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4.5 out of 5 stars18
4.5 out of 5 stars
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28 of 30 people found the following review helpful
on 19 August 2011
Let's get this out of the way first. Sekirei is a harem based anime which is heavy in fan service created to attract male viewers and it is fair to say that Sekirei has probably got the heaviest amount of male enticing service that I have seen in any anime. You have to in some ways admire the level it goes to actually, as it's not just the odd panty and cleavage shots we get (Though there are many off them too...) as we see clothes just fly off the Sekirei at the slightest excuses to which they expose themselves fully in the breast department, be it in a fight or in one of the many bath scenes that litter the series. Now there will be many people who despite this type of anime, while there are others who will lap it up for the reasons I described. I for one am in between as I don't particularly have a problem with fan-services as long as it has solid plot and good characters behind it to justify its creation and I am glad to say that Sekirei is one of the best example of a harem fan service anime.

The plot follows nineteen year old Minato Sahashi who after finding out he has failed to enter university for the second time encounters the beautiful Musubi who literally falls in to his life and his face. She is a Sekirei, a race of humanoids who have special powers and are using the city as a battle ground to decide who will be able to ascend to the sky with their Ashikabi, there `soul mate' like human masters who by kissing them allows the Sekirei to unlock their full potential and power.

What surprised me the most about Sekirei was its story. It is surprisingly well written, engaging and gives a genuine sense of emotion at times which is something I find is quite rare in anime series of this sort. The plot and characters do not just feel like mindless excuses for nudity and girl-on-girl fights, even if there is a lot both in this series. The story in general has a good speedy pace thanks to the short length of the series (12 episodes in total) and there are pliantly of twists here and there as we start to learn the darker secrets between the Sekirei and the mysterious MBI organization who keep them at bay. The more emotional aspects of the series can be quite predictable and sometime feel excessive during the middle episodes as woman after woman fall for Minato, but even so they are written with enough emotion to make them feel genuine enough for most of the situations presented especially at the latter end of the series. It also has a good sense of humour which while mainly cantered around the nudity is also drawn from the characters and story and helps keeps it from feeling too obscene or crud (Though there will be dose who disagree) The battles between the Sekirei themselves are very well choreographed and are quite exciting as the Sekirei fight with their fists, jets of water, spells of thunder, claws and even whips while they don't last too long and become tedious ether.

It is worth mentioning that despite what the DVD says this is not the complete series (There is a second series called Sekirei: Pure Engagement but it is unlikely that we will see this in the UK for a while) and as such the series ends with most of its questions un-answered.

While Minato and Musubi are charming in there innocence's there is little that marks them out from your regular anime hero and heroine and as such it falls to the wonderful supporting cast of characters who are the true stars of the series. Highlights include the perverted bespectacled Matsu, the stronger and tough talking Tsukiumi, the cheerful Uzume, the deadly leader of the MBI Discipline Squad Karasuba and the mysterious male Sekirei Homura along with many others who keep the series going. They may have some stereotypical anime traits among them but most manage to feel unique enough to be judged on their own which was quite a feat for any anime series. They all are well written and never feel like they were wasted opportunities, which is surprising given the series short length of time.

The animation is wonderful and is rarely a let-down while the character designs in particular have to be praised with many of the characters feeling very unique in their design.

The Japanese dub is superior to the English one which in itself not to bad considering but it is a little dull when compared. The music soundtrack is nothing special but goes well with the series especially during times of emotion and battle.

The DVD comes with a 10 minute OVA which follows the character of Kuu as she goes on her first shopping trip. It's a fun little adventure which manages to pack in plenty of action, humour and yes even a scene in the bath. The only other extras include text less openings and endings, which is a shame as I would have liked to have seen some making-off feature or even the odd commentary.

Sekirei may have boobs and patty shots excessively flying left right and center, but unlike other animes of its kind it stands out for having a great plot, some wonderful characters and most importantly a heart which many fan-service heavy shows severely lack.
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on 16 August 2013
I'm a fan of the manga and bought this in the hope that it would be entertaining. It is extremely entertaining and I was pleasantly surprised. Their voices aren't always what I had imagined but they're still very good, and I would recommend this to anyone who feels they can just take the gratuitous fan-service in the way it is intended - it's a bit of fun.
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on 28 January 2013
Intersting series some good artwork and as with much of anime brought to video works quite well.
OVA scenes omitted the story is good versus evil or good takes on the bad guys as with all these stories.
The characters are well developed from the very beginnig and the action is well choreographed. Look
forward to the next series.
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2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 19 January 2013
<some spoilers to explain the set-up>

Yes, I know: admitting that an anime series which features naked female flesh in abundance is really enjoyable is more than a little suspect. For a guy. (And perhaps for some women too.)

So let's get that out of the way first: since the nudity is of the rather grotesque variety there is no real titillation-factor here. Breasts that approach melon-size are so unrealistic that they must primarily be considered a spoof. And not only are they generally covered up fairly quickly here (not counting the occasional bathing scene), but the main protagonist Minato is too polite and kind-hearted to ever sexually approach any of the busty young women entrusted to him. And too closely watched by de facto chapperone Mya to ever really get a chance to, as well. So I don't really see too many people watching a series like 'Sekirei' for the animated female nudity, nor for the pleasure of seeing girl-on-girl fights. Basically, if you've seen one of those fights in 'Sekirei', then you've seen them all. Not counting the ones that feature special powers, such as fire, water, ice, earth quakes or gusts of wind with rose petals. But in those it's the special powers that take center stage, and not so much the women using them.

