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3.6 out of 5 stars171
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 14 September 2011
Countering the negative reviews, I have a Mac running OS.X Lion - which having just been released I expected not to be supported, but I went to the website, downloaded the software and it works great. Not too keen on the webpage interface rather than a separate piece of software like the old TomTomHOME, but updated the device and downloaded the new maps, all installed without a hitch and with minimum of fuss.

Easy to use, seems to work well on route, pretty much like every other TomTom!

Downsides to this device
The USB lead is quite short for in car use depending on the placement of your vehicles cigarette lighter socket and where you want to put it in the screen - though I imagine this isn't limited to the Start 25.
There is no Quick Fix on this system, so it can take several minutes to lock onto the satellites - it does ask you when planning a route if you want to start from the last known point, but that isn't much use if you want to set off immediately. You just have to remember to boot it up as soon as you get in the car before you do anything, otherwise you can be in for quite a wait before you can set off.
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on 11 July 2011
Easy to use; clear images; and good instructions. The speed camera warnings are useful, as are the "places of interest" addition, for when one needs a petrol station or a supermarket in an unknown area. It is advisable not to rely on the verbal instructions alone, as sometimes on the motorway the instructions can appear a bit confusing. An example being that if one wishes to take the M26 from the M20 (northbound), the verbal instructions advise to "keep right" until more or less on top of the slip road to the M26. Some drivers may find themselves over in the right lane and then having to get across two lanes to the slip road at rather short notice. Apart from that, not much to complain about. Easy to affix on the windscreen and easy to remove. A good purchase.
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on 20 July 2012
This item should have been the bees knees and solve all navigation problems.
It fails to find a GPS signal in 4 different areas of the UK, my friend and neighbour who has an older version has no problems in these same areas.

I have tried connecting it to my PC (when at home) in case downloads need to be done to solve the problem, but, to no avail, I am informed all is up to date.
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on 26 August 2011
This is my first Sat Nav, and I've only used it for one day's fairly local driving, but I am already impressed with its features and performance.

BUT ... downloading the latest maps was a nightmare. They give you one Free download of the latest maps. Luckily I had read other reviews which told me to use the MyTomTom and NOT TomTomHome website. Even then, I wished that I had stuck with the maps already installed. However, the software updates seemed to improve some of the features. I spent a whole afternoon and evening fighting the system, and overran my 10 GB monthly broadband limit. I wish that TomTom allowed you to select individual countries, and not the whole of Europe every time. UK + France is all I need just now. At one stage, it almost finished loading the maps and said ERROR. I now had NO maps installed, and it took some persuading to let me do it again without paying for an update. The instructions for resetting the Start25 were wrong, and obviouslly apply to another model which allows you to remove its casing. On the Start25, just hold the on/off button down for about 15-20 seconds. This was the documented procedure for a different model!

In use, it gave clear instructions, and I was very impressed with its speed of re-routing when I chose to go a different way. Usually within about 25 yards, with no nagging voice telling me I had gone wrong! The touch screen is easy to use, and the safety (speed!) camera warnings excellent. However, I must select some less intrusive warning alarms!
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on 14 June 2012
This is my 3rd TomTom - my 1st was OK apart from occasional misdirections - my 2nd was worse in that regard and caused me more problems when trying to update the maps - I decided to buy a newer model rather than carry on with the updating problems but this newer one is TERRIBLE for a number of reasons;
1) It still suffers from misdirections
2) Despite being a new model the maps are still out of date (even after updating on line), as long standing road layouts are still dealt with incorrectly.
3) It announces instructions far earlier than appropriate, so unless you're looking at the screen as well as listening to it, it causes you to take a wrong turn.
4) The screen is bigger and the numbers are removed from the main screen, so the bigger buttons are easier to operate BUT its a real pain switching between the letters and numbers screens to enter postcodes, when compared to the earlier model, which has a single combined alpha/numerical screen.
5) Unless I'm doing something wrong with the charging, the battery in this one lasts no time at all, compared to the earlier versions.

You'd think after all these years of manufacturing these devices, that TomTom would have got it right by now - VERY DISAPPOINTING!!!!

I'm so unhappy with the new one that I've gone back to using the older version and will either be returning this or selling it off and purchasing another brand.
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on 20 May 2012
I almost didn't buy this item despite having used a tom tom in Australia and finding it much easier to follow than my previous Garmin. The reason was the number of bad reviews about downloading maps wiping out the device. I overcame my fears because I really do find tom tom much clearer in route instructions and advance warning well before reaching roundabouts and junctions as to which direction you will be turning. Garmin tells you to turn right about 3 meters before you reach the roundabout (not the best time to be selecting which lane you need to be in!).

