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4.7 out of 5 stars95
4.7 out of 5 stars
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109 of 114 people found the following review helpful
on 17 November 2011
I am not going to comment on the program itself; I am sure there are enough reviews out there telling you either to love or hate Monk. I have always loved it, and bought the collection in order to share the joy.
I am focussing mainly on the quality of the product itself as I am not just a Monk fan but also deaf and took the risk with buying this pack.

S1: English SDH, French
S2: English SDH, French
S3: none
S4: none
S5: none
S6: none
S7: none
S8: none

All additional features are in English language (mostly 2.0 stereo) and without subtitles (all of them).
The Special Features are worth it if you are a fan, otherwise some features might be interesting. They include lots of interviews with the cast and producers, as well as some writers, profiles of the characters, behind the scenes, life as a writer, and video commentaries of a few episodes.

The first two seasons come with some additional languages, mostly French, sometimes German, sometimes Dutch. It is completely random and from season3 on, English mostly.

Aspect Ratio:
S1: 1:33:1 Full Frame
S2: 1:33:1 Full Frame
S3: 1:33:1 Full Frame
S4: 1:78:1 Anamorphic
S5: 1:78:1 Anamorphic
S6: 1:78:1 Anamorphic
S7: 1:78:1 Anamorphic
S8: 1:78:1 Anamorphic

Season 1&2 are PAL 2,4; the rest is PAL 2,4,5.

The sound quality overall is OK, but I have to say that especially episodes taking place outside (Mr.Monk takes Manhattan and the like) are sometimes difficult to understand, even for my partner whos hearing is fine.
If you download subtitles from the internet, you will find it is very hard to get them aligned with the DVD's, as most subtitles on the internet are optimized for TV recordings. I am talking some 40 seconds delay (even a pain with VLC player). So if you depend on subtitles, make sure to invest extra time! Googling for transcripts didn't help me much, either.

Overall 3/5 Stars.
Thumbs up for additional content, easy-to-handle DVD menus, compatibility with remote-controlled language/subtitle switch.
Thumbs down for the lack of subtitles- why not even English language subtitles are included is a mystery to me. Also, aspect ratio and language seems to split between the "old" seasons with Sharona, and the "new" seasons with Natalie. There is no apparant reason for it, and I am considering selling the set and buy each season seperately.

It is a fantastic TV Show in my opinion, however the lack of English Subtitles, which I believe to be essential (compared to additional languages) not just for deaf persons but also for those with fine hearing, as well as randomly changing additional languages and aspect ratios as well as audio (2.0 stereo, 5.1, surround) gives the impression that this product was thrown together to make money out of the "all seasons in one" appeal, with no regard to the buyer/viewer.
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17 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on 18 July 2012
I've meant to write a long overdue review for this great TV series for a while, over the years watching each season as they came out on dvd, and then when this complete Series , all 8 season boxset came out I bought this.

Firstly if you've never seen the show, Adrian Monk , was a former police detective for the SFPD until his wife , Trudy was killed in a car bomb leading to him having a breakdown, being unfit for duty, and all his phobias which include heights, germs, milk amongst others. There is a long-running story arc throughout the 8 seasons as to why this happened and Adrian tries to uncover the truth , whilst doing his best to overcome his phobias and get re-instated back into the san francisco police dept.

Although unable to fulfill his duties in the police department, with the help of his Nurses , firstly Sharona till mid season 3, then Natalie, His Friends at the SFPD , Capt. Stottlemeyer ( Ted Levine) and Lt. Disher ( jason stamford) call on him to help solve tricky cases that only Monks unique Mind can solve . the cases are really cleverly thought out, its not obvious to the viewer who the villain is and usually the case is solved by monk because of his quirky personality, one example was having a button sewn on crooked by the lady at his Chinese laundry, causing him to go back and complain, leading him to solve one of the cases.

Despite the sadness surrounding Adrian and his circumstances, you really root for him, theres a lot of dark humour in the series and its good general family viewing except for some occasional gruesome scenes when the murder takes place, and theres virtually no bad language in all the 8 seasons.

Now about this boxset, it contains all 8 seasons 124 episodes on 34 discs including various extras on each season, plus end of entire series extras on season 8. Each of the 8 seasons comes nicely packaged in a standard thickness Amaray dvd case with 4 or 5 discs in each box, then packaged in a sturdy outer cardboard box, so it all takes minimal space up.

Overall this is an excellent TV series, which will be looked at in future as a classic I'm sure, and this complete boxset is great, I would say this is a must for fans of US detective series like Columbo, Rockford files etc, well worth the money.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
TOP 500 REVIEWERon 14 February 2013
Adrian Monk, an ex-SFPD detective as flawed in interacting with his environment, as he is brilliant in solving cases, is unleashed in all his facets in this complete / definitive box set of the series. Often as much time is spent in a psychotherapist's office as on the case itself, and first Sharona and then Natalie (his assistants cum nannies) have their hands full to keep him functioning through the cases.

This extreme character of the protagonist is executed brilliantly and truly defines the show. On the other hand one has to say that the way he was drawn so believably also makes you frustrated at him, if you overexpose yourself (i.e. watch too many episodes too quickly).