No, the main attraction here has to be the story with love and self-sacrifice at its core. The main antagonist Minaka, head of the conglomerate MBI, has set up an evil game which forces 108 young women and men (but mostly women) to fight each other or lose their chance of being with the one they love. These young women and men are the Sekirei and each has certain special powers. They become stronger once they 'emerge', by being kissed by their one true love, also called their Ashikabi. This is where the series begins (after a flashback scene that is only gradually explained as the series continues). Protagonist Minato rescues the as yet un-emerged Sekirei Musubi (pronounced as 'Moozavee') from 2 emerged Sekirei who are cowardly trying to defeat her while she is still weak in her un-emerged form. Musubi decides that Minato must be her Ashikabi and kisses him, thereby becoming emerged and more powerful. Although her attitude towards Minato can be mistaken for submissive, he never abuses the power he has over her. The same goes for the other Sekirei that choose him as their Ashikabi. So any critics who label this series as centering around naked, submissive young women simply miss the mark. Although some unsympathetic Ashikabi who mistreat their Sekirei briefly make an appearance on the show, Minato's respectful treatment of women is clearly idealized here. Not what you might expect based on the DVD-casing featuring Musubi and her ample bosom, or some of the rather lewd comments included on the back of the case.

To cut a lengthy review short: don't judge a DVD by its cover. This series has a warm heart and is all about doing the right thing in very difficult circumstances. And about people (and the superhuman Sekirei) eventually rising above themselves. Don't let some playful nudity and the occasional lewd joke obscure that.
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2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
Minato Sahashi is a student who has twice failed to get into college. On his way home from his latest failure Minato encounters Musubi, a very buxom girl who literally falls out of the sky and into his life. Musubi is a one of 108 Sekirei, beings of great power, who are searching for Ashikabi, people who can bring out the full powers of a Sekirei. Once Minato becomes Musubi's Ashikabi he is drawn into the Sekirei Plan, a battle for survival setup by the megacorporation MBI where only one Sekirei can emerge victorious.

This two disc set includes all twelve episodes of the first season of the `Sekirei' anime as well as a short but fun OVA. While this anime is generally a decent adaptation of the original manga although there are some changes to the plot towards the end of the season but most of those are minor chronological changed or to make the finale more dramatic. The plot of the series itself is interesting with some nice moments of humour and some nicely choreographed action throughout. The animation is good and the English dub, while not great, is decent enough. The series does tend to be a bit heavy with the fanservice with quite a bit of clothing damage and nudity throughout the series but the series still has a lot more to offer and most anime fans should find the series enjoyable.

There is a second season of the anime called `Sekirei: Pure Engagement' but as it only came out in Japan in 2010 it will probably take quite a bit of time until it is released here.
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2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 18 August 2011
I really enjoyed this series, while there's nothing majorly original in the plot (and I was often reminded of Elfen Lied) it's still solid and unfolds well, backed up by some excellent fight scenes. I wasn't overwhelmed by the quality of the first episode though, it doesn't really hit its' stride until the second episode but after that it really gets going. There's a wide range of 'Sekireis' shown in the series each with their own unique powers ranging from control of plants to Techno Wizardry. The characters are also varied and interesting, a particular favourite is Miya, the landlady, who's inner Oni demon mask emerges every so often to great comic effect. The humour works really well and I found myself laughing a lot while watching this.
However what I will say is there is FAR too much fan-service! It's literally thrown in all over the place and often completely for its' own sake. As far as I can remember there is nudity in every episode which is a shame as it really limits its viewership by putting some potential viewers off, when it has so many other strengths without having to resort to excessive fan-service.
But if you can forgive its' over indulgence in fan-service this is defiantly one to buy and watch!
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3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 13 January 2012
If you buy this dvd, you should be buying it for the fan-service, which is awesome. You can tell what it's going to be like by the first words on the back of the case - "BOOBIES for the win" :D
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on 26 June 2015
after watching this season i could`t wait to see what will happen in the next. enjoyed it a laugh a minute you never quiet no what those girls are going to do next poor boy
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on 12 April 2013
Funny, entertaining and enjoyable storyline. Equaly good to have on in the background or watch fully, something I would happily recomend to friends
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1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 21 July 2013
Fundamentally this is a pretty standard "failed but re-trying hapless male university candidate (ronin) becomes involved with a series of females with enhanced powers battling one another in something to do with taking over the world" anime. The females (obviously) wear a wide range of fetish costumes that tend to almost entirely fall off with great regularity. They also seem to take a lot of baths. Boobs, panties and embarrassing situations abound. You spend a lot of time both not quite knowing who's who, being occasionally confused about gender and neither knowing nor caring about the overall alleged "plot".

So why do I give it five stars when I would normally either throw this stuff away or watch it grudgingly because I don't have anything else to watch?

Its difficult to work out how this particular kind of fan service-laden offering - ie something that is potentially very tacky turning out to be actually quite good - ever gets created.

I can only imagine a scenario something like this. A maker of good quality anime videos discovers they have nothing worth doing for a few months and tells their very talented team to just produce some tacky nonsense that will appeal to adolescents and sad old men to keep the studio solvent. Meanwhile all the senior staff who normally keep everything tied together go on holiday. The remaining juniors do their best to work to the specifications but, to avoid boredom, somehow just can't help doing far more with the job than is technically required. The resulting mixture is a mass (even a mess) of self-indulgent, meaningless virtuosity that they've all had a really good time doing.

And the result is highly watchable. The endless but inoffensive fan service (I'm no prude but its not my thing) is actually very funny. The bizarre characters are so well done you actually stop asking why "she who would battle to win the world" dresses in a milkmaid's outfit and speaks as if she's from 17C England. You don't so much suspend your credibility as post it to Timbuktu without a return address.

If you've dragged yourself through the horrors of Death Note, and are still weeping tears of sadness and joy from Clannad and/or Angel Beats, this will remind you anime can actually be fun.
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