", the hatred between Clark and Lex grows and we see a particularly superb episode that introduces "The Justice League", our future Superman, Green Arrow, Cyborg, The flash and Aquaman. We have an unbelievable wedding and a finale to blow your socks off.

I can't wait to see seasons 7, I just KNOW it will be awesome.

Another must purchase for the true Smallville fan!
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on 23 June 2010
after five seasons, each gradually building in standards, I am perfectly satisfied with season six. it is the beginning of the superman story we have all been waiting for, with plenty of marvellous plots and sub story lines to keep you entertained along the way. in this series we also have the great pleasure of having out first introduction to the justice league which is as full of as much promise as hoped for. I believe this series to be vital in the smallvile chronicles it marks the beginning off the transition from Clark Kent the boy to Superman, in full control of his destiny and ready to take on the world. This series has the perfect balance of drama, action and fantastic plots that keep you wanting more. In short, this is a worthwhile purchase, without a doubt
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3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 28 February 2010
After several seasons which dealt primarily with Clark and Lex becoming their own person against the challenges that had faced them in childhood, season five finally began to expand the show with new characters from the DC Universe and a shift in character allegiances. Season 6 however blows everything out of the water and changes everything we know about Smallville. Jonathan is dead, Lionel is an ally, Lana is now allied with Lex, Chloe is working at the Daily Planet and most importantly; Clark Kent and Lex Luthor have become the enemies they were always meant to be. This sets up Smallville for its most exciting season yet and things start strong in the very first episode ('Zod') and from there things dont stop. The season progresses with the welcome addition of Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) and this brings a new dimension to Smallville as Clark's horizon is expanded more as Queen makes him realise just how far reaching his influence could be. Tied in with Lex's Level 33.1 experiments, this brings the Justice League out into the open in 'Justice' which is the best single episode the show had produced until season 9's 'Absolute Justice'. Things also become more emotional as Clark's feelings for Lana turn into physical confrontation with Lex as he suspects the younger Luthor is manipulating his ex-lover into a forced marriage. The sixth season never lets up and gives us some very strong episodes and storytelling although Tom Welling could really do with some better dialogue because Michael Rosenbaum outshines and out performs him in every scene together. However Smallville has never been better than it is in this season and for anyone who has followed this show from the beginning, then you would be very wise to add this to your collection.
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