The other characters are also drawn fairly well to round out the show - Leland Stottlemeyer and Andy Disher from the SFPD are a wonderful complement and at least the former has enough of a back story included to make him a strong element of the series. The two - together with the aforementioned assistants - also provide a more 'conventional' touch to balance Monk.

Given that the series only finished a couple of years ago, it has a fairly quaint feel about it - which may either make it more, or much less appealing, depending on your outlook. Seeing it, one hardly believes that it was partially running concurrently with The Mentalist Season 2 [DVD], CSI: Miami - Complete Season 1 [DVD], etc. This is not to say the show is in any way worse, just perhaps a bit more 'old fashioned' in its approach and outlook - much more like Columbo - The Complete Series (2011 Repackage) [DVD] than the other mentioned series.

Overall, if you pace it correctly, it is a wonderful show and unlikely to age rapidly, fabulously executed, often funny, and a future classic of the genre.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 20 January 2014
Witty, charming and sad; all the same time. Monk is one of those series that you can watch time and again, although having a box set does mean that you can get a bit overloaded as you end up trying to watch a season in one hit.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 13 January 2012
First of all, I must mention my fascination with detective series, whether they star Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Mrs Marble or Adrian Monk.
This is why the 8 seasons of Monk were a wonderful occasion for me to relax and let my mind follow the connections this lovable and quirky character makes when solving the most ingenious crimes. Sure, in 8 seasons I have also noticed several things becoming redundant *wait a minute! if the killer was right handed, then how come the angle looks as if it were made by a left handed person. This means it was....(insert name of Monk's main suspect here)!*, but this has not dimmed by appreciation of the story lines, the construction of the characters (all of them, not only Monk) and the series as a whole.

Now about the amazon order: for me the delivery was fast, the set was complete and presented no damage, and I thought the price was a good one, since it was a full box set for all 8 seasons and the price for one season is around 11 pounds at least.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 18 March 2014
Never watched this on TV, bought it on the off chance. I have really enjoyed watching it and would highly recommend. The only problem was when I got to series 8 the first disc would't play - I contacted Amazon and they had a new set if discs out to me the following day - EXCELLENT service.... Thank You
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on 11 September 2015
Monk - Season 1-8 Complete [DVD] [2002]
Sold by: Amazon EU S.a.r.L.
£29.99 - no P+P (but only because I checked when I was going to get charged in the checkout process so had to adjust/click an option - It's a small detail but smacks of being sneaky. Amazon should be above that sort of thing. Also this a is a review of the product not the service - but then again the service/system is PART of the overall buying/product experience. SO CHECK WHAT KIND OF DELIVERY THEY SELECT OFR YOU AND MAKE SURE YOU GET THE FREE OPTION.

package good value for money - although I'm convinced it was even cheaper at one point and kick myself for not getting it then - on the other hand my mind is such I only imagine it was cheaper.
As for Monk series 1-8 the box is nice and neat. the cases inside are uniform. the disks inside the cases are alternate pink thumbprint on white background and vice versa. I think it's a little nod to OCD in that if you don't put them back correctly the lack of order will jarr.

So far Ive only had time to watch the first disk but there were no hassles the picture quality and sound etc all good enough for me.

I'm no aficionado so don't know if its edited or all the episodes are there and if the aamerican version is re-mastered or what not all I know is these look some of the episodes I've seen before and like and now I have the lot and can watch them when I like.

I'm not going to give episode lists or plot spoilers but just say that it's nice to watch something that is a little clever a little whimsical - a little genteel a little sad a little happy.

All the characters come across as human. with identifiable real emotions fears and thoughts. The acting/scripting etc all go to make it seem so natural and instantly engaging. What little action there is is heightened by the fears etc that someone has overcome- so it's not a case of jumping 20 feet across a gap in the roofs or beating seven bells out of some one or fighting crocodiles with a paper clip, its a friend is in danger and I have to do this regardless.

other ties it's just seeing the things from another perspective. My only irritation is that we don't always get to see the visual cues Monk does - but then this is EXACTLY the same with ALL other detectives (holmes, marple, poirot,) with the possible exception of my favourite Nero Wolfe.

ACID TEST: would I buy again/recommend - YES
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 18 April 2012
If you haven't seen the series on TV, Adrian Monk is a very troubled, but brilliant ex detective, now working freelance. He is very observant, seeing important details that everyone else misses. His many phobias and foibles make an interesting character, as does his only faliure :- his innabillity to solve his wifes murder. I haven't seen the later series of the collection, and I hope the quality is maintained. From what I have seen, can fully recommend.

Will edit when I have seen it all.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 5 May 2012
always been a fan of monk so could not wait to order the complete box set. thought the best thing would be to watch each episode from the very first in order and am loving it - when get a spare moment I just pick up where I left off with the last episode. The box set arrived in super quick time and is a really neat box set and easy to store. Really impressed with both the product and the service delivery - I would not ask for more.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 28 November 2013
Quirky, grows on you as the series progress, found it enjoyable and a bit different somehow to all the plethora of other detective stuff out there.
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