Connecting to the internet for the first time was an anxious time, but downloading My Tom Tom went ok and I was told my maps were up to date, so no stress there. A few days later the sat nav advised me to connect for an update. I plugged it in to the computer and, before I knew it the connection to My Tom Tom was made and a huge download was beginning. I couldn't stop it so pulled the connection out, fearing the dreaded wipe-out of my device was happening. DO NOT DO THIS YOURSELF!!!

The device then informed me it could find no maps. PANIC TIME! I tried everything I could think of to fix it. I had just decided to return it to Amazon, when I found a pop-up with a link to My Tom Tom informing me I needed to re-connect to it to complete the dowload. Nothing to lose, so I did. Download completed in about 15 minutes and the sat nav seems to be working fine.

So, don't avoid Tom Tom, they do appear to have sorted this problem out and their guidance is far better in my view. Buy it through Amazon itself though, just in case you get a "rogue" one.
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on 26 August 2011
Having read some of the reviews of the Start 25 I nearly didn't buy one. People complained about the time it took to acquire the satellites, I found it took less time than my trusty GO 710. Although I'm partially deaf I found that with the volume turned right up I had no problem hearing both the female and male voices. I did have a lot of trouble with the 710 when trying to load updates, new maps etc. The Start 25 downloaded the latest update with no problems.

Unfortunately the Start 25 comes with no instruction manual whatsoever, which means, as one reviewer pointed out that you would have to download best part of 100 pages of A4 to obtain the manual, costly, time consuming and bulky exercise! I did not find the Start 25 all that intuitive after the 710, it took me a fair while to find out how to select POI's near your destination. Of course I could download the manual and carry it with me on all trips! The 710 came with manual, mains battery charger, adapter for different types of wall socket in various countries and equipment for hands free telephone comms. You get none of this with the Start 25, also do not be tempted to buy the recommended bundle that Amazon advertise with it. The battery charger does not even fit. I would suggest that you go into a leading store and buy accessories from them.

For me the Start 25 itself works very well and have no complaints, it the lack of manual, ancillary equipment etc that drops it to four star rating.
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on 1 April 2012
This is the worst Tomtom navigation system I have ever had the misfortune to deal with!

Opened the box and used it for the first time. It took a little while for the gps signal to kick in but when it did it was fine. Then turned it off. Turned it back on again and no signal found - even after a four hour journey (luckily I already knew the way.

Reset the system twice - still no signal, then had to update. Once updated found the gps signal - then turned it off again. Once more when it was turned back on there was no gps signal. What is the point of having is system that you can't turn off. Will be retuning the product and want a refund not a replacement. Will not be buying another Tomtom!
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on 8 July 2013
Better than my old tomtom (the tomtom 'One') in some ways and worse in others. It takes longer to get a destination in because you have to confirm several times (YES I want that destination, NO I don't want a car park nearby, YES that map looks correct - just let me start driving!!) Annoying! Also, if you arrive and then, before leaving the car, set the tomtom for your next destination ready for the morning, when you start in the morning it will have forgotten it. "No destination set". But if you go into Recent Destinations there it is, so it's not 100% annoying just 50%. If you're half way through a journey and you stop, say for a coffee, when you get back to your car it dies still remember the rest of your journey, so it's as if you have to do SOME of the journey for it to take the journey seriously. Annoying! Third gripe is you can't leave the sucker holder on your windscreen (like you could with the One) you have to take the whole thing off and re-stick it every time, which is better for crime prevention but worse for 'it keeps dropping off after the first mile'. Annoying!
Still, otherwise it's great - clear maps, easy to search, intuitive interface etc. Nice big and clear screen even in bright light. Good price too. And if you go through the annoying fiddly sign up you get free map updates for ever, so that's a really valuable feature.
So overall, even though I have spent most of this review on the faults, it works really well - certainly I couldn't live without a satnav of some sort and this one does the job pretty well.
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on 8 January 2013
I was concerned about the early reviews regarding using My TomTom and getting updates for the device. Looks like those were early teething problems because I can tell you the My TomTom works fine. With the initial download, be prepared for a couple of hours on the net because all 45 maps are replaced plus everything else. I did have a time out happen, but came back to the site and it picked up where it left off, so no time wasted.

The device works perfectly just as I had experienced it in a friends car. My only complaint is that TomTom needs a lot more points of interest to historic sites and museums, but now I know that the way to do this is to find the places I want to go on the web and copy the postal code into the device and save it in the Favorites folder, so not such a big problem after all.